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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon   
About: CAN YOU CATCH IT? Do you have what it takes to become the finest fisherman? In this addictive clicker release you will travel the seas on an journey to catch fish and grow your gang while earning dollars to upgrade your boat and gear! FEATURES - Upgrade your boat and build your Fishing Empire. - Recruit and upgrade your own Team. - Explore the seas for Rare and Epic Fishes - Brawl for Stars to increase your Value - Equip Legendary equipment and unblock newest informations! - Join Multiplayer fishing championships - Check your Fishing Luck on the Wheel STORY Actually go and search the ocean and all it's hidden treasures! You'll obtain hooked before you know it! FROM... ...the originators of What if, This or That, Riddle Me, Straight Truths and Brofist: Beat the Bullies Actually go click n' fish with ya! .`.`..`. >
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: Lion Studios
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Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon Reviews and Comments:

A stupid release that still managed to REEL me in. Straight gameplay, easy idea, but it obtain reallt competitive really speedy. Challenging myself to obtain to the next lvl or finally beat that boss fish keeps me coming back for more. Gameplay is smooth, graphics are fun. But in the later release it gets very boring and stale as the prices are hiked for updates. I watched about 12 banners before I scored the "jackpot" to obtain gems to transport forward. Another than that it's worth a test.
~ Aislinn Douwes
This was nice before the perks modernization and I liked the fact that I was not bombarded with having to pay for things. Past championships I usually placed 6-11th=20 gems, since the modernization I got 31st=0 gems because I 've only been watching Adverts to obtain perks but others have paid for perks... it's clear from this its a p2w system, buy one box and obtain all the perks in the globe or test AD sim for weeks. Thanks for the fun times but no more am I testing unless you up the rewards from watching banners. Goodbye.
~ Misty Myles
I downloaded this release because it looked fun, And I wasn't wrong this release is so addicting and I love it, I test this release each single day, and I never obtain bored of it!! 5 star!!
~ The Domo-Nator
it is now the finest release of all time i love fishing releases and the finest thing in the release is the experience of reseting and thank you so much for making this release it is the finest release ever just thank you and i also like your hard work and i like traveling to another rivers actually bye i got to hold testing this nice release ever
~ Nicholas Camden
Super chilled release. the recipients in the championships who obtain to 7 million in 6 mins don't create sense, so I wouldn't suggest taking part in those. feels like they are cheating somehow.
~ Carmen Khoi-aos
This is a fun, addictive release! I love it how you can easily earn your rewards instead of having to spend dollars to progress in the release ^w^
~ Kelupb Fabiano
would rate higher but the release won't allow me sign in with my Google profile (keeps claiming"initialising"), as a effects it looks like im going to lose 3 months worth of non stop gaming from my previous device. that's not nice service, is it?
~ Vasilis Mesemanolis
super addicting. dont have to spend any dollars, and you fan watch as many banners as you wish for the soecial currency. definitely suggest. 5 stars, 10 out of 10 for sure. suoer easy, but suoer fun! love it!
~ DeeAnn Hollingsworth
it's my first time in our family claiming that I have a nice weekend and if you have received this message and I will do anything for the release is your tiny brother in law who wants you wish to do you have received this message is not available to meet you at your convenient time for you back on you and your house is in a minute to victory it my idea home and I will be here for the school year and I'm dirty to me that the release and I am going home to the school year you wish me to join the door I'm wal
~ Jasmine Domingue
its really fun but when you obtain to the end of the release the only idea you can really progress is through watching hundreds of banners for gems and for the crown tier thing which is quite dollars greedy and really boring to do with cute much no gameplay. The release becomes a long grind of watching banners.
~ TeeQoz
How can you create one if the targets 'earn 350 stars' when there aren't that many to be earned? the targets could have gone along with what IS available with the release and not what you hope to achieve with the release.
~ Samantha Carroll
it is an idle release with a very interactive experience within the release. it is not terribly banner massive like some another idle releases, the upgrade system is intuitive and easily usaable. all in all, a nice release to pass time.
~ Kevin A. Guy
absolutely wonderful idle kind of release. perhaps it is just me, but these releases (this one especially) create my day much more pleasant. definitely suggest if you have some time to slay and wish a relaxing idea to spend it.
~ Jesus Ruelas
This release is very fun to test when you obtain bored and it is so simple to test. this release does have banners but they don't pop up each 2 seconds they only pop up when you click on something that claimed "watch banner to obtain" whatever so 5 stars
~ Carson Pope
this release is fun and has easy graphics. but whenever i tap the roulette or trying to double the dollars in boxes it keeps on destroying then opening the release again. the banners wont continue even for a sec or the banners wont come out at all, then the release ruin, then the release will launch on its own again. please fix it.
~ edward furaque
very entertaining to test when your bored and wish a speedy swiping fishing release. i want you should hold your boat when you transport back down to Lvl 1. (the coast) I am glad your fishing xp goes up. so price of fish goes up with the lvl.
~ Darb Lee
The release is a nice time waster, however it is currently broken. By broken I mean you cannot accumulate the everyday log in prize or the equipment boxes. I lost my 4 day streak and actually keeps asking me to accumulate my day one lure over and over each time I log in.
~ Jonathan Pinkerton
love this release it is fun and udicting the only thing I'd change is that you only obtain support when you close the release and there's a timer for how long your gang will support you before you come back and if you are gone for longer than the time limet than they stop supporting but another than that it's an nice release five stars all the idea.
~ Erik McCullough
The graphics are nice! The release test is awsome! The controls are nice! Everything about this release us nice! And the championships give you a nice tiny challenge to set targets to! Definatly a release to enjoy! I love it! 😂😊🤑
~ HyperGod
youll spend 6 months stuck on the same part (not exaggerating, they purposely set up a heavy wall), during these 6onths youll relise all that matter is your everyday log in, youll miss this kne day and think, "ill run again" but aince the rewards hold getting better youre wasting your time because you need 6 month dailys and not day one dailys, so youll basically either have to give up, spend anither 6 month progreasijg again(at least) or spend your lifes savings to complete the release
~ Áié
Boring gameplay, progression slows idea too slow idea too early and is practically carried amd built around watching ads to possibly obtain the gems from watching another banners only for you to spend those several gems you got on 2 equipment and then loop this few hundred times until you obtain other boat. Don't waste your time here.
~ The Wolf Knight
jejgsudbysdhsguhsn i don't know what you can do to obtain the newest ver of the release. create a modernization on the same release and finish the job done the concept of what you can do or claim the same release of hookd ink you can modernization with the newest zone virson to be able to create sure you are not doing the wrong thing and peace out come on your blog is not available for the first time in the morning and then we will need to be able to create sure you are not in the future and hopefully we can do what needs to.
~ Amanda Wight
thank you king for this release. so much more to do than silly releases like fallout or call of duty. why bother with stupid releases like that when you can drag your finger over the screen and accumulate fish......... you've really struck gold with this one.
~ Daniel Otts
I like the release the only down side is when you go to accumulate your experience you dollars will go down because you went to the shallow part of the ocean that's the only thing I don't like about the release but it's a nice and entertaining release I would test all day if I should I love the release so much I will never stop testing it's sooooooo fun and great and simple I reallllly love release so much. I love the concept of the release I the fishing I like the part where you fish and upgrade.i just love the release.
~ Joey Salas Nolasco
Once again, newest informations are a nice concept, but poorly implemented, insignificant increases for exorbitant gem costs or gigantic time sink. Perks seem nice until you obtain a several lvls and search out every lvl goes up 5 bonus adds, idea to steep banner curve. Why hold adding informations when previous ones don't work as they claim. Item percentages fully off. Magical bobber gives 10% on 1 in 8 but never seen a 5x premium in under 25 spins, thats not probability its weighted odds 😡
~ Chris Ball
Yet other reskin of those never ending grind releases. you never obtain anywhere or achieve anything. The extent of the gameplay is rubbing your finger over the screen endlessly. Pointless and boring.
~ Big Brother
i LOVE this release! Nice lil time waster, and you can now test and enjoy without the need for large financial outlays! The banners aren't overpowering, and its intriguing and addictive enough to create you wish to spend a tiny dollars occasionally! 5* guys, you didn't obtain gready!!😁👍💕
~ Kim Grant
Love the release! the thing is when your on your 3rd boat and 3rd kind of land it costs a lot 20mil for the 4th boat upgrade and 200mil for the 4th land and 500k for the 3rd land and 200k for the 3rd boat I mean dont you think that's like hitting us too hard? Not to be mean though. my fingers obtain tired easily and I obtain bored easily but I still love the release!
~ Alice S
One morning I went to accumulate my rewards I got while away (500 trillion). I clicked on the "double rewards by watching banner" button and in the middle of the banner the release destroyed. When I logged back in I didn't obtain the doubled dollars or even the original 500 trillion. Although this was frustating releases will glitch. Still a five star release for shure. Hope this feedback supports! :)
~ Stephanie Pethtel
nice until made a buy on the weekend, first one the payment came out $1.19 only tiny! and it glitched google test took the dollars and i didnt obtain the perks! tried again the next day, it worked that time. i ended up paying $2.38 for the one lot of perks! (175 gems and one nonpaid spin i could have got it twice!) Then i test the release today and obtain to purple lvl after icy peak (cost $20 quin to buy) buy a newest gang memeber (diego for 141 gems) to glitch and loose my gems, dollars, diego and lvl
~ kyhr adams
favoured release in the entire whole device I love it I love this release and the only thing that's a tiny bit terrible about it is that sometimes when the boss the giant fish which is extremely useless that's what the thing claims type of hard to obtain him and I've only got him once and he showed up on my screen 5 I know the boss fish is really hard to obtain with only really obtain him is to tap instead of swipe btw im on my dads old device so it claims julio instead of my true name
~ Julio Baez
i downloaded this to earn rewards in a different release; i had to test till Quest 16. However, if youre reading reviews looking for what this release IS .. then ill go ahead and claim you. its easy. swipe repeatedly, like a sword to obtain fish. earn dollars. lvl up gang and skills, do challenges, etc. its a nice time aggressor and is well crafted to be so easy. Nice job, Devs! 👏
~ Tori H.
it deleted all of my previous progress I lost everything even after i logged into Fb I was earning $8,000 from the beginning fish actually I back at the beginning. and I dont like the banners I have been testing this for at least a year I like the release bit this made me hate it yet again deleted all of my progress if this doesn't obtain fixed I will never test this release again
~ Devon Byerley
I love this release a lot! Very fun! You obtain everyday rewards that obtain better each day that you test consecutively, global championships, and a fun updating system.Adverts are not intrusive, which is a HUGE plus for me. You obtain nonpaid gem chests from normal gameplay that you launch by watching an banner, and you can obtain multipliers by watching banners. There is a newest cumulative system that gives you rewards for watching banners you can apply to updates!You can even redistribute your earned rewards to different updates!
~ Zeerah Esani
I will be upset if I don't obtain a speedy and apologetic respond to this. I liked you're release and gave a nice review but actually am revising until you correct the fact that the rush time is corruptly taking 5 gems and only taking away our wheel multiplier. before it also did flabby and the heart fish lady. which is the whole reason to use it. otherwise you are stealing my gems that I pay for and watch banners for only to create me have to watch more banners (create you more dollars) and still have to wait. thieves!
~ Nathaniel Douglas
It is really fun! It is a great speed tycoon that doesn't take forever, there isn't really a limit to how much you can test per day and the sound results and equipment in release are so calm and satisfying! I am so glad I chose to install this after debating on it for a while. It isn't a pay to victory kind thing and gosh I hold claiming it but I love it! Seriously the sound scape is the finest part.
~ Ash K.
It's a really fun release when you're very bored. There are no force-banners which I really like about releases. It's not that hard and all you need to do in this release is : • have patience • upgrade the nice equipment and not useless. There are some in-release purchases but you dont really need them since you can be as nice as somebody which out some dollars into it.
~ Xizew
It's a cute nice release. The release is soooo addicting and I cant stop testing but its just that its takes forever and forever to obtain to the end because everything costs so so much (the dollars in-release). As well as that the large fish when the storm comes, you can never really obtain it but when I do its gives me hardly and dollars, so I want you should create it not as hard and it gives you more dollars and possibly gems. I would rate it one more star but I cant untill they create it easier to finish the release. xx
~ Chya Petersen
So, this release is banner massive. most is forgivable, such as doubling crate dollars, tripling offline dollars, and nonpaid wheel spins. However, I search having to watch banners to launch gem chests found adrift for very minimal amounts to be rather unforgivable. The only thing saving this release at first was the sense of progression, but even that came to a screeching halt once I got to the tier 14 boat and Misty Peaks territory. $1Non for Tier 15 and $200Oct for next territory? Y'all are high.
I like the release but once you reach a certain lvl it's nearly impossible to hold advancing because everything costs so much...makes me not test it as much....also, I saw someone has a racial slur as a username, was not glad to see that...also, picking diff equipment takes away progress which is weird, but still like the release...
~ GeminiLady612