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Gummy Drop! – Free Match 3 Puzzle Game   
About: JAM, CRUSH, & MATCH three or more candy like gummies and blast your idea through thousands of FUN lvls in this FREE puzzle release. Solve puzzles and rebuild known landmarks. Download the release that over 40,000,000 recipients are already testing worldwide! CRUSH combos of sweet gummies alone or challenge your dudes to see who can obtain the highest score! Matching candy like pieces is so exciting you wont wish to stop testing this addictive nonpaid match-3 puzzle release. LETS GO GUMMY! Blast Sweet Boosts Match jelly gummies to create premium power ups & boosts Crush rows with the Plasma Strike Blast candy like pieces with the Bomb Boost Pop launch everyday treasure chests full of gems and resources Crush lvls and obtain high scores to accumulate premium rewards Match-3 Excitement Juicy gummies squish & pop when you match them Puzzles with timed an ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Big Fish Games
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Gummy Drop! – Free Match 3 Puzzle Game Reviews and Comments:

can't test anymore without upgrading. Can't modernization without uninstalling and I lose my everyday rewards. this is the 3rd time. Done with this release.
~ Jodi Ehrhardt
coins disappear often. perhaps it is my device? The release is terrific. I am having an annoying trouble that may be similar to me Samsung Android more than the release so I can't blame the release.BIG FISH CONTACTED ME AND RESOLVED THE ISSUE.
~ Denny Lawrence
I would give a 5 star rating, but gave it 3 due to the fact that most flash releases give u a standard 5 lives from the outset whereas this release only gives u 3...which is a allow down. If u permanently wish 5 lives in this release u have to pay for it which i think is silly!!
~ Lisa Lloyd
1 it takes to long to obtain in to it. 2 when i switch on it wants up dating and that takes ages. 3 when you obtain into it its not responding. I have just tryed to obtain in to it and it has taken half an hour even when my wife plays it she claims the same
~ William Pickett
love building blogs from around the globe in different cities. the facts are fun and informative too!
~ amy ward
There's so much going on, right from the run, that it's hard to know what to do. The lvls seem to be more about randomness than skill. Played almost 30 lvls before I realized that I couldn't just WIN a lvl, I required a higher score, on EVERY lvl, in order to obtain required resources and create progress. I hate that kind of scoring because you don't know the REAL target. I may come back to this at some later time because I like the travel theme.
~ Rayna Thompson
I've been testing this release for 4 years. Each couple of weeks I have to do an modernization and afterwards there is some type of download error. Causing me to have to download newest ver all over again. Can you fix this bug?
~ DonnA Williams
I have been testing for over 8 years and plan on continuing to do so. it is my favoured release. I lost 2 years of test a several years ago and had to run all over. it took me over a year but I am actually beyond what I lost.
~ sylvia fox
love this release but actually it's not working right. When I lose and spin the dial for other chance it works but then when I obtain my choice of paying or the yellow box to obtain other chance and I spin and lose it just keeps going back and doesnt proceed to the next spin I just obtain stuck and hold getting videos
~ Judy Hunter
Tracking scores (coins and different points) was a LOT easier in the older ver, but it is fun, entertaining, and educational release. It makes me wish to Travel the Globe! I just want the 12 featured Blogs in every Town were linked to the Wikipedia page about them, and that I should replay the beautiful Supporting Hand graphics at the bottom since I usually miss it while testing.
~ Susan Jamieson
Fully fed up with the constant pushing of the travel jar. A lot of the later lvls take too long to complete. This release is speedy losing it's fun appeal.
~ Irene Carr
I have been testing alone for a long while actually, where are my dudes, i obtain no more support from any of them, only sam actually and then supports mr. ehat is wrong.
~ Maxie Du Plessis
keeps me occupied sometimes. when I need to sit and think. it's okay. my only trouble is the travel jar. unnecessary and comes up all the time. it's annoying.
~ thie khulumula
I love it but you can end up spending dollars to obtain ahead. If u don't buy coins. 1 life can take up to 15 minutes to renew thats excessive. Otherwise I love testing it.
~ Ashley Marie
Product is nice, please add some Asian cities like karachi, islamabad, lahore, Mumbai etc
~ Fouzia Saeed
i love the release but each time there is an modernization it doesn't let you to test until it upgrades and it takes 3days before it now upgrades and then you loose your everyday prize because you cant test everyday to claim the prize...this is definitely a glitch that needs to be fixed...if it happens again i will delete the release and transport on to something that won't block me from downloading a mandatory modernization SMH annoyed user
~ Shamika Blades
Fun thought provoking lvls. I enjoy reading about the landmarks from the different cities. The increasing difficulty challenges the user to improve their skills. Also for those who are using Fb it is possible to support and compete versus your dudes.
~ JFC Verebelyi
yes it is a bit repetitive but there are so many different lvls and every one has its own challenge. It does not create you spend any dollars to finish lvls, it is down to the individual. Definitely addictive. In my opinion it is a very nice release.
~ Sue Bevan
I've been testing this release for a long time. I was signed in to FB. I got a newest device and lost ALL of my lvls. It made me run fully over!!😠😠 I really enjoyed this release, but not enough to work back to where I was!!
~ Monique Foster
i really like this release vety much but have found that the more cities you go to the amount if points to obtain every of the cities tourist attractions require more and more points and when I obtain through the castle I am on actually I will quit testing as when you are requirting over a million points on all three colourful gems I am out.
~ Terri Smith
I have played this release for years and it is by far the finest match 3 release ever! There's usually something fun they add and its not frustratingly hard. Every country has newest song and graphics . Love this release!
~ Melinda Jones
I love this release it's so fun! I've never discovered any bugs or troubles and I highly suggest! I think BIG FISH GAMES did an nice job and supporting with the last several troubles another's have had. The only thing that I had experienced is I think that I could be played more coins,Like at least 100 coins instead of 10.Another than that I think everyone could test it!😀😄🥇🎮
~ Veronica Briceno-D'Arrigo
The release is okay to pass time by. I hate the upgrades and the system not allowing you to test without upgrading! It really could be our choice not the system BULLYING us to modernization to hold testing release.
~ Tonya Joseph
Gummy drop is my favoured release of this kind. I don't test anything else to hold me entertained. They charge for bonus lives, bombs, etc., but you can also earn them the more points you earn. Prices aren't terrible either, if you pick to buy.
~ Adriana Mroczka
I love the release been testing a long time,the only trouble that I have is that I don't obtain lives that are sent by dudes. Fix that and I would give you a 5. Also I want you would up your lives to 5 instead of 3. Thanks
~ Debbie Elliott
Disappointed. I completed doing the multiplier, I made it to 20x, but nothing happen. I still have my old score. Other think I notice, when using the arrows to clear a column, they only go halfway.
~ Juanita Whitney
This Product I have been testing for about a week wants you to spend lots of dollars on. all the different power ups , Lives, and Casinos . Coins that you obtain come Very Several at a time. I live on SS ,,This Product is To "Rich" for my Blood.
I was testing Gummy Drop for **Many years ** but for some Strange reason or other I have Lost all the Travellings that I had gone to in the 1'st zone, I had now made my idea... over to Japan for Pete's sake, plus Another Countries as well, but I have **No Way...on Where All my << Difficult Work>> Had gone while was testing this release for the Last ** 20 some Years !!! But Yet I have to run.....*** All Over ...once again !!! ** But don't obtain Me wrong~~ Still 💙 💛 💜 💚 to Test ** Gummy Drop.
~ A Google user
I'm responding to my last response review. Your claiming me theres no such thing as Boss Coins, are you nuts. It has cost me $99.00 three (3) times which i've received no credit for. You need to go back and check for yourself. Their named Boss Coins!!
~ Darlene Wilson
WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE VIDEOS AND THE FREE LIFE?????? Is there NOT ANYONE responsible to - at least!!! - explain????? They have over half a million users and still present no respect for them ... I'm sorry, but I search this unacceptable
~ Niki Dr
Fun release even though it can be very short lived. some of these lvls can be very hard and three lives with very minimal opportunity to victory more can be very frustrating. All of a sudden the opportunity to obtain a second spin by watching a video is gone. If this is a glitch please fix it, if it was intentional...terrible decision.
~ Sherrie Springer
Fun release. Slightly choppy animations between lvls, though. Customer could also have the option of using the remaining moves for that lvl to further increase the score, even though he meets the requirements to beat the lvl instead of being forced to finish it right away.
~ Matthew McDonald
lve been testing this for about three years, if not more. It Has become ridiculously hard and w 3 turns allows me to test for ONLY a couple mins, which isn't even worth the time it takes to load up. It was my favoured release but has actually become annoying and not worth my time. One would think makers would wish customers to stay and test.
~ Kelly Diruscio
Usually the release FORCES me to modernization I lose all of my boosters. I can't test until it's completed and my everyday premium reverts to day 1. And it literally takes at least an hour to modernization. very frustrating. I'm ready to give up the release all together. the upgrades have taken away the bonus gifts, such as watch an banner for a nonpaid test as well
~ Chris Mahurien
I've been testing this release for a number of years. it's the only release I come back to. The only buy I have made in that time is to upgrade to 5 lives rather than 3, a one time buy. I am actually about 17 cities in. When I changed my device and signed back in on the newest one I lost all my progress. Large Fish were nice and sorted it all out for me. definitely a 5* release. Just hard enough to create me think and not so hard that I lose patience. Thank you.
~ Amanda Murdoch
This is my favored release! Have been testing it nearly daily for a several years already. Love the lvls and graphics. Completed the newest castle, but still enjoy going back to the others to beat the harder versions. I lost all my time and back to the beginning once after upgrading the release, but their friendly staff helped me to obtain it back after contacting them through their help. Love it so much! Thanks for making a nice release!
~ Michelle Liew
All of a sudden the release is so hard? You cannot obtain your 'tickets' for the rewards
~ Elmien Botha
Just started testing this and I love it! It's fun, simple test and it keeps you wanting to come back and test!
~ Amber Rittman
uninstalling....got bored. this release is to controlled into trying to push you into buying. lives and coins.
~ Gigi Bell
Speedy gameplay with colourful graphics create for truly engaging, entertaining fun. Watch time just fly by testing Gummy Drop! Suggested!
~ Aaron Boone