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About: From the Originators of the Original Hill Climb Racing Comes Hill Climb Racing 2! It's Bigger, It's Better And It's Much Much Funner!? Test the Finest Unpaid Time Assassin Racing Product! Check out the newest major modernization video: ?v=DxxUiZQF9Ek Informations: Meetings - Compete in Weekly Live Multiplayer Meetings! Unblock - Unblock Machines and Select the Finest One for Your Racing Style! Upgrade - Improve the Performance of the Machines You Compete With! Tune - Select & Upgrade 14+ Special Tuning Parts! Customize - Make Cool Characters and Nice Machines! Search - Race in Different Environments: on Dirt, Asphalt, Snow and more! Nice Graphics - Optimized for high and weak resolution devices Social - Challenge your dudes to present off your driving skills! Compete - Climb the Leaderboards, Victory Races and Become the Finest! Slay Time Racing wi ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Fingersoft
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Hill Climb Racing 2 Reviews and Comments:

I would gladly give this release 5 stars Newest modernization has made this release no fun squad chat doesnt work. (Squad chat has started working) Please modernization quick!!! Squad chat and online races are extreamly slow to load. Online races are glitchy, during squad race release crashes, sometimes gas and brake are not working right. I have a old Alcatel onetouch mobile smart device.
~ Alon Shurtz
Its a waste of time. No matter what you outfit your car with the another cars are usually right beside you. You can victory just as many races never upgrading your car as upgrading it. There's no target to winning races and upgrading your car if it never gets you any more advantage than you had at the run of the release.
~ Jim Hubbard
nice release but im not able 2 like my profile to my original correspondence so its very inconvenient for me 2 run a newest profile with all my progress gone... ive spent a lot of dollars and time on this release is their any idea you can do 2 support me release my profile back or is their anyway you can send me a care box even just a tiny one 2 support me test to obtain cought up some? This has been my favoured release since high school and I have been graduated actually for 10 years... or is their anything I can do to support
~ Paula Eagan
I lost all my progress after spending literally hundreds of dollars to upgrade my cars. I contacted fingersoft and they didn't support but only ignored my correspondences. Lost progress seems to be a large trouble that happens consistently. I highly suggest not putting any dollars into this release because i guarantee you will lose it all for no reason like i did. Its a fun release but they literally stole my time and dollars and didn't test to solve the trouble. Two thumbs down. Thieves. didnt even test to support
~ Eduardo Carballo
Nice until I switched devices. I have in release purchases few different machines and access to few more. I switched devices and connot access my profile even if I login with my Google stats. Tried to correspondence the developer and got no response.... It's a nice release overall and fun to test but don't waste your dollars on extras....
~ hdVan de
Had a trouble with squad cup not working properly. Un-install and re-installing fixed that. Apart from that, not a terrible release. Should take an eternity to unblock all equipment. Making in-release dollars can be tedious. Otherwise, not much more to complain about!
~ Chesco Raygz
genius. create release more challenging by idea of destroying during gameplay and destroying after the user has spent fake blue things multiple times and by giving the user approximately half of the time specified during the EVENT portion of the release, absolutely genius. more challenging and fun and why i do not create releases. i guess. i was going to ask if everybody in finland is as dishonest as fingersoft, until i found out you are millionares. not very many honest millionares. perhaps none in finland
~ Bath Tissue
Finest racing release out there. This is the only release I test and the reason I am pleased with this release is that it is not addicting or it is not making me think constantly about it. That is what I like about the release. Super cycle is really nice. Hold the nice work. One thing though, this release needs a tiny bit of communication in it. I would recommend adding clans in the release. Thank you.
~ Moazzam Shahzad
congratulations !Hill Climb Racing 2!💐you are the newest lord of laggy releases !!!!👑.you have all the informations to be named so.😛.1)the release do not reply correctly in online mode .2)the release heats up my device like an oven🍳.3)it drains the charge of my device faster than Usain bolt🏃.4)it did not save my time of my previous gameplay so i have to test it from the beginning .5)sometimesthe release doesnt reply and the screen turns black .5)the release really makes the device soft unstable.
~ Susama Nayak
Nice release that never got greedy. You can test for nonpaid and still compete. A gigantic group of us from Fishing Clash started a club here. Come join us here on HCR2 @ Bobber Poppers. We love to compete versus another clubs and have a lot of fun. Hold up the nice job HCR2. You all rock!
~ Robert Alexander
its really nice but I think u guys could add like different types of dollars not just 1 and 5 and 100...... if you wish to be the 9. if you have a nice day. it was a nice day. the another hand. I am going on with the support. if the weather was wondering if anyone wants to go back to me, and a half. I will be able to do with my dudes, and a lot of fun, I will have sex the same time as you it will be nice to see you in the morning and evening and will not be able to obtain my hands on you your wife.
~ Gaven Z
Often unresponsive or crashes (on a device w/ 1 GB RAM, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER!!). Newest squad addition made this even *WORSE*. Which is pathetic - recipients were doing side view racing releases 20 years ago on machines with just a several MB's of RAM. Allow alone GB's. Adverts far too frequent. Farming coins for updates takes waaayyy too much time. This takes all the fun out of an otherwise nice release.
~ A Google user
Been testing this for years. It's usually been a 5 star ☆☆☆☆☆ release. But actually, with the newest addition of the TEAM functionally, it is actually a 6 star release. Thanks for the modernization, Fingersoft! Also, it's worth mentioning that these developers know their ethical boundaries in regard to PERMISSIONS (there are hardly any... and of those permissions that do exist, NONE of them are policies intruders). Thanks for that! Bottom Line: HCR2 is worth downloading, worth testing & worth keeping.
~ F Baker
Been testing this a lot and having fun, but the newest under water lvls are just miserable. Much as I usually like getting newest content nonpaid, I'd be happier if I should go back to a map rotation with fewer stupid hazards, gotchas that permanently block you, air tunnels that pull you backwards, and overhead obstacles that look like part of the background until they slay you.
~ Mark Henderson
The boss races to advance to the next lvl are beyond hard, even with a fully maxed machine with multiple high lvl power-ups. Don't download unless you wish taste disappointment on a everyday basis. Oh, but if you have enough dollars, you can clean house. Other greedy developer. What a surprise.
~ Matthew Elliott
Addictive as hell but there could be a seperate wheelie pedal. I'm so sick of adjusting my speed for wheelies...it takes away from the thrill of the race when you constantly have to break to control wheelies. Also...is there a idea to remove the gauges...they are useless and hide the terrain. Finally...boss races could use the same machines so races are fair.
~ Tim Wilson
EXTREMELY SLOW server - almost impossible to test. And each day is worst and worst!!! Very often in the middle of the race, release freezes once... twice... for a 10-20 sec - the server is obviously overloaded. Otherwise - great and funny release. Nice graphics. Feeling like you are in a funny cartoon. Pretty and charming animation. Only trouble - there is no backup of the achievements, Modernization: in last several weeks the originator stars with unfair adds - when you pick "skip add by watching video" the video runs, but INTENTIONALLY without countdown... so you cannot skip add, but you gotta watch same video second time. In that idea they accumulate two "clicks" for the same video. very nasty.
~ zagreb boris
Fun but, why are there loot boxes and why do you have to wait THREE F*ING HOURS FOR A BASIC CHEST TO OPEN!!! Primary chests could have no wait time, they're primary. It's BS. Also, why only 3 chest slots and why can you only launch one at a time? At least the P2W is somewhat mitigated by now having to drive, but still, it's P2W. Edit: The prices for buying anything is exorbitant. I'm here to race, not test Grind Simulator 2000. The only reason you got 2 stars is it's fun. I'd give it 5 but P2W.
~ Cptn Jaymz
I want there were checkpoints on journey mode so you should now search more of the tracks instead of getting wiped out by things you've gotten by in the past. ideally you should go from a check target or from the run if you prefer. Would be cool if there was a moon lvl on journey mode too. Would also be great to have bonus slots for bonus parts because my creature truck and each part I equip regularly is already maxed out and I don't wish to build something else.
~ Jason Kaplan
Product is fun. It does have bugs. Also if the release wants you to lose , you will. Another than that it should be 5 stars.
~ Nathan Snyder
the meaning and the family 8th, but the most important to us about the same as last year I was wondering whether I can obtain a chance for the first one, but it is a nice day out in a couple more stats on how much you wish me to you, I have been made in the morning of a system that is the meaning to the end, I am not able, and a and evening, but I am a pretty, but I am a pretty, buy online at Amazon UK. , but the only one I 8R9ZU to the newest year, and a , but I am a pretty, but I am
~ nikita gurnani
Irritated with the release. Trying to race on the squad meeting, I cross the finsh line on the 1st race then the release closes. I tried 3 different times and every time it closes. I lost my chance to race every time it closed. ***Modernization I uninstalled the release and reinstalled it. Actually it is working***
~ Shannon Welch
Please correct or fix the part where you acelerate and it automatically does wheelies. Even when you accelerate just a bit specially on any cycle it raises the front wheel and the driver fall backwards, that's irritating. When climbing a hill is worse, I've lost so much due to that. You can't go faster because you have to break all the time so it won't do wheelie and the driver fall backwards. See if you can create it realistic in which when you accelerate whatever machine will stick to the ground.
~ Arickson Santos
This release has sucked me in twice. Enjoyable at first but as I crush record after record and place each option I can on my truck it drives worse and worse. What's with the wheelies already...geez! For me, the better my machine the more annoying the release is because the performance drops off. illogical. Too terrible....I wish to love it but can't.
~ Josie Logan
The snowmobile constantly sticks if you touch ther ground with the front skis. Snowmobiles use those skis to glide across the ground IRL. If u don't do a constant wheelie in this release though, you'll just waste all your time if using that machine. For instance.. if u have a large spinning piece of smooth metal in a mine, and skis touch it... you IMMEDIATELY stop. You'll waste 50% gas just trying to obtain unstuck from this glitch. It don't matter how high your wax is upgraded.
~ Color MehJewish
fingersoft. how do i report a squad of users running a multiple squad operation. they place there nice users on to create sure a squad wins. this will not attract newest users, who can never victory like this. the users doing this need to be banned permanently. i have a gigantic list of a group doing this. i wish to report it.
~ Dan M
I like the realistic physics of this release, and the challenges and updates never obtain old. I don't mind the banners at all (they are usually optional), and in fact appreciate the opportunity to obtain nonpaid coins. I did send the developers these recommendations, which would create the release even better: 1) for squads, joining an meeting could not require the leader do it first, because if the squad members are more active than the leader they're stuck and miss out on trophies, etc. 2) on the Parts screen, Scrap tab, the list of machines could be in the same order as the machine selector screen (where you run a race from) 3) on the Parts screen, Machine tab, it would be great to scroll between the machines by swiping horizontally on the right half of the screen (where the picture of the machine is) 4) on the Parts screen, Scrap tab, it would be great if excess parts (where the machine is already upgraded to the Full for that part) be indicated somehow, because there's no reason to save them; I wish to know what i can safely scrap without having to flip back through all of the machines on the Machine tab (and exiting the Parts screen to switch machines, unless #3 above gets implemented)
~ Mr. Mosey
Very fun release, but an trouble exists if you have a long term installation, use Google test releases to hold your progress, and have to uninstall for any reason. Originally, google recognized the release as "Hill Climb Racing 2", but if you reinstall it actually its shown as "Hill Climb 2" and is considered a different release. Your progress is still in your Google profile but is not applied to the "newest" release.
~ Ken O
Some of the poorest lvl design in any release bar none. Half the lvls you cant even complete because of traps like ramps leading into pits, walls and ceilings, lawn chairs that if they dont flip you, will hit you in the head ending your run, or terrain that you can literally obtain stuck on preventing you from moving then you literally have to sit there and wait until you run out of gas. Stages shouldn't be this hard to complete. The release is so so. Needs some serious design changes though.
~ Fidabulous
I absolutely love this release, except the banners. I dont really pay attention to them, I will watch them and be on with it. I dont know if you filter your banners or if theyre random, but you need to obtain this fixed. I was testing this with my 5 year old cousin, and an Episode banners comes up. A tiny handful of these banners will be acceptable to present on a release mostly played by babes, not this one. The banner shows explicit content that a 5 year old doesnt need to be seeing. Please fix this.
~ Mya Smith
I have to claim that I liked the 1st one but it was quite ripetitive as they only thing you should do was trying to beat your previous finest "score". Actually on top of it you have a great online section which allows you to compete in a time attack Cup versus another users, the chance to customize your driver (need much more of them though, customization is cute primary in my opinion so far), premium times meeting and chests with random rewards. It's fun to test and it's quite f2p orientated as well.
~ Andrea Cappagli
i like this release but it has too many banners in between races and the reward system is sometimes flawed. Here's why, i got placed 3rd in the race and even though my final score was the same as the one in the first and second zone, i got a bronze medal -- which meant that i got 60 points deducted from my total points. I hope this troubles obtain addressed cause this is now a fun release.
~ Vladimir Sebastian Makarov III
Was a nice release but not anymore because after you obtain too nice they will claim you cheated and ban your profile.. like they did me.. So i correspondence them and obtain no support there, then they claimed i had 14 million coins in my profile!! which is not real!! i mean they should even look at all my machines and see that they still need tuned.. "which they didnt do" so since i did not use the coins where did they go?? EXACTLY!! I NEVER HAD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!
~ Jay Dye
I wish to subscribe for VIP, but it's type of expensive for countries like India. Just consider reducing it and it is quite likely that a lot of recipients will be glad to buy the subscription. Or else consider increasing the number of coins in the everyday VIP chest. 2000 coins looks like dirt, when single lvl upgrade for a single accessory can cost 250,000 coins or more.
~ Satyam Dheeraj
Went from a gs7 to a pixel 3. Actually, the "break" doesn't activate each time. Most of the time, yes. But it never fails to act up on my potential record runs, then it just flips. release over. I download touch screen "testers" and has never tested terrible. Years of testing, and this is an obvious trouble...but I don't know where the trouble lies.
~ Chris Ryker
I played the original Hill Climb Racing to death, I'm a gigantic fan. This release forced this review early on, before I got a true nice feel for it. Has some forced banners, also the option to watch ads instead of using diamonds (the rare currency you have to buy) to launch award chests. Seems a bit banner intensive, but the release test is a lot of fun. If you've played the original I think you'll like it. Give it a test!
~ Leon Rooks
Goodjob HCR squad. Squad idea is just nice. But as a squad leader, I hv some recommendations. 1. Allow me see which all user are online right actually. give a green dot. 2. allow me see when a user was last online in terms of hours, days or weeks. i cannot continue to retain user in my squad who have stopped testing, just because they were nice once. 3. Allow me place a minimum eligibility criteria for my squad. For assistance, another mobile releases like sniper fury may be referred which hv squad meetings
~ Kundan Sehgal
Very fun release. Straight enough for just about anybody to be able to learn how to test quite easily. This release can, however, obtain challengingly more and more hard prettyi quickly, but by then I'm sure most recipients are hooked to it, like I was... and I still AM!!! Fair warming, this release is extremely addictive. I love everything about it, as I am sure that you will as well!!!
~ Keithi Wygant
For the second time, an modernization has erased all my progress. I had unlocked all maps, all but one or two machines, maxed nearly everything on all my machines, then it all got thrown out. Again. I see there's a handy option to BUY my idea back to where I was, but all of MY effort is actually gone. I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but a second time? I think we're done here, and I'm uninstalling your banner-plagued illness of an release.
~ Naery Llorien
I could give the release 4 stars. I could give the release 4 stars because this release teaches you how to control. The reason I do not wish to give the bonus star is because this release is so addicting, that, babes around the globe can not concentrate on another things. Such as folding the laundry, cleaning their room and house, or even just being a babe! I mean, why not go outside? It is just to addicting to babes! Do not download "Hill Climb Racing 2" if you are addicted to screens. From, Eliana Morrison
~ Eliana Morrison