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About: Gun Shot Strike is a brand newest action shooting release. Is a globe full of fighting and glory. Each aspect of the release will create you feel shocked. Actually that you are a professional war commando shooter, your target is to destroy all aggressors. Keep your gun and search the terrorists around you through the radar. They do not know your existence, but when you run shooting, the aggressor will search your presence, so be very careful. Attention to the aggressor's attack, to protect their own security. target accomplished. Depending on the lvl of aggressors and AI, you will face a number of challenges. The more you slay the aggressor, the more reward you obtain. Join the exciting release to become the master of the battlefield. Gun Shot Strike Informations: - stunning graphics - Speedy-paced action shooting release - realistic 3D environment - all kinds of advanced w ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 26MB Developer: Doing Studio
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Gun Shot Strike Reviews and Comments:

It looks nothing like the pictures it's just a terrible quality release๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜’
~ louie vlogs
I'm sorry I know it's hard to develop releases but this literally doesn't worth downloading
~ A Google user
Thanks for the first time in my opinion. This will be able to offer you an experienced squad of type from around the globe of nice quality
~ Sumit Kumar
I think it is cute fun and it's nice to test but there is a lot of apps while testing it.
~ A Google user
create a modernization DOing, create a modernization of taking aim even from iron sight, red dot sight and improve the body movement and action.
~ Archana Dhan
Nice ๐ŸŒƒ baby ๐Ÿ‘ง is so much to do with the ๐Ÿ‘ช is going to bed actually so I have a nice night my love for you to do that again and I don't know how you feel better quick too late for you and your family are doing nice thanks so are u still at home actually baby ๐Ÿ‘ง I love the newest house
~ Umang surajkar
This is very nice release in this release we war with gun
~ Durjey Kayath
the aggressors are running on shootin g them and all lvl are same๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
~ Ashish kumar
i love it so much and I like how you can pick different territories anyone who is testing this release give it a 5 stars
~ A Google user
~ Thomas Howie
I haven't played it yet but I read the reviews and it sounds cute nice
~ gamerbits101 fortnite
It is a nice release for shooting those who don't like the release i not like them
~ A Google user
it was boring at first but then exciting when i countine to test
~ Blanca Collaso
nice release jus what i was looking for and thank you for not taking much mb
~ james garber
the one thing i do not like is that the guns are so much dollars but the rest is geat
~ Andrianna Puric-Lally
Not having great graphics it is slow to transport around , create a multiplayer match or offline squad match guys
~ A Google user
Wow.,so finest..nice release,i like it..but,many banners.
~ Zulkifli Mior
its really fake they present modern warfare remasterd guns and dont even have them in release ill give ya a 1 star wow
~ A Google user
you have a nice deal to be done in the next couple years of your own career and you can obtain the job you wish and you will have the opportunity and it will support your family to be better in a nice chance to obtain your hands out and obtain your hands
~ A Google user
to simple kept hitting recipients in the head at the same time not a waste of your time really fun
~ A Google user
Very nice condition and in the UK and Ireland and the family of the day of Christmas and newest years Eve of the most important thing is that the release
~ Kiran Isampalli
my favoured thing is about this release is you obtain to shoot persons in the release
~ A Google user
, because I like it too much I love it so much for the release AND THE POWER OF THE GAME IS REALLY GOOD
~ Jahne Morrison
I have a nice day and night and day and night and love you need a bit of an correspondence address and video releases and activities great tiny more. the only idea I can obtain a nonpaid fire my life in general
~ Hira Sing
I love this release because it is was of less it is better nonpaid fire because in that our small was hanging out
~ Yashoda Devi
i hate it the graphics sucks and i have to stop moving to look left to right back to forward o and has idea to much banners
~ A Google user
Its a decent release, it doesn't have a turtioral but you can easily claim how to test it.
~ Red Eye
Sucks!!! test for like ten seconds then 2atch an add then newest release. Complete rubbish.
~ Rick Clark
When you download and run this release, the first thing that you see is banners, and it is repeated after each lvl whether you lose or victory
~ Mohammad Afkousi
google hello my dear how can you claim what to claim I to meet up and running by a questio a holidays weekend my profile and the real meaning that please watch the vedio again and customer please search my CV attached to all those things the personality to be in
It is a very great release .This is the finest release I have played ever . The release has a unbelievable thing that babes can also test and adults can also test this release
~ suraj maloo
I am a pretty person. The comments for your support. I have a look at the moment and will continue. I think the finest of
~ Sakti Das
dgh รง5through and base plate of meal for thought you were a vailable of the main reasons for the above fittings are requested to upload photograph is going on in the same idea as the main section section section section section section section of silo structural deficit in meeting the above topic matter what I will talk to planning and confirm accordingly and send to the same to me through NLB and send compliance with proper cleaning and send compliance with proper training and send compliance w
~ Partha Chatterjee
it is a really nice release the only thing is I just started testing this release 1day ago and you can become a God in one second so that all I half to claim test the release its really fun!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜„
It's ok, there are many adds, its annoying, the reloading system confuses me sometimes, and in each newest lvl it shows you the controls which doesn't support because it's obvious already. but the guns look cool and we'll designed and as such. Also it doesn't look like the pictures
~ Drake Dray
I think this release is nice. only the guns are much expensive. another than this is all nice. graphics are nice. phisics of the release are also nice.i love this release. igave 4/5 bcz there is trouble of banners.if you cancelled the banners i will give5/5
very nice to know you do for me too your day been babe and I'll see u at home actually baby and my device and she is going well and sweet potato ๐ŸŸ for lunch tomorrow and see you quick my dude request and I'm so excited about this and ๐Ÿ’ญ it might have been there before
~ Praveen om Triphati
๐Ÿ˜ตHow can you make a useless release like this.All the missons are same lvl 1 to the last lvl.The enemys run like moonwalk.And the controls OMG!!๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคชshame on you guys lad.Make some nice release like small legend,PUBG,FREE FIRE etc.The name of this release could called "The Useless release" not "Gun Shot Strike".My dude cant stop loughing when he played this release.He claimed me that how should i test a useless release like this.About his release i gotta claim this is the wrost release i have ever seen in my life
~ A Google user
Worst release ever. If it was possible to rate no stars,I would've rated it with negative 10 stars. If you dare rate this release with more than one star. You will have a nightmare. I almost forget to claim that my dude is a witch.
~ Paulus Kalapuse
i loved this release but the banners present many times but if you turn off your time or wifi the banners will not s lose how again i claim you this because you will not hate the release. I gave this release 5/5 but the gun a litle weird because you can'tap the scope but its okay and the another are great .graphic are nice but sometimes the control when you charge your device the control will out of control and this is important if you lose a lvl the lvl will go to lvl one again i don't know why.................
~ adam khairul