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About: Welcome to Home Design Remake! Test the finest Home Design match 3 puzzle release! Be the finest designer by supporting lucky families transform dreams into reality with nice home makeovers! Solve fun match 3 puzzles to support design, customize and decorate the great dream home with pretty decor. Your clients are counting on you to remodel their down-and-out fixer uppers! Informations: - Remodel homes with a Farmhouse style or go Modern? You decide, you design! - Design and renovate different rooms styles, including family-friendly living rooms, rustic kitchens, handsome bathrooms and chic bedrooms - Support clients ranging from the newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities, and travel the globe to Tokyo, Paris and Morocco - Express yourself with an wonderful tons of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring and another decor - Experience addicting gameplay with offline ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Storm8 Studios
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Home Design Makeover! Reviews and Comments:

nice release but they wish you to spend dollars no nonpaid diamonds for completing lvls or no everyday awards given which is not fair I test a lot of releases and this is the only one where you don't obtain any support for nonpaid shame really cause it is a nice release but obviously they are only interested in 💰💰💰
~ sophie kelleher
the puzzles take idea too long to figure out without shelling out dollars to buy boosters. I'm almost to lvl 60 just for my second room. it's ridiculous, I can only victory 2 lvls at a time before I have to spend 2-3 days for a puzzle to be solvable. they wanted to be like another design releases but instead just came up with a less fun candy crush with a different interface. AND everything costs idea to much compared to what you victory in the releases. release sucks
~ Alexis Rush
Newest download actually can't access the release and reading the reviews looks like the release designers do not care shame as I had a trouble with other release after a download and that developer couldn't do enough and issued a nonpaid gift so I will actually uninstall which is a shame as enjoyed testing the release!
~ Myra Roberts
Loved this release until they sped it up for some reason? I played it to reduce my anxiety and actually it's idea too speedy and it makes me nervous. Hate the modernization. Also keeps adding more and more banners.
~ Sydney McCleery
Hope you guys can convert the unused coupons obtained from winning the challenges and levelling up to dollars to upgrade rooms. Appreciate the nice work your squad have poured into this release! Hold it up, guys!
~ Fadzillah Ismail
not very glad at the moment, often I lose a life an banner pops up it doesnt test the banner than it goes its processing.... then I have to back out of the release just so it happens again and again.... please fix...
~ Courtney Phelps
this release blows. NEVER any gifts, 'ticket challenges' are a farce- impossible to victory, especially in the time alloted. you can hold it. better home design releases out there that aren't impossible.
~ Christie Van Wormer
I loved this release. it relaxes me. I've been testing for a long long time. I upgraded the release... actually i have to watch 30 seconds of banners before i can restart!! how do you add frustraion?
~ Marla Faith
this release is not even close to what is expected out of it. One has to test candy crush alike release the entire time to victory reward points to obtain the objects to be placed in the room and there too we only have the choice of colour , the objects and territories to hold them are predecided. Waste of time!!
~ Swati Sharma
the newest modernization made the release transport at a very speedy speed and it's so annoying. I feel like I'm being rushed to test every lvl. want they would turn it back to it's original speed
~ A Google user
This is my personal opinion, but the release is now not what you think. You will end up testing "match the shapes" in order to earn enough dollars to now design. The design costs are usually very expensive and like I claimed, you will end up testing the another release more than actual design. I hope this is useful. I would enjoy this if it wouldn't be what I've just described.
~ Audrey S.
I was really starting to enjoy this release until it became obvious that every lvl the furniture became more and more expensive. A chair that used to be a several hundred dollars was actually thousands. Not really in the spirit of fair release test.
~ Sheri Demontaigne
I love this release but actually cant even launch it to test. The prices of furniture have gone up making it harder to complete a lvl, and alot of banners actually, frustrating... I think I'm being forced to uninstall.
~ Leanne Kynock
I now love the release. So much that I have supported your release by spending dollars. However I would love to see an option where you can earn the gems and the rainbow blaster when it goes off it could also clear the things beside the pieces it gets rid of i.e. wood, flowers etc. otherwise in a lot of lvls it is not useful. If those things changed it would be a five.
~ Jessica Forkey
I really like this release but am going to delete it unless I see that they adjust it so it doesn't require doing the matching well over 160 times before you can do any design work. Every match group gives 21 moves. It takes 10 or more attempts to hit a victory.
~ Sharon Betts
Like the release but lvls are almost impossible. Receive down to one piece required and have to run over. Really irritating. Maybe time to uninstall.
~ Elizabeth Pribik
I've been a fan of this release for a long time. However I absolutely HATE the newest modernization. Why did you have to speed the pieces up?? It was great the idea it was! Actually everything is moving so speedy it now makes me dizzy. At least create it an option in the settings...
~ Bri Ramos
I have been loving this release ever since I started testing it. I'm up to over $1.5 million in dollars and I'm on lvl 1986!!! The fact that you obtain a life each 30 mins is just enough pace for me to test. I just want diamonds should be easier to obtain instead of having to pay for them (which I rarely ever do). Fewer banners would be great too but they're not too terrible because sometimes I'll now see other release to test. Overall, I'm gonna hold testing this release because it's challenging.
~ Yolanda Foster
Hello, I'm cute aggravated!! I love testing your Home design release which worked perfectly never had any troubles with it for 6 months. So on Friday when I wanted to obtain my everyday dose of my favoured release, It claimed I required to modernization, so I did and google test shop claimed it was an successful modernization. Trouble is actually the release won't load!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled it few times with the same effects...NOTHING just a bunch of waiting & hoping...Oh and WASTED DATA!!!
~ Dawn Falls
was enjoying the release but actually it's got glitches in it where it is slow to change equipment and keeps flicking between the options you can pick. actually it restarts my device when I test to change rooms. Please obtain this fixed it was a fun release until then.
~ Nickie Brooking
Nice release but should be much better. I'm on lvl 1541 and the equipment to demolish or buy is, of course, more expensive but the dollars that is to be earned by completing the puzzles is not enough. You technically have to victory 3 to 4 or maybe 5 puzzles just to buy 1 item with the exception of the HARD LEVELS. I really like this release but the earnings gotta catch up before it becomes boring or even more frustrating.
~ Renay Beckham
this is such an nice release, BUT, the release is very hard early in the release already, and there is no everyday nonpaid boosters, which is a gigantic gap and why did you developers change scene 104 moves from 24 to only 14?? it's impossible!! been stuck for weeks😡 the release needs to be relaxing, not stressful. needs more nonpaid boosters and everyday rewards. Stages pay out too tiny dollars. you have to test 2 stages to be able to buy newest equipment. A zoom in function would be great to look at your zone & decor
~ Magdell R
Hi there, I opened the release today and the release has knocked me down a several lvls and has sent Me back to a home design that I have already finished and won't allow me finish the design I was half idea through... I was on lvl 100 and something and actually I am back at lvl 96 and with less coins when I had like 12 000 coins yesterday
~ Andrea Moodley
I want there were ideas to earn diamonds another than buying them. It takes too long to victory lvls sometimes and then I can complete the challenge because it timed out. I see a lot of the same reviews for this release but nothing has been done to improve the release.
~ Danielle Waterman
Very stressful while testing this release. Limited moves and don't have any login presents. All you need to do is pay the company for more moves and gems. Wasting your valuable time. There are another related releases which are more fun and relaxing. Don't download it.
~ William Lee
i would like the release much more if i should obtain the dollars needed to buy the equipment for the jobs. i like the puzzle releases, but be better with infinite lives. i am not putting my own dollars into any release. one star is because taking me forever to decorate the rooms.
~ Gemma Sands
I loved the release in the beginning, but since the overload of banners it not fun to test any more. It's fully ridiculous to have to look at a 15 sec banner just to replay a lvl that was failed. I wouldn't mind the banners if there was some idea to earn diamonds another than buying them.
~ Arkavia Smith
HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! DONT DOWNLOAD!! I used to love the release, it was so much fun, then a couple of months ago it started to obtain stuck on the loading screen so I couldn't test anymore. I tried contacting the company through correspondence and they claimed they don't take complaints through correspondence anymore, so I submitted a form from their blog, only for them to claim me that they do not approve individual complaints for this release. They won't reply to any of my communication attempts. UNINSTALLING GAME NOW!
~ Laura Barry
The release was modernized and actually they FORCE you to watch an add after every release. You CANNOT exit out of it. Plus you have to BUY bonus $ and diamonds so it severely limits testing time especially when you have to watch a 30 second video between every release. You also have ro buy boosters for the release. I am uninstalling on favor od a different release. The developers really could do better
~ Teresa Cameron
I can't obtain support transferring old release to newest device. Usually I download the release, it acts as though this is my first time testing the release. I can still test it on my old device with wifi, but I'd rather have everything uploaded to my newest device. Also, it takes a long time to victory a newest release, just don't know how many releases it could take to obtain through a lvl.
~ S B
No option to earn gems or boosters. If you don't pay you will NEVER be offered anything more than what you have been given at the run. I've been testing this release for more than a year and I have neither been offered lives or boosters. There are no shortage of match 3 releases and I test many of them. I occasionally pay for lives and boosters on those releases, because they sometimes offer them for nonpaid. I will NEVER pay for them on this release due to this mercenary practice.
~ Rhonda Rhodes
The newest modernization (5/29) destroyed the release for me. It's hard for me to concentrate on matching the pieces when they're moving faster than I can hold up with. Please, please fix this. Also, after the modernization before that, I have to watch banners I didn't ask to watch (simply because I failed a lvl). I like the concept of the option to watch banners for boosts, but I would appreciate it if the another banners were eliminated. Thank you.
~ C. Pethke
Why does this release run so speedy? It used to be an ok release to test but with all the another troubles like no ability to earn bonus lives, buying design equipment too expensive and limited choices for design equipment, you're better off testing other release. The newest change that makes the puzzles transport so speedy makes this release no longer relaxing. Makes me feel like they're trying to rush me through which I already obtain enough of during my regular day.
~ April Martinez
Honestly, don't even bother installing it. I love this type of release, absolutely love the concept of testing puzzles to obtain dollars. But, this release has absolutely failed it's target to create you relax - the challenges are extremely frustrating, you can't obtain anywhere close to winning the releases without paying for boosters, and the choices in designs are minimal to claim the least. Feels like the release is more concentrated on the monetary side of things rather than nice player experience.
~ Amelia Maria
Pretty storyline, fun release, and lots of nice choices for decorating. Adverts are appropriate length and give rewards. The Bates room and Wayne mansion were fun too! However, I test this release as a idea to relax. The newest franticness is stressing me out. I just couldn't obtain used to it. Which is too terrible, it's not often I search a release I'll now spend dollars on.
~ Mary Spence
actually im downgrading to 1 star, developersnsee our complaints, but are too arrogant to care about their clients! terrible customer service! only care about making dollars!! pathetic! Changed my rating from 4 stars down to 2 stars, no everyday rewards, no nonpaid diamonds, waste of time!
~ Chantelle Van Tonder
This is a really fun release, but the prices of the furnishings are type of weird. Like, a mirror was 2000 coins, a stuffed animal was 1800 coins, but Batman's mansion was roughly 6000 coins for three stories. just doesn't create sense. Also, I like that you can pick to watch an banner for some bonus moves but not that sometimes it'll test without an option to exit.
~ Kaitlynn Bastow
Very fun. B. Relaxing and cool. Just want they was a idea to earn gems. Some lvls are super hard and a bit fustrating. The bonus changelles you do are hard only have 2 days to do them. Need variety of tickets to even finish. Need to test all day to obtain enough... that's a large thumbs down on that part...need atleast 5 days
~ Kris Gray
My 1 yr old grandson inadvertently bought $99.99 worth of gems when he grabbed my device a week ago. I discovered it 2 days later. My profile has been permanently suspended and I have yet to obtain a refund or how long it will take, assuming I obtain one. Since I no longer and will never have access to my profile, I feel they are actually stealing from me if they do not trouble a refund as requested. Has anyone else had a related trouble?
~ Michelle Merrick
I really loved this release, but since yesterday the puzzle is testing at an extremely speedy speed, everything else is normal speed. It sucks that there is no everyday reward and there is no idea to earn diamonds to buy boosters another than paying out of your pocket. I'm on lvl 1257, so I am scared to uninstall, I'm scared it will create me run all over. And I will not buy in-release purchases just to complete a lvl. Please fix your bugs!
~ Misty Schrimsher