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About: The most addictive release! Enter the arena and face the another holes in a fierce war. Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Present them who is the largest hole in city! LOCAL COUCH MULTIPLAYER FEATURE Need to compete directly with your dudes? Follow these four easy tasks: - Step 1: Launch the "Local Multiplayer" menu on the right and make a room - Step 2: Create your dudes join* - Step 3: ??? - Step 4: Enjoy the war! *Bluetooth needed. They need to be close enough to test.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 85MB Developer: VOODOO
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Hole.io Reviews and Comments:

This release is by far the most addictive release I have EVER played (and believe me there has been quite a several of those). This release allows you to test online and offline and you can gain lvls. My number one hint for this release is just EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!! But no joke this is the finest release I have ever had. If you don't take my word for it... download this nice release and see for yourself cause it will hold you occupied for hours on end. Thank you for reading and I hope to be seeing you on here
My favoured release. I just realized that I don't have a multi user option like it claims here. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Mobile Pie. Nobody in my family has the options either. But we all just REALLY want there was a release mode LONGER than 2 mins. That would be SO nice! 2 mins just doesn't feel long enough.
~ Misti Flansburg
A quite entertaining non-internet release, the gameplay is easy and straight forward but sometimes glitchy as some things cannot be eaten even if run over, moving objects take too long to be consumed and some actual tricks can be given. Quite a nice release all the same.
~ Isabella Evangeline
This is just a nice release. The release is very fun and replayable, and the tiny information like every individual object being separate really did create a difference. Though I do want sometimes I the controls were a tiny smoother. It's sometimes hard to obtain objects to fit unless you stop moving or wiggle around, it can be rather frustrating.
~ Zoey Robertson-DeGraaff
I like this release in all but it keeps glitching only the pirate one it made me test the pirate one 22 times!!!!!! In a row delete the pirate and it sucks it's to glitchy AND worst of all in the thing were they present pictures of the release they don't present the another maps beacuas there glitchy I'm done with this release ......UPGRADE
~ carlies are
Within a couple of hours of testing, I maxed out my ranking, and hit the wall of boredom. Testing the "each hole for itself" or "last hole standing" mode, the full lvl is 19 which becomes a trouble when you and the last hole are both level 19 and it becomes a standoff without the release ever ending until one user quits. Also, the statement that your hole can "eat everything if it's large enough" is false, as when the user maxes out at level 19, still can't eat the volcano in the island map.
~ Phillip Tatlow II
over all the release is fun, but it is frustrating that the skin for reaching the full size 3 times will not unblock. I have reached the full size often I test and have never been able to unblock. it claims I have never reached it, but I have scored 2000+ at least a dozen times. hopefully they fix this bug quick. once fixed I will give a 5 star rating
~ Christina Martin
Allow me run off by mentioning the fact that I love this release. But there's a major glitch in the War Royale mode that prevents the match from coming to a conclusion. When the last 2 standing users reach lvl 19, the growth halts there and irrespective of who has more points of consuming, they can't slay every another. And therefore the match keeps going on and on.
~ Sasmit Bagchi
controls are a tiny goofy and mildly unpredictable. banners after each single lvl seems a bit excessive, but most freemium releases are going in that direction. overall, it's a fun tiny release that I enjoy. I just want there was a mode that lasted more than 2 mins.
~ Marie Sharp
Really fun release, but there could be a release mode where it times you to eat 100% instead of just the 2 mins. Allow us test for up to 5 mins or so before making us run over. Also if in war mode, if two users reach lvl 19 it goes on infinitely until you close and reatart the release. this is frustrating 😡. I will change back to 5 stars when this glitch is fixed.
~ Kevin Fernandez
I love this release!!!!!! I'm one of the finest competitive swimmers in my age group,and when I'm when I'm waiting for my race, this release is do much fun to test even on the metal bleachers!!!!!And my sister dad and me, love to test the multiplayer bluetooth mod!!!! I love this release!! want I should give it 10/5 stars!!!!!❤❤❤
~ Komal Hatti
Product runs out fun but quickly becomes boring. The time limit and map size limits are a hindrance. Not to mention only 3 maps. I was hoping for something like Katamari but got something more like a Closed Beta release or idea release that is unfinished. The classic map foes are stupid. And the elimination map I am often stuck or unable to finish release and have to quit. With some work and a lot more informations it should one day be a nice release. But for actually I suggest a hard pass in this release.
~ Scott Poynter
this is an now really entertaining release. I can search myself testing release after release. the troubles I have with it are only really 2 things. 1. banners - after each release or each another you just obtain an banner. You can back out of it bit I'm assuming it's a inventive to invest in the full release. 2. Population - it seems empty. Everyone you verse is a bot.I thought I'd be testing true recipients as an .iogame usually is but they're bots. They have predictable pathing, they'll lag in zone.
~ Dwas
The finest hole release ever! I downloaded something like this on my laptop, but that one had variety of glitches. This one doesn't! Hold up the nice work! :D Edit: Also, can you add more time? I just want there would be like 10 or 5 mins or infinity! We need more time so that we can search the map! And feel what its like to be the full size! It will be laggy, but it will be nice as well! :D
~ alexandriagamerpainter isedenia
I would suggest this release to anyone that just overall, likes releases! The release is really simple to control with a mouse (not a touchpad) or the arrow keys. I gave this release 4 stars! The only reason I wouldn't give it 5, is due to my pc having terrible quality... But if your pc has nice quality, they I would be satisfied!
~ A Google user
very adictive and relaxing - almost great. I cant stop testing this release, its so satisfying to eat a entire city! However, a several things need to be fixed, as it currently seems unfinished. It apears you are not now testing another users, just bots. The description claims you can host a local release, you cant. At least one of the skins is broken - you cant earn it. Scoring is broken, war is the only idea to earn points. After a several days, i dont have anything else to do. My GF also is adicted!
~ Denez McAdoo
WAAAAAY to many banners. There is an banner after each release. The upgrades slowed me down. After I got a system going, it froze up and wasted all my time. It used to be fun. It is actually the most boring release ever. It is actually to cartoony. I can only finish 20 percent actually. I used to comlete 80 to 90 percent. this release is to stupid.
~ Nicole Alexis
Hole.io is an nice, challenging release with special maps and gamemodes. I enjoy the fact that you can customize your blackhole. I want that you should create a release with an online dude, for I really wish to test this with my girlfriend who is multiple states away. However, I highly recommend you obtain this release if you need a 2-minute time-waster challenge. Fully worth it, just create sure your device doesn't heat up too much!
~ Twigg
I can't claim I've been this hooked on a release for years. Even though it basically only has the two map layouts it keeps me amused for hours (to the detriment of housework etc.) I even search myself humming the chase stage song from Benny Hill as I happily mop up the castle. Oh, and as for recipients morning there are "too many banners", that's simple to fix, pay some dollars to the developers who place their time and effort into this.
~ Andrew Jenkins
This is a really fun release and I search it very time killing and supports you with finger movement because of how your suppose to transport the hole. Not only does this slay time it also envolves challenges. These challenges are fun and some can be simple to achevie. And you can test it offline too! I really hope that you can adopt with my opinion and download this release!
~ A Google user
This is a very fun release, a lot has been modernized since I played last. newest lvls are fun and nice. an trouble I had before was trying to unblock the fidget spinner which has been fixed. the only trouble I have actually is I'm not able to obtain the full size skin but I'm reaching full size many times with no progress and this seems to be a known trouble. before I dropped this down to 1 star but feel this is an simple 4 and can be an simple 5 with the fix of the full size bug.
~ Michael Crowe
3 seconds of test, then 30 seconds of banners... more banners, and boring can't obtain enough test in to determine if I even like it. then more banners. terrible control of the hole, slow. cover placement requires you to activate more banners and jumps to test shop. if the developers would fix some of this, it should be a nice release, but I think they are probably going fellows still learning. if you think you will score large, forget it. it's contrived to be too slow. mostly it will shut down.
~ SK Rutenbeck
This release is not hard at all, and misleads you into believing that youre testing versus another users. Really, all the "users" are just simple computers (Just turn on airplane mode). Adverts are obnoxious, and to exit an banner, you have to locate a small (very small) tiny X that appears in a random corner of the screen after a several seconds. (This idea, you are tricked into looking at the banner for a long time since you won't notice it appear in a random corner) Voodoo is an terrible release developer.
~ Aaron Pollard
At the war mode there is no time limit (which is nice) but there is a size limit. If 2 users reach full. size at the same time we can not do anything, can not victory, withdraw or cancel the match. All we can do is to restart the release. This is a trouble. In war mode size limit could also be removed like time limit or a time limit could come like 1 minute after 2 users left. Whoever have the full. target at the end of this 1 minute could victory the war.
~ Emrah Kürüm
release is true fun and addictive. The War Royale portion needs adjusting. There is a cap to the full lvl you can reach at for size, and I have had many matches where 2 or more users have reached that size, and it doesn't end, so I am forced to exit the release and lose my progress. There needs to be a time limit or something else to determine a victor when more than 1 user cannot grow any larger.
~ Matthew Tashos
Today I started to test this release and I was hit with an banner straighta away. Then it asked me if i adopted to the terms and conditions. Which is nice because you need to know where your time is going. I played a several matches and it was really fun. Then being a fan of war royal releases I played War Royale mode. I lost a couple times but it was just a release so I did not rage. But one match me and this bot were on the same full lvl 19. so please fix the banners and this lvl 19 full. GREAT GAME.à
~ A Google user
So the release used to be fun. Then they modernized and it kinda sucks. You cant pick your map (you never should which sucks), you go slower and slower the bigger you obtain, it glitches each once in a while. Just kinda boring actually though it used to be a really fun release. Take away it slowing us down as we obtain bigger and allow us pick our own maps and the another things should definitely be worth dealing with!
~ Nina Ann
This release is very fun and I rated it five stars when it was first released. Had to reduce the rating after few upgrades that altered the gameplay. When first released it was possible to consume the whole modern castle map. After the most newest modernization the hole speed has been slowed down and the map components drop slower into the hole causing a slight increase in lag. The Future Town Map is very cool, however, you have no chance of 100% consumption. Still a very addictive and fun release.
~ Justin Green
Not a poor release. but definitely should use some fixing. my high score is 2755. I consistently hit over 2000 each release. usually beating everyone with a margin of over 2000. never once has my hole reached "full size". even though I know it's not getting bigger. there's some glitches that need fixed for sure. the only reason I hold it is because its addicting.
~ A Google user
Love the release! so much fun. me and my daughter test it all the time. I hope for more release modes and more skins! overall nice. the two trouble that I have is that the release has no sound! Also I would like if we should have more speed. Lastly I think it would be funnier to not have a mac lvl be cause when your testing the war mode and you and the last person obtain to the full you have to forfeit, you cant eat you foe.
~ Amy Rardin
I test this release each day! I would have given 5 stars because this is a very fun release...but then the following happened. At first I thought I was testing with true recipients, but the another users are bots. Then an modernization happened and changed the release. The Island map in my opinion sucks actually! and before was my favoured. there is no full size actually, but the size of your hole and the things you can eat do not match! The points for things are too weak, compared to how hard it is to eat. Nice Way thou
~ DeeDee Romero
I love this release. When i obtain the chance i alyways test it! Its super fun and really addictive. I love that you can test with true recipients NOT nps's. I never had a better release in my life and im never deleting it. Me and my dudes are usually on the same server because we are close. I love eating recipients, becoming queen and of course, VICTORY!!! but it is also fun to run away from recipients and obtain revenge on your dudes!
~ A Google user
War Royale setting has a functional failure. If final two users fail to slay every another before lvl 19, the release becomes a check-colleague. Neither hole can obtain to lvl 20 and eat the competitor. Literally 15 mins of eating everything in web and no idea to victory. Product gotta be force exited as you cannot forfeit or use back arrow.
~ Stephen Jackson
I really like this release. Lots in common with katamari. Love the newest map. I hope there will be more. Four stars because I've got quite a lot of Z-fighting because camera near plane is set too close. That's an trouble with floating target accuracy, can't mix large and tiny numbers. I hope to change this to 5 stars on next modernization :) edit: i suspect the trouble is caused by a water plane that's not subdivided tiny enough. causes the same floating pt trouble with gigantic vertex deltas versus tiny scale obj pos.
~ Gavin Grierson
This release is fun and entertaining. I would definally suggest thus release . So please download this release so you can obtain the same fun as what im getting. I probably test this release for at least a couple of hours every day. I really don't like releases but I saw an banner and I was like lets test it out, and I did and that is one of my favoured decisions I have ever made.
~ Cassandra Quarles
Reduced from 5 stars to 1 star. Very disappointed with the upgrades that have destroyed the gameplay by making the hole too slow. This trouble has been raised by numerous players for weeks and not been resolved. Please fix!! Modernization April 2019 - up to 4 stars actually. Controls have vastly improved although still seem to be not quite what they were.
~ Paul Cooper
This is an nice release! Me and my family test it. It hasn't even glitches once whilst testing! I can't claim that there's any troubles! This release is great. Many, many recipients think the same as me; this release deserves 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! The skins are nice as well. I like how you have to unblock all the skins to obtain the 'One for hole, hole for One'! It is nice! I'll hold testing. I have given you five stars! I hope you have another recipients who rated five stars as well!
~ pizza heads
I love this release!! It's addictive! The troubles I've had with it have been fixed! Thanks for adding a newest map. I look forward to the addition of more maps in the future, hopefully. Also, maybe add a idea to hold up with your rank, ex. each 200 pts it claims "Rank Up!" I hold ranking up but I can't claim if I'm rank 25 or rank 205. Anyway, I LOVE this release. Thanks to the developers 👍💕
~ B. A. Reichard
The description claims there is multiplayer but all releases are versus bots. You can lock you device in the middle and it will pick right back up where you left off. Description also claims you can Bluetooth connect and test versus dudes. It was determined that was a lie. I'm so glad I realized this before i spent dollars on this release. Also the inside of the premium hole skins don't animate. They present a black circle instead. Disappointing.
~ Libby V
On the release mode where you have to eat another holes, if you and your final aggressor both are at lvl 19, you end up in a stalemate where nobody can victory. You just have to force close the release and reopen. Big glaring error that any programmer worth their salt would be very unhappy to have left in their release! Also, Bluetooth multiplayer is a total lie, and it's impossible to reach "full size" (whatever that is) to unblock one of the skins.
~ Stuart Aitken