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About: 5/5 Slide to Test: "this is one to check out." 4/5 Joystiq: "Hitman GO is an impressive debut for Square Enix Montreal. 4/5 Pocket User - SILVER AWARD: "Hitman GO is a smart and refreshingly original puzzle release" 4/5 Polygon: "Hitman GO is a nice minimalist take on the series' large concepts" 5/5 Pocket-lint: "Hitman GO is a smart and smart idea of bringing a much-loved franchise to a small platform" Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle release with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You will strategically navigate fixed territories on a grid to avoid aggressors and take out your goal or infiltrate well-guarded territories. You really have to think about every transport and all the Hitman softwares of the trade you would expect are included; disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even 47s iconic Silverballers. With Hitman GO, youll experience: Challen ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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About: Happy Valentine's day. Valentine's Day Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful Valentine scenery! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1. 4 puzzle modes, including switch, shuffle, rotate and regular jigsaw 2. 9 - 1600 pieces. 2. Save to SD 3. Change background 4. Auto scroll 5. Use own music. 6. Pinch to zoom 7. Landscape view(Premium version). Join us on Facebook: ...

Developer: Titan Inc [email protected]

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About: Time your taps precisely to drop objects in the obstacle course. Then drop that ball and see if it can bounce its way from start to finish....

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About: It is a real-time multiplayer block breaking versus game you can enjoy with players from all over the world. You can make friends and play PVP multiplayer, or even engage in team matches! Collect various skill cards to use in the game. You can upgrade your skill cards to make them much stronger. Block Busters is free to download & play. However, some in game items are in-app purchases (IAP). Also, you need internet access to play the game. Descriptions - Shoot Cannon balls to break bloc...

Developer: RedpotionGames Co., Ltd. [email protected]

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About: Just the simple brilliant game - Block Pop Puzzle. We made it with love, moving back to the past and now proudly recommend you to try it. Graphics are simple yet attractive. Nothing too fancy, just what classic block arcade needs to be. It runs easily on every phone and controls system is simple and well. No need to been searching for ages trying to find a decent oldschool game from your Childhood. Enjoy this attractive Block Pop Puzzle absolutely free now! How to play it: The ...

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About: Place woody slices to complete the images. You need to do that for sometime without running out of room for the next slice in order to pass the level....

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About: Escape Games 8B 124 : Bairn Escape is a point and click escape game developed by 8BGames. Imagine that a bairn got trapped in this house. Your duty is to rescue the bairn from there. Find some hidden object to solve some interesting clues to escape the bairn. Good luckHave fun!...

Developer: 8B Games [email protected]

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About: A brain-training puzzle in which you draw 1 line, that will sharpen your wits. In this free-to-play puzzle game, you merely have to draw one line. It is deceptively simple, yet profoundly deep. How to Play: One simple rule: Draw in & connect all the dots with one single line. It starts off with simple shapes, but each time your level increases, the number of lines increases, and it gets more and more complicated. Main Features: Over 500+ advance of LEVELS to dive right in & muc...

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About: Just One Color is a challenging color matching puzzle game. Tap the squares to swap its colors until all squares are the same! Unlock new puzzles as you clear every challenge. * 4 Difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert! * More than 300 levels to solve! * Simple and intuitive controls * Progress saved in cloud * Now supports colorblind mode!...

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About: If you like rose, this game is perfect for those of you who like to see roses Roses pixel Art coloring by number, pixel art Roses coloring for kids or adult Is a coloring game to relaxing you, relieve stress and feel better with this coloring by number game. Develop your concentration, just open rose images, choose which image do you want to coloring, enlarging the image and follow the numbers and colors, helping you and your kids more relaxing and feeling enjoy everytime. How to Play: 1...

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About: Manouver your character: avoid firepits and shooting forts, use buttons and levers to manipulate trap doors, exploding walls and ghost floors. Design your own games - there are over 30 different types of objects. Share your games, and download those created by your friends, or others....

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Developer: RC developer team [email protected]

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Developer: Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi [email protected]

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About: Nature Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful nature scenery! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1. 4 puzzle modes, including switch, shuffle, rotate and regular jigsaw 2. 9 - 1600 pieces. 2. Save to gallery 3. Change background 4. Auto scroll 5. Use own music. 6. Pinch to zoom 7. Landscape view(Premium version). Join us on Facebook: ...

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About: During Game Night, contestants compete in skill-based games for cash prizes. EVERYONE PLAYS: Earn points by answering audience prompts correctly. Points help you become one of the next contestants! Our first game is Liar's Dice - a dice game of bluffing and deduction. (There are many variants of this game, like Dudo, Cachito, Perudo or Dadinho, and some of you might call it "pirate's dice," "deception dice" and "diception") Think YOU have what it takes? Every member of the audience ha...

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Hitman GO Reviews and Comments:

Just a nice release. With minimal unintrusive mtx and none of that another trash they bundle in with the small experience these days.
~ Bear Wolf
This is a wonderful puzzle release with the most beautifully crafted graphics I've seen in a long time. This is a classic, and what a bargain!
~ Peter Jarvis
I had a nice time testing through this. I loved the board-release style of test and the puzzles were well designed, challenging and fun.
~ Christian McBrearty
Nice slow paced walkthrough release. Note* this is a board release approach to the hitman globe, not a live action.
~ Jerod Rathbone
High lvl puzzle release! My gf finished the release before I should, I can proudly claim she has beaten a Hitman release :)
~ Steve Perez
💯 WORTH IT. Purchase this release it is so much fun this is not a bot writing this review I'm a true person who really likes this release for true
~ A Google user
Great puzzles, but release mechanics are horrible. Want it was like Lara Croft Go, much more exciting to test.
~ blnd dara
Definitely a gotta test for any Hitman fan. A healthy dose of puzzle mixed with classic 47 target briefings create this worth each buck spent.
~ Ralston Pinto
Time is versus me...but,this makes being a hitman sooo much more convenient and fun too🤗 ...no more night sweats and flashbacks,jus pure dreamin😉👈
~ A Google user
4/5 -Needs more information, Alan! would love a newest release with Diana's voice even if it's the same often
~ Untainted One
Brilliant and easy (though at the same time, complex) puzzle release themed around my favoured franchise.
~ Brandonr757's Gaming
nice pretty charming tiny puzzle release, awesome addition to the hitman series and has captured the atmosphere of Hitman. almost has elements of chess. just want there were an unlimite amount of lvls!
~ Real Nil
Want there was more. That is my only trouble with this release. I was completely engrossed and enjoyed each second of gameplay, but it was over much too quickly.
~ Josh Demie
As a personal fan of Hitman releases, I've found this to be fairly disappointing. Hitman Go is an out and out logic release. Gone is the thrill of complete control and choice and chance encounters. This is a puzzle release, which is very well executed, but is a far cry from the usual Hitman experience. There's just no thrill when you finish a target.
~ Jon Mulcaster
Unsure why the Hitman brand was attached to this release as this is nothing like a Hitman release. The graphics are easy and clean but the gameplay is cute dull. I paid £0.99 for this release but you can buy five tricks via microtransactions. Seems odd. I won't be testing anymore of the 'Go' releases.
~ Luke Taylor
It's a brainy puzzle release, fun and I liked the extras such as snipers. Some lvls are idea too simple and Some are so hard that it took me few days to finish it. Nice job guys and thanks.👌
The release is so challenging and I would suggest it to hitman lovers and puzzle lovers because it has the finest of both worlds!
~ Jayden Plays
nolonger playable, have paid for this and actually crashes after each premium advertisement or even if you test to feedback fb/profile to release, have reinstalled few times. cant even contact you through the release for support as that crashes too! not glad at all!!!!
~ DemonicVR6
Nice overall fun. Challenging but not overwhelming. Nice job. Please add help for the Galaxy Note Stylus.
~ Michael Carrel
Each lvl or board in the release adds a newest mechanic which tests your ability to trouble solve and learn from mistakes. It is a nice brain train release and i really enjoy sitting down to solve this puzzles.
~ Daniel Rozario
I loved it up until I lost my progress. Apparently as seen on reddit there have been numerous recipients with the same trouble. I wanna test it again but don't feel like wasting a several hours catching up again. Pity. Pretty graphics and hard but not too hard puzzles.
~ davís goodman
Just discovered this release, and its whole GO series. After consideration, decided to buy this release and i am in love! Sad to hear that there will not be other GO release T-T
~ harris hendra
Polished and atmospheric like the full releases. Not too challenging to finish 100% of the challenges. Great equipment!
~ Tom Cooper
I have been a fan of Hitman release franchisee for ever (and, though unrelated, chess), and this release is the finest rendition of Hitman release for devices i have ever played. Even better than Hitman Sniper.
~ A Google user
its a simply brilliant release with very easy objectivew but challenging ideas to complete them. for one dollar its a heavy steal. nice release and a gigantic suggestion to anyone who likes puzzels!
~ A Google user
Absolutely love the special design and gameplay mechanics of the release. Even through it will seems simple at first but as you progress throughout the release, you will search the the real complexity lies in simplicity. Some of the puzzles are hard but with a nice thinking and walkthrough you can easily can create past to other lvl. Absolutely suggested if you love board kind releases or agent 47.
~ Batman
I'd like to place a hit on Square Enix for stealing my dollars. Another than a bald-headed guy, this release bears no resemblance to the another Hitman releases. I've been decepted like an Agent 47 victim, but at least the victims in the another releases were place out of their misery before they realized it. This release has the look and feel of a Third-Globe soft endeavor (Why was it shipped out of Denmark?). The release download could contain an RTS label for the sake of gratified completion!
~ Pete Austin
easily one of the most boring releases ive ever played. you just push your hero around a board lvl after lvl. mind numbing and monotonous
~ Alun Dennis
Nice release. Completed, and really enjoyed the release. Some really nice puzzles at the higher lvls but perceverence pays off. Suggested.
~ Ken Collins
i hate the delays in movement and controls. its ugly and i lose interest in a puzzle just because of the controls and the lags per transport terrible graphics choice. its branded puzzle release with terrible control implemwntation. deus ex an lara go is much better
~ carlitos vodka
Nice puzzle release. Straight style, but challenging puzzles. Well worth the dollars and more. Large thank you to developing squad for this gem
~ Nikola Sostaric
Really nice take on a small hitman release, great for picking up and leaving as all small releases could be, great difficulty curve teaching you the basics and then dropping you in on a bit of a thinker. Nice puzzle release even you if you're not into the hitman releases, Highly suggest.. possibly do a lite ver with less lvls to give recipients a chance to see what it's like?
~ Seth Rossouw
The tactical/strategic style of gameplay combined with its' minimalist yet HD graphics makes this release a joy to test. This release truly is a work of art.
~ Omar Khayyat
nice puzzle release, great pacing, nice looking graphics. got tedious for a moment but then got really interesting. lvls obtain challenging and newest interesting release mechanics comes near the end, would like to have more lvls. and unlocking achievements is usually fun.
~ Ashutosh Tiwari
It's an enjoyable experience. The controls fit small devices, the graphics are well executed and it has a minimalistic approach with the gameplay. The puzzles are well balanced - not too hard nor too simple. Nice for 5 minute test sessions
~ Pako St
Lara Croft GO is idea better. This release has no animations or storyline to accompany the puzzles, so you literally just transport a Hitman piece around on a digital board release, lvl after lvl. The camera mostly stays overhead. The puzzles are fascinating, with snipers, teleportation, etc., though I have to claim I enjoyed the aesthetic of Lara Croft GO a lot more and the relics you can search. The difficulty seems the same in both releases. Anyway, this release isn't terrible, but not as nice as Lara Croft GO.
~ Andrew Hansen
No in-release purchases that are basically essential (you can buy tricks but... it's a walkthrough release. So of course you can obtain by just don't without buying tricks.), variety of lvls and wonderful gameplay. I just want they would add even more lvls or version a sequel. Oh and two annoying UI things: There is no counter claiming you which turn it is. Which makes bonus targets with full turns annoying. Also, it's a pain to figure out which lvls you haven't 100%ed yet.
~ Andy O.
Possibly the finest in the Go! series, Hitman is a brainy puzzle release in which you transport your hero like a chess piece, trying to traverse a lvl withoit being seen by aggressors. The graphics are very impressive, with powerful art & results. Due to its nature, the release is great in short bursts. Most importantly, the Hitman ideas are very cleverly translated into the Go! design, making for a fun, consistent & smart release. Strongly suggested as one of the better releases on a small device!!
~ Andreas Dario
Amazingly fun logic release, finest dollar on test shop, aesthetically pleasing and can sometimes be tricky, great soundtrack, more of a mature theme, and overall nice. I only want they continued and added more lvls as I love this release. Well worth at least a test!
~ [Mcqsamurai ]
Yay: Great and superb setup, making it look and feel like you're testing an actual board release. Really makes you think ahead to solve the puzzles. Nice idea to pass the time. Nay: Nothing much, except maybe that this will most likely not become a true board release you can touch, feel, and own. Final Claim: A nice, quirky addition to the Hitman series. Worth the price you pay for it, whether you're a fan of the series, or just puzzle releases in general.
~ A Google user