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About: You stressed? Dont be! Launch your newest color by number ebook, search different special coloring pages with animals , unicorns , mandalas and many more. Color and recolor your favoured pictures . Rediscover the easy relaxation and joy of coloring . All coloring pictures are marked by numbers . Color by numbers and form pretty pictures to hold and share with dudes . We are constantly adding newest coloring pages for you . This Coloring Book doesnt occupy a lot of zone and it doesnt drain your battery! Color by numbers anywhere no pencil, paper required. Find nice tons of special simple and hard pictures to color Enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of the release Paint colourful pictures, relax and feel positive emotions Make lovely uplifting pictures with Coloring Book and allow your stress go away! Terms of Use: www.x-flow.release/terms-of-use.html P ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 27MB Developer: X-Flow
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Happy Color – Color by Number Reviews and Comments:

really enjoy this release it is very fun and relaxing to colour in especially with the gigantic gallery to pick from but it still has room for development in a several ideas and has quite a several banners which is fine if you watch them fir a reward but not after you finish a picture or when you place the release on standby but otherwise this release is my favored colouring release so far!
~ Scarlet Anderson
It's a stress buster for me, pleasantly challenging and relaxing. modernization: I have really enjoyed this release even bought it but actually it's showing an banner for a horror video and pictures to color!!! I paid for banner nonpaid, NEVER watch horror videos and actually since there are pics to paint about the video I have less choices to paint. It was a unbelievable stress buster release I used each evening but actually...not
~ Nancy Lee
It's alright. Missing few QOL informations of another coloring apps, like auto switch to a newest color after completing the actual one, indicating how much is left on a color, and scaling numbers to alieve excessive zoominng. I think the colors clash a lot or are just ugly on many pictures - like they were chosen because they're bright instead of going together or with the picture well. One thing I do like is that once you've started a pic you don't have to be on the internet to launch it again.
~ S Anduin
I love this release and all of the improvements you made are nice. I'm really loving the Annabelle pictures!!!!! The only idea you should create this release better is if it automatically switched to the next color and if there was something to measure how much of one color you have already colourful and how much you have left of a certain color left
~ Amy Davis
I enjoy being able to sit back and relax with these pictures, a tiny disappointed with the newest shading to search where the colours go on some pictures, I really want there was a idea to feedback up the progress, I got a newest device and downloaded the release but would have to run all over again or do the same picture twice on different devices..hope that will change??
~ KiNg AcE
Great release. Great selection of pictures. Like the checker pattern for the color you are working on. Don'tind the adds just want there was a mute option for banners. I'll watch them just hate that everyone hears them till I turn my media volume down.
~ jode brze
Addicting. I love to color, but am OCD about finishing a picture fully before putting it down. Since the comeback of my daughter, I have had less and less time to color. This release is great for that. I obtain to create nice pictures, but in a fraction of the time. I would complain about the banners, but I have played hundreds of different device releases, and at least NONE of the banners FORCE you to watch the full banner, you have the option to exit every banner after 5 seconds. That's a lot better than most.
~ Carrie Caracofe
This release is unbelievable for just relaxing, and it is extremely high quality. I would rate this release 5 stars if it werent for the intrusive banners. Granted, they are much better than with most another banner-farming apps. I can usually just skip the banner and be done with it when I launch the release, whereas another apps might serve you 30 second unskippable banners often you launch the release. I'll claim this again, this is a high-quality relaxing release but it only gets 4 stars for the mildly intrusive banners.
~ Føxtrøt
nice release in principle. but why are there horror video pictures actually?? even though the photos are not explicit, they are creepy. also, i do know the trailers for the video. using the release just before bedtime literally gives me nightmares. unfortunately, that used to be my favored time to do some colouring. i would now search more "adult-themed" pics an interesting concept but prefer not to see them on the main page.
~ Scout A. Loud
Gave it a Check...I love to color but as usually was cute skeptical about downloading it and trying it out. Most apps if not all apps are cute terrible with banners. I gave it test and downloaded it but didn't test it out right. Had it for about a week be4 giving it a test so far so nice I gave it a 4 b/c I just started using it and banners are not to terrible. I going to test it our for about a month or two before I decide whether to rate it a 5. 1 thing I like about it, it has genres to pick from a plus 4 me.
~ Melissa Martinez
My only true troubles are that you cannot test offline unless you run a picture and continue it later, and the fact that banners are needed for both picking and finishing a puzzle. Another than those, I love it, and it's simple to obtain lost in it.
~ Sarah Holden
I love the newest paintings!! I just completed the clown Annabelle painting, my 3rd of this series. It's wonderful! It's nice! It's so much fun! I think the originator could obtain the Nobel Prize of artistic/ technical excellence!!!! if I felt like an artist doing the others, I really feel the creativity flowing from these pictures. Thank you.
~ Deborah Surgot
This is a nice coloring release. 11 newest pictures each day!! Nice challenges if you wish that in an release. Fully worth the $5 to obtain it without banners and with infinite support. ONLY terrible to the release is that it doesn't save your work in a cloud so if you change devices you have to run over, but then again, the release is so nice that if you change devices you obtain to run all over!! Receive the release, you will love it if you love coloring apps.
~ Kay Radebaugh
Making their pics harder and harder. Use to enjoy but I've come to the conclusion it's not meant for older recipients, they create it to hard to see and color......very disappointing! Thank You for caring and for your unbelievable response!
~ Elizabeth Bouwhuis
One of the finest colouring apps out there. Incredible selection of photos to pick from. Nice for relaxing and a very tiny fee gets rid of the banners. ADDITION: Loved the Annabelle Comes Home pic. Hidden outlines gave some of the zones a two tone look. MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE
~ Jon Dawson
Very Relaxing and Enjoyable. Love the numerous picture choices to color. Search myself unwinding as I color. When I see the completed colourful picture I feel accomplished and glad. Often share my completed pictures with dudes and family. They truly enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy doing them too. Loving it!
~ A Google user
this release is super fun (even if it has millions of colors).everyone you have to test this.believe me you will not be able to stop, and it's very constructive.i love this release so much.oh, by the idea, I think this release needs more horses and unicorns to color.see ya!😉
~ Natalie Hurd
I was surprised how relaxing & fun this is. At first I thought, "seriously?!?! paint by numbers?!? you see a number & tap it?!?!" But the pictures are intense & the animation after is fun to watch (it goes in order of how you did it - errors & all)
~ Jewel Reese
LOVE the Annabelle bonus pictures! I hope the developers create more pics like these, with the complex shading. :) I love that all the pictures are nonpaid and that tricks are too. I want the banners weren't so long, but I'd still much rather watch an banner than pay for pictures or tricks. A very fun and relaxing release with a ton of photo options.
~ Maeve McCluskey
I love this release, and would give it 5 stars, but my S Pen (I have a Galaxy note 9) doesn't usually work. No another release does this, but occasionally Satisfied Color will freeze and I'm unable to continue coloring with my S Pen until I fully back out of the actual picture and go back in. Otherwise, nice release!
~ Allison Liddell
Caring for my husband after a horrible fall causing a compond fracture of his ankle has been very stressful. Finding "Satisfied Color" has been a grest blessing. The stress melts away. Leaving me calm and relaxed. Thank you so much. I look forward to the next picture to color! Denise
~ Denise Bass
I loved this release until it started making me paint video propaganda. "Annabelle Comes Home" is not only making me not wish to see that video but also making me regret buying the banner nonpaid ver of this release.
~ Kristen Linkinhoker
Nice Soft Pretty, very colourful pictures. You don't have to buy anything. All the pictures are available to color. I only want there was a idea to save your progress across devices. That's really my only trouble, Definitely one of the finest coloring apps available. I highly suggest this release.
~ Leah Little
I really enjoyed painting in HAPPY color, but the paintings have changed so much that they don't interest me at all. They used to be paintings that had a lot to paint, actually there's not much to paint. Actually there's clothes and another terrible painting. I wish a challenge, it makes it more interesting.
~ Dianne Estrada
This release is addicting. Some of the pictures go idea too crazy on the number of colors they use, & that drives me a tiny nuts. The pictures are really cute & expertly drawn, & there are a lot of them. Two things I'd like for this release to have: 1) rewards for achievements, like nonpaid tricks if you haven't purchased the release, & 2) at least the option for colors to "launch" automatically, instead of usually needing player action. Then this release would be great.
~ Kelly Rusinack
This release is VERY relaxing. I love how the colors are already picked out for me which makes it less stressful on not having to pick a color. I color cute much daily. Love that you added achievements. I don't mind the banners; they really aren't that terrible. Thanks for a nice release and hold the pictures coming! Modernization 3/2: I kinda don't mind the checkered grey zones, easier to search the numbers
~ kelly bluml
I'd give you a 5 but my device had to be restart and ALL MY YEAR'S WORTH OF COLORING GONE GONE FOREVER! So sad there's not a idea to save every picture could this happen again. I thought since I had "saved" pictures previously they'd at least be here, but NOT! would like this option available, PLEASE. my next rating will be a 5!
~ A Google user
attention! you can actually save and share the time lapse of your coloring in the pictures! i color each night to fall asleep. sometimes i dont like the color palettes but i often do, and i usually enjoy the selection of paintings with minimal banner interruptions. fully nonpaid. do yourself a favor and download actually! u wont regret
~ Emily Pfaff
love the release, please search a idea to save completed product to be transferred when we obtain newest devices. I got a newest device yesterday and lost all my equipment, my unfinished, my achievements and completed. I back up my equipment to gmail, my releases are connected to Fb and I don't list my lvl I'm on. I'd like to see same thing here. saving to Fb or gmail can let players to switch from devices to device without losing anything too.
~ Tracie Estes-Rosol
This release is a ton of fun! Would have given it 4⭐ but this release is a gigantic battery drain and there are no setting for you to change how the release runs. Adverts after each picture is finished and in between with pop up-adds. This release is still a battery gigantic hog and the banners are increasing. My release is up to date. Was claimed in last comments on rating to modernization and look for options, there are none for the battery troubles. You can remove banners for 3.99.
~ Lora Ames
I like this release because I love coloring so much that I should do it all the time and very single day of my life. I also love the pictures becuse they can be hard pictures and I love hard coloring ebook and pictures. Also the pictures have really nice and nice information, illustration's, and these recipients have to have really nice art skills to do these pictures. It gotta to have taken like a couple of hours to do and create and draw these pictures and create everyday pictures. and name the categorys for it.
~ Kayliana Soucier
The release is fun and addictive, but it freezes up after testing it for a while. It's funny how the banners never freeze, which seems to indicate that they have priority over the release test. Sometimes an banner will take you to the test shop to obtain you to install something else and then you are taken out of the coloring release and in order to obtain back to it, the release has to reload. Very frustrating. The developers could be using the release to improve it before creating other newest release.
~ Ken Keicher
Love this. It's on my device as well. The nice thing, is that you DON'T have to have Fb, you can on there but dont have to...I don't. So if you don't have Fb you're nice to go...download. But if you don't like it, you can usually delete the release. Check it....you just might like it. If I should I would give it 10 stars NOT just 5. To me...its a 10.
~ Linda Matthews
This release is fun but it keeps lagging and i do not know if it is my internet or the release that is why i rated the release a four. The release is still nice though so do not take this offensive please. I think its lagging because of my internet but it might also be the release. Please test using the release and if it doesn't lag out then it is my internet but if it does lag out then it is the release. If it is the release please test fixing it or else it will obtain really annoying and i might delete it. Thank you.
~ Emily Frosty
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! cant claim it anymore i LOVE this coloring release! it is BY far the finest coloring release or release that I've ever came across and used. the colors are bright and pretty and the premium ones are AMAZING! The only thing that you guys can do is give us more premium ones. If you do that the release would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!
~ mikey wisnoskie
Variety of nonpaid pictures everyday. Simple to see the zones to color. Zooms in and out easily so you can see the small zones. It does have boxes you can buy, but there is so much nonpaid equipment it's not essential to enjoy the release. Crashes occasionally but my work is usually saved where it stopped at. I usually test on a device, so I can't compare to how simple it is to test on a device.
~ Jennifer Lail
I love the pictures and the interface. The replay after you finish a picture is nice! But, I have couple large troubles: the banner banners at the bottom and the banners when I leave the release just to quickly check a text or some another thing on my device. I don't mind banners for tricks and even banners between pictures, but not when I just leave the release for a moment. The 2nd trouble I have is that this release just kills my battery. I can't really test unless I can plug in and that heats my device idea up!
~ Circe Jean
I am delighted with this release!!!! I love to spend my spare time using it. I am in an assisted living facility and it supports hold me occupied. We have activities here, but as I have usually been a night owl, I don't usually participate. I am interested in all kinds of pictures, but mostly in exotic animals (,especially camels). Also I would like some foreign country archetectural pics as well. Dottie Buhl, Lakewood Assisted Living Loudon, Tn
~ Dottie Buhl
I love Satisfied Color! It's hands down the finest nonpaid coloring ebook release. It really is nonpaid. Fully nonpaid. I hate developer's who misrepresent their apps as nonpaid when that's not real. Yes, there are banners, I feel it's a fair, not crazy amount, for a nonpaid release. They have to generate income some how. This release supports me relax. I live in constant excruciating severe pain. I can no longer remember what living without pain was like. Thank you to the developer for this nice, relaxing & FREE coloring release.
~ Constance Woerner
I really love the release, I'm addicted to it, but since yesterday, when I opened the release, each picture colourful was gone, they all went blank, 700+ drawings gone, still all the achievements where still there untouched; sent an correspondence to costumer help to see if i can obtain back and recover all my equipment, if not, I might delete the release for nice. Feel like I lost a lot of time for this to happen.
~ Pamela Reusens