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About: Welcome to Granny. Granny keeps you locked in her house. Actually you have to test to obtain out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything. If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. You have 5 days. Nice luck! The release includes ad.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 66MB Developer: DVloper
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Granny Reviews and Comments:

Hi this release is fun and I love testing it I like the spider it look so adorable and granny at first was scary and creeping the Hell out of me when I got used to her beating me with bat I started to transport around some more and hiding less this release is so nice and fun to test if I run I don't wish to stop thanx for this nice horror release you guys could create more releases like this etc. IT , Friday the 13th ; chucky; Annabelle; stay alive (like that horror video ) etc
~ PinkypieSCPA gamer
i really love this release and i love the newest upgrades! I like how granny has a newest font for the days, and the house got much bigger! it makes it idea harder to finish the lvl. but i was wondering, me and my dudes test this but i was wondering if you should make a multi-user mode where multipul recipients can join one release, and an super extreme mode where granny can slowly crawn through tiny territories like vents or tiny territories what if there was this mode where multiplayers should be chosen as granny
~ _TinyJewelAnimates _
i used to love this release until and modernization was made. actually it mades the noise like I or granny has knocked over something when neither of us have. I can no lomnger obtain into the outside zone, where the shed and test house are, meaning that I will never be able to excape the house, (there are ideams you need in there. unless the release produces fix this bug ,as I like to call, I will nolonger enjoy or test this release. however the original release was VEEY nice actually its horrible.
~ Mackenzie Dierker
Granny is my favored release ever......I have been testing it since a long time......But,actually, I think it's becoming a tiny boring........ and the reason is that...... there are very less rooms for me actually.... plz make more room...make as many rooms as many u can......So that i don't obtain bored..... And, one more thing...... In Granny....we can. hoose our lvl which we wish to test like......practice, simple, medium, hard, extreme....and actually, i wish one more mode....and that is impossible...
~ Vitty Koul
Seriously it is scary. After I shoot granny with shotgun . I started seeking another thing and I notice that granny will wake up after a secong actually . I remember that I drop gun in upper basement of garage in the gate of tunnel i was going to pick up the gun but granny suddenly appeared and hit me .Damp! seriously I was so afraid i threw my small back ward of my bed . Thank God that the screen was not cracked or damaged.
~ रबीदर सीह
I really like this release and the newest 1.7 modernization is AWSOME. I live the Freze Trap and everything but I think there would be a better type of dessing for it since the release is supposes to be in a creepy old type of house and that is a tiny too newest-style for Granny and mabye a bit much in the idea that is made(just comparing with the release grafics and how it used to be) I'd claim. Anyway, the gameplay is amasing and im a large fan of granny!♥♥
~ Dream Big Princess
hey im a large fan of the release and my another dudes are too. but id love to see a idea to save your progress in the release. and id also think it would be cool to see if you guys should add a two user option so you and a dude can escape the house together. hopefully you guys take this into consideration. anyways love the release❤
~ River Smith
Usually that granny puts a Trap on the door of a cabinet and obtain stuck in it. Even if the trap is already closed by some reason. it'll forever be there until i die or decided to quit the release and restart it. The only and Only option after that is to restart the release. I hope you can create an modernization where Granny's trap couldve gone like literally gone for a 5 seconds after being closed after being trapped or place a massive thing in it.
~ angelico rico
Very creepy and spooky but i think you could change the rating from M+ to something like Teen or E10+ because fnaf is Teen and that is, though yours is nice, much creepier. The rating is off and could be fixed. One review i saw was claiming we shouldnt download because it can give you heart troubles but i have this to claim: 1. You shouldnt test horror releases when u have heart troubles anyways. 2. Shes supposed to come out of anywhere, its a small horror release. 3. These releases are gonna be creepy
~ TheIntenseGamer
BEST GAME! Omg the first several seconds of it the song is so dark and creepy and in my head I'm like PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS! LOL 😂😂😂 This is such a nice release! I wanted her to come to me so many times and she didn't... but when I didn't wish her to come she came... also what a spooky release! so fun tho! I was testing and she got me then an add came on it was uh uh (the lizard guy dancing) I was like OML 😲
~ A Google user
I need the option of the things from which we can go out and this release is very great .pleace rate my release.create newest releases like syldrina ,grandpa.change the things of my release. Iam looving this release.there is no difficulty.can you rate my release ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.my release is not rating.can you rate my release.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
~ A Google user
future upgrades. maybe search a parachute and then search a plank to cross this room downstairs and then use a ladder to climb onto the roof and jump off so you should escape. maybe for a newest ending, police officers should arrest granny. A backyard swimming pool. ROOM IDEAS: song room, slendrinas room, gym and spa?
~ A Google user
I think this release is nice and I beat her like 16 times and i,m just very nice at testing this release can you please do not allow us need dollars just to download granny on black basics I don't wish to use up my dollars please if you do that YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW what will happen comment down bellow if you wish to know what will happen. see ya.
~ allona egalatina
This release is nice the graphics are wonderful, the house is beyond awesome and the gameplay is fab. I hope to see more upgrades quick and if you do please hold adding to the house. And maby add other pet like a dog or something. And other thing I wanted to ask you is if you should let us to search in the forest. Thanks
~ Kymani Brown
trouble. so when I modernized it and I watched a youtuber test the release. , the picture of slenderina's mom on the side of the house , wasnt there when I played it. I closed the release, and went back to it. then i looked. it wasnt there.? was this a glitch, or a storyline thingy.
~ KawaiiUnicorn 08
if DVloper can create other map / other house for this release with even bigger and harder to escape, this release can even be more known, because i found myself gets bored when i have escaped, and just changes the difficulty and then wake up in the same room again and again, overall, i love this release so much tho, i hope Dvloper read this and add bonus map for this release, thanks.
~ Ivan Hariss
This release is just the one which is interesting and very nice experienced release it is I will give full stars because of the newest and unbelievable modernization and I would give 0 stars because of the scaryness It's very scary and very nice job you guys have done. Thanks DVloper for this magnificent release and my premium thanks to Dennis Vocanovic ( The originator of this unbelievable release) . Nailed it bro !
~ Prem Lata Sharma
Nice release. It's really fun, scary and thrilling and I really hope that you add more upgrades to this release like maybe give granny other pet, or maybe add more ideas to defend yourself from granny maybe like a tiny bomb that should blow her away and maybe even a fire trap that granny should walk on and be set on fire and burnt to a crisp and she should turn ash when you touch her.
~ The Horror Guy 2005
the release is really nice and is a mind fresher,the only thing is that there is a bug...when granny puts a bear trap near a crawling zone and when we go through there we obtain trapped by the bear trap and gets stuck there forever,granny wont hear it and the release freezes.This has happened to me twice please fix this,i had to restart the release :( . the thing is we obtain stuck on it forever and we wont be able to remove it at all...
~ Carolyn J
This is one of my favored releases the finest part it's the scary. I test this at school and everyone seems to like it. We usually screams and the teacher will be like WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE!?! And will be like we are testing granny..... And she will be like oh that stupid scary release! And she claims like you recipients afraid me to death! And we usually claims that we are sorry and we will test to scream quietly. Hahahah Anyway I REALLY LIKE THIS GAME❤️❤️💞
~ Anne-Marie Mwenge
The release is so much fun, and it never gets boring, however, the reason its not 5 stars is because, I think that with all the upgrades, its getting a bit much. I liked the house before you extended it. A better concept would be to create a brand newest house, with newest objects and rooms, instead of just adding so much to the original house, because its a bit chaotic. Of course, create it so you can still test in the original house, just add a newest one! 😃😃
~ emily rose
love this release sooo much! im addicted to it ...My only recommendation is that there is a couple different territories to pick from another than just the house. oh and for newest users i would recommend watching some granny gameplay on youtube so its not confusing where to search equipment and there is also a granny fandom web so you can learn about literally everything and each item in the release..
~ Brittany Morris
this release is tremendously adventurous and thrilling. ive already escaped the house in the extreme mode and all others too. Graphics are outstanding and the crow and spider too.granny is very careful and usually hear all my deeds. i only wish to know that when is the next modernization coming? ive given this release 5 stars and 57 of my dudes have installed the release. thank you.
~ Runa Ghosh Srinjoy
you could create a granny two where we are locked in a shed and have to go through a gigantic playground to search equipment to build a door to obtain out of the back yard, there has to be high fences and a electrical fence, locked with alot of locks. a underground tunnel to the neighbors yard, their yard is locked up too. need able to obtain into the neighbors house to search hidden equipment, create a pic lock for one of the fence doors, have dog house with a dog in it, kinda like grannys pet spider. for nightmare-
~ Avril Ostrander
creepy scary i love the release grany you can obtain it from Google test shop but you don't need to buy it you just have to install it on your device or pc or laptop or device or desctop! Do you love the release? yes/no i love the release a lot give it a like 👍 please please please please don't forget to send me the feedback and it was the finest I should you know if you can create a plan for the day but if you don't send any support with this one plan on YouTube i well be sad .i love it ❣💖💖💖
~ L Buz
Nice release! It's very scary but thrilling at the same time. I have played another DVloler's releases but this is the finest one. However,when I'm up in the attic in the cell granny comes in and she cant obtain out the door that leads to the crib room because the door keeps closing in on her but that doesn't change my opinion on the release. Nice Job DVloper!😁
~ Osoccer XD
I love this release!! It's super fun, and a nice idea to pass time. (especially when you are addicted like me) I love how it's compatable with my Samsung device, because a lot of apps aren't. My release has never glitched or destroyed. Nice job on that. My only recommendation is to maybe add more maps or other exit to the house. : )
~ A Google user
Have been testing, and loving this, since it came out. Last modernization type of sucks though. Im not liking how this release is changing. The newest endings are BAD. Theyre idea too cheesy. First it was the car ending. I cringed often i got it. Tacky as h*ll. Actually, the attic. Oh dear god. Its the WORST! I mean c'mon dvloper you have to know how poor they are. Stop trying to give personality or hero to Granny. She already has one. Shes Granny. Scary, creepy, terrible ass Granny.
~ Kat Pat
You could usually extend the house and for sure add more equipment
~ Linda Valadez
Cage Key, fish, and toy ball. 4 Pet: Weasel. The Weasel is a upcoming pet for Granny Release 1.8. It is often a relative to the user. NOT Granny. The Weasle is seen as in a locked cage, squealing for support. You need to unblock it by using the Cage Key. When it stops squealing, it will be hungry. To feed it, you have to obtain fish. The Fish is to feed the weasle. It can be anywhere in the house. If it's bored give the toy ball to it. The weasle will bite you if you test to slay it. 1.8 Modernization Ways!
~ Union Pacific Bolt 2010 Railfanner
i love this release. especially the newest addition to the house. however, this last modernization has me getting stuck when i launch the drawers and I'm too close. it does allow me go if i close the drawer though. also when i obtain caught on the 2nd day and it goes to an banner and the banner ends instead of going back to the release it goes to the beginning screen of the release where you push test release. this happens when it's on high quality and weak. otherwise it is a nice release. just need those fixes so far.
~ Raquel Marzan
This is a nice release! DVloper did an nice job on this. I love having to sneak around and obtain keys and equipment to escape the house. And don't obtain me started on the chases where Granny is breathing on your neck, and you need a idea to hide without her seeing you, it really puts me on the edge of my seat. My only complaint of this release is the graphics. The lighting should be much better, and most Mobile devices are cute potent, so you should help some better or 3D textures. Nice release though!
~ Andre Bolton
I LOVE this release. So fun. It gets harder and scarier as you transport through the difficulties. And I LOVE all of the upgrades. Bring on the upgrades. Give "Granny" a bigger house(please), and have her "fall in love with some called "Grampa". That idea, Granny and Grampa can work together. One of the hardest difficulties with have Granny and Grampa in it. More upgrades please. Receive this release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
This is my absolute FAVORITE release! I have beat it multiple times. Granny takes a lot of practice, so prepare to watch a bunch of YouTube videos, and do lots of experiments with the equipment. Whenever the release upgrades, it is usually so cool to figure out what everything does, and I can not wait until it upgrades again!! What will DVloper bring next?
~ Allie H?
This release has nice graphics and is simple to use!! There are newest equipment and more coming out each once in a while. It is one of my favoured releases ever!!! I like how today they fixed the glitches! this release is nice download it!!!! NOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!! What?! they/he/she added a newest release over screen?! I must check this out! you could too!
~ A Google user
Modernization: The freezing and destroying appears to have been fixed. The only trouble actually is one of the scenarios doesn't work quite right. You need the protected key to ultimately obtain the hammer but you need the hammer to obtain the protected key. There's a idea around but you could be able to use the right softwares. I'm going to up my rating to a 4 for actually. Love this release! This is a 5 star release but because of the release freezing and destroying frequently, I can only give 3. If this gets fixed, I'll modernization my rating.
~ Shannan Harrah
l love this release. I test it all the time. I love the newest death ending. For the next modernization, can you add other idea to escape her house? I think you could add oil and a tire pump for the car. It would be great to see a forest through all the windows. When you escape the car or out the door can you present us where you go? Can you add multiplayer? One dude as granny, another dude is normal user. Add a idea to attack her, like when her back is turned on you, that's when you can attack her.
~ Jacob Parsons
I know that there has already been a newest modernization, but I think you could add other mode named deadly. In that mode it senses sound and if you create a noise in true life, granny comes running and kills you. In that mode you only have 1 life and if she kills you, it's release over. You could also add a button that shows you all the scenes of when you die, because I usually have to go on extreme mode and slay myself over and over. Also, sometimes the release over endings glitch. :(
~ Alice Love
I think this release works cute well for what it's made for. The controls are decent and they did fix some of the crouching bugs, but I do have a couple of tiny troubles and concepts. First off, other crouching bug I found. Some [but not all] of the tunnels you can stand up a tiny too early and obtain stuck in the ceiling, which has killed me once, and I feel ducking and moving is a tiny too slow. I also feel like you could add multiplayer, if not online, atleast local multiplayer with bluetooth.
~ Seph
Thank you for the newest modernization! you could modernization the release with a fence around the well and place a idea in but you have to add a newest item named a well key to obtain in and you could hide it where the pepper spray is hidden. And that is my concept to modernization the release! I hope you modernization it just like I claimed and a several another things if you can. I hope you have a unbelievable and wonderful day DVloper! I enjoy each single modernization! Thankyou for the release. I love you so much!ByeBye!
~ Cindy Gilbert