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About: Finest. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most known farming release on mobiles and devices, number one in 122 countries. Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and dudes. Its a true premium zone where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun! PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is nonpaid to download and install. However, some release equipment can also be bought for true dollars. If you do not wish to use this information, please set up password security for purchases in the settings of your Google Test Market release. A network connection is also needed. ~~~~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~ Grow and customize your farm Trade crops and recent goods with neighbors and dudes through your very own roadside market Fulfill orders with your truck and even by steamboat Repair you ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 94MB Developer: Supercell
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Hay Day Reviews and Comments:

Frustrating! twice actually in the last couple days, this release has ripped me off. the first time, I had one crate left on my boat. So, I used a premium card to complete 1 box. as quick as I used it, the release restarted, and used my premium card to fill a box that had already been filled and made the crate I originally used it on, to have to be refilled. then, just a minute ago, I finished a truck order task. Next thing I know, it restart me back to 0 of 13 and I had to fully redo the task. UGH!
~ A Google user
Very hard to create short term progress. Product demands an almost 16 hour commitment per day to obtain any progress with premium equipment. I'm lvl24, create it easier to progress. Also create it an option to cancel equipment you may or may not have place into production. Gee whiz, I got 3 chicken feed in my one mill, why can't I cancel one?
~ Lawrence LaVoy
Dear Mr or Mrs! I really love Hayday but I am writing this to report about my trouble. I can not see any advertisments to earn the reward although I have tried my finest to search it near the mailbox but I can't see it at all! Please support me to search out what happen with me. Thank you very much for your concern!
~ Đinh Tiến Phong
it is the interesting release i like it very much i test each day can you just modernization it like dudes can share their coins and diamonds who are in need of something who are also not in same derby one important thing is that can you add all the equipment's from 1 to 2 this makes work easier for the farmers one thing gotta add to chat with the farmers who are dudes but they are not in the derby create a software to support and chat with them individually to ask or give the Support.
~ faiz ahmed kamalwala
I have experienced a magnificent farm
~ selvaraju selva
i cant evan obtain into the release so i dont know how it works, if you have a Samsung galexy stab allow me know if it works for you. otherwise the release seems cute cool and looks like it has nice graphics. i would prefer getting this release it looks fun.
~ Chelsea McGregor
I really really love this release. Everything is on target:graphics are nice, it's not boring, it has a lot of surprises and task. It also encourages recipients to work together in group to achieve a target. The only trouble here is that the release runs to ruin, and stops from opening for few days. I just don't understand why. Please fix it.
~ Layla Ayoub
Not enjoying this release there are cheaters that are raiding stores. reports have been made on bots called Lucifer stealing softwares. Nothing has been done. I installed my farm recently and my neighbour has been trying to sell softwares to me but the bots obtain them all the time. Definitely to the releases benefit since the bots only raid softwares that the release rewards you with for each thing you create or harvest.
~ Like Subscribe
my heart goes to hayday since 2015 I can claim this is the finest release ever!!! daily I have to check it before everything. it is great! as it is, all the animation, the storyline it all fun and I really enjoy!! please don't stop upgrading it. I will usually help you hayday!
~ Sararat
The release is cute nice. Has great graphics and runs smoothly. There are a lot of ideas to obtain diamonds, so even as f2p you dont feel like any content is locked out from you. You can test it casually logining in once in a while or test often and stay competetive. I hope they will bring summer clothes for farm animals 😀
~ Kamil Prokopiuk
This is my favoured supercell release by far. A lot of these recipients complain about hackers when you cant mod in this release because its linked to your profile. not just that but all these recipients are morons if you claim oh "I purchased something in someones roadside market and they took my dollars but I didnt obtain the item" thats named internet connection buddy. Im lvl 34 as of right actually and thats happened to me plenty times, you tap on something and you dont obtain it for like 3 seconds. Its impossible to mod
~ Dj Cronin
It is better if the available options are highlighted only.. For instance, if a user wants to produce a cheese, it would be easier if the factory is highlighted, another wise it could be dark if the ingredients are insufficient.. This idea the user can focus more on what he can do at a specific time and not waste his time trying to see what is available what is not! Thanks
~ albarmawi youssif
Nice Time Assassin I would rate it 5 stars if and only if... my old profile will be deleted and use my newest profile to connect it to fb.. Its kinda hard often I launch hay day I need to connect it each single time, and they claim me to pick again between the 2 accounts... Please fix this then I'll change my ratings :)
~ Alistair Blanc
I've been testing this release for quite some years actually.. Graphics ,controls and everything is so nice but fix the trouble of "LUCIFER", probably a hacker . I don't know about others but all my hood members are facing this trouble . Whenever we place any sort of software (especially barn softwares ) at base price . Somebody called Lucifer picks it within 1 sec ,who is not in our dudes ,followers , or even helpers list . He had took like 1000+ softwares from us till actually. Plz ban hackers & we need our stuffs back
~ A Google user
testing for years actually. just love it. but one recommendation if anyone is listening. when somebody sends farm request, there could be option to visit that farm to see its record besides approve, reject and block option. so that i can be in better position to decide base on that farm's record to whether approve or reject the request. edit: when I remove somebody from my neighbouhood, it claims I 'kicked out' someobe n you change it to 'removed'? it sounds bit unnecessary.
~ Shaktisinh Chudasama
Really Fun and Pretty farming release, the wait time is LONG for a lot of actions but as you lvl up it becomes easier and much more to do. More fun with dudes or a Gild, and it is also nice to hop on obtain a ton of equipment done, queue up actions and pick it up after work. I wound up spending dollars just to help the release. Also outside of diamonds the "dollars market" is minimal and is not a P2W release nor are you forced to spend dollars to have fun and grow.
~ Juan Lara
I love this release, but these days I dont know why, but the connection usually broken. the server cant reach something. before that its never happend and my internet is strongly nice for each release I have, but not this one. please if you create some meeting dont allow the another circumtase being terrible. I have tried to re-install this release, but nothing happend. so, please fix this.
~ Only Devis
nice release played for 1 day and got my family hooked on the release is nice with no lag and it hasn't ever destroyed but my family have had some troubles with going to others farms(it freezes them)but another than that I would claim anyone who likes these types of releases could obtain it because It is an nice release for all ages apart from toddlers because they would probably test to eat the item that it is being played on but please test to fix the freezes in this release and then I would love this release .
~ Sneakzy Streamz
I have been testing Hay Day for about 7 years actually. I sometimes delete it for a break each several years and never have a trouble reloading my original release. I love this release. Hay Day is so entertaining and visually appealing. You can test all the time or as tiny as you wish. Even though I have spent plenty of dollars on my farm, it's not essential to pay to enjoy it. You rock Supercell!
~ Morter Warrix
love this release! relaxing and entertaining. love the possibilities of being able to decorate my farm the idea I like. reaching targets and testing derby for fun decorations keeps me wanting to test more ... Hoping we can buy more decorations in the future😁. only cons I can claim are I want derby was a bit easier for tasks. I also would like that making coins was easier too only because it can be time consuming trying to save up for the next production building.
~ annalisa s.
Omg, nevermind the release, just reading some of these reviews is priceless! Are recipients now that daft irl 🤣 "works on my another device with same internet connection but not on my device, fix actually!!!" And that another moron claiming "no more upgrades" pmfsl. Anyway, been testing it for few years, still like it. Very much a grind to lvl up, but aren't most ftp releases of this nature. The market/paper is terrible though, I cant be that lightning speedy. Will most likely be testing it for years to come!
~ Moggy
Love this release. So addicted again. Hadn't played in years. Product gets better and better. The finest part is its FREE and they don't pressure you to buy or have those stupid pop ups. You dont have to buy and it doesn't obtain boring if you dont buy anything. Usually something to do. I even BUY extras bc I love it. My favoured release for actually. I hope they dont test to change it in the future.
after testing this release for over 3 years I feel the need to for warn you that this release is geared towards making you buy diamonds to test. help in this release is non-existent as nothing is ever their fault and they will give you all type of excuses, never fix the trouble or refund you but they will give you fake compliments. they usually blame your internet or device connections for any release test trouble you have. I have had some fun testing but mostly just test out of boredom.
~ Robin Dawson
I am honestly shocked. I had an profile & I have played in my freetime for the last 5 or 6 years. My daughter accidentally bought some diamonds in which I wanted a refund for sinse it was an obnoxious amount. They adopted, only under the terms that I delete the profile which I assumed meant run over. I was sad I would lose 6 years of progress but I adopted. Turns out that deleting the profile also meant my profile would be "banned permanently". For wanting a refund?? Disappointing.
~ TaLisa Agayev
Hay Day Error! Diamond Lost! Yesterday i lost my diamonds about 288, but the Hay Day Support & Help didn't care about my troubles, they don't wish to give me back my 288 diamonds! So frustating and Sad! Because i have testing Hay Day since 2013! Today i am no longer enjoy testing this release until they give me back my 288 diamonds, they claim would give me 50 diamonds BUT I DONT WANT IT to trade for my 288 diamonds!
~ Erwin Gunawan
I've been testing this release since it came out, but be careful with in-release purchases. I've spent more dollars than I ever wanted to on this release. It is so addictive and you can spend hours testing forgetting the time. (Modernization)Today April 13th 2019 I had 31 Gift Cards and got the gigantic box and got 10 Chocolate Bars and the release restarted on its own, and I lost the 30 gift cards and the 10 chocolates from the 30 gift card box.
~ Jesse Garcia
By far my favoured farming release. The one I usually hold up with and go back to with each device. Has separate city and fishing within it also. Lots of tasks to hold entertained and busy throughout. Nice graphics, seasonal meetings, weekly meetings, derby meetings, farming, fishing, boating meetings, so much fun! Usually modernized, usually fun to test. Love this release.
~ Tearra Sexton
I really enjoy this release, however I have a several requests/recommendations for the devolpers. I think it would be useful if you should stop production of a task slot, such as making bread, cakes, pies etc. for example, if I just filled up all the slots in my cake machine with chocolate cake but I had a boat order, truck order or derby task for cream cakes, it is possible I wouldn't be able to complete it due to the time it takes to produce everything.
~ Erin Wright
while i enjoyed testing this release, a bot called lucifer is actually destroying it for me. complained many times to supercell but they aren't doing anything about it. recipients are openly cheating at this release, but no one is doing anything about it. while i enjoyed the release, not sure if i will test it for much longer if this keeps happening. Its very frustrating when someone steals from you and its happening to many many recipients and has been happening for many months actually. will change rating if trouble solve
~ aman hussain
Storage is idea too tiny to be ready properly for the timed quests. You gain xp idea too quickly to have enough time to accumulate gold for things to unblock. (Which are often asked for as quick as you reach the level.) Unless you are ready to spend quite a lot of dollars of course, then you will do fine.
~ Nessy D'Aglarele
If you decide to test this release, beware! Their refund policies makes it next to impossible to obtain a refund from Google when equipment you buy don't arrive, and that happens OFTEN. Plus, the release is actually installing a UnityAdsCache in the picture album section of Google Pictures, and it has annoying pictures installed. There is no warning, and deleting it just effects in it coming back next time you load the release. Finally, the release is actually FULL of glitches that never obtain fixed. Test at your own risk.
~ Pilot Haggard
I use to test tjis release 24/7, Actually its once in a blue moon . Its still so boring nothing seems to chsnge. The prizes you obtain in the derby are utter useless. Barn or Silo. If you come first,second or third. Want you would give MORE DEEDS. Also how about giving a theme and giving presents to place on our farms . Not the stupid presents like song 🎶 instruments ect. sorry
~ Sheryl Bester
Everybody's favoured farming release! Touch, swipe and build a pretty farm! Finest. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most known farming release on mobiles and devices, number one in 122 countries. Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and dudes. It’s a true premium zone where the crops never die even though it never rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun! PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is nonpaid to download and install. However
~ Ali Chaudhary
Hay day is a really fun release. It's great to test. Although, I do recommend somethings. For boosters or meetings, trees could give bonus fruits. I think that would be a unbelievable experience. Also, for decorations, I have lots that I dont need/ purchased idea to many of that decoration. Maybe players could be able to sell decorations to obtain their diamonds/coins back. Like I claimed, this release is really fun to test with the derby, neighborhoods, meetings, and all!!
~ Kaycee Castro
it's very relaxing testing this release
~ Lizzie Ella
nice I would like you to do this . only thing I hate is the Tom bs sm7dbw CEO 3k se yhdkeidjix
~ Emily Alvarez
This is nice i love testing this release😍😍😍😍
~ Rutvik Jentilal
nice time waster, too terrible it never connects when im in hospital :(
~ Stacy Harrison
This release is so fun to test its just like having your own farm in true life
~ Nattybug910 114
I had this release when it was all the rage, but uninstalled it because it became too overwhelming to maintain everything and took idea too long to regenerate primary equipment that you need. I recently reinstalled it to see if anything had change. Yeah, they added more equipment to hold up with and the wait times are still too long.
~ Sabrina Finite