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Holyday City Tycoon: Idle Resource Management   
About: Build a castle and become a business tycoon, all with just a several clicks and patience! In Holyday Town, youre in charge of resource management, business management, and the growth of your city into a sprawling metropolis. As an idle release, your castle will lvl up and expand as the release plays in the background. Clicker release mechanics allow you build and manage your businesses with a easy tap, so castle expansion is a matter of time and management. HOLYDAY CITY FEATURES: YOURE THE TYCOON Use resource management to quickly build wealth and businesses Simulation release that puts you in charge of growing businesses Investment release mechanics where your business decisions boost your castles growth TOWN BUILDER A build a castle release that puts you in charge of businesses of all types Restaurant management for a steady flow of income Shopping shop managem ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Iron Horse Games LLC
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Holyday City Tycoon: Idle Resource Management Reviews and Comments:

Liked it and addective, would be nice if more gaming options would create more fun. Example time based achievements, goals, more things to do with airport. Airport only for exchange? Disappointed , can do so many things inside airport. Luxury goods, duty nonpaid ships, foreign exchange , so many options available to create dollars, think and create release more time consuming. Currently after testing for 10 min continuously, nothing else there to test. U need to bind user to release.
~ manoj kumar
add ultra rebirthes doubles speed rebirthes production cost 2500 rebirthes
~ minecraft and fortnight mire
I'm sorry but it's stupid
~ Patricia Poole
I used to like this release, but actually with the change in the fully separate banner milestones with every zone of the release, it's to the target where I won't be helping watching banners anymore. :/ hopefully this gets fixed and banner milestones and time are added to both zones of the release at once like they used to be.
~ Blake Albers
advertisment bug still not fixed
~ Danish azhar
So far, I type of like thius release. It's a nice time aggressor. But it does have a large trouble. It keeps jipping me of the banner watching gifts claiming I didn't watch the "entire" banner when I did. I sent an correspondence to the help squad, but it hasn't been fixed as of 11-30-18. Still not fixed as of 12-4-18, therefore my ratings have gone down and shall continue as long as the trouble persists. 12-13-18 and the trouble continues to persist so ratings have gone down yet again.
~ Richard Eldridge Sr
nice release but very slow leveling up
~ the analogue music city
Enjoy it. Relaxing making dollars.
~ lee mewborn
I love this release. Thanks developers.
~ Mark Ritchie
Played for 100s of bours and suddenly a my progress was lost.
~ Peter Cheyne
the release is so fun i give it a 5 star rating so fun
~ Norma Ramsey
Fun tiny idler that's kept me going for a while actually!
~ Simeon Smith
Really fun, but u need to improve on the graphics
~ Yusuf Ismail Usman
whats goin on with the tropicana meeting takes ages to use your tickets.. boring
~ Daniel Pattie
Each several mins release time goes idea up and it freezes
~ rayno adams
can you please fixed the x2 tab and the reduced time tab. it hold claiming no banners available and it has been like this for quite a while....
~ Kwek Fang Yu
It's one of those releases that you can go on time to time. It has that click that usually drags you back. Nice release.
~ OneFourthThree
It would be better if the banners worked after making a buy the banners that give you rewards stoped working what a waste of dollars
~ Ron Broyles
its not my kind of release to be honest but recipients who like releases like this then its nice
~ A Google user
Was fun until I got to lvl 20 and I lost all my dollars and premium.
~ Zechariah Hannah
would claim its a time aggressor but with no offline benefits its not really a speedy moving release without it
~ Richie Richardson
I enjoy testing the release, it's one of the better castle clicker style releases that I have played.
~ TexasUncle
idk what minor things had to be so badly fixed but actually the entire release wont work allow alone videos that support you progress
~ G Mc
This app is not only strategizing fullfillment required intellectually but at the same time providing hours of entertaining fun.
~ A Google user
buggy. needs to restart the release constantly. the release goes to weird pause nothing happens but gui is working. all numbers in the release present full 32 bit value. and quite boring amongst idle clicker releases
~ A Google user
I dont rate but this release deserves a lot more dedication to obtain 30+ lvl. i love it hold it up!
~ Alpacino1870
it literally keeps resetting me each freaking week. I got up to a lvl 7 and boom restart after midnight. this is the third time and it doesnt matter if I sign into google test or not. highly dont reccomend.
~ Anthony Taylor
Stupidly fun even with no true dollars purchases. I would suggest offering boosters for 1.99 as 5 is the cheapest which is too much for one buy.
~ Liz Prescott
I worked out the 10 day pay out & it doesn't add up! If you 1 day x 10 = .... You obtain a lot less when you use the 10 day pay out coin. Why?
~ Jo Priddle
I've sent directly from my correspondence, and from in release help. Still no changes, or response. Ship missions and Bungalow missions have 429k+ hours cooldown left.
~ Ronnie White
different spin on incremental release. slow at first so give it a chance. content to look foward to as you gain lvls.
~ John Pietras
i cant buy stocks if the guide to buy the next zone covers my another stocks. i could be able to skip through the guide not have it pop up often i unblock a newest shop and stay up until i have enough to even buy the next shop.
~ merrily pittman
I'm oddly into the release. I'd give it 5 stars if they'd fix the Advertisement bug. it doesn't load them in at times which sucks cause it slows down the dollars flow.
~ B.A.E. AMV
I know how idle releases work and i know when I claim that this release is boring, after every restart, it's usually the same buttons to push, usually the same updates, nothing different. I've been testing this release for 6 weeks and the most annoying thing about it is that it crashes at loading screen almost each god damn time I launch it. I don't care if you fix it or not because I won't test it ever again, it was enough. Thank you.
~ Cristi Tuica
I give 5 stars coz' I'm so addicted to it My castle highest lvl is 31 and I'm enjoying the newest functions in holyday island It's not pay to victory if you grind this release and thumbs up to the devs for making this unbelievable idle release I was hoping for more informations and gameplay for the future for actually I am going to enjoy holyday island
~ 420PLATOON Killjoy
Ecellent tycoon!!! This release is high in content and weak in banners. It's fun and as daunting as it seems to claim fee, it's well worth it and you'll be right back where you were in no time.
~ Jason Hill
think of the slowest release ever then double t. if you obtain distracted whilst testing the EVENTs information. The entire release stops earning tokens so release has a major flaw. Dull dull dull. frustrated. help squad never respond.
~ Wolds Apart
I would have given it 5 stars, but the deal-breaker was the lack of sound results. It was just the repetitive song and it was either on or off. I'll claim this, its definitely different from most idle releases. I like that it puts some different mechanics in there that you can claim the Devs cared about the release. Not sure about that title though....I swear it's got to be a typo.
~ Kristopher Goforth
This release is aboute patience and dedication. I have the will to test it longterm 5 min per day, each day... But for nonpaid so it takes more time. I wonder what is in the future for my castle... Product is balanced, simple to test but inspiring to unblock newest things and to be patient.
~ Petar Merćep
An enjoyable idle release with one epic annoying aspect: sell everything at port has to be tapped lots and speedy to sell everything. I have been testing for about 2 weeks for a several mins few times a day. The Devs place quite a bit of thought into this release. I adopt with other reviewer: I bet the name could have been "Holidays Town" as in holidays away instead of "Holyday Town" suggesting a religious zone. The monthly price is idea too high for a release. Lowering it may increase sales.
~ Jenn Lee