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Heroes Rush: Clash Lords   
About: Exciting fights in a grand magic globe brought to you. Join millions of users around the globe in a Clash of might and wits! The globe is no more. Peace has been shattered by the ambition and greed of evil force seeking power. The globe has split into factions and leagues, and Creatures and Zombies are appearing more and more frequently. A fight is starting, and the age of potent superheroes has come... [Heroes Rush Product Informations] # Unpaid to Test, Reward to Claim # Log in to the release each day and accumulate the rewards to sign in. Each few mins to accumulate Online Reward. There are also gigantic amounts of resources waiting for you when you complete the everyday activities. # Strategic Turret Defense # Defend your castle with a multitude of magic cannons, bombs, traps, energy guns, and walls. Build an impenetrable castle! A great fight walkthrough requ ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: C47 Games [email protected] undefined
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Heroes Rush: Clash Lords Reviews and Comments:

this nice release and it is not time consuming
~ A Google user
you can give us in 1 hour 200 diamond and launch this release fastet
~ Dhruv Jain
First of all, all those players who claimed that it's a clash of clans rip off, it isn't. First off all it has a better and longer campaign more units to pick from and a in depth superhero and leveling system. I played this release for at least 3-4 years. Mostly these reviews are 10 year olds who raged quit. Give this release a chance.
~ Rafel Lupu
I started testing clash of clans in 2014. then I stopped because it got a tiny boring then the newest modernization came out with the builders base and I love it a lot. and plus it’s super addicting!!!!!!!
~ Masud Haque
Clash kings Castle clash is an absolute nice release. You would think it's just like any another release at first because you build up your base and raid others which is close to clash of clans, but how castle clash involved superhero's as a main part of the release and all the different things you do with them is just outstanding. This release is my personal favoured and I think will be for time to come. Hold up the nice work guys!
~ Sophie King
i like this release very much
~ Anil Kumar
Nice! this is a really nice release
~ Sean Brown
it's nice release and I hope you add Arabic language
~ A Google user
This release is really nice and graphics is quite nice
~ Rizul Maxsteel
Very very nice release please download and test this release
~ Jimmi Beck
this is a nice release for recipients oh have a large imagination
~ A Google user
First off, it's an enhance ver of clash of clans. Each detail COC screwed up on, this release got right. The nearly immortal heroes and units let you to raid for hours on end (not that you could). Getting resources is simple with a couple nice heroes and patience. There's no idea I should imagine it improving beyond all their actual fun informations and mini releases. And if you obtain sick of the release and come back a month later things like superhero badges and gems will continue to generate. When you return, you'll be welcomed back with a ton of newest resources
~ Enrique Villa
this release is the finest but you just need more heroes
~ Pr1am L3ster
its very great to test its like COC for me i love it and nice to test
~ Jason Kilem
fun release usually ideas to obtain gems which is usually a nice experience
~ Phillip Wolf
great release. i really like it
~ Max Anouzone
the release is nice guys hold it up
~ Sea Khov
I love this release continue the nice work
~ Cedrik Tompkins
its alot of fun and i like it alot
~ Ethan Frost
not terrible .add more epic heros ,create some change base background.
~ zafeer zafee
very great release for me I love this release for me my dude also love this release
verry nice release, i love this release.
~ Angga Mahesa
It's a really fun release my 5 year old loves it
~ John Collins
Magnificent Product! Really Liked It! Hold up the nice work!
~ Arzenio Flores
it is nice release and nice for brains and you will have a lovely time with this release
~ A Google user
this release is very great and more interesting then clash of clans
~ Fast and Furious
its a old release so everyone and there mom is going to kick you to the dirt. the graphicts are terrible, C... its just terrible
~ Jo Clinger
the finest! but things could be easier to obtain
~ khanesna Bellot
~ Tick Tock KAVISHKA
~ Idalyne Jonah
it is a cute nice release but I wish an modernization on this release
~ anshu roy
fun release, cool heroes, destroy others base, defend your own
~ jose chic
great release ... love to test it ... Place more heros in it .
~ Devil siam 2
we need super lad and darkseid plz modernization... there is all superhero but superman and darkseid is not here plz. i love the release....
~ Ete Das
This release is a clone of clash of zombies. Accounts are connected and everything.... Why??
~ Rob Farmer
half the icons are slash off the screen. dont know how to test the release. guide is half assed. very disappointed
~ Natasha Gibbs
this is an insult on human intelligence..this release is exactly the same as clash of zombies 3...what rubbish.
~ Ogbanga Mina Furo
it is nice but test and add some of the superheores like ironman and superman from the title screen in the release and not just leave them out of the release even though there on the title screen
~ Cubic Beatle2361
This Product is fun, it runs much quicker than another same releases. The speedy pace makes the release more fun, wow lots to do you gonna be busy in the begining.
~ annihilation Ten4
Nice release! Alot of equipment to do in release this is what clash of clans could of been like! Would like to add alliance builders though so they can speed up construction by 50%. Want it was alot easier to obtain those UR ranks but another than that 10/10
~ Lamb Banana