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About: YOUR Hogwarts storyline launches in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, your very own journey in the Wizarding Globe. Select your storyline, learn magical spells, and duel versus rivals in a magical travel. Search never-before-seen rooms of Hogwarts Castle and investigate ancient mysteries. Learn potent magic and knowledge from Professors Dumbledore, Snape, and more. Duel versus your rivals and forge alliances with newest dudes to support you on your journeys. As part of WBIEs Portkey Products label, this groundbreaking small release puts you at the center of an all-newest storyline in the wizarding globe. When your mettle is tested, what type of witch or sorcerer will you be? A heroic Gryffindor? A cunning Slytherin? You decide! After all, this is your Hogwarts storyline. Product Informations: Magic Spells, Potions & More - Attend classes to learn and master magical skill ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Jam City, Inc.
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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Reviews and Comments:

Throughout the release the travel has been quite splendid, but recently I have seen that the House with the most points victory 125 gems even if a member would not have participated although I am first with 112 House points I never obtain any sort of reward and I thought maybe it would be better if the release designers would create it that the top 5 or 10 recipients would be rewarded a gigantic sum of coins or gems or even an outfit and the rest of the House will obtain a smaller reward. I hope you use this concept.
~ Kohinain Dauwood
I have no words for how nice this release is, it's a really nice release and I've already grown attatched to it, the only thing that keeps me from giving it a four or five star is that I can only change my hero's hair color and nothing else. The amount of irritation I went through just to obtain the right skin and eye color(which didn't end up happening) for my hero was very unnecessary and unexpected for an release like this. Another than that this is a nice release and I'm partially glad I have it.
~ Cece The Gemini aka cx2297
Paywall behind paywall behind yet other paywall. Product takes each opportunity to leach other dollar from a user. Need to progress through the storyline? Better have some gems. Need to test multiplayer? You guessed it. Purchased equipment deliever an insane stat boost to your hero. But it doesn't even worth it. For the only thing you obtain in return is some rock paper scissor release mixed with somewhat entertaining storyline, pacing of which is utterly destroyed by the amount of time one gotta wait.
~ Костя Филиппов
Any target will I be able to advance from my 5th year??? I've been stuck at this target for MONTHS. Quit adding these damn side stories and allow us transport forward! Or at least let us to advance in our experience lvl with completion of the side meetings. I see so many locked entries to Hogwarts that I'd like to see more of!
~ Briana Rawleigh
I like the release, but it is very slow going and repetitive. Also there is a glitch with Charms classes. After I finished Flipendo when I tried to go to the next class in Charms it took me back to Flipendo again. Happened 3 times. Got past it by going through Flipendo again and then stay in charms to obtain to the next one. Very annoying.
~ Nancy Gant
I love this release. BUT connection errors happen so often that I have to redo almost each energy task because the release doesn't save. This bug has been going on for so long and I wish to create sure something is done about it. I love the release but the fact I cant often progress through the release because of the connection errors and lack if saving makes me wish to delete the release. plz fix this.
~ Miss Guava
I spent hours on this release and finally got through year 1 but then it suddenly destroyed and I can't obtain back in, I've tried rebooting it and everything. Didn't work. I tried restarting the release (as frustrating as starting the first year again is) and it still ruin. I had plenty of memory on my device sill too. Would not obtain.
~ Adeline Clark
This release would obtain all stars except for the entire energy component... there needs to be an alternate idea to earn energy faster without having to pay. It's really aggravating to have to wait so long for energy and then to feel forced into buying some just to do well in the release. There needs to be a side release or more videos to watch to earn energy otherwise more recipients are going to quit testing.
~ J Koontz
I love the idea of the release. Love the diversity of the characters, and the overall story. I've only just started Year 3, focusing more on House Points and Leveling Up Colleagues, and still enjoy it. Have a several troubles with meetings, like with the tile meeting I would obtain really high (triples) but would then come on later only to search my points had disappeared (or basically halved). Overall nice release.
~ Ann Stricke
I really love Harry Potter and that's the reason I haven't deleted the release; however, it's become very frustrating. When you think you are getting close to moving to the next year, they hold adding chapters. Also, it keeps destroying and resetting me to a zone I've already beaten, which has made me unable to compete side quests. If this continues, I'll have to delete it. No release could create you upset about things you can't handle and designers don't fix.
~ Holly Rucker
I've been testing the release since it came out. currently on year five. Each time I complete a chapter, it takes a week or more for a newest one to be released. The first couple years had probably 15 or so chapters. Each modernization adds more chapters to year 5. It's actually up to 35 chapters! The story is lagging more and more, you're losing a user that downloaded the release when it was first released!
~ Will Remmele
This ia basically a pick your own journey ebook. Unfortunately, it takes only about a half hour of "testing" before the narrative puts you in a zone where you have to spend true globe dollars if you wish to go forward in any reasonable amount of time. The storyline is simplistic but the graphics are cute cool. I'd probably be willing to guve a several dollars to it if it weren't so dollars hungry right fromthe beginning. Uninstalling.
~ Jonathan Donihue
Meh, it's an ok release. Graphics are nice but the fun is very short lived due to the ridiculously weak amount of energy you have. 26 energy and it takes 4 mins to attain just 1 energy. Absolutely absurd. Dont even bother doing the meetings, cant pass them with time given. Since your last modernization I am unable to obtain past the download screen. Everyone complains about the weak energy Devs, might wish to listen better or are you just dollars hungry like most another releases?? -_-
~ Melissa Miller
I think it's a nice release, I feel like premium meetings used to last longer than they do actually and actually it's practically impossible to complete the meetings unless you either spend gems/true dollars or are on the release 24/7 and slay your battery to finish them. the waiting period are the worst part, especially when the meeting is already limited! why add these in too? its ruins the meetings. I failed the last one and will likely fail the actual one because of these waiting periods
~ Joel Bailey
it seems like each time I log out to wait for energy to replenish, i come back and 50% of my progress has been undone for what I was doing. I just logged back in and I was backed one full target and had to do it all over again....if it continues i will bomb this release on so many social media blogs that you will fully lose all credibility. I just logged in and it backed me by a full day.
~ Chance Blakesley
I loved it at first, got it when it came out but since then you've added so many timed quests and side quests that I've spent true dollars on for it not to be used in the storyline. You need to stop having each quest need 5stars to complete in a tiny timeframe. Or if you're gonna do timed quests give us the option of when we do them instead of them being sprung on us. And also redo them whenever we wish. You need to add in more opportunities to obtain ebooks and gems too. otherwise it's a pointless release
~ Brigette B
I'm really grateful for getting the release on a device at last, and I am really enjoying it. My only want is that they do the meeting's for ebooks and another things such as spells or clothing longer, and it wasn't just similar to classes. I also want that they would create it easier to obtain your knowledge etc another just buying equipment and classes or pet's, I have also seen another users who have six chances in Gobstones, Food or Butterbeer with dudes and yet I only have 4.
~ Gordon Davis-Day
im sorry but the newest modernization have been getting a lot of bugs lately. im currently doing talbotts sidequest and after talking to penny and trying to meet Talbott at the courtyard it just wont load. ive tried another choices like restaring my device, force stop, clean release, etc just for it to load. but if you guys manage to fix this bug alongside the idea it fails to save that would be very useful
~ Mxmii 03
I can't obtain in the release. It just shows that the release is loading, but when the loading is completed, instead of starting the release there's this info pop up claiming my device is weak on nonpaid zone and I need to delete my apps or video. I have more than 11GB nonpaid zone on my device, and even after I deleted a several apps, videos and song but often I run the release it usually shows the same info. Please fix this
~ Monica Kyara
gameplay is ok. storyline is nice. energy takes too long to generate. in order to have a more exciting gameplay...you have to spend true dollars for energy and another required equipment...not ok at all. the developers could consider shortening the time for regenerating energy and bringing the true dollar amounts down...these would lead to a more enjoyable gameplay experience.
~ Billy Kopp
I love this release and would love to see where the storyline takes me BUT I've been having troubles completing the fairy side quest. I'm on scene 7/8 and often i go to the potions lab and pick the "save fairy" option is shuts down my release. Ive repeatedly restarted the release and my device only to be met with the same trouble. Please fix this trouble! I refuse to test the release anymore as it's stressing me out and is no longer fun because of this trouble...
~ British Doll Lover
it is a very fun release, don't obtain me wrong, but I hugely disagree and dislike the fact that you have to spend so much actual dollars to progress in the release! lessons have a time limit? not so terrible. running out of energy points after half a lesson because you have a full of 25 and one activity uses 5 and then having to wait 4 mins at a time for 1 energy target so you can continue with the lesson? not okay! also utterly ridiculous!! please obtain rid of this as it is not very fair at all. 🤨😡
~ Lily J18
release is nice in theory, uses a lot of battery power, bugs out in power saving mode. some meetings are timed and ranked, causing you to feel somewhat competitive, which would be nice if it didnt bug out and cause you to lose. I've been testing consistently for about a year actually, spent dollars, but getting very burnt out because of the bugs/crashes.
~ Tana Smith
I like the release a lot, but the premium quests are killing me. There is realistically not enough time to complete them when 1 target of energy recharges each 4 mins. I'm trying to complete the animagus quest and am almost there, but I have already spent as many diamonds as I can to obtain energy. Actually I have half an hour to complete an 8 hour class, and I won't be able finish. It's very frustrating.
~ balladgurl13
This release is a lot of fun. I love all the graphics and quests. However, it takes idea too long for energy to refill. I can never finish the bonus Achievements that have time limits without using gems to refill the energy because there is not enough time. Recently I used a lot of gems to finish the Birds of a Feather Achievement, but when I came back to the release later, it claimed I hadn't finished it. So, I used all of those gems for nothing. Very frustrating.
~ Katey Tidwell
I'm still experiencing info troubles and its caused me to not be able to complete the patronus meeting. Do you guys realize how stressed this is making me? I wish to be able to test this release and do quests but I have to hold starting over and over because I'm not receiving info that my energy is full. The info are on and there is no battery saver on either. You stop messaging after one time and I have to hold correspondence you guys. Its absolutely ridiculous!!
~ LuNaR sOuL
Fun but Rigged versus the user. Many parts of the release are nice, mostly because of the Harry Potter characters. There are competitive time-limited meetings for exclusive rewards and equipment, some are individual contests and others are "squad" meetings. Squads consist of bots, not true users. Multiple times my release, as well as releases my dudes are testing, will suddenly have the opposite squad obtain an bonus 100 or even 1000 points right before the time limit expires, causing the user to lose.
~ Tara Adams
Very boring, I was expecting more from this. Reasons: + You obtain to pick your house. (Private I would like the release to give some sort or take into profile how i made the choices, to obtain me into the house.) + Most of your choices wouldn't result the storyline. + Not enough gameplay time. + ENERGY! You ever wait or pay for more(which would only last you 10 mintutes and you are back to zero) Very disappointing coming from a release that is based on well-known and legendary Harry Potter(ebooks/videos).
~ Chikondi Luka
Modernized the release when I was nearly done with my third year as a Gryffindor but actually it claims I have less storage zone. I only have two releases on my device (Township and Harry Potter). I've deleted all my apps and media files making almost 1.7 Gb zone available. But the release is still asking for more zone. Honestly this release is too time consuming. It requires you to spend gems and coins and the side quests are boring and time consuming too. I had hopes about the modernization but actually I'm uninstalling it.
~ Darshana Pawar
I'm giving this release a 1-star because the gameplay is extremely primary, unintuitive, and Harry Potter deserves a better release. The fact that you can barely complete a task without running out of energy is ridiculous. Even more so, that you expect recipients to pay for energy, shards, and coins. In general, you almost have to pay for everything. Create revenue from banners to restore energy if anything. Ridiculous.
~ Disciple
I really love this release, its each Harry Potter lovers dream to live the Hogwarts life and with this release we can! (sort of.) i wish to rate 5 stars but i did 4 because although i love this release a lot, i do have one trouble. ENERGY. This release would be so much better if the energy part was taken out. I hate having to wait for ages for my energy to re fill and i want i should just test the release without using energy! please maybe remove the energy? another than that i love this release Expeliarmus!
~ Samantha J Williams
The pricing is nonsense. $20 for 575 gems, which converts to 345 energy. With 1 energy each 4 mins, you're basically paying $20 for 23 hours. Also, there's nowhere near enough energy storage. If I test first thing in the morning, I obtain just a minute or two of test time, and I'm lucky if I can obtain through a single lesson with enough energy. A RPG in two minute intervals just isn't fun or engaging. Either create testing this thing affordable, or award energy for watching adds.
~ dp
I'd fully give this release a 5 star rating because I absolutely love it, however, the last 2 days it has been destroying on me after the load bar gets almost completely loaded. I've uninstalled and reinstalled few times. I've even installed and instantly modernized before opening the release. I also even had an IT guy take a look at it and test to figure out what's going on. I'd continue to test if this trouble was fixed.
~ Kristi Trowbridge
I give this wonderful release five stars all around! I usually do not leave reviews on releases I test, but this release is absolutely marvelous and very fun to test. It feels like you yourself are at Hogwarts as a student and the quests are easy to complete, but not so simple that it's predictable and boring. It's a nice idea to slay time and a nonpaid, entertaining release to test in general. I have no complaints and I would suggest this release for anyone to test - especially if you are a Potterhead!
~ Charisma Kozlowski
The release has improved imensely, I'm especially impressed with the tile challenge. It's fun to do and now takes some planing to accumulate the finest combination of tiles. There are still some bugs, some things to improve, so no 5 stars from me, not yet. I would like to congratulate the originators on bringing their nice creations and imaginative idea into HP globe to us and thank you for your speedy response often I have a trouble. The work and time you place in isn't going unnoticed ;)
~ 96anja
The first several years are entertaining and transport along quickly. Then, the release comes to a crawl. Instead of letting you finish your final years, they hold adding to year 5 so that you'll never complete the release. I would rather finish the release and then replay it a several more times as different characters. Many are quitting the release because it has become repetitive and tedious, not to mention the constant destroying of the release and constant side quests that are timed to force you to pay to finish them.
~ Brian Clouse
until they fix the dueling system they obtain a weak rating. Create it more fair. allow us duel dudes. Also it is a scam to create you buy gems. If i had a dollar for often Iost a duel, I should buy the company. I trust it is rigged before you even test. If you create a terrible choice, you can exit out before it registers, come back in pick a different choice and still lose.
~ A Google user
The release is slow going at times. Also,If you're going to change the idea an in release activity is done, then there could be a guide. Why is there such a long wait time to run an activity? The meeting ends in 23 mins and I can't run the activity for 5 hours. Ridiculous. I spent $ to catch up and actually I wont finish. No more $ for this release unless there are changes. Shorten the 🤬 time frames. And what's with the coin limit of 50,000? I would have many more coins, but no.
~ Sandra Morrow
I generally like the release, but there should be some improvements. For instance, there is no rhyme or rhythm to the duelling club. You usually have to pick first and because most of the time the another side does not have a pattern, it's fully random so you rarely victory. A frustrating and pointless part of the release. I'm also fed up of having to constantly test for clothes before getting the rare ebooks. The release could let the collection of ebooks faster. The storyline is also moving far too slowly.
~ Edyta Tramell
I love the release, but I can't give five stars: It's really boring most of choices don't affect the storyline, it makes us stupid and fool. We have to work all time with the aggressor ( Merula) and be type to her , instead of our dudes. That's ridiculous. It's quite hard the challenges spending lots of energy and several time to finish.
~ pelos animais