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Hidden Object Thanksgiving   
About: Launch the stove and run cooking! Thanksgiving runs when the clock strikes 12! Do you smell that tasty turkey? Come and call your dudes! Search hidden objects as speedy as you can to obtain a taste of 20 different dishes to feast on! Receive ready to party, for the day of giving is only starting! *20 artistic scenes! *3 release modes to test: Picture, Outline, and Text! *Break the Highscore or test Relax mode! *Powered by Dolby on supported devices*
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: Awesome Casual Games [email protected]
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Hidden Object Thanksgiving Reviews and Comments:

Freezes up a lot
~ Keith Adams
Nice back grounds. But idea to simple!
~ Anton Tibke
Too essay, completed in 15 mins!
~ Dawn Allison
I like it,but search simple. A babe should test it.
~ Betty Kunz
I love almost all of the Midva releases!!! But that being claimed, this is an entertaining release.
~ Teletha Springsteen
To hard to see.
~ Carol Blum
Okay but somewhat limited because of the lack of complexity.
~ pks4630
Some of the objects were too tiny To see
~ A Google user
Search hidden objects
~ CJ Parker
Hidden object . Has to many AD s
~ Donna Montrose
search hidden objects
~ patricia griswell
Pics to search are too tiny at the top. Sometimes you have to enlarge pic to obtain pics around edges
~ Barbara Burris
Idea too many banners.... Uninstalled it.
~ Becky B
Multiple lvls with different choices😀
~ Larissa Hollenbeck
Too many pop ups !!!
~ Angela Boyer
Hidden object release. A lot of fun. It is an simple release. I love it.
~ Constance Howard
Some objects were tiny, but overall an simple search.
~ Janice Phelps
This release is almost too simple. Nice idea to pass the time.
~ Kathleen Demus
It would be great to be able to enlarge the pictured equipment to see them more clearly
~ A Google user
cant see half the screen terrible release
~ Teresa Franklin
It's fun but speedy. Want there were more than 20levels. They are true simple to solve
~ Shirley Lidel
Too many pop up adds but very simple to search things
~ Aimee Robinson
It's wonderful and I can't obtain enough of it.
~ Christina Dame
Not too simple or hard, a fair release.
~ Song Salieri
It would be 5 stars if the picture and equipment were zoomable or bigger.
~ Debra Cooley
Not really a complex release, but nice for waiting for appointments, etc.
~ Virginia Jackson
Sound is repetitive to annoying pitch. The objects to search by photo are obscure to necessity of focusing as it could be.
~ A Google user
Clue pictures are very hard to see. Very interesting puzzle however
~ Linda Prescott
Tuff at first....tricks support in upper right. Suprised I should obtain it on my tablet....worked well. Thanx!
~ A Google user
This is a nice i like it because they present pictures so far. It support me because my treatment also effected my eyes. I really enjoy this. Support hold my mind busy.
~ Priscilla Roebuck
This would be fun, if I wasn't constantly having to close all the pop ups!
~ Leann Ruggles
I started to test and then all of the sudden i obtain a score. Whatbis up with that. I like the release itself but not the abrupt stop and whatever number score they give me.
~ Theresa Dunbar
Love hidden object releases. This one jumps to nonpaid release advertising as quick as you solve the puzzle. When you exit out of nonpaid release offer the release goes back to originally solved puzzle and you either solve it again or just exit and go to next lvl for different release. The release seems stuck in a loop.
~ Aanade S
Hidden objects are very tiny in tiny boxes a top of find are,but it is really a fun release to test. It keeps your mind working which can cause you to pay more attention to the things around you each day.
~ Connie Lopp
Vibrant colors. I was able to claim what most of the equipment were yet some were hidden well. Lots of different equipment and lvls. The only thing I didn't care for on the relaxed release was every lvl I finished the release doesn't present you were you're at. Loved the graphics.
~ Theresa Silva
Too pixel at ed
~ Mindy Buckley
Nice tiny release
~ Mary Moore
Too many banners after every segment!
~ Jada Addison
The release is verry instering the graphics are werry great
~ bridget machado
It stopped giving me a score for every one after ten. I tried doing it again 3 x and it still wont work. It acts like i didnt do it.
~ Patricia Riddell