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About: Welcome to Homescapes! Support Austin the butler bring warmth and comfort back to his unbelievable family's mansion. Come on injourneys await you from the moment you walk in the door! Beat colourful match-3 lvls to renovate and decorate rooms in the mansion, unlocking ever more chapters in the exciting family storyline along the idea! What are you waiting for? Create yourself at home! The release informations: Special gameplay: support Austin renovate the house by swapping and matching pieces! Interior design: you decide what the house will look like. Exciting match-3 lvls: variety of fun, featuring special boosters and explosive combinations! A gigantic, pretty mansion: search all the secrets it holds! Incredible characters: watch them live their lives and interact with every another in the in-release social network. A beautiful pet: meet naughty and fluffy cat. ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Playrix Games
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Homescapes Reviews and Comments:

This release is so simple to test and reasonably challenging. The down side, for me, would be that you have to test a full release in order to obtain Austin to do the smallest of tasks. All in all a very entertaing release. just a side observation, Austin lives in this incredibly gigantic mansion, yet they have this small, tiny living room; which squashed into this tiny corner with a grand stair literally back to back with the living room furniture...errr...dont obtain it...designer, back to the drawing board!
I absolutely love this release!!! Some lvls are definitely hard but unlike other review I read they are not next to impossible. I have recipients on my squad at lvl 2,000+ Also you can obtain anywhere from 50 to about 130 coins per lvl finished depending on whether or not it is labeled hard and how many moves you have left. Homescapes is so much fun to test!! I love beating the lvls, decorating my home, changing things around, and chatting with/helping my squad!! Fully worth the addiction!
~ Stephanie Carter
I like it coz the puzzles are challenging, it makes me crazy to solve specially if its the water and oil lvl 😅, however, you need to also improve it coz sometimes there's a time that it's hard to swipe it. Moreover, I've noticed that your ad on downloading it doesn't match the release, In your ad it shows the release on what softwares are you going to use enable to solve the trouble in the house, but when I downloaded it, it was idea different. But anyway I enjoy it somehow.
~ april tolentino
If I wanted to test a matching(candy crush style) puzzle release I already have a couple favorites that I like to test. The release is nothing like the banner I kept seeing, I even thought well if I obtain to a certain lvl it would launch up the puzzles that are on the banner but no...will be deleting this release from my device. It's a shame that it couldn't be what was advertised that looked fun.
~ Daisy Prine
While it is enjoyable, it's definitely not the release that is advertised. If it was the release that was advertised, then I would rate it higher. But no; it's an unnecessarily harder ver of a 3 matching release. 900 coins is idea too high for 5 bonus moves, when you only obtain about 50 coins (100 if you're lucky in certain lvls) on average after every lvl.
~ Windshield Wiper Laugh
Homescapes is a fun but ridiculously tedious release. You match gems to victory releases, which gives you a star or two that is then used to further your renovation of the house. But with a lampshade or planting seeds every needing stars, like me you'll obtain to a target where you think it's all a slow, waste of time. Some releases take 10, 20 or more plays to obtain a star. I've played over 260 lvls and only a fraction of the house is done. Not fun anymore so deleting.
~ Melissa Osborne
Re - The countdown clocks. I moved from releases like Candy Crush Saga a while back, as I didn't like the timer bombs, or timer releases, as you become so fixated on eradicating the bombs, you stop enjoying the release, which is about walkthrough and a bit of nice luck.If they are going to become a permanent fixture I probably will stop testing the release which is a shame, but I can't stand them. Modernization on Easter day, I have decided to delete the release as I detest the timer clocks and they have destroyed the release.
~ Ann Best
The ad claims "Why is this release so hard?" The respond could come from the devs: Because we LIE about the gameplay! I downloaded it expecting to test a pick-the-right-object puzzle release, as I saw in the banner. Instead, it is other match-3-objects release. Intentionally misleading. Edit: One star less, because they released a newest banner with related misleading content.
~ Panos Georgoulias
Impossible to complete lvls without spending dollars. You are even made to WAIT to retry a lvl when you run out of lives. Disgusting lvls of greed that is becoming more and more common by small devs. Should've been a nice release instead of the pay-£100-to-victory rubbish like the vast majority of "releases" on here. If you wish to test releases on the go I recommend you pick up a 3ds or a Switch and test releases on that instead of giving these "developers" the time of day on here.
~ Aidan Maguire
love the release. lots of fun! down fall is... they charge you stars to complete easy task. when you obtain to hard puzzles you obtain one star, but they would charge you 2 stars to remodel the walls and then other star to do a second wall in the same room. even when you work hard and complete a puzzle you obtain a star and a several coins. payout is not as nice as the puzzles. ,but still lots of fun. p.s you have to pay to run a newest day as well..
~ Shawn Garner
I like the release alot but i do feel like somethings are not right. I think 900 coins to continue on is too much especially since it takes so long to collect. I also think at the end when everything is exploding coins could be givem for the matches amd such. Not enough tickets are given for the lvls. Sometimes it take me days to complete a lvl just to obtain one ticket and i don't have enough to continue on in the strory. Overall, i do like the release
~ Jonelle Alexander
Lvl 50. 3 times I got the "No moves" shuffle. Bet I should obtain past it if I spent $50 on coins to hold going! My personal favoured is when 1 booster activates other and creates a chain that activates the color world when you don't wish it to and it gets wasted. Also, the paper plane booster makes worse choices on where to land the higher your lvl. I am glad I got out before I made the regrettable choice to spend true dollars. Garbage!
~ Chase Caldwell
Not a terrible release, BUT I've must claim the same as many others. It's NOT as advertised. I was waiting to see the advertised gameplay, but was sorely disappointed. Lvl 24 is basically impossible to pass without buying the powerups, and it's just like many another releases. Candy Crush plus expensive home renovation? YIKES. 👎 Please don't bother. (Wasn't that terrible until it wasn't the advertised product, and became too hard to test.)
~ A Slingsby
It was super fun in the beginning but actually it's became too hard to transport on to the next lvl. Even the simple lvls are tough and it requires double to complete any task! The garden tasks were too many (and unnecessary). It got abit dull after awhile. The challenges were interesting and well thought off but there's no logic to how one might victory a lvl. It all seems to be based on some random algorithms where u should obtain stuck on a lvl for ages eventhough it's supposed to be easier. The boosters are useless most of the time. Please hold this release fun. It becomes a dread when it's become too tough! The stories are beautiful
~ kimberly chin
A solid match-3 release with a home design aspect. Essentially you earn stars by completing lvls, then spend those stars on tasks similar to the storyline. Sometimes lvls are very hard and you can obtain stuck on and off, but I'm on lvl 575 with 0 purchases. It does require patience so if you obtain easily frustrated this is not the release for you unless you wish to spend dollars. Sound is nice, graphics are smooth and gameplay is extremely fun. No banners whatsoever unless you wish to pick to watch.
~ Theo L
It's really fun to test, the artwork is great and the storyline is cute engaging. However, the release is not as advertized. But that's just a minor trouble compared to my trouble with it. After the dude who arranges contests pops up to claim me that I can check out the leaderboard, the release stops responding. I tried tapping it as instructed, long taps, quiting the release, and even deleting the release then downloading it again. I'm still stuck. I genuinely love the release, but since the contest dude is keeping me hostage and renders the release unplayable, I'll have to give it a weak score. Sorry
~ Wandering Soul
Nothing like the banners, the bonuses for this release are very misleading. I got bored very quickly as it's mostly (as many reviewers before me have claimed) a candy crush / bejeweled style release - which is not what I wanted to test - with tiny home improvement tasks in between. I want I'd paid more attention to the reviews as I never would have downloaded it if I'd realised what it now was. Very hard to proceed in the release without spending dollars, tiny reward for tasks done for how much it costs.
~ Jasmine Weight
I used to love this release. Until I purchased a newest device, downloaded the release, and saw that im on lvl 726, but all my equipment is GONE. Like I just sarted testing... GONE! I hold trying to contact customer service, and all I obtain is,"ok, its all set restart your device and allow us know if it worked." Well you know how many times I have done this?! All i wish is all my tokens back so i can redecorate and hold testing. Especially when i have spent some dollars on this release to buy powerups. HELP!!!!!
~ Bonnie Shea
I finally downloaded it after seeing it advertised so often. I thought the premise of it being a high paced "repair" release would've been nice...but unbeknownst to me, it's other stupid candy crush knock off. I'M SO OVER THESE MATCH 3 GAMES. So, just as quickly as I installed it, I UNinstalled it. Also, the release is unnecessarily gigantic, so I'm not letting an release take up that much zone unless I'm absolutely crazy about it. #ThankYouNext
~ Aura Khaos
If you wish a newest twist on bejeweled, sure. Not as advertised. There is no "use this software to fix this." You earn stars by matching objects like bejeweled or candy ruin and you use the stars to create something happen like buy a newest rug or replace wallpaper. Disappointed. I want the release really was like the adds. The adds are why I downloaded it but I guess that's to be expected. For a matching release? 5 stars. For the style of release I was hoping for... No stars. :(
~ Hardlinedruid
If you're here because of a homescapes banner you saw, DO NOT DOWNLOAD This. This is nothing like the banners they present on another releases. Every puzzle is designed to be hard to be beat, sometimes when you're given nonpaid power up's, they're placed in a idea that they go to waste. The entire target here is to obtain you stuck to spend dollars, especially as quick as an meeting runs. You will be stuck on some lvls for days, until the meeting is over. Dont bother with this dev, all their releases are identical. Trash.
~ Haseeb Urrehman
I'm sorry, but i was expecting to see something like the banners, in which you drag and drop softwares and equipment to fix the house. The release was not what i expected at all! The banners are misleading, not to mention ridiculous, as they present (someone) making the stupidest decisions and failing miserably. What the banners failed to mention was that the release was just yet other swap-and-match release, like Candy Crush or Toon Blast. The same goes with Gardenscapes. Uninstalling!
~ Chandra Edwards
Nice!🤗 Been testing less than a month actually. We'll see how it goes.😉 Enjoy! ... 1st modernization: still testing(21 days). I feel framed by this release. Why? Is very different from the click bait banner showing everywhere. It's fine though. The graphics are very cute. Just one thing; if you don't like bonus apps on a release(the one here is related to Candy Crush or Jewels)this is not your release to test. I'm enjoying still, but if I knew before I probably wouldn't end here. Minus 2 stars for you.😕
~ Savage Diamond
I really gave a terrible review as to their making you spend dollars to obtain through certain lvls. They have improved it somewhat, though you may have to go through a lvl multiple times. Their are still lvls that are almost impossible to go through without aid of some sort. It has gotten better though. The story is what keeps me here. I am going back to one star. two days same lvl, broke down, spent dollars, three lvls later the same thing?!?! Help is not help for those lvls either.
~ Al Chambers
Nope. Used to be a favoured but actually its going to run costing FOUR stars? And yes, while you give 2 stars for the "super hard" lvls, its taking idea too long to now obtain them. I wanted to hold testing but things need to be different. Its 1000% ridiculous that the pay out is so not worth the effort. Edit: I like the addition of the squads, however, I'll obtain up to 3 sets of 5 lives and when I approve 1 set, one disappears. Very disappointing.
~ A Google user
Really enjoy the release, actually up to lvl 910. However my protected icon recently disappointed and I can't buy my coins. The trouble is actually solved and I'm much further on. However many of the lvls are so hard it takes me ages . Often you need 3 or 4 stars to do anything in the house, so that is also causing me to lose motivation. However, as it takes me longer to fill my protected, I'm spending less dollars. Still testing, I didn't enjoy the party room much, actually onto the balcony.
~ Jan Ridley
Fully false advertising in gameplay style. This is just like Candy Crush combined with a more frustrating ver of The Sims, instead of simply dragging and dropping equipment to fix different cases. I'm at a somewhat weak lvl and it already feels like they're tough to beat, as in you NEED to spend true dollars in order to progress anywhere. Presents, lives, more moves, you name it, you'll have to pay for it. Feels a silly amount of impossible to beat at some target.
I am writing this review on behalf of my girlfriend. this release is too addictive and I just can't search a idea for her to stop testing. never allow your babes near this release!
its obvious some of the lvls are designed to hold u from winning unless u spend dollars. also, I just wish to design a home, not teach a cat tricks
~ Tracie Riggs
I have been testing this release for several months actually and I am impressed with how polished the experience is. the song is charming, the graphics are nice, and the release has enough variations to hold it recent.
~ Gerard Walters
I LOVE IT IT'S BEAUTIFUL IT' MY FAVORITE GAME EVER IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER IT'S THE BEST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Connie LaVignera
Addicting! It has a cool idea, although I have to admit that the gameplay is different from the banners. It's cool to see that the release charas seems like true recipients in our society.
~ Maritza AS
DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you're expecting the same gameplay as shown in the banner. Fully misleading. It's a decent release but not the release I wanted. Uninstalling and shame on you for trying to trick recipients
~ Hannah Halls
the release is okay but my only trouble is the lives, please increase the lives to support us slay time. I usually run out of lives and I'm not glad about that. Please kindly do something about it before I rate it 5 stars
~ twum maxwell
The release runs out simple and fun to obtain you hooked, then quickly becomes too hard for casual test without microtransactions. I wanted a fun idea to pass the time, not something I have to drop my whole day or paycheck into. For shame!!
~ James Meyer
horrible release. lvls are so hard you can obtain stuck on the same lvl for a week. And everything you do takes a star so it will take a million years to finish the mansion. Almost at lvl 200 and two rooms are done and that's it. Dont waste your time on this release.
~ Amanda Obert
it's claiming homescapes and inside that it has a release like candy crush to obtain stars and with that we could obtain stars to complete lvls. the release is so tough that it's taking 3 days to complete the lvl and guess what are the lvls ?? lvls not regarding the home lvls for feed the cat name the cat. oh no, dear developers an uninstalling the release for this. thanks for wasting time.
~ Mister Hitech
i though this was gonna be like in the advertisement that i saw but it is not even close. In order to change anything or repair a easy furniture you have to test a tiny release related to Candy Crush. So annoying. Each single ver of this release is like that... the farm ver, the garden ver...each single one. Bye.
~ Jorge Castillo
This release started out fun, but quickly became to hard and started taking days to obtain thru one lvl. Developers need to understand why recipients test these devices operating releases. It is so we can decorate the house. Not so we can spend multiple days testing one lvl for one star. You need to offer a relaxed test option that isn't as challenging or frustrating. Recipients test releases to relaxed, not to be stressed out testing for one measly star. I'm uninstalling.
~ April May
impossible to continue on unless you pay with actual dollars, same for Gardenscapes. gets too hard even with all the booster and gold and I mean impossible. I've been stuck on the same lvl for months. nice designs and all but the release is horrible if you cant continue on. forever stuck on garage.
~ Brooke Houser