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About: Simple and intuitive controls: obtain a hang of the release from the obtain-go and run climbing up the ranks! Vivid graphics and help for older devices: stunning visuals will hold you glued to the screen, while the hardware requirements remain very moderate. Engaging PvP fights: enjoy squad-based fun across numerous maps and release modes. The adrenaline-filled action never stops in GoB! Superhero customization: make a special superhero by using a combination of different perks and equipment skills, and search the great look with hundreds of cosmetic equipment. Creating a flexible build for your test style is as simple as ever. Regular upgrades and meetings: with constant content additions, newest informations, and colourful themed meetings, youll never be bored. This release just keeps on giving! Pro Test Mode: eSports meetings with users from globally acclaimed squads. Can ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: Game Insight
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About: From the creator of Agar.io, the newest online smash hit game comes to mobile! Upgrade your tank, shoot down other players and reach the top of the leaderboard! Shoot and destroy blocks and other players to earn XP, level up your tank and unlock new classes, weapons and abilities! Will you choose the rapid-fire machine gun, control a swarm of guided missiles, shoot in all directions or something else? MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ACTION! Play with dozens of other players at once on huge ...

Developer: Miniclip.com

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Developer: DarkLordGame

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Developer: BATTLE

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Developer: Pixel Snack

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Developer: Yobimi Studio

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Developer: PlayTender

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Developer: hotgames



Guns of Boom - Online Shooter Reviews and Comments:

love the gameplay and controls. not much I would change. would love to see 10 to 15 person squads but 3 to 5 person squads are really nice. love the graphics and costumes.
~ waynr Adkins
I like the graphics actually day releases got to much going that it became hard to test some time easy is better and these release really nail it with the graphics and release test control really recomend to test, but I would like to have a bigger map and a idea to communicate with you squad colleague
~ Fredy Gonzales
I like this release very much but recently I'm facing a trouble, my release is not opening and giving a system message that Internet connection needed but I have a very nice Internet connection... Please do something about this trouble
~ honour guy
Nice release but not that much nonpaid things and no everyday collection. you can't launch doors too, but for anyone this is a fun release for when your bored if you add those things that I claimed this is a five. I was going to place 3* but for the sake of you guys I place 4
~ Muhammad Haque
its an nice release i love to test that but from last 24 hour i release isnt working properly often it stop on the loading oc 58% and zhow internet connection trouble though i am having a nice internet connection.....plzzzz support me with this........
~ A Google user
Hi! ; ) This is finest release i played forever. I liked this release but one thing that anger is that when i launch guns of boom it will upgrades and this modernization wastes a lot of time. Thanks!
~ Abeera Iman
Release is Destroying too many times don't know why but even if i am ingame it will obtain shut down each times first i thought it's happening because of internet connection but my not is perfectly fine then also don't know why it's happening. if developer have any solution to support me with this trouble pls support me
~ Srinivas Chiluka
the release is nice but my only concern is that i am left handed,i aim with my left thumb and transport with right thumb,please create the joystick shiftable to the right side of the screen,or a button to switch between two types of controls,this would be very useful,even though am terrible at it with this controls,am still enjoying it,ill be grateful if u add that information🙂
~ Johnny Bravo
even with 2.6 kd still search hard time to obtain gunbacks . this is stupid . when I see user who now paid dollars on the release he is unstoppable. and it happened . shame how nice release destroyed by this ways .
~ Hesham Ali
This release is just for several recipients, for the rest of as, the majority, is just other release who is trying to take as much dollars is possible from our pocket. Genre - GAMBLING
~ RaDu D
I'm a large fan of the release, however since the 2 newest upgrades I've hardly got to test a proper release without any disconnection troubles and its NOT my network or device. As a effects of this my ranks have dropped considerably and im sure im not the only one, as if its not hard enough already testing versus users who buy everything, how can a guillotine3 and lvl3 jacket slay a mamba level 4 and level 11 jacket user, its ridiculous when hits dont register. Also the dollars to grow timing is really terrible.
~ Brandon josias
Love the release. To all of you who have purchased gold and didn't obtain any, sometimes it takes a while. I purchased some and I had to reopen the release for it to present up.
~ D.J. Tucci
worst programming, I played at 19th lvl after that the should not be able to launch even powerful internet connection, I again and again download the release but didn't run. it's programming fault. very worst experience.
I've been testing for almost 2 yrs. The release is the finest and most realistic shooter I've found. The graphics and actual gameplay are wonderful and the weapons and war help are upgraded constantly. And as for release add-ons you have plenty of options in gaining advanced hardware. The only drawback I've noticed over time is the access to tech help. It used to be topnotch but as the release has grown, the tech help has moved to an automated response platform which is in need of a reboot.
~ Nell Evans
i am in lvl28 the aggressors comes with porcupine, baracunda, juggernaut.what the hell with you.what you wish.unitall this release plzz respond speedy.....plzz fixxx and one trouble more: the downloading is going on in30% it be claims the internet connection is weak.....and one more trouble i face ....is the release file was not downloading what the hell?....it writes attention internet connection failed...
~ Srikant Kumar
nice release, but stop the dam hackers!!! i test fare and still beat the hell out of some of them..need to do something about that..I'm an ex marine and you dont victory batttles by cutting corners...obtain it straight!!!
~ Miguel Sepulveda-cruz
I'm giving it two stars because I can't really test the release properly. The release is nice and I liked it. But I usually have to reconnect to the release which sucks. (fiy I can test small legends properly with my internet) Please fix this, I liked this release but the connection just ruins it.
~ Chico Rico Rivera
I have loved this release for months.. that was until I modernized too season 3... Actually it wont finish uploading and claims I dont have an internet connection!!?? I do have a very nice and speedy connection. and an S9 plus. never had any troubles until the modernization. Am currently waiting for Dev squad to figure something out. Will report back with modernization. otherwise I love this release. Also, contrary to another reviews, you dont have to spend to victory and transport up in the ranks.
~ Todd Albright
The gameplay is great but 1. There's no idea you can communicate with your squad colleagues. causing really terrible teamwork. 2. Power scaling of the guns is terrible. Random cheap guns are stronger than expensive ones. Newest "limited edition" weapons are stronger than the classic ones. 3. One has to unnecessarily wait after the matches. ( if you hit 500/1000 before the time is over ) 4. The maps are too tiny so it makes the release boring after a while. Introduce newest modes (which are constant) and newest larger maps
~ Joy Mittra
it is nice release , it's graphics are nice , many guns are there but we can't talk to every another , we can't fire by ourselves and we can relod the guns only 2 times only if we use the entire reloded bullets once and the controls are nice but there could be sprint or run option . PLEASE do anything about these things.🙏👍👌✌
~ Sunita Singh
cool thanks Michael DanielMananta and we are going to the following file to your blog and I will be in city and country blocking which are used to work with your company and its app for the use and disclosure under the management company in Melbourne FL USA Newest year with you on this one was harm me the feedback for you read this and another information of your time in your life to its customers in your life
~ Whisnu Andhika
nice release i have played before and i enjoy it its fun to test. it should use some work in my opinion it should use a trading system were if you dont like a actual thing you have you should trade it in for something newest. or a system were if you dont like your actual gun you can sell it and obtain back the amount you paid for it. i also think there could be more release modes such as capture the flag and wave defender. if you haven't played the release yet you could it speaks for its self.
it is cute great I got to claim, but sometimes it gets stuck in the middle of the release which is very frustrating. All in all it is a nice release but they could do some tweaking and solve this trouble. Also what I hate bout this release is that an modernization thingie comes and u have no choice but to modernization it cuz otherwise it wouldnt load nor u should test the release which is annoying. But I like this release and would suggest u if u have patience😂
~ Hafsa Rahman
I have played this gane since the beta ver. I spent some dollars on the release and actually I'm locked out of my profile and it keeps claiming internet connection needed... I HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION! I've deleted the cache and uninstalled the release. Nothing seems to work. This release is also pay to victory so don't be fooled by the banners. If you're not willing to spend $10-30 you will not have fun with this release.
~ Charles Hull
Im giving it a 5 stars but can u guys create the weapons cheaper and for 250 gold actually we obtain 18kGunbucks do it 300 for 25000 gunbucks and can u create everyone on the squad obtain same amount of dollars cuz my dude is usually mad at me why u obtain so many kills i have 2 accounts on 2 devices so im using 1 profile only and he is just yelling at me he gets defeated and no kills and not much gunbucks so can Yall pls do the things that I wrote It.If u pther recipients aggre respond me And i Love G.O.B So much ty.
~ Gaytri Nisar
I am testing this release when it was released, actually this release is all about grinding hard to accumulate weapons, and whenever newest weapon arrives they nerf old one, and most important thing about this release is it is full of hackers.
~ Akshay Dhandare
their modernization process fails and you cant test till they fix it. I see this is quite common for Samsung note8 and 9 players. nice release I'd they just responded to the bugs. Scared to invest dollars in a release with no dev replies to troubles reported. Ps: Do not bother complaining or giving negative feedback on google test shop. They will block your ID and you will never figure out why, your upgrades are failing. They will assign a name and number like groaningtroll94810 to your test ID and you can never test the release again. I will be getting in touch with google via my lawyer to figure out if they think this is fair. Most decent companies test to support their players not ban them. You have been warned. My 2 cents don't bother reporting troubles or complaining you will obtain blocked.
~ Rohinton Chinoy
my name is William Dennison AKA Williekillakid313 I have invested a lot of dollars and time into this release and for actually I can't go no further because my release is stuck on the front page I cannot proceed into any fights and I am on lvl 40 out of 50 I do know one thing I deserve a refund for all the dollars that I have place forth into this release I am missing out on meetings and I am not getting any support from customer services. I am still waiting on a solution and nothing yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ William Dennison
at first i gave it one star for lags. but they have fixed it. nice job. but i just tested and found out reporting users for afk or deliberate loss never goes punish. what a joke.
~ Cho L.
It's a very unbelievable experience while testing this cool release. Looks a tiny bit cartoonish but that's what makes it cool. Overall it's nice for begginners who wish to test releases like call of duty! Some troubles are there but that's ignorable. Thanks GOB for this experience!
~ saroj singh
Predatory release & absolutely Pay - to - Victory... The bait release devs use is Unpaid - to - Test aspect, then rig each match favor of aggressor with large spenders or hackers who have mega armor & super weapons to one - shot slay you... The gold reward is nonexistent & dollars reward payouts are joke, grinding for weeks 24 / 7 without sleep will only give you 1,000$... You're forced to spend true dollars to advance as lvl - ups only unblock weapons etc... Hope they pass law versus release companies & drug walkthroughs.
~ Josephineas Weisseveathyrheraaressciaaddam-Rheimann
for some reason when i load up guns of boom again it wont allow me. it will claim not available to test right actually. and also guns in the shop is too expensive. the release is such a pay to victory. the matchmaking is terrible because another recipients have idea beter guns than me and is on a higher lvl than me.
~ Dimondpro gaming
it never allow's me test, all it claims is internet connection error though I know it's wrong, I've been testing this since 1 year, please fix it dude, this is happening again, can you fix it
~ Sayeed Akram
This release is very cool...Finest graphics for an FPP release on a small yet...But the only trouble is that the upgrades come very frequently and a lot of time goes off upgrading it ,like each week or 2 a mew modernization comes..its a nice thing ...but it gets irritating sometimes.... otherwise this is the finest FPP shooter release on small yet...with the tons of guns and maps, it gets better when u lvl up...its not only a deathmatch but also combines with few modes and gives u the finest FPP experience.
~ Abhijeet
love the release,, however they have added 2 perks, invisibility and seeing foes through walls and objects, both perks give bonus hurt.. the developers have created 2 perks which is the same as someone cheating. facing users with these perks how can anyone have a enjoyable release when the foe knows where you are on the map. or you can go invisible..SOLUTION, users with these perks test on a different server, until then its a 1 star rating. thanks for messing up this release.
~ Saad Omer
Downloaded the release without troubles but when I launch it to test for the first time and finish loading the rest of it it stops at 54% and claims "internet connection needed". I'm not only connected to wifi and have a great connection but even using straight time it claims the same thing and have zero troubles with any another online release.
~ Daniel Gemmel
pay to victory. terrible match up (purposefully to frustrate you into paying). repetition of the same maps over and over with neglect to others. Its not a terrible release, its fun when ever so frequently you obtain a nice match up, and its more thrilling as there's no claiming who will victory. you'd think with all this dollars being extorted the release would add more release modes and maps, but its cute much yhe same release it was years ago, just with more skins, and guns, and of cause pay to victory informations.
~ Ntlaka Constance
This is an edit of my previous rating. It did take some timefor the developer to solve my trouble, but it got solved in 2-3 days. Can expect much better response, but am pleased with this. As for the release, its wonderful. Nice for a beginner to run with his or her travel to become a User!!
~ Nawaneetan Sriraman
Are you a joke, misleading the public is versus the law. I have video proof of the person you let to represent your company in the chat form that you host on Discord claiming you mislead all the time. Next is the banning of users for claiming anything negative on a chat web on YouTube or any another media outlets, how do you have the right to stop nonpaid speech when it has been guaranteed to us under the constitutional of rights. There was no profanity just a discussion of what's going on
~ A Google user
My advise is to download it right actually if you are wasting your time in reading the comments. It is a very nice release. Nice graphics and nice gameplay. Once played you wont be able to stop testing it. I am testing this release with two ID of mine just because i hv finished this release from my first ID . I dont know after completing it second time will i be able to control myself or not to create a newest ID for this release or not.
~ A Google user