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About: 5/5 - "Actually that its here, I cant stop testing it, which is remarkable for a title that is much more concerned with showcasing how much you can do within certain constraints instead of reveling in any type of excess." - Gamezebo BECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSIN Step into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and search the most compelling sniper experience on small. TACTICAL MISSIONS IN MONTENEGRO Hone your strategic skills and orchestrate the great assassination slay shot. SURVIVOR CHALLENGE IN DEATH VALLEY Non-stop action as the zombie hunter in a real play of your skills and speed of execution. MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND 10 DIFFERENT CONTRACTS Improve your skills for the great assassination as you uncover secrets and subterfuges. 16 UNIQUE GUNS Eliminate goals, accumulate weapon parts and complete blueprints to unblock the most potent guns. COMPETE AG ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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Hitman Sniper Reviews and Comments:

Fun but repetitive. This release is nice, but there's only one lvl. It's nice that you guys have variety of missions, but why is each target on the same lvl? It would be nice if you added more lvls like, ohhhhh i don't know 4 more.
~ Neil Antonio
I love this release. kinda relaxing but also challenging. So glad i purchased this on sale. it was fine like no crashes, bugs, etc. but somehow after the newest modernization the release usually closing it self right after "connecting..." message appeared at the begining. Im using xiaomi redmi 3s prime mobile 6.0. pls fix this trouble.
~ jemahuk1
i enjoy the release i think that the paid guns are ridiculously overpriced for a device release that already costs dollars. if the guns are that expensive there could be a mode that allows you to test out any gun for nonpaid in the mansion. this wont give you any in release dollars or lvl ups but it would be more fair for users to be able to test out any gun and see if they wish to buy it or not to compete. please add this i dont wish to spend 50 DOLLARS for gun in release i test for about 15 mins after school
~ John O'Reilly
WOW. After the very first target they shove a weapon in your face with no price attached. You click buy and it's 50 U$! Are you insane? For a dump device release? That's almost the price for a triple A release! That is very predatory, especially for babes. Shame on you!
~ Seth Savage
better experience. the release has a nice plan, but the plot doesn't change on any circumstances. on each newest lvl at least you should had three difft plots where release has a different perspective from to shot . newest territories. it would be nice if that should happen. but overall experience of this release is faruch better than another releases which claims themselves as sniper releases but no fun in theirs.
~ kunal giri
when I install this release on my LG Stylo G, as the release opens it comes to the download part and then crashes. This release worked on all another devices, I really like the release but why does it ruin on my device? I'll give 3 stars until this trouble is resolved, otherwise I suggest this release to EVERYONE!
~ Tom Nolan
I enjoy the first chapter where it walks you through, step by step on who you are allowed to slay, not to slay, and how you can dispose of the in release bodies without raising an alarm and how to distract the aggressors and create their deaths "accidental". I also love the concept of the zombie mode too, though I am slightly annoyed about a specific zombie (zombie chimp) as it is speedy and nimble though it is still fun nonetheless
~ Jonathan Zyla_Stockman
It's a cute nice release. There's the fact that the Montegro missions remain on the same map, but it allows you to search more ideas to slay creatively. However I will greatly complain about the inability to customize button position. There are many times when I would end up unscoping instead of firing on the goal/zombie. Until customization is added, my rating stands as it as.
~ You-Min
Very fun release, but unfortunately the territory is the same with same recipients. It gets boring after a while. if you are newest, fun. But goes boring after a while. To Dev, please modernization with newest scenes, recipients, and scenarios.
~ Akira Duo
This is definitely a small, sniper/shooter release, that now works well around the idea of knowing its a small release. You can obtain really engrossed, but if life is hectic, its also really simple to hop on the release and off, even if just for a several mins. It's just as fun as an hour into it, either idea. Fact is, this release is a solid for a download. Product is nice!
~ Tim Davenport
very much better release test.. just one thing to do is, add more territories, newest zones, newest maps. otherwise the release is very much better than any sniper releases. I loved this release. bt it is getting boring because of the same zone and the same territories. bs do this for hitman sniper users. add more territories
~ Rahul Kumar
Nice! Starting from the graphics to the gameplay—every and each bit has been carved to perfection! One of the finest sniper releases on the supermarket and fully worth the price and so much more! Just hoped that there was more tons to the maps and that there was a zoom-in and zoom-out option, still lovin’ it. Recommending it to everyone!
~ A Google user
I've been testing this release for a while and really like it for the most part (some of the changes they've made through upgrades i haven't looked, but...). My actual main Mobile gaming device is actually a Chromebook, and unfortunately the devs won't help it. it would be a 4-5 run release otherwise.
~ Chris Pilot
I recently got a newest device, haven't played this in a while because the device i had at the time I installed this was broken, and until I got the device I currently enjoy, had not a device capable helping this release. Having claimed that, I gotta target out I was initially disappointed that this was not the Hitman™ experience I was expecting. I found, however it is a very enjoyable release. Well made, challeging at a nice pace, but not to the target where I don't wish to come back to it. And I come back!
~ Jeffy P
This is a nice release except for the fact that the reload button and fire button are so close together and they cant be moved to a different zone. i am removing this sh t release because of the above mentioned defect. i would give 0 stars if able.. Of coarse you dont care about whether they test the release or not after they pay for the release.
~ Pitbullmafia pubg
Even though I just downloaded this release yesterday I absolutly love it it is super fun and addictive "can't stop testing" and the only con with it is that so far ive been testing in the same map and killing the same recipients in another missions, as I claimed I just downloaded this release so I still have to search around overall this release is really nice with everything nice job and hold it up! 😊
~ A Google user
I found this release on sale, and can honestly claim it is a great one. Missions are sometimes challenging, but there are subtle intricacies to search through the simple ones. Also there's an bonus release mode that you can test, another than that the setting don't change though, a definite 5 star if other map/zone is added
~ Emil Meintjes
This release, which is not nonpaid-to test, makes about a third of it's unlockable weapons cost actual dollars. These will cost you a several pence under £83 to buy. The most expensive is almost £30, for one virtual gun. I don't trust there is any another idea to obtain these. I should just about be OK with that if the release was nonpaid but, again, it is not.
~ Adrian Wood
Nice Product. Simple to learn, semi-hard to master. Gets reasonably harder as you go. So far most of it seems like one map. A bit repetitive, but with increaseing difficulty is still fun. If you switch up with zombies once in a while it changes up the gameplay and map to avoid some of the repetivity. But the different weapons and objectives certainly switch things up.
~ Taylor Reed
I mean, some of the target are now hard and can entertain you, the major trouble here is that there's only 1 scenario. Even with the most challenging missions if you only got 1 scenario this will be boring as heck. It's a cute cheap release, so allow's not be so demanding, but come on, you can do it better. the controls and the weapons are cute nice tho. so it's not so boring.
~ Duck Urie
A lot better than another shooting releases . Unlike others, hitman sniper does not lightens your pockets . It's not a pay to victory release . Graphicaly too it is a feast to the eyes . Just one thing though I would like to urge the makers , please add different territories so as to create the release more enjoyable . Rest all it's among top class releases on playstore . Thank you
~ Sumit Upadhyay
Don't switch device after buying and progressing, you might have a headache restoring (recovering) your dollars, time, amd progres. The help squad will just claim you "We will obtain back to you ASAP" No claiming when. The gameplay got quite a bit of variation just like the release from other platform, enjoyable, until your dollars and progress is gone.
~ John Doe
The release would have scored five stars, but why do we have to use a single territory? It quickly gets boring because you know where the guard will come from and what he would do. I don't see why we could buy expensive guns just to test in a single territory. In the next modernization, please add different territories, making missions hard shouldn't be the only target, but it could be on exciting territories too. Maybe also contain shooting at equipment for a picked time period. But overall, it's nice
~ Mzway Mkhize
really liked the release. graphics are nice. only owned the release 1 day and its constantly connecting actually, cant obtain it to launch! Modernization: release doesn't give credit for requirements that I accomplished according to directives. Example: just did 5 headshots in under 40 seconds a took out goal as well with 2 another high profile goals. the release has done this before, causing me to spend hard earned dollars to skip to the next challenge. this needs to be fixed. I've accomplished this task 3 times without credit
~ Noel E Norton
its fun at first, but theres only one lvl. like, there are different lvls, but they're all in the same territory, the guards have the same patterns, nothing changes except for the names of the characters, each lvl is exactly like the one before, the scenery doesn't even mildly change. fun at first, but gets old VERY FAST
~ Riled Up
This is about as nice as small gaming gets right actually. Nice graphics, smooth gameplay, punchy sound, and finest of all, no "action points" required to test or mandatory banners to suffer through (although voluntarily watching earns modest in-release resources). Performance is rewarded and ranked, and the alternating objectives generally offer an appropriate lvl of challenge. The one large downside is that there are as yet only two in-release environments, the primary sporting no true variation between plays.
~ Patrick Cochran
The release is fully nice, i love the graphic, the control, the target, evrthing in the release. But, would u like to add more territories or stories, i mean, dont u think it will create us obtain bored because we're usually in that zone, and the premium' just for zombie mode. I'll really appreciate your works if u'll add more territories or something different. I'll glad to see the modernization. Thank You Square Enix.
~ Brillian Aditya
I have finished around 3 chapters of the release and it has been a stress relieving one. I have found other idea to deal with anger or something, this release. Unfortunately, the release is getting stuck at the run and juat stays where it is. I was really wanting to test it more, pls fix this asap. P.S.- the only reason for me giving three star this the lag and nothing else
~ Ronnie Dsouza
Really nice release. I suggest it if you like Killer's Creed releases or equipment involved with assassination. Nice graphics. Lots of lvls. And it has something where you protect some guy from zombies while he repairs his truck to escape. My only trouble is that in storyline mode you only go to one zone on each lvl. I think it needs more maps. Another than that the release is nice. 👌
~ William Williams
This release is a pretty attempt to give that Hitman notebook experience to small and developers have now nailed it!!! One can feel that intense case while testing and gives a feel of that badass killer's as Agent 47. Nice gameplay. a wide range of rifles every having its own set of perks which makes all the difference while testing. you just cant claim that i love to test with this gun. Every one is premium. And of course the song... ( just wow)
~ shashank shekhar
Having been a heavy Hitman fan over the years, this release is great small adaptation to the slow paced, methodical approach to the main series. You need to scout the zone and wait for the great time for an unnoticed slay, with challenges to do with every target. The graphics are surprisingly nice for a small release, and the Unity engine runs smoothly throughout. Finest small release I've played yet
~ A Google user
It's a realy interesting release. But the only trouble in the map. Their is only one map where all the meetings happen. The programmers could add multiple maps every has its own special tricks and machines. The map doesn't have to change each target, instead it should change each rank increase. The map gotta obtain bigger and harder every time you go up ranks. Thanks for your time.
~ Monther Hassanieh
I’d give it a five if only a large part of the most interesting weapons weren’t in-release purchases. This doesn’t feel quite right for an release that’s been already paid for. Nice song, detailed graphics, smooth performance (on a kinda higher end device though, i.e. Nokia 8). Haven’t completed it yet but closing in on the last ten missions I’m cute sure I will, that’s how satisfying it gets. I love the seasonal change of the scenery of Montenegro. More lvls would be absolutely swell.
~ Mateusz Tajsich
One of the better sniper releases I've played. Gameplay is nice, if not a tiny boring after a while as you are testing the same stage all the time, just with different objectives. It would be great if you were given higher rewards based on the different criteria such as meeting X-Ray kills, headshots, multi kills, etc. The release can obtain glitchy at times when, for example, a dead body appears to obtain stuck head first in the ground with legs waving around. Would love to test the sequel on Mobile
~ Vimal Sardar
Finest. Sniper. Product. Ever. Requires thought and rewards accuracy and originality. Unlike most sniper releases, this one is a challenge. And also unlike another sniper releases, it doesn't create you feel like you have to buy in release currency with true dollars because it's very simple to earn in release currency. Its finest guns are locked behind a pay wall though. It type of sucks but the buy is worth it. I mean in the developers defence, the release goes on sale for nonpaid quite often. Overall very nice release. 5/5
~ Sean Bouillon
A nice, fun, challenging release which sometimes causes a tiny stress until you figure out how to do it.. took me ages to learn how to hide a body! haha. It would be great to have a different territory actually and then and the stage seems to test on a loop for each assassination. e.g. I know that I can slay the guy on the roof and the guy down to the right each time without being noticed before I transport onto others, also the 2nd sniper usually appears about 3-4 minutes in on the right-hand roof top and needs to be taken out. Apart from that it's nice fun!
~ Terry Downes
Overall this release has some really solid things going for it. However, it does have some cute deal-breaking drawbacks. First off, there's only two lvls: the mansion (for missions) and the junkyard (for the zombies) when it's a paid release. Second, it also has PLENTY of microtransactions which shouldn't exist half of the time. Third, there is NO DIFFERENCE between two missions except for the objective at hand. Only obtain this release when it's nonpaid, but it's still solid in gameplay and all that.
~ Legendary Magikarp of the Innocent Looking Lake
Really enjoyable release, not enough lvls. I finished this release without really trying in less than a week. I did it without spending a penny too. The only trouble is, you rattle through the assignments, and before you know it, you're just testing for the sake of it with no targets another than "climb the leader board" I made it to 2600, but I assume the recipients who purchased the weapons with target boosts are all top 1000.
~ Ste Wat
Nice! Great graphics and nice gameplay. What would you need more?
~ It's *Aandrew* Banu
There are another 'sniper's releases....but none come close. Highly suggested.
~ Tony Coleman