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Harvey's Hundreds   
About: Harveys Hundreds is the super fun brain-teasing matching release from Steve Harvey. Youve seen Steve test Harveys Hundreds with guests on his present. Actually, you obtain to test itwhenever and wherever you wish. Choose your difficulty lvl, and run playing your trouble-solving skills. To test, simply match the tiles and victory points. The faster and better you test, the more points you have for lives and cool informations. Informations: There are two release modes: Classic and Travel. In Classic mode, have fun making matches, board after board. In Travel mode, transport up through lvls by completing a tons of matching challenges. Boosters: Travel mode. (1) A speedy peek at all tiles (2) More time (3) More turns (4) A tip from Steve Lives: Travel mode. Run with three lives. Once your lives expire, re-up by watching an banner or using your earned Hundreds.
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Quantasy, LLC
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Harvey's Hundreds Reviews and Comments:

After testing the release for 2 days it would no longer load. All I obtain is a blue screen.
~ Shirley Williams
I downloaded it but it just shows a blue screen an plays song it wont work
~ Nicole Bellman
couldn't obtain anything but a blue screen on here and my device
~ Donna Scavitto
stupid release won't even load pass the initial blue screen... deleting right actually
~ Nadrian Shingler
be fun if you should see a darn thing. All I obtain is a blank screen
~ A Google user
I wish to test, but the release isn't formatted well on my device. I can't understand how to test. I can't see anything essential.
~ Cintia Rodriguez
Product isn't showing up, only blue screen and song testing.
~ d gray
release won't even load. just downloaded it and all I see is a blue screen.
~ Consuelo Gaines
all i obtain is the blue screen plus the song nothing else. very dissappointed.
~ Nancy Tharpe
we love testing this & watch it daily on television cannot obtain anything but a blue screen we played this daily please fix it
~ Kitty Jenkins
Downloaded the release on 2 separate devices it only shows a blue screen but you can here song nothing else.. Please fix!!!
~ Salacia Johns
Soft doesn't work. Blue screen and song, nothing else. Don't waste your time.
~ luvmuffin4minis
I was looking forward to testing this release but quick as I test to install it to my phonethat's all I have on my device it's a blue screen and song testing
~ Jaime Williams
This release opens with nothing but a blue screen with the song testing as if you are going to run testing.
~ Phyllis
Might have to uninstall even though I love it. 😒😒 Why don't the lives regenerate? I ran out of lives about a month ago. Come back tonight... STILL no lives😠😠. What's up with that?
~ April Young
Want I should test it to leave an actual review..Just a blank blue screen no matter what I do..
~ Lindsey Hall
This release wish test only thing I can see is a blue screen and hear song testing I have downloaded twice and reinstalled but same thing happed....
~ LadyT
i gave this release 1 star because I can't test it. each time I click on the release the screen is black.
~ Brittney Ervin
it has stopped working 3 days ago tried to uninstall it and reinstall in doesnt fix trouble . only obtain a blank blue screen some song
~ Charlotte Glass
this release do not work only thing that you obtain is a blue screen.please fix it so I can test the release I have deleted from my device because I can not test it so when you all fixed the release then i I can rate it
~ Louise Rockwell
I love this release, but release just stop working. Sound plays but nothing comes up on the screen.
~ Marjorie Allen
Harvey Hundreds Soft does NOT WORK. Installed and uninstalled but had same effects. Love Steve but Hate that this release doesn't work.
~ Columbus Bradley
I loved the release until it stopped opening, so I uninstalled it and tried to obtain it a several days later, and this won't launch.
~ Laverne Thomas
Nice release! However, once I changed and got a newest device, I had to reinstall the release. Actually, it won't come back up and let me to test.
~ Michelle Mincey
hello I like this release because it gives you the experience to concentrate and accumulate your thoughts . in order to really enjoy the release you got the focus and remember so I would claim this is a mind release.
~ Beverly Walker
i accidently closed this release i would like to please please test the release can youuuuuuuu support meee please thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Kathy Harris
i though something was wrong with my device. l turned my device off on redid the release all over again launch and then I run to read the reviews and I knew it was not my device
~ Jean Brooks
I love this release the only thing is the 30 sucund comes to speedy and my internet not speedy to pass it. and I would like to go to the end.
~ Donna Watler
I have had this on my device since it came out recently it will not present up when u click the release to come on just a blue screen and the .song runs please fix Thank You
~ Charlotte Sczepanski
I tried clicking on it for an whole hour and it kept claiming it has stop . Please do not waist your time and download this specific release!!
~ Trichelle Edwards
I was looking forward to testing this release. However, all I obtain is a blue screen with song testing. The release NEVER appears. This happens on both my mobile device and I-pad. I am disappointed.
~ Cynthia Sexton
BLUE SCREEN!!!!!I was looking forward to testing this release but it looks like Im going to have uninstall it sorry Steve Harvey😕
~ Its Shåwñïï
the release hasn't been working. is there something wrong? I know Unc Steve's present got canceled but why take the release from us too!.
~ Shenathe Diva
I was really excited release but It keeps on claiming unfortunately Harvey's hundreds has stopped, and that means I can't test it! I would've gave it zero stars but you have to give it at least one star.
~ Lori Andres
I've downloaded and unininstalled this release three times hoping the trouble would be fixed but the trouble has persisted. All I obtain when I launch the release is a fully blue screen. No release at all. No fun at all.
~ Trish Blake
I like it. It has become better since i first started it at like its debut. Actually, i can hear song without anything coming up on screen, frozen?
~ Pamela Audette
at first i loved it but actually when i load the release it plays the song and a blue screen is showing but no release anymore.i have deleted it and reloaded the release a several times but no matter what I do i can't obtain the release to present on my screen any more.i see a nice many recipients are having the same trouble.Seems like a nice time to work on fixing the trouble.i hope you can because I used it as a stress reliever...lol
~ Suzanne Wilson
I have tried to download this release few times. Have tried to obtain this release to test with no luck. Uninstalled & re-installed, still won't work. I give up! Love Steve Harvey but not this release. Sianara....😟
~ Karen G
It all of sudden doesn't work on my device. When I contacted customer service, they never responded to me after I sent few messages. The release was fun when it worked, but the troubles are very often, & customer service is no support.
~ Kimberly Harper
i downloaded this release to test it on my brand newest device and device and it will not load all i obtain is a blie blank screen. i really wish to test this release but it looks like i wont ever obtain to. can you please fix this so i can test this release. i really really wish to test this
~ Sherry Gallion