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H3H3: Ball Rider   
About: JOIN ETHAN AND HILA FROM H3H3 IN THEIR FIRST OFFICIAL MOBILE GAME! Support the YouTube superstars navigate through infinite tunnels of retro pixel art goodness in this runner-style release. - Navigate your idea through 8 distinct environments. - Accumulate and upgrade over 50 equipment. - Customize Ethan and Hila with over 100 special outfits. - Compete in everyday and weekly meetings versus the globe. - Send challenges to your dudes. - And more! H3H3 Channel: FOLLOW US: fb.com/OutermindsCreations youtube.com/outerminds twitter.com/outerminds 2018 Outerminds Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Outerminds Inc.
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About: Score as Many Point as you can by capturing incoming planets with rings avoid others. You have to keep an eye on both spaceship because if either one of it miss ring planets or collide with others planets then your game is over. It depend on your skills how far you can go. Good luck....

Developer: OMZ SOLUTIONS [email protected]

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About: Roller Jump is a 3d arcade game and Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball. Players need to smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the bottom of the tower and save your trapped good friends. How to Play Your ball smashes like a brick through the platforms, There will be some obstacles on your way, be careful not to touch them. Why Choose Us - One-tap easy-to-learn controls - Rich visual effects - Bright vibrant graphics -Addictive gameplay mechanics - Grea...

Developer: Game Superb [email protected]

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About: I woke up in an unknown dark room! While I was disconnected, someone put on a mask with ears on me! All attempts to remove it were unsuccessful. There are some wires inside the mask! I do not understand what is happening! I urgently need to get out of here! Levels will still be added! Explore scary rooms and solve their secrets! You need to try to get out, but be careful to survive and not fall into one of the bloody traps! Be very attentive to details and then you can solve the ...

Developer: Ratata - dev.ru [email protected]

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About: The Stack Ball : Fall Origins, jump to blocks is the latest big hit of free games android Ball Blast and enjoy with the Fall Ball Ancient arcade game, classic for two or more players. This is a game with graphic stilo as the most fun of all time. It has very good graphics in 3d, HD version for all mobile devices. Fall ball and destroy blocks! In this game you have to have the ability to press the screen and destroy the blocks of the different colors of the block tower. Watch...

Developer: PlayStal Games ���� [email protected]

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About: Rotate the maze to move balls into the tube. One-touch simple controls and addictive gameplay!...

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About: Play as the infamous pirate of the galaxy, a bounty hunter on an adventure to alien infested planets. Gear up and fly! Pirates Of Galaxy - Shoot'em up shooter - Hottest shootem up game of 2019. Created based on classic shootem up games, the game has all of the best feature of the classics but integrated a whole new gameplay system. With great graphics and enticing story you wont be able to stop once you start. Therere a variety of airships - each with its own skill - to choose from, every ...

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About: Tired of plane game with fullscreen bulletsDoesn't matternovel aircraft game is coming Instead of depending on traditional bulletsyou can defeat the enemy with shield! How to play Player need pick up variety energy balls constantly on the screen, it will generate a cool shield around the plane. the more energythe stronger the shield. If you want to break down enemy's planefirstyou must destory shiled around the enemy . Of course, don't hit obstacles ,or the energy will fall out and...

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About: Maze Paint - Newest addictive painting puzzle game for killing time! Swipe to move the roller, paint color and splash every corridor of the maze. Complete the levels of each puzzle and feels so satisfying. You will definitely LOVE: - Hundreds of exciting and unique puzzle levels - The ball rolling and painting action is smooth and fun - Numerous beautiful and bright paint colors - Simple one-finger control Which level can you get to ?! Maze Paint is waiting for you!...

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About: Stack Twist 2 is Brand New Stack Falling Game with Tap ,Stack Twist 2 is New Ball Fall stack Game , 3D ball Arcade game , more than 200 plus Levels , Stack Ball 3D Game Have Fun with Stack 3D Ball Fall How to Play Stack Twist Game , Color Games , Free Games , Ball Games Tap on time to Break Helix Tiles and Reach bottom of Stack Tower Fun with Stack Games , Tap the Ball to Bump Stack and Make it Fall the Color Stack Tower All the Best Fun Free Stack Game...

Developer: Friday Box Games [email protected]

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About: Adventure superhero magic world is a beautiful game. In fact, the miraculous ladybug takes coins while running and tries to avoid obstacles in order to help the love of her life, cat noir. You should control with a big focus the bug chat hero by avoiding the hindrances and the obstacles and taking coins while running. These miraculous ladybug coins are placed in different positions and are taken with a free running. As one of the most entertaining free running games, this adventure is rea...

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About: The universe is in danger! Coco and his friends the Chicken Heroes are the last line of defense! Go on a crazy journey with them through the galaxy. Help our Chicken Heroes bust through meteor fields, chicken-eating-owls, egg seeking missiles, laser-shooting raccoons, and many more challenges! Upgrade your ship and your chicken might just make it! They say that money grows on meteors, and Coco and his friends are about to get rich! Features: - Space Chicken Heroes is completely FREE to pl...

Developer: Black Batata [email protected]

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About: GIF is a light-hearted 2D platformer with a semi-retro/cartoony vibe developed by Ginever Entertainment. The objective is simple - try not to get frustrated. Although you will inevitably get frustrated. Enjoy the optimistic look of your smiling blue cube while you can. You're going to need it as you guide the cube through a series of simple but increasingly challenging levels featuring precision platforming and puzzle solving gameplay. The further you get, the harder it becomes and the more f...

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About: The war is on the verge, this is a tough war! Humans fight zombies and become the strongest zombie killer! Save the whole world! Game features: Want to try more levels? There are a wealth of game levels, there are mainline story missions and challenge missions in the game, there are 5 large maps in the story mode, the challenge mode has a total of 3 maps, each map has 20 main line missions and daily challenge missions and boss missions . The game screen is exquisite, the sound effect...

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About: Take to the skies and become a master aviator! Just slide your finger to dodge and destroy the blocks in your way. Challenge yourself and see how far you can get! Use the various upgrade to become stronger the farther you go. Simple and fast-paced plane game Clear away as many blocks as you can and try to last long enough to get the high score! Collect items to become stronger Upgrade boosters and get powerful bonuses Over 80 planes and bullets to choose from so you can fly...

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About: - The water is rising, keep on jumping on this exciting experience! - Customize your character and scenery as you collect coins on the go!...

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About: Bounce Balls Mania is a addictive and challenging bricks breaker game. It's popular with kids & adults alike. ==============How To Play============== - Touch the screen with your finger and swipe to aim. - Find best angles to hit all bricks. - When the number of brick down to 0, brick destroyed. - Never let bricks reach the bottom otherwise game over. ==============Features============== - 1000+ levels. - Free to play. - Endless gameplay. - Achievements & leaderboard supported. -...

Developer: Mahjong Solitaire Creator [email protected]

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About: In this game the player bounces a balloon to keep it in the air. The more bounces you get the higher your score. Fail to keep the balloon up and its game over....

Developer: Ouroboros Technologies [email protected] ~J.Baker/



H3H3: Ball Rider Reviews and Comments:

Nice release!!! Papa Bless!!!
~ A Google user
it's a idea that I haven't saw ever
~ A Google user
This release doesn't even load... what the hell?
~ Skirrty Skrit
The release is fun, nice time waster
~ Christopher Torres
just got this small release, loving it so far
~ Luis Pallares
i love ethan and hila, this release is nice with nice mechanics
~ Leonardo Caldera
It is a really well made release for YouTube's finest couple
~ Wonder Bread
cute neat. The only trouble I have is the frame rate
~ a box
love the channel and release. nice work, papa bless.
~ Tommy Berkemeier
This release is fun and it makes my time testing worth it.
~ #1 Mom
The so far is really nice like the lvl design and and the 8bit style.
~ A Google user
Not the largest fan of H3, but a real enough to the spirit of the channel release.
~ Lazar Gruev
its fun, interesting, and has two off my favoured YouTubers in it!😁😁😁😁
~ Mitch Moran
its super addictive and probably the finest release. Not to mention the graphics, they're so goooood 🤩🤩
~ fuckin weeb
I'm a gigantic fan of Ethan and Hila, and actually this release 10/10 would suggest. Papa Bless
~ Thomas Verhofstad
loving it. control scheme works nice and thenmusic and aesthetic is appealing for me.
~ C Sorenson
I mean what do I need to claim amzing graphics, hilarious and fun, and what better its h3
~ Seth Silverberg
still love this release. It can be laggy, but runs ok. also waiting for more lvls!!
~ purple patronus
love this release! I'm a gigantic fan of Ethan and Hila I'm so glad they were able to create this happen!
~ FullMetalJacket 7
Nice release to pass time and has really pretty colors and aesthetic 13/10 would suggest for a nice time👌🏼.
~ Alondra Cabrera
It's fun but my only complaint is that it requires wifi to test. How about a offline mode?
~ FlapJack
fupa king ethan klein is purrfect. even better than ethan Bradbury. im a real pimp actually. wuddup piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmps
~ Mr. Granpinator
It's a fun tiny release! Better then I expected honestly. I also love all the voice acting from h3h3. If you like releases like jet box joyride you'll dig this.
~ Taylor Cox
Cute nice release yes...But when will this release go offline? why do I need internet to test?
~ MrPepperoni
This release is AMAZING! Very fun with pretty graphics and kitzy song. would definitely suggest!
~ Madison García
absolutly love this release it is a blast love you guys nice job on the release your youtube channele and the pod cast you both are truly nice recipients congrates on the baby lad hes got the coolest parents in the entire globe
~ Brandon Arter
The release is a spectacular representasion of what H3H3 is, hilarious, fun, and most of all, T H I C C.
~ C. C.
This release is so freaking nice! It's full of goofs, and full of gafs. It made me wish to eat a salad and sit in my Jew hat. Thank you guys for such a entertainimg release, especially that you even added your voices! Papa bless boi!
~ Bryan Lazar
The release lags alot and even when I'm pressing Ethans head to transport, I don't transport at all. The release makes me do weird things like having me let the release to use storage
~ the cringest channel on youtube
When are you going to banner a tiny Theodore hero, i know its a bit early, but he should be wearing a spiderman costume or something
~ rhhebegs sjeheb
I like the release overall but the joystick in-release is a tiny hard to control, but another than that its a nice release!
~ A Google user
Literary the release I usually wanted and required , with bonus H3H3 added ! Must represent the fam , purely nice. #FupaGang #VapeNaysh
~ Fenyvesi Erwin
usually force stop the release and return to my home screen,when the release loading comes to 80% please fix my trouble I'm using 1gb ram device. sorry for my terrible English 😥
~ Unknown Error
The release is nice, love the voice acting, and the fact that it looks very arcade like. Only thing would be the slight glitchy moments the release has each once in awhile another then that i really enjoy the release. - Papa Bless
~ Jonathan Gonzalez
I unfortunately had to give this release 4 stars because I was only able to test it once. Even though I have high speed internet that's very dependable, the release would load up to almost 90%, then claim unable to connect. I was able to test it once and I absolutely loved this release!! My daughter and I love watching your videos and I hope that this will obtain resolved quickly so I can continue testing. Love you guys!!!!
~ Rebecca Strange
i love there vids and actually i love there release the controls arw so easy and there no complications the lvls are cool and also mimics their videos the costumes are cool those also mimic the videos I just really love this release and I also suggest it to you guys who watch H3 H3 Productions and love Ethan Klein and hila Klein
~ Luis Rodela
papa bless. nice release. but is it possible to create it offline? live meetings release are cool, but i dont think its a need to be connected all the time. what if i wish to just test the single user mode?
~ Ano Ni Muse?
i couldn't even dream of a thiccer veloctuous classic and sexier ver of ethan hila is beautiful as hell aswell. thank you very much for making such a fun and easy release for nonpaid. papa bless love from israel!!
~ noe berrebi
This release is a nice release because it has two currencies of which you can transfer, which I like. Also, I like the voice acting and all of the references to the h3h3 YouTube channel. Of course I downloaded this release because I am a gigantic fan of the fupalicious beanie God himself (Ethan Klein) and of course the HATE cap wearing Hila Klein.
~ Anand Takk
i think this release is very fun and extremely addicting, so addicting that all I've been doing is testing.I've played so much that i lost my job and im actually going through a rough divorce with my wife of 12 years. She's taking my babes and is moving up state with here mother but actually i got more time to test l
~ Rocky Flores