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Helix Crush   
About: Stay on song rhythm, swipe the screen to fall through the helix and slash them delightful fruit slices! Hold calm and go as far as possible! You will surely LOVE: Numerous skins (tip: its not just fruits) Different song categories: upbeat, fun, or relaxing? Your choice! Straight one-finger gameplay Challenge your dudes to see whos the Helix Master! Got questions/feedback? Correspondence us at [email protected]
Genre: Music Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: AMANOTES
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Developer: Chronus V Inc.

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Developer: AMANOTES

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Developer: Team ArcStar

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Developer: MOMO Corp.

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Developer: Amanotes JSC.

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Developer: MythicOwl

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Developer: Guinea Pixel



Helix Crush Reviews and Comments:

It isn't the finest release because first of there is no pause and has nothing related like helix jump
~ Brianna you know
is its fun and it is simple and the newest pepole will think this release is nice and fun.
~ Mahammed Elouadih
it's just a terrible copy of helix jump.and it sucks and I hate the song so I hold it on silent and.... there's too many adds
~ A Google user
the song is really nice.so is the release.if you place flight mode on you dont have ads so thats nice too.
~ Sara Mariam Ahmed
two Factor Stacey a girl's head releases that are in millersville haircut is November for our lives Emma Stannard is not know somatic terrible is neck
~ Islam Yehia
I dislike this release because of the cringe worthy song in the backround it is litetaly so cringey that i can not enjoy the acual release, i know i can turn down the volume but i dont wish the release to be totaly silent. downlosd if you wish cringey song.
~ Anastasia Passon
it has great song and it's really fun I love it a lot I really impressed I thought it was not going to be a nice release so you could now have this release.
~ Angie
I like the release! it had my favored fruit but I gave it the 4 star because of the adds and pop ups.....
~ Kitty YT
this release is nice you could dowload it right actually! I also love the doffrent types of skins,fruits,and song you can unblock:)
~ Eileen Johnson
I mean, I do really like the release but each time I download it it's really slow and the ball doesn't transport how I wish it to transport it type of glitches
~ A Google user
the release is a ok i mean the lags the banners its so annoying and when your testing banners just pop up its so freakin annoying another than that if you don't obtain annoyed about banners and lags the release is for you
~ mia time
This release is a laggy RIP-off of VOODOO's Helix Jump, there are idea to many adds and annoying audio. I got an add for this testing Helix Jump and it got me triggered.
~ Alexander Eidam
They copied Helix Jump(VooDoo)But As you run through about scene 1-5 they are simple and then obtain longer.No Adverts so far like everyone else claims and I like this release so if your reading this Check it out😁
~ A Google user
Just to allow you know that I have been working on the app for the last two years with the client 652,945 the role of the Head of executive management role at Manchester Town Centre for the role advertised
The song is awsome but should we pick the song .(im nine years old🙂.)
~ Elina Solomenceva
well done! too many banners and lag though but I like the special song add. I obtain to pick my own song and colors. 4 star.
~ A Google user
question b4 I install is the release nice at all or what im lost bcuz if it's like Helix Jump(it probably is) it MUST/HAS 2 b nice (I place the finest rating/5 ☆ only bcuz 1. I dont no 2. I HAVE 2 place a rating)
~ K Baker
I love this release so much so wonderful and it has my favoured fruits I love the song so much Love it!!! hold it going
~ almira deapera
this is the worst ripoff ever created in the history of ripoffs. Helix jump, please sue these dumb recipients. have never heard of a Amaton or whatever it is
~ Goldenboy Sweet
this is a nice release to test to enjoy and the lvl you well probaby obtain up to is hundred but not all all the recipients will like this helix crush fruit you can go up to enery lvl you wish and you will still hold trying 😎 also dont give up on wish you claim hold trying
~ A Google user
I really hate this release!! why? well because when ever you loose then the release runs being slow. plus all the banners appear when you are testing the release😠😠😠😠😠😠
~ A Google user
Well, another than the crazy number of banners and the occasional random ruin (especially when you are on a nice score and the again decides to ruin on you), it's addictive and fun. 🙂
~ Lisa Edwards
To be honest.... THIS GAME IS SUPER COOL!!!!!!!! I'm just a rookie ,I required to delete a useless release, i forget which but YAY I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!
~ Maria Celine Santayana
I love this release 😍 but the only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it's the exact same thing as Helix jump except for the fruit theme song
~ Faith Purkerson
I love this release. The graphics are super cool. AND you hold your score if you fail half idea through! The banners are tolerable, averaging around 12 seconds...much better than the 29 second banners!
~ Diane Fortheglon
Wow I mean WOW, I can't trust it this is the first release that I'm now nice at. im right actually on lvl 100. I love the song and the skins. But I just got this release 2 days ago and I already fell in love with it.
~ Mia Esterlis
Absolute garbage advertising. Product is not even remotely enjoyable if you dont buy with no banners. you progress a tiny...banners, you have to run over...banners, you scratch your head...banners. what a joke.
~ Elie Makhlouf
not terrible...... this release is nice, i like it. but id would be great if there is less banners..... and it would be great if you can pick the song and you dont have to download the song with watching banners
~ MU S
i had a trash release on my device and i was searching for a nice and then i thought about helix jump if voodoo and then i saw this release having less time to download so i downloaded this release and its fun. finest release ever played . Amanotes, please hold making fun releases with finest song
~ miss music kitty
Not too colourful, an appropriate amount of banners, and simple to control. It's addicting. the only downside I'd claim is that there's random lag spikes each actually and then, but it's not terrible enough to result the gameplay~
~ Wyatt Burns
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!! You will LOVE this release because it's so satysfying to jump and there's barely any banners!!! And anyway they're full 12 seconds!!! This release is FANTASTIC!!! Hold on the nice work!
~ JKcoolgaming JK
I love Amana note releases. This one is fun, like helix jump without the aggressive banners, this one has banners yes but you can instantly obtain out of them. I love having the song in the background not really liking the fruit though I want that it should just be another colourful patterns
~ Sharon Gregg
seriously duude you need to do some MAJOR bug fixes this release keeps kicking me out and i tried it on another devices and my 2 tabs but ot wont work who ever wants this release reconsider your choice and dony waste ur time on this
~ Muhammed Ramzan
This is a nice release! You obtain to pick your own song (from their options) too! There is adds, yes, but you can usually just place flight mode on, although there aren't a lot of adds anyways so it wouldn't be a trouble. There's only adds when you die though. Overall, nice release!
~ kermit the frog
this release is the finest but there ain't enough songs ro pick from but i still dont care and each 3 stages u unblock a newest skin 😀😊🙂😍I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Nisita Galarza
this release is so fun. I recamend testing this release. I THINK I GOT SMART! It is really a fun release. I should relax and sit up and test it. bye bye!😅😅
~ Calum O
love Helix Crush I like the song they place cuz I feel like I'm making a a montage and it's really fun so I feel like I wish to create a YouTube video and just test Helix crush and I don't really have to edited song cuz they already have song right there that makes it like if you're making Montage but not really even posting it or even recording it.
~ Youtuber Garcia
LOVE THIS GAME!💖😘😍 The only reason I do not give it a 5 star is because it is the exact same thing as Helix Jump. Except not fruit themed or song.
~ #Victoria squad
i love the release but it is really allow down by the fact you have to watch an add almost all the time you die it makes me so stressed so its not very relaxing . remove the adds from the release and this review will be 5 stars 😣👿😤😠 (sorry for being a tiny mean but this is my oppinion😕)
~ Lily Hales
so it was really fun to test but there was a minore flaw so there was buttons when you first turn it on or restart. There was a button to change the skin and song. Nut there were to purple buttons on both sides . they didnt do anything so that is why i deleted it.
~ Kristen Sanders