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About: *** Please Note: Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is compatible with the following spec devices. Mobile devices with Mobile 5.0 or later installed CPU : 1.9 GHz or greater RAM : 2GB or greater * Some devices are not supported meeting if the installed Mobile OS ver is within the supported range. In celebration of Harvest Moon's 20th Anniversary comes an all newest Harvest Moon title for the Google Test Market! Harvest Moon: Light of Hope! The release encompasses twenty years of the spirit that have made the franchise what it is today! Looking for a recent run and some newest surroundings, you set off on a voyage to launch your newest life! Unfortunately, the weather has different plans, as your ship is hit by a monsoon, and goes down! You drift into a tiny harbor city, actually in shambles from the storm, where a young doctor called Jeanne saves your life. The city has essential ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 26MB Developer: Natsume Inc
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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Reviews and Comments:

Please modernization it into the premium edition like on other platform. Thanks. A very nostalgic release. 😆
~ Andrew Hardimansyah
When will this ge obtain an modernization? I wish the gem twins. And the loading time to be improved significantly
~ Gracia Victory Kho
should use an modernization, seems just like the another small release. love harvest moon tho, no true complaints
~ Cassandra Bruns
when i pay 15 bucks for a device release i expect it to not close on me each 5 minutes. please fix.
~ Chelsea Brewer
Great port of this release that looks pretty and intuitive. Makes me think of retiring my 3DS as graphics and gameplay are comparable and mobile is nicer device.
~ Laura Gilmour
The release keeps glitching on me and will not load... Can I please obtain my dollars back. What a waste ..
~ Star Lee Wynn
I really really love this release.Also because I played HM since I was a babe.But I hope that you can modernization this release so that the user's view is as same as in HM Leaf Valley.Thank you!
~ Yun Irdina
I love the release but I have had troubles with it shutting off. Each several days in the release I will have a day where the release suddenly shuts down over and over again.
~ A Google user
like it better than I thought I would. This one is better than the another HM mobile release I purchased. More detailed, better animals, more everything.
~ Rainy Day
How to multi harvest the plan? Using joysick just keep press x but how to achieve that using touch screen? If this is a bug please fix it
~ A Google user
I love all the harvest moon release since i was a babe. And for ths one eventhough the loading is quite long bt i still love it. Thnx for making ths release into small ver.
~ sri dianta
Played this on both Switch and PS4, this ver seems nearly identical. Addicting and well worth the 15 bucks, since you will drop hours upon hours into it.
~ Adam Molbeck
Well since version, no newest upgrades or bug fixes.. Nice release but meant to be stuck with all its glitches and bugs forever..
~ hellfire
I love the harvest moon releases and this one is nice except the fishing is very hard to do on mobile. Want that was made easier to do. I lose almost each catch.
~ Shannon Cotta
I love the release, but this releases more expensive than the PC ver with DLC, I hope u can create the DLC like bonus Candidates to be married and decoration
~ Alvin Soemanto
Nice Graphics and a gotta buy. I would not listen to all the others it is a nice buy. Harvest moon has usually been a nice buy been testing for years. These one is really nice. Thank yall for making and continue.
~ Mike jr
My release just hold cracking please fix this and it stuggle me so much!!! will be 5 starwhen its fix love this release so much Please fix the cracking trouble
~ Wui Khang
Im so glad that they're are Harvest Moon releases on the release shop. As far as HM releases go this is ok. I beat the main storyline in fall of the first year and type of lost interest in testing. If you're an HM fan i would suggest it. I hope they place more and better releases out in the future.
~ Wyatt Chevalier
as a newest person to the village, n living in a house that wasvabandon but kept up by the light house keeper, you forgot three no four things n they are a refigerator, to place your crops in after harvest, dresser to shop things in n a chest to storfe your softwares in so when your out fishing or picking up equipment you have some zone to place these equipment, so becase of that you went diwn to 3stars. next thing your two characters doc the inventor n the ble wet dewy water sprite, they'er a no present.
~ Laetittia Pannell
i finally got the release to work but actually the loading screens are too slow is there a idea you guys can speed it up with the next modernization also is there a idea to create fishing easier
~ Camelia Murphy
The release keeps destroying! Within in mins of starting the release. Looks a nice release but I can't claim because I've only played the introductory walkthrough over and over again! Please support.
~ James Hoyle
Definitely a harvest moon release! Idea better than seeds of memories. Lots of content, graphics are pleasing. Things take awhile to obtain which is nice, because it's not just a mindless small tapper release.
~ Andrea Kirby
So much better than HM Seeds of Memories. It's a tiny confusing at first but simple to catch on. I have played mostly older HMs, and this one does deliever a special and refreshing twist.
~ B-Leaf
Love it so far but rowan obtain the hell out of my field I'm busy dammit hold clicking him when I'm trying to work and it's irritating he's usually in the idea the another downside is the running/walking controls can't press any buttons if you pick to keep and item no option to place it back in bag you have to leave the zone also the equipment you have to do just to obtain the primary softwares stupid
~ jessica o flynn
I'm having the same fishing trouble as previously mentioned by another players. It doesn't register if I tap too quickly. I would like to continue testing this release but I won't be able to for much longer. Please fix trouble!
~ Jill Krumenauer
100% suggest this release if your a harvestmoon fan, even if your not and are newest to the harvestmoon franchise, it's a nice release, can test it for hours till your device Claims you it's dying lol, yes loading can be a pain when first opening the release but it's worth the wait and worth the price.
~ wolfy redwood
Really glad that Natsume hold issuing Harvest Moon series. The finest simulation release ever since 1990s. Please hold up the nice work, Natsume squad, and do remember there are usually recipients who sincerely love your product!
~ Thomas Pradipta
Product loads too long when going from farm to any part of city with that leafy green loading circle. This isn't graphics or cpu demanding unlike another releases. MH Stories loads quicker than this. And that release has massive graphics intensive processing going on and its still smooth on my device. I suggest you optimize the release. Using an Asus Zenfone 5 2018. Thank you.
~ Eighth Ryan
Its nice another than the fishing which is fairly impossible on my actual device it seems (lg tribute of some type), it glitches out to where the bar to war the fish doesnt appear until you tap the screen and then if you tap too speedy it doesnt count your taps so you cant reel in the fish which is how you progress past part of the storyline line. So basically i can't obtain further in the storyline of the release i just paid $15 for because of a bug. Please fix! Would be cute nice if i should test this without internet too because then id just run over on my device (which runs a bit smoother) and test on it instead, but its wifi only and I'm not trying to drain my whole hotspot in a couple of days because im having to test it via hotspot on my device to be able to progress at all. I really love harvest moon releases and have been testing them for over a decade so im really saddened at this all happening.
~ Lucian Jones
I LOVE HARVEST MOON SO MUCH! this release is nice until: I upgraded the house; after that anything that has been placed inside the dresser or refrigerator cannot be taken back out . Also without being a bag overflow some equipment harvested are being sucked directly into the dresser, and can at be removed. This is preventing me from completing quests. In addition since house upgrade and dresser/fridge use,I'm unable to buy certain equipment from stores . For instance, pink dahlia seeds. Support!!!!please!!! Fix these glitches 🙏 I really wish to test this release!!!
~ Crystal Coppinger
I dont care how long loading so named takes I personally am thrilled this is on small! I am a gigantic fan of harvest moon releases! Thank you so much for this! I do hope us device players will obtain a chance to obtain upgrades to the release related to dlc for notebook and switch but if not I still thank you so much for putting this release on small! Not everything is able to afford gigantic gaming consoles etc so i'm super glad!
~ Courtney
Overall, I'm thrilled to see a Harvest Moon release brought to small and done so well. Users of past releases of this title will know exactly what to expect, and won't be disappointed. My largest gripe is that this is one of the rare releases that simply won't let song or another apps to test in the background. I'd love to listen to song or catch up on some podcasts while doing the more routine aspects of this release rather than be forced to listen to the in-release soundtrack, but it force pauses any audio outside the release when this is launch. I test many releases that let for multitasking, and this release's refusal to let me to do so effects in my investing far less time than I'd like into it. Really hoping the devs fix the trouble so I can give this release the time it truly deserves.
~ Brooke
It looks cute nice and promising. But i am very disappointed, why can't i test this release which i have paid in my another device? It is very inconvenient. I have purchased HarvestMoon Seeds of Memories, but it is not like this. And actually i have been thrown out of the release out of the blue, i haven't even saved it, sonit sucks. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Note5. Can you please fix this trouble or at least give me some explanation for i have spent some dollars here. Thanks.
~ Aaradea Yosuf
UPDATE: 10/24/18 Product is really buggy. Glitches a lot. This release is so nice!! As a long time Harvest Moon fan,since Nintendo 64 I've seen Harvest Moon change so many times. This release is so much better than seeds of memories that was released for Mobile and Apple. They place work into Light of Hope. The graphics are nice, the controls are nice! I'm so very satisfied with Natsume. An hour in the release is the typical true life minute, you obtain to repair city buildings and search stone devices to restore the city. I don't know why recipients are complaining about load time...it's the typical 5-10 second load time which is not terrible at all, considering the graphics and work place into this release. I was allow down by seeds of memories, but this release brought back my love for the long time Harvest Moon. You can marry, create dudes, have babes, the same as any harvest Moon. It was so worth the $15. I hope to see hero customization, maybe in a future modernization? I would love to obtain clothes and newest hairstyles for the characters...but another than that I am fully glad with this release!
~ Ashley Mclellan
This release is working nice but it needs to turn on the internet connection either wifi or small time to run up the release and i turn off the internet connection, it continues test offline. If I turn off the wifi or small time, the release won't run and automatically exit the app.
~ Warren Ceasar Gacayan
i would give this release 5 stars except it keeps destroying on me at random times. very annoying if its at the end of a day or meeting and i have not saved yet. hopefully the developers fix this trouble quick.
~ Betty Hays
I was only able to test the release for several days. Afterwards, I am stuck to seeing white screen when I run the release. It just claims "Starting" but I already waited for a long long long long time for it to now run but it did not happen. It is very terrible since I paid dollars to buy a release that won't run. Either the devs pay me refund or they fix this. I feel really disappointed and ripped off.
~ Beverly Anne Quintos
this releases is really fun, i have enjoyed testing downside for me is it keeps destroying at the light of the last stone at the lighthouse. i have coutinue to test hoping that with every season passing it would work. maybe theres something that needs to be modernized on your end. for me its time to search other release that works..
~ Debbie Zolia
Love this release. Have not played a Harvest Moon release before but love Stardew Valley so I thought I would give this a test. I do prefer Stardew Valley over Harvest Moon but it is a great change of pace. I test on my Chromebook with a mouse and it works flawlessly. As some another reviewers have claimed the loading screens take a tiny but realistically not anymore than I would expect from an Mobile based release. Definitely worth the dollars.
~ Charming Tortoise
longtime fan of the series dating back to my youth on n64. natsume has usually made quality. i did enough research and its been about a year since version so I'm confident with my buy. like any of the releases or the category, I'm excited for the grind. i p.ay more solo gaming and like to commit to a release so this is great. dlc was literally announced yesterday so looking forward for an modernization in coming months! thanks for this nice release!
~ Kol Karas