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About: Receive ready for the next scene of warfare with the nonpaid walkthrough MMO Guns of Glory! GoGs thrilling multiplayer RTS gameplay lets you raise your own potent units to shoot down aggressors and squad up with dudes from around the world. In Guns of Glory, you take the lead as a rising Boss in a Kingdom thrown into fight! To become supreme ruler and seize the Crown of Destiny from the devious Cardinal, youll ally with the known Three Musketeers, kill ferocious beasts, build your own superb Castle, engineer an unstoppable Airship, rally with dudes to destroy aggressors, and more! FEATURES: Walkthrough Warfare! Train an units of loyal Musketeers, manage your resources, construct devious traps and raid your aggressors into oblivion, all in order to claim the crown and turn your Alliance into an unbeatable empire! Impressive Airships! In an era of emerging progress and science ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 82MB Developer: DIANDIAN INTERACTIVE HOLDING
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About: Rong Tam Quoc Nm Thin C nh Thin H! t hn trong chng ta ai cng tng mt ln nghe qua cu chuyn cu b rng ca tc gi Yamahara Yoshito ngi Nht Bn. Cu chuyn l chuyn du hnh nh mnh ca 2 a tr khi b rng thing cun vo th gii tam quc trong lc ang i du lch cng lp hc. Gia lc thi th lon lc, phi chng a tr l thin mnh, lnh nhn thin thng nht tam quc? n vi rong tam quoc mobile ngi chi s ha thn vo chnh cu b thin mnh ...

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Developer: Osman Ruzgarli [email protected]



Guns of Glory Reviews and Comments:

please consider making the stronger castle unable to attack much lower cadtles. its not great if you just run testing the release and obtain attacked the entire time. im sure lots of recipients leave because of this reason. The same automated response for everybody, don't even take the time to read your recommendations, as long as they create dollars. poor release.
~ Ashley Cook
YOU RUINED THE GAME! I been testing over a year actually,it was nice release, lots of recipients in the kingdom, actually the release is dying and the developers are for the blame. You just hold proving with each modernization you create that it's not worth spending dollars. I'm not bothered about the dollars as much as all the time wasted, even cross server meetings won't bring users back. You made release unplayable, I just hold running out of time all the time. You could consider, I won't be testing any of the company g
~ Sergei Sivtsoff
i dont mind the release and the recipients in my castle are cute cool however the weekly upgrades are usually an trouble and after this modernization its been a day and still can not log in therefore meaning i would be behind in the meetings ect absolute joke weekly updayes and there is usually troubles
~ Robert Wise
Pay to victory! Spent three weeks building up forces, only to be raped by high dollars spenders. No chance of getting anywhere unless you spend dollars. Actually the developers are gonna claim "no one is needed to spend dollars and this a nonpaid ver." DUH. But with the high dollars spenders, there is no lvl testing fields. A 30 million power attacking a 5 million power, how is that a fair or a lvl testing field?
~ Craig Miller
Do not waste your time. Product is for spenders. kingdom 58 has no moderators to watch chat. Full of racial slurs. No matter how many times you report it, nothing is done. Here's a recommendation for the originators. Allow those of us that wish to transport to other decent kingdom transport without having to run over. This is NOT a family friendly release. Do not allow your babes test. Don't waste your time reporting offenders GOG does nothing about the racial slurs or language.
~ A Google user
if you dont pay, you wont compete, dont even waste your time unless you can pay, it's no secret these releases require a pay to victory atmosphere.
~ Minecraft SOLO Builders
modernization has destroyed the release, it keeps loosing connection during loading. will not run! newest patch is destroying too on run up.
~ Eddie Pawel
it is real that you will never be at the top without spending dollars, but you war the ones you can and hide from those you can't. The release is nice but heaven forbid you have a trouble. Customer service is poor and I have never known of one trouble to be solved successfully.
~ David Campbell
like zday its also fun to test. One thing is, whats the running process after you close the release. I see an icon that claims its using time and battery.
~ Phillip Jackson
it is just like Boss of Avalon and the graphics are nice. The RP is incredibly nice and it has so many diffent monsters. 5 Stars all the idea.
~ Lee Moua
While the release does suffer from typical troubles with these types of release, long building times, massive resource requirement etc. There are plenty of ideas to receive things in this release without using true globe dollars, it just takes longer. Interesting meetings abound on a regular basis, join an alliance tp progress faster. (Insane Axeman #366)
~ David Pickles
There are so many things you can do in this release, there is no idea that you can obtain bored with it! Receive in a nice alliance and be an active participant, donate and support as many times as allowed and you will become a valued member and your growth will be nice. And you will be respected by the leaders and another members of claimed alliance. There are many options to spend true dollars only if you like too. Yet it's not essential to spend true dollars, because of what I claimed in my first sentence.
~ Edward Stowell
cant obtain it to download again. accidently deleted release while the download was pushing through device. thought the release was frozen but instead it was doing an upgrade. how can I obtain this release to download again. JUST SAYS DOWNLOAD PENDING FOR OVER 10 HOURS NOW...... support this is truly the storyline as to how they are entirely stupid. if I couldnt download the release how the hell am I going to customer service in release. please claim me
~ Chase Mills
loving the release never is there a time where I think I,m bored, or there is nothing to do, nice informations, nice alliances, overall nice release. Only 1 thing too many informations covering the screen making it a tiny hard to see the entire if the screen, but part from that AWWWWWESOOOOOME.
~ Jason Chamberlin
its cute challenging when you wish it to be. ive been testing for almost a year and it still doesn't obtain old the recipients in my alliance are nice and from all over the globe . I'm just as hooked actually just as the first day i started testing.(my review from a year ago).. actually 2 years later. i still enjoy the release the addiction is still true but cost idea to much dollars to be able to compete with bigger users ive actually spent around 2500$ u.s. on this release which is stupid but oh well have to pay2 test
~ Lucus Wooten
Nice release!! I would give 5 stars but you do have to pay some dollars for complete release informations. Im fully hooked, and I give credit to the developers for nice storyline and content. Some informations were hard for me to understand, I'm still learning, and some kingdoms are lot stronger than my kingdom, but you have to test the release, right?
~ J.K. Visuals1
pay to test, if you wish to now not die to higher lvl users, you will be forced to pay to increase your later castle lvls.
~ Elizabeth liz
tried to enjoy the release, however, because of others having launch conversations [ shouldn't be public ] I am deleting the release and will claim that at least for actually it is garbage.
~ Clayton Joiner
only dollars skimming release. If you have dollars and love spending than definitely a release for you, another wise you will stay low and will not enjoy the release. so think twice before..,..
~ fida hussain
you are to much greedy...after today modernization.i don't wish to test anymore this release.according today correspondence price currency exchange rate change, so why still showing your pakage in hk dollar as per your last updat,is it like you are asking more dollars by indian only.give me respond asap.
~ sourabh khare
gotta expensive release in the globe. the finest skill in release - credit card. this price £90.99 is per WEEK !!!!! just for one thing. terms are simple if you don't pay you can't victory , everyone farm you. If you wish to spend over £200 per week and kick everyone this release is for you.
~ Rafal Grabowski
it's a fairly fun release but it is hard to figure out all the things that you can do to create more power it seems to be hard on purpose easy things like changing kingdoms can't be done which makes no sense whatsoever would be a fun release if you didn't have to research each tiny thing to search out how to do it
~ Chris Brangers
there are 6 buttons and (deals)where you spend dollars to obtain alittle bit of equipment thats (bonus)you should spend thousands of dollars and obtain nowhere since there is usually someone who spends more than you dont download last year the guys who made this release made 6.9 billion dollars so they are the largest scam of all if you dont spend dollars obtain ready to quit
~ lets game
Fully misleading and dishonedt marketing. They used footage from a first person shooter in ads to entice downloads, I'm deleting instantly as I assume they are also dishonest in what they do on your device and with your stats.
~ aaron skinner
I am so pissed. My details dont add up and they really dont support you. They just hold asking questions and in the end you will obtain no support and the trouble will not be resolved.
~ A Google user
this release is very unfair and un ballanced, very high users obtain to attack very weak users, the lower users can not grow and gain power because of that, unless you pay then you might be able to grow..?? so please dont waiste your time downloading this release.. you will not grow power. Whata waiste.
~ Exzavier seagal
very great release fun but only trouble is you can't leave a kingdom to join a newest one after castle 5 because I'm not liked in my kingdom and everyone attacks me for no reason I can't grow and I want that in other modernization that you should give everyone a kingdom teleporter to join a random kingdom p.s I have place a lot of dollars in this release and would like for this rather than restarting !!
~ unknown guy6
After fixing a several glitches they finally improved. I still would like to see a Kingdom where nobody can buy a box. A Kingdom where you can only grow stronger by your skill and putting in time
~ Jon Simmons
I love this release. But should you please create more detailed guides? I Am 14 million power, but there is still a lot I don't know about the release. Please have guides on each part of the release and teach everything there is to know. Then I will happily give 5 stars.
~ alan werrett
newest modernization has made it harder to obtain resources unless you buy them. virtually no customer service/help. unless you have thousands to spend on this release I dont suggest testing because their nonpaid test makes it virtually impossible to hold up with pay users even with 5 farm accounts. false advertising, your creation doesnt support in fights. some walkthroughs do not work. lots of crashes during large meetings. fix your release dev's!
~ Karen Kmetz
severely disappointed, advertising is fully misleading. banners present being in actual shooting meetings?? Product seems very complicated with tiny guidance, or ,,,,, I just flat out don't understand what to do? I have found the exact same disappointment with Globe on Fire. Disappointing. 😕👎👎👎
~ Robert Wegener
customer service fully ignores troubles bring reported. Releases cintent before its ready and then blames the users. And to prove my target i will obtain an automated response to this review showing that they didnt read or address any troubles we are having.
~ Terry Spice
customer service response took almost a week and half to even correspondence me back. also the lack of fixing release troubles. like the option to turn off kingdom speakers doesnt now work. they still pop up. Dont refund your dollars from a misclick even with valid proof. Why do I pay to test this release and obtain this kind of treatment??!!
~ Fieryrose 1226
only reason i downloaded this release was to write this review. The advertisments are stupidly misleading! some of them are clips ripped from video releases! The banner where a guy is shooting a revolver at a group of army behind a fence that looks like a civil fight war is from Darkest of Days, a pc release! I played a bit of Guns of Glory, it's stupid pay to victory garbage, would rate it 0 stars if i should!
~ Brett Shepler
Nothing like the banners. Fully misleading. I downloaded this because I saw first person shooter release footage on YouTube. Additionally, I saw a related banner with true time walkthrough footage. These banners are clearly fully false and misleading.
~ Michael Jennings
I absolutely love this release. Everything is so fascinating. The target of the release is to defend and upgrade your castle but in order to upgrade your castle you have to attack another castles for loot. you could so download it. I promise you'll love it
~ Tyson Schreier
GoG is an awesome release with major war matching troubles. This past Kingdom against Kingdom war used GoG's Excalibur matching system to give us "fairly" matched foe(s). The effects of Excalibur's matching was laughable at finest yet GoG help staff claims we were fairly matched. Kingdom 108 (8 C40's W/ 4mil+ units every & 20 or so C36 to C39's) was matched versus Kingdoms 307 (2 C40's) & 336 (0 C40's). Cute self explanatory to anyone with common sense but not to GoG help.
~ M.D. Rushing
I started this release because banners showed different versions of gameplay that looked cool. None of that gameplay is now in the release. I spent $0.99 too unblock newest informations, thinking that would launch that gameplay, but it did not. Box claimed it was worth $28, but is not even worth the $0.99. This a release where you build a fortress and attack others. It is better than some another releases of that kind but not even close to what the banners portray. This release has false advertising and is a lie.
~ Joshua Ludwig
Fun, addictive, at least for a while. Regardless of ads, those willing to part with true dollars will do better then those that don't. The Kingdom you are in will create release more, or less, enjoyable. In time all kingdoms succumb to the most potent users. Those that spend the most ultimately control kingdom terms. This makes it hard to survive without spending true dollars. There is nothing for non spenders to do about the inevitable. Non-spenders have no value to developers.
~ Jacob Marley
Regular purchaser here. 4-11 unauthorized 99.99 charge. Still have the gear untouched in my inventory. Gave them the benefit of the doubt it would obtain fixed, nope! Today 5-25 while testing the release I was disconnected during the uac meeting and returned two mins later to a 49.99 dollar charge unauthorized. can we fix it so I can pay and test everyday, or does customer service not matter? Might just take my dollars elsewhere..
~ Scott Dreier