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About: You sank my battleship! The official ver of the classic Hasbro board release of naval combat is actually on small! Challenge another users in Classic Mode or in the all-newest Commanders Mode - a speedy-paced, strategic and tactical variation. Test with special naval commanders and use resources to activate potent premium abilities that will secure you a victory as you wage fight on the high seas. Hasbro's BATTLESHIP informations: CLASSIC MODE - Faithful conversion of the classic board release - Head-to-head combat - Sink your foes fleet before they sink yours - Call your shot and fire! COMMANDERS MODE - BATTLESHIP with a twist! - A brand newest, more tactical variation of the release - 3 newest core abilities that shake up the strategic possibilities every turn - Special premium abilities for every Commander - Newest ship shapes to improve gameplay and the fun fa ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 29MB Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
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Hasbro's BATTLESHIP Reviews and Comments:

I usually enjoyed the release. The pro ver of the release appeals to me.
~ Alan Fleming
Finest release! It's easily very addicting!
~ Chara Dreemurr
Not nice. keeps destroying half idea through a release.
~ A Google user
it's nice I love the original it needs more characters
~ Michael Okendo
Nice release! Like the classic with nice added informations to hold it fun.
~ Ken Goncalves
Product has lag. It's extremely slow and plays on its own when your testing a dude.
~ A Google user
I usually loved Battleship as a babe so when I saw this release I had to obtain it normally $1.99 but it was on sale for $0.99 and what a bargain the release absolutely Works unbelievable the controls are simple it's just pure fun
~ A Google user
brilliant and addictive, definelty brings back childhood memorys testing the board release. 1 question tho do i pay often I test or was it 1 off payment for the release??
~ A Google user
love the release right up to when they test to charge me to test.
~ Alton Wade
More in release purchases after you buy the release to obtain the full release!
~ A Google user
Nice release. Nice graphics and gameplay. Hope the developer can bring out the release release for the "Monopoly" board release.
~ Simon Perring
Nice fun, purchased the bundle for it. Nice single user, but really shines in multiplayer!
~ michael stanker
Bought just today (12/27/2018) and can't even install it. And no option for refund.
~ Javier Rodriguez
For a release to pay, graphics are mediocre. But if you like the classic release, then this is what you're looking for.
~ dahlberg31
logged in to Fb in the release but information to test with a dude and invite through Fb doesn't work.
~ Thomas Borutski
literally just played a release and the another person didnt have any ships on the board. pointless
~ Alejandro Rico
would've been nice to be able to test a local release on the device with a dude, instead of having to do it online.
~ Christina Kane
Issues finding recipients online to test, however, enjoying testing versus pc.
~ Erica Lowther
Just as I remember it.... though board should be bigger and some 3d (esp ships) wouldn't go a miss. Testing Cluedo too by these guys... Magnificent!
~ Matt h
I'm only giving a single star because each time I attempt to install the release it encounters an error and won't allow me install. I'm using a Galaxy Note 8.
~ Tristan Peters
I am sure this release is nice..... if only it would work. I can't obtain it to do anything another than pull up and let for the selection of a commander.
~ Sarah Kate Henne
The release constantly freezes when testing with dudes and I'm unable to test anything besides the classic mode
~ Lucas Mackey
Would rate 5 stars all the idea around if I should test with dudes!!! It keeps claiming invalid code!!! Support
~ Kid Fat
Requires more dollars $$$ to test for true. You pay to buy the release then have to spend more for most of the informations of the release. They also accumulate all your personal time from Fb and Amazon.
~ Rob
Thought I'd be able to relive childhood by testing this but was instantly allow down when the release doesn't even work. I would like my dollars back instantly.
~ Juliano Villani
Works nice and I'm also able to test with my dudes all you do is enter in the code that they give you or you give them and it works perfectly both connect and test works cute easy so far I haven't ran into any troubles it works as advertised that's nice I do suggest it
~ William Alford
I want this release was compatible to my device (Trio AXS 4G) so I can test it because it takes too much zone on my device. If I place it on a SD card the release runs slow.
~ Amber Marie
firstly it takes so long to download i got to 95% finally then the test shop shut down i pulled it back up and it WENT BACK TO ZERO i had to run over ! i was honestly so disappointed. it also sayss its "hasbro battleship" but its not the classic at all its fully different. the ships are all different theres no battleship or combat most of the ships are like combo like 2 and 2. its very wierd and i dont know why they changed it so much. it sucks actually.
~ Sheila Mackliet
Only trouble is the fact that I bought the release so I should test versus my son locally on the same device--two-user. Unfortunately you can only test two-user online.
~ A Google user
Nice battleship. Fun modes. However, can't send or obtain emojis during online releases. For me, much of the fun of online releases is communicating with foes.
~ Peter Kruse
Would be 4 stars except if you pick 'hard' difficulty, the release freezes into an unlimite loop and has to be forcefully closed. Checked on multiple devices, as a fellow developer, proper QA is not hard. Cute unforgivable bug.
~ exSkye Gaming
This release would be given 5 stars, if Marmalade should now add a easy information. My largest trouble with this is that, if you wish to test with dudes you need to obtain a different device to test, which I wouldn't complain about unless the release is paid, which it is. It's obvious this release is really just out to obtain dollars, but it's not very nice because already the original release is $10, while you should claim it should cost more in all because it's small, except that everything the another release has, is already in the release.
~ Saige Ennis
if you are looking for the true thing... look no further. HASBRO. and i also love the newest commanders informations. nice walkthrough. nonpaid to test also! This release is nice! bravo dudes! edit: i paid for the cliffs of dover and actually its locked. i have been stolen from. create it right if you wish a rating worth anyones time. thats stealing. not cool
~ Derek Reiter
Graphic and Design on the release is nice love the characters home bored but the actual Plainfield the board and the ships tiny tiny needs to be bigger on the screen a tiny slow testing turns back and forth nobody online got to test the pc besides that you're off to a nice run but just create the testing field and the ship's a tiny nicer and bigger
~ Silly trutle2
This release sucks. often I change devices, even though I am still linked to the same accounts I used to set up this release, I still have to restart at lvl 1 when I was lvl 90. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Dont change devices!! You'll have to run ALL OVER.
~ David LiCalsi
Nice release but once again destroyed by IAP. You pay for the release but limited to Commanders and map's! So sick of the nickle and dime walkthroughs. You have lost my future business. If i knew that every map and commander cost $1.99 every i would habe not bought this release. So very disappointed.
~ Rob Vazquez
While I'm fully enjoying the release, no glitches so far, I'm really disappointed that in order to be a woman I have to pay. Or maybe I have to victory a gazillion rounds to be a woman, dunno, haven't got there yet. Lame. I don't know how many female ship captains there have been and I don't really care, but I enjoy my gender and would like the ability to be the powerful girl that I am in a silly (albeit fun) release of battleship!
~ Sarah Sage
Had to clear the app cache so the release would work properly.
~ Todd Richardson
This release is nice! I didn't really test much battleship as a babe so i figured I'd give the digital ver a test. The classic mode alone would have been fun, so the commander mode adds a lot more depth to an already fun release.
~ Steven Moos
Nice release but come on! The AI CHEATS! 2nd turn using premium 10 target ability even after using sonar...They usually know where your last 3 ships are. I end defeated with 20 points never got to use lol happens OFTEN. Fix your BS AI devs!
~ B S