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Helix Jump   
About: Exciting journey of the bouncing ball through the helix turret labyrinth. One-tap simple-to-learn controls, rich visual results and addictive gameplay mechanics.
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: VOODOO
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Helix Jump Reviews and Comments:

After the last modernization, literally unable to test at all. Can't even do anything on the release, I'm tapping each possible zone on my screen hoping to figure out what happened but nothing worked. Uninstalling actually because there's no use of it being on my device actually if it's not working, yknow? It's so sad cos this release was so fun before all this happened.
~ Katrina Joan Tan
ok. i used to love this release and played it all the time, up untill the most newest modernization. actually when i launch the release, it shows a fancy looking screen, and the ball falls down to lvl 55 and just keeps bouncing. i cant transport or exit back to the main menu. its really annoying, especially because i had over 1000 lvls before the release broke.
~ GD AlyaDaGamer
love this release, so I bought the release so it would be banner nonpaid,but I still have banners, wrote to the help recipients 6 days ago,with no respond as of yet. not even an acknowledgment of my correspondence. would gave given 5 stars,but the help service sucks. so 2 months+ after contacting the developers,and still no respond. I was up to lvl 499,and had to uninstall and reinstall,and actually i am right back to lvl 1😡. and I probably still wont obtain any respond. so actually I'm dropping my 3 star rating down to a 1.
~ brandi coddington
this is one of my favoured releases but on your newest modernization, it would present like a newest design with trees and platforms with these lvls but I dont know how to now run a lvl. ive been testing this release for about a year actually and I love it. its a nice release but how do you launch it on the newest modernization?
~ Minie 17
This release is fine. Addicting, time wasting, a bit fun. The trouble comes with the newest modernization. I can't test! It gets into the release, the ball shoots straight down a bunch of lvls with castle buildings and won't transport once it reaches my actual lvl (65). Swiping, tapping, restarting the release, restarting my device, noting happens. This needs to be fixed, but until then, this post will be up. Thank you.
~ lucy lu
Okay, I used to HATE this release. Actually, I love it and can't place it down. I'm usually testing it. Besides the tiny glitch that happens, like once a week,(that might be my devices' fault, not the releases, my device is an old one)the release is cute powerful and addicting. I suggest.
~ Haylie Federspiel
This is a nice release and all but I was in the middle of beating my high score when it destroyed! It did not save my newest score and made me mad. I haven't gotten that score since. Fix the destroying troubles and create it so it saves your score whether its higher or not. Also the newest modernization makes me unable to test the release. Fix these things please!
~ A Google user
so idk what happened with the newest modernization, but the ball falls down until it reaches the number 80, and i cant really do anything. it just bounces there. it used to work fine, but actually idk whats happening.
~ Midnight Howls
This release is the finest release I've had! I love this release soooooo much 💗 Although recently there was an modernization where my ball was stuck at lvl 67 on a very great platform but I couldn't transport the ball. I was at lvl 300+. So I deleted the release and reinstalled the release back and it works! But i have to restart from lvl 1. If you are facing the same trouble that i had, just reinstall the release but do note that you will have to run again from lvl 1. I have a question: What are the coins for?💗❤💜💙
~ Rheanna Chandru
with this newest modernization i can't test the release any more. i launch up the release and it doesn't reply to anything. i don't know if it is a glitch or if the modernization just sucks I'm so close to uninstalling this release which would suck cause I'm almost to lvl 300. please fix this!! this was my favoured release
~ Kendra_ R
After the 23 May modernization all I see is the challenge map, no option to proceed or interact it's all frozen on lvl 73 and the ball is just bouncing. I was in actual fact around upper lvls of 800. I had to uninstall and run again, however with the newest download the release runs at lvl 1 with the same lvl of difficulty as that of lvl 800 etc. yet target accumulation is weak.
~ Aphrodite Dynasty
I have had the release for a while actually but ever since I modernized it, it just stopped working. When I opened the release after the modernization it went to the newest screen (the lvl selection screen) but it just froze. When I tried to click nothing happened. I tried reopening the release few times but it is till stuck.
~ Kate Harley
The newest modernization seems like a large problem, the release doesn't work like it did before, u cant do anything on the screen, infact the entire interface has been changes, please fix the bugs, the release has been a fully mess!!
~ Fatima Chariwala
It literally doesn't work anymore. Since the newest modernization, I launch the release, the logo screen comes up and then the challenge map appears with the bouncing ball. And after that? Nothing happens. Can't tap, can't swipe, can't anything. It was working fine before you added this challenge map. Please fix this.
~ That One Furry Otaku
oh god this release. DEAR LORD THIS GAME. even before the dead modernization this thing had idea to many banners and hindered the release. i had to turn off the wifi to have no banners. actually with this newest modernization the release is fully useless. i so sick of putting up with this release. its a sham and there are better ones out their that dont steal your dollars and screw you. if i wanted that id obtain a prostitute.
~ demomica owo
used to be cute fun, although quite laggy which for this kind if release is a bit of a fatal trouble. the newest modernization has just fully stopped the release from working; I can't press anything, nothing happens, it's just a view of what I'm guessing are lvls, but that's it. if the release runs to work again I will change my rating if possible
~ Carolyn McLauchlan
i really enjoyed testing helix. i should test it offline and i found it very addictive. but somehow this morning i couldnt obtain in the release. i saw the 'Voodoo&h8games' at the beginning TWICE. i was so confused. after that, there was the helix jump 'design' but it was different. i thought it was an banner at first. i saw numbers on my left. i wasnt touching my screen but i see the ball dropping and suddenly stopped at number 78. what's happening? is this a newest modernization?🤨
~ pramita nafa
whats wrong with the newest modernization? thw entire zone was made a create over, but I cant tap anything. like ANYTHING. what I'll do? there are these numbers beside. and only a jumping wall, what are we supposed to do with it? we need an explanation!
~ Ely-chan
last modernization has broken the release. the graphics seem to have improved but all i see is a blue bouncing ball on a tree. there is no sound at all and no instructions. can not interact with the release at all. have tried swiping, touching, scrolling on the screen but nothing happens. UPDATE - had to uninstall the release and therefore lost my progress. i reinstalled and after all hassle i have the the original release with the original graphics. only difference is that I'm back to lvl one. a waste of time.
~ Atif Jung
So i never write reviews. I was testing the release and i had an modernization. So i modernized it. The newest worlds modernization came up and actually it claims im on lvl 61 in reality im like on lvl 190 and i can't obtain into the release it just has me stuck bouncing on the globe lvl 61. I like the release before it. But FIX IT!
~ Ethan Olmsted
I love this release ,and all of a sudden it got modernized and everything has changed. I loved this release I was in 699th lvl I was enjoying it actually everything has changed,all I wish to claim voodoo is please undo this . obtain the old helix jump back I can't even test it actually ,it doesn't work
~ Taz Fashion
i used to test this release all the time but since one of the upgrades happened while i wasnt testing, i have no concept how the main menu works. i though it was lvl pick but i was wrong because i was in the 1,000s last time i played and it claims "67" next to the weird lvl pick platform im on. I cant even test the release anymore since i have tried dragging up and down and side to side, clicking, and zooning but nothing works anymore.The release isnt freezing but it isnt working either.
~ T.R.S _2112
This release is very very interesting...... At first, it was very hard to test and for me lvl 1to lvl 10 were very hard... but when I started testing this "HELIX JUMP" Product on and on....... you can't trust that I had crossed 200 lvls till actually.......and testing on... So download the release actually and run testing it is an very interesting release.... 😊😊👍👍
~ Chhavi Dhiman
~ Cassandra Gates
Iloved this release but newest the newest modernization has come out and the entire release is wrecked. The ball just falls onto a platform then the screen just freezes. I have tried clicking and swiping everything on the screen and it wont work. I will have to uninstall quick and am very disappointed in the newest 'challenge map' as it has broken the release. please fix 🙁😒
~ Kate Hendry
ball freezes on opening screen. no longer playable. uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would work and it did but none of my progress picked up like another releases do if you uninstall and reinstall. also i had paid before and actually it's asking to pay again. don't remember how far along i was but it's not worth it to run over.
~ Chris A
I love this release, I've had it for over a year and it's super fun to test when I have nothing better to do! but ever since that crappy newest modernization, nothing works at a l l, no matter where I tap, it just stays in the same zone. it's also cute sucky cuz I'd been close to lvl 1100, and actually I can't continue from there :((
~ Ember Fire
i was so upsessed with this release. i was about 2 months in and at lvl 216 when the release modernized. i couldnt test, so i reinstalled it, and of course, it deleted all my accomplishments. i absolutely hate all the newest things, i couldnt see why it couldn't just stay the same, and the glitches were not even fixed. i was able to turn off my wifi ti stop the glitches, but actually that doesn't happen. i am so sad snd i wish the old helix jump back. 😭😭😭
~ Ellie Claire Warren
So I love this release, and I usually test it right after I wake up. But today it Claims me that it's been modernized and I thought that was nice. But when I went to test it, it shows the ball falling down onto this weird candy lvl thing, but when I test to test it, the ball just keeps bouncing and no matter how much I tap it, nothing will transport. So I'm left at a loss. I dont know what to do: could I hold the release and see if it fixes itself? Thanks, if anyone has a solution for this I would be glad!
~ Maddy Woodburn
i would have given it 5 stars if it wasnt for the fact that after the modernization i cant test the release anymore. it somehow gave me a candyland background and once the ball comes down i cant test it. i cant turn anywhere on my device to test the release. the release is fun and entertaining, especially when you are bored with no wifi outside and i would hate to delete this release so please, hurry up and fix it.
~ Hitsuma Dawn
The release is nice but the experience is not really great. Once you obtain out you have to watch an add. There are so many adds that it is just too annoying. Anyway, this release is really cool, addicting (but in a nice idea) and fun to test. You can download this release and lots of fun is guaranteed. I don't know what has happened to the release. it has suddenly changed. i was on lvl 704 and actually it is showing me on 70. if this trouble is not taken in care ASAP then i will uninstall the release. please take care.
~ Asha Singh
what the hell have you done to this release?????????? this used to work and run smooth and nice. it was nice easy platforms and the ball would bounce down. it modernized and actually is appalling. first it just runs at 78 and looks like someone has vomited a mix of graphics onto the screen and 2nd it freezes and cant do anything with it. please remove the terrible modernization and return it to a nice decent release.
~ David Manton
Newest modernization breaks the release... it shows the logo (voodoo) twice - once for the old logo briefly, then the newest logo. Then it shows a clip of a release like helix jump, but with different colours and decorations on every lvl. The ball falls straight through the middle of a bunch of lvls all perfectly aligned, but then gets stuck at lvl 61, jumping up and down even though it's above the gap. I can't control it, I can't stop it, tapping and swiping does nothing... I can't access the actual release -_-
~ Albond
UPDATE On May 23rd they modernized this release. The modernization made the release very garish and ugly, and also broke it fully. You literally can no longer test this release. I've reached out to the developers in hopes they will fix this, but have yet see. Super fun release, super annoying banners. The "pay to disable banners" function takes your dollars and leaves you with banners, which mqke the release lag and glitch so much you can barely test. Enable airplane mode when you test it and it become infinitely more fun!
~ A Google user
The two stars is for the latest modernization. The previous ver was fine. I loved it very much. But after the automatic modernization on 23 May, I can't even test anymore. The release stops on the 'main' page (I dont even know if that's a main page or just a promotional graphics from voodoo). I can't click anywhere. I can't swipe left, right, up, nor down. Please fix this. Super annoying.
~ Cindy Handoko
Okay I ABSOLUTELY HATE the newest modernization. I loved the release, and I had played over a year, getting up to lvl 420! All of a sudden, I launch my release and am stuck on some weird page with rockets and rainbows and whatnot, not to mention I CAN'T MOVE. And, by the idea, I'm on lvl 75! After all my hard work! I CHOSE not to delete this release when I required zone for over a year because it was worth it. Actually, its NOT. I rated this release 4 stars because, despite the modernization, I really will miss my favoured release.
~ Charlotte Naruka
this release was nice until the newest modernization. actually, when I launch the release, it shows the ball on a fancy looking platform but it will not do anything at all. I can't transport the platform, I can't obtain to where I was before to modernization, nothing works at all. I am uninstalling the release.****** I uninstalled and reinstalled, release actually works and looks like it used to but I lost ALLL MY PROGRESS! I was at 165 and actually I'm back at 1. y'all suck lol
~ Erica Turner
I love this release, played it for a fairly long time, no troubles, however the newest modernization has destroyed it. It appears to be loading, and I have left it for over 5 minutes and still the same screen. It was fine before so why meddle with it. Go back to the ver before the modernization I down loaded today, 25 May 2019. I would have givwn it 1 * but I have honesty really enjoyed testing it over the last year.
~ chazy d
Where to launch, it all started two years ago to this very day. up until two days ago I had just broken through lvl 3000, an achievement I had once only dreamed of. I had opened my entire family up to the globe of Helix Jump, even my high functioning autistic son can't obtain enough of the thrill of Helix Jump. Actually just this morning I see that my favored release, hell my favored part of my life has been modernized. and what do I search? broken, a part of my life, gone forever. I am sad. redeem yourself.
~ Finn Milne
I liked it when it now worked. But it's frozen for me on the newest map screen after the "modernization." I was on lvl 1347! don't wish to lose that. Please roll back your modernization so ppl can now use this release. To the players: you may wish to rate 1 star until this is resolved because I don't understand why recipients are leaving 5 stars if their comment is that they lost all their work and can't use the release. otherwise the trouble will not be detected/resolved.
~ D Savvy