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About: The glass is sad because it's empty. Your job is to draw a line to create the glass filled up with liquid and smile again! Check to search the finest idea to complete every lvl. You can come up with your own solution so be constructive and don't be affraid to think out of the box! Some lvls might look simple but allow's see if you can now obtain the 3 stars. informations : * dynamic mechanism. Draw lines freely to complete lvls! * Straight, smart and fun puzzles but can be challenging too * Lots of lvls with more coming quick! * Fun and relaxing theme that will create you stay for quite some time
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: Lion Studios
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Happy Glass Reviews and Comments:

Too many ads, though they are of 5-10 seconds, the frequency is high, almost after each lvl.
~ Sundar Bharadwaj
This release is nice. I had finished almost 300+ lvls and the worst part is that after upgrading it, I have been place back to lvl 1 with all the another lvls locked. So annoying. Can't test this again. Uninstalling this release!!
~ Prashanth G
release test is fun but idea too many banners.every banner is 30 sec and you cannot bypass them you have to sit thru a 30 sec banner after EVERY board. really. I only have one life and I don't wish to waste it. I deleted it I was so frustrated. bypass this release
~ e salis
The developers of this release are despicable. My babe was able to buy a 99.99 subscription on accident, upon contacting both Google and the developer my refund request was denied. 100.00 for nothing, my request was made an hour after it was bought. This is a year long subscription, for NOTHING. WOULD NOT RECCOMEND.
~ Stacy Murray
Over all very nice. Its one of those brain teasers that can be so easy but not usually simple. sometimes they are in plain sight. Common sense makes a gigantic difference in this release as a couple another skills we thought we would never use😁 thank you to the maker. It's not great but it is a nice release. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
~ A Cottrell
I've had this release beaten on each lvl with full stars for months, actually. I hold upgrading in hopes that it will add lvls, but I guess all they're doing is upgrading their banners. I ended up going offline whenever I played, in order to avoid the banners. Keeping this on my device with no lvl additions is beginning to obtain annoying..
~ Dennis Taylor
Too many banners. Can even obtain out of the apps. Once the banners come i can't even press my 'back' button. I have to restart the release again. It's fun to test though. Fix this or i will uninstall it!
~ Richie Goh
I would test the release a lot more if the banners didn't pop up so frequently. I deleted it because of that. There's a trouble when you run an banner each two lvls, especially 30 second long banners.
~ Daniel DeFrancesco
Fun Product. There is hundreds of banners. I uninstalled this release because there just wasn't enough banners popping up. I wish more banners!!! How about zone 3-5 banners when you ask for a tip, in between lvls, when you test to exit? Oh wait, this release has all of that and more. It's a fun release. IMO it's not worth the annoying banners though.
~ Jark Mann
didn't think I'd like this release at first, but the banner kept popping up so I figured why not, so i downloaded it. actually im really glad that I did because this release is super fun and it's a nice idea to pass the time. It also challenges you to now have to think a tiny but, which I love. so i would definitely suggest this release to others 😁
~ Andrea Thurman
This is a fun release to have, started with the nonpaid ver but hated the banners, as they took most of the fun of now testing the release so decided to buy the release without banners but what a con! It doesn't remove the banners at all, just see fewer banners but still takes me forever to obtain rid of them which usually usually ends with me exiting the release and restarting it. Please inform users of this, it's highly frustrating!
~ R.M Delgado
The release is fun and challenging. Definitely a nice time aggressor! However, there are very several ideas to obtain an respond about what exactly you're supposed to be doing. Give a section for 'tricks' and/or 'training', and you'll obtain your 5 stars.
~ Cj Kaae
This release is surprisingly fun, relaxing, and challenging at the same time. Some lvls are easier than others, but after 100+ the tons keeps my interest. Unfortunately many banners usually has be testing this release in airplane mode.
~ Zachary Hayda
very nice release. Its a very educational release and has Difficult Challenges and many lvls. The only thing is controls . Nice release. ha! ha! ha! The thing that was more fun was its characters. Actually allow me share a disaster in release : banners. but still its fun release. Very great release.
~ Shweta Mohta
compared to another apps, u guys r showing too many banners..... disturbing as well it doesn't give nice impression. also if u have developed release to present banners then please buy goodle banners zone. banners r still for ne but u guys r showing videos of 30+ seconds. i couldn't give negative rating unfortunately.
~ Mittal Modi
too many banners. I don't mind the occasional banner. but I can hardly stand to test this because I watch banners more than I spend ayong the release. and it's not an interesting enough release to pay to remove the banners.
~ Rachael Merritt
I think your release is very nice because dot... lots of babes cam draw lines into a glass. I like how this release does not have anything that hurts recipients . I think it's a fun glad release I hope you obtain lots of views.
~ Michelle Turner
This release is really fun just want there weren't so many banners. There's one in between every lvl and it's annoying. It takes away so much time I should be enjoying testing the release instead. Should be 5 stars otherwise but note it's a 3.
~ Angel W
I loved this release. However, I gave it 2 stars for a number of reasons. 1) The controls we're not designed well. If I wanted to go back and replay a previous lvl, sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would not. 2) Periodically, the screen would simply go black, stopping the release in its tracks. 3) Worst of all, I was on lvl 105. The next time I opened the release, it place me back to lvl 1 as though I had done nothing. I had been enjoying it very much but am disappointedly uninstalling.
~ David Hillinger
I have really enjoyed testing glad glass. However, sometimes it glitches and it doesn't write. And no, it's not just my finger or me putting to tiny or too much pressure on the screen. Another than that, Satisfied Glass has been one of my favoured apps. The lvls are not to hard or to simple, they're just right. I would suggest it to anyone who is interested. Please have fun and enjoy this release like I have been doing!
~ Kaylin Joyner
i now really like this release and qould give it five stars but OMG. theres an add for other release...which you dont search out the name of or id report it. that has a hero calling ypu names while you are promted to slay the charatcer in a number of ideas. this is disgusting and offensive. im aphauled. remove this add instantly!!!! im mortified and terrified that i allow me babe test this release when thats an add. what the hell are you trying to obtain recipients comfortable with!!?!!!
~ Kristen Arellano
An interesting release that certainly gets harder after a while. The controls can be rather clumsy, but that is really a limit of finger-on-device interfaces. I didn't search the number of banners too unreasonable but there are far too many rogue banners which launch the release shop or chome (sometimes both!) when you test to close them after they're done. And that, ultimately, is why this release is about to be uninstalled...
~ William Marsh
Dear Squad, my 4 year old son has innocently bought from your in release subscription. Request you to approve my cancellation request and refund my dollars. The amount is significant. I have received an correspondence for my cancellation request but it claims there will be no refund. I sent my cancellation request within an hour of the transaction. Hoping for a favorable response from your end.
~ Susheel Karkera
seriously??? I cant accumulate all 3 stars even though I earned them unless I watch a video??? uninstalled, theres just no time for things like that in life. we as recipients work hard and just wanna relieve a tiny stress by testing a device release each actually and then, and you bring THIS to the table? you my dude, are petty.
~ Success Central
The release is well designed. The nonpaid ver is loaded with banners, the banners trick you to press wrong button. I test to lvl 50 and that just about I should stomach. the release is not fun enough to justify the buy price. I cannot claim if I hate the release or hate the banners. Thanks for allow me test.
~ Willow Pitbull
trouble in flippy glass challenge. there seems to be some invisible pole in the ceiling. if you flip the glass to high it hits it. needs to be fixed. either present the pole or remove it. another than that the release is fun for the babes. will give more stars after flippy challenge is fixed
~ Dale Fritz
This is beautiful and very fun release that "babes" of ALL ages will enjoy! The only trouble I really have with the release is that you have to watch an banner after Each Product. But, considering it's nonpaid, I don't really mind! 😊
~ Ruth Snyder
This is a fun release but very frustrating when you obtain so far and then the next time you launch the release the release resets to lvl 1 and you lose EVERYTHING! I have e-mailed about this trouble and have NEVER heard back from anyone. so I started testing again and same thing happend it restart back to lvl 1 and lost everything. NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
~ Megan N
Refreshingly inventive, I wonder how they achieved it from a technical stand target. i like it. The lvls themselves arent as challenging as one would think though. there isn't much incentive to be constructive with solutions as most of the time you can draw a cute long before you go below 3 stars. maybe I need to obtain to lvl 50 first.
~ Bonolo Nkopane
Idea too many banners, which normally last longer than the lvl you've just played. Also you can't progress to the next set of lvls until you have enough stars. Not usually a trouble but it seems to me that it only awards you 3 stars if you solve it the idea they wish it solved. You can solve it at the first attempt and within 20 seconds and only obtain 1 star. It's a shame to only give it 2 stars as the idea is nice and the release is fun. I'll probably uninstall it.
~ ian hunter
has potential. sadly, just a dollars grab. I was solving 90% of each lvl by simply drawing a straight line. over and over again. and this is one of those releases that plays an banner after each 2 or 3 lvls. the guy who made this release is definitely rolling in dollars, but he would never have my respect. I respect the homeless guy down the way more than I respect him.
~ Nivek
this release is so much fun . See the thing that I like each lvl that comes it gets harder and harder and when that happens the challenge launches and it is so much fun you never wish to stop testing I should not even resiest myself from downloading this unbelievable release . I was like OMG what on world was I was testing .By Nina Hamilton oh i am 9 years old This release was one of the finest things that ever happen to me I love this release and I hope you all love it to. And may rhe dear Boss bless you
~ Alfred Hamilton
This release is a type of play for babes if they have common sense or not. And it also has such impact on babes that they run testing all the time so , I recommend this testing this release when babes are bored so it also is so much funny release and even adults run testing this release for checking they're common sense. I just love this release a lot while it has such great graphics , different types of modes to test , the controls are very simple and it has an constructive concept to make intrest in all babes.
~ swarupa rani
Addictive, but uninspired. I played magic marker releases like this years ago, and this is definitely the blandest I've seen. Went 33 joyless lvls void of challenge or insight before I had to stop. Each solution felt the same, and just when I thought I required something inventive, I found a idea to solve the trouble with a thoughtless dash. Two stars, because at least it's functional.
~ John Shurina
I like instructions...there are none. And I don't mind watching an banner or two, but trying to close out the banner after watching takes the user to Google Test Market. I can't obtain back to my release unless I close out everything and run newest. Fortunately, I don't lose points when starting up again, but it's a hassell. Do I stay and hope you fix and give you a higher rating or claim forgetit and uninstall?
~ Rebecca Walker
with an add claiming "wow I cant obtain past lvl 5" I'd have thought the release would have been more hard so that possibly a newborn straight from the womb should figure it out. but alas it's so simple it made me feel stupid by testing it, also since you complete each lvl in less than 10 seconds theres a 30 second add after each another lvl meaning you watch more adds than test the release
~ agentbarron
I like the song the finest, if I should walk around with song testing from invisible speakers wherever I went, I would pick the song from this release. It's glad song that makes everything more enjoyable. I don't know who would pay a recurring fee for this release, but it is enjoyable. I would give it three stars, but because of the song I'll give it four.
~ Mike Munno
This is an nice trouble-solving release. As an educator, I think it's wonderful. The user can test again and again to solve the puzzle... so far i haven't 'died', even on lvls that are more challenging. Also, there is more than one idea to solve the trouble, so the user gets to practice divergent thinking. The developers have really hit the nail on the head with this fun, educational release. Stem/Steam teachers will search this awesome
~ Kay Greene
Wow! Impressed with came idea and gameplay. want a tiny more time should be given to prepare for every lvl, but it's fun, regardless. least favoured aspect is the amount of banners. 30-second banners between every round is too much! but I do enjoy testing enough to place up with it... but if you should search it in your developer hearts to lessen the amount of banners to maybe after each three rounds or something would be really REALLY great. would have rated 5 stars if fewer banners.
~ Jennifer Spengler
I understand the need for banners - it's the need for dollars. Also, I'd be glad to pay for the "no banners" ver. But the NUMER of banners is TOO MUCH! And the kind of banners, also, is poor. Not only they are exclusively at least 30 seconds long before you can click "x" to stop them, but some of them, however exactly you click the "x", will take you to Google Test to obtain the release, also effectively blocking the release ( "Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon" ).
~ Razvan Carstoiu