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About: Welcome back to Vice Town. Welcome back to the 1980s. From the decade of large hair, excess and pastel suits comes a storyline of one lad's rise to the top of the criminal pile. Vice Town, a gigantic urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, was one of the most varied, complete and alive digital cities ever created. Combining launch-globe gameplay with a hero driven narrative, you arrive in a city brimming with delights and degradation and given the opportunity to take it over as you pick. To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Rockstar Products brings Grand Theft Auto: Vice Town to small devices with high-resolution graphics, modernized controls and a host of newest informations including: Beautifully modernized graphics, hero models and lighting results Newest, precisely tailored firing and targeting options Custom controls with a ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5 Size: 10MB Developer: Rockstar Games
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Reviews and Comments:

seriosly rockstar....the original release was one of the finest, and you butchered the controls!! i was so sad to see this epic nostalgia release be butchered by terrible controls.
~ Tony Hadad
its terrible whenever i reopen the release i have to run all over again even when its save. please give me my dollars back so i can spend it on supercell :')
~ Esteban Flores
Nice release but desperatly needs controll mapping as mobile maps ps4 controls wrong so when testing with ps4 controller all buttons are wrong. also applies to gta 3. Hate giving this release 4 star as im one of the largest rockstar fanboys and usually have been, but I've been waiting years for this modernization actually as i cant test until they add this
~ James Rees
very annoyed after paying! worked well for a while. got half idea through it and the buttons all went to the middle of the screen. decided to reinstall it and actually everything is deleted and have to run all over!!
~ Prend Zero
its nice but the only complaint I have that rockstar needs to step up, it freezes when I test, they need to fix that please or I need my dollars back?
~ BtdGaming
Very Nice Product Of Rockstar...Now I Am A Large Lover Of This Product... Since; From My Childhood I Saw This Product On PC In Cafeteria.. There I First Met To This Product.. And IAm In Love With This Product From There (First Impression Last Long)... Then When I Was In 10th Class There I Install This Product On Playstore... After I Have Got PC.. I Just Purchased The Product From Steam And Alao A Physical Copy (DVD/CD) Of This Product... Actually I Finished All 100% Target Of This Product... Actually I Am Testing With Mods Install.
~ A Google user
Nice release, lots of nastalga two complaints I can't do a wheely I've double taped the exselrater and if I do a stunt it obtain stuck in slowmo and fixes the camera position (sorry for terrible spelling 😂)
~ bailey
Can't finish a target because the release keeps destroying. Controls are poor, waste of $5. Thought the nostalgia would be worth it but the release is not fun
~ Lance Wissinger
I love each aspect of this release but the controls, they are hard to use and trying to shoot sometimes causes the camera to go crazy. Not a release control trouble, but more of a touchscreen control general thing. It's still annoying though lol
~ Dan Rivers
The overall release is nice. Just minor troubles with the controls and theres a graphical downgrade for the textures in my release for some reason. Like text and wall textures are pixelated even with full graphics settings. I know it's not supposed to be like that because I've seen the comparison on youtube and their textures are fine. Please fix this, its annoying. I was hoping unistalling and reinstalling would solve the trouble but it made worse by deleting all my progress.
~ Mute
Product is nice.. BUT there are few troubles about the tech. I have snapdragon 845, 6gb of ram. I have full graphic settings and the draw distace is terrible! When I drive at full spees the car just appear in front of me ? Whats up with that ? Extend drawing distace! Also, what engine did you used ? Because physics are goffy at very least. When you hit other car the physica act like a bouncing ball, very strange I cant describe it... Also graphica should be a tiny better, textures atleast.
~ Adrian Ivasku
after 5 minutes of release test the release will stop and itll close the release out and I'll have to run the release up again. it's a pain in the ass, want I hadn't spent dollars on it.
~ Shaun P
what the hell? I purchased this a several days ago and actually it wont run without destroying. I was nervous reading another reviews but it is obvious they were right. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP.
~ Dillon B.
just like i remembered from the ps2 days. if you are a fan of the series this is a gotta buy! the newest modernization is nice, it actually runs smoothly on my oppo a7 with an snapdragon 450 processor. please version a newest modernization on gta san andreas, planning on getting that one, once you modernized the release, it will be my 3rd release, from rockstar.
~ Mark Lester Abainza
what the hell,my release is vanished,it claims some time to be downloaded and its all just corrupted,i tried a lot but nothing is happening,where is the developer? Please support me.
~ Bilal ahmed
seriously Rockstar, y'all did few GTA releases on mobile and the controls were just fine. But for some reason in vice castle they are God Terrible. Please fix it. Everyone will thank you for listening to your customers
~ The Mr. Dan
Your newest modernization screwed something up. I have played this for months on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0(GT-N5110) and actually with the most newest modernization ( and a factory restart on my device) I cant download it. Fix this please...I hate to think I paid for an release that I cant use because of an modernization. I am expecting a fix or a refund.
~ Scott Bush
Need to know the price to buy the release, I've already bought it but just wish to know the charge actually, sounds foolish but if any kne should support with the charge, that'd be nice
~ Vishnu Nair
if we compare this release with the gta sa, then gta sa beats it each idea. I think graphics of the release on Mobile ver seems tiny terrible than notebook. it is real that this release is so old and having nice craze at that time and actually too but it still needs some fixes. gta sa seems more joyful than this.
~ Magical love
Nice Product. You definitely need a controller for some of the missions. Some of the buttons are configured correctly, then horn button changes the radio station. Has some bugs but overall not to terrible.
~ Travis Swauger
so far, mostly, so nice. however a several times in every 1 hour approx testing session, it is destroying back to the home screen with no warning or error messages at all.
~ marc berry
The release is a legend,til actually. I enjoyed the small port a lot,but too terrible there is no idea to use tools.Other trouble is that am testing on the Sony Xperia XA1 ultra,and the release's resolution is cute terrible. If the release can just be optimized,it will be more fun than it is.....i also faced this with San Andreas and Liberty Town Stories. I got 4GBs of RAM,but i don't know why the release runs on such weak graphics lvl. I hope for a fix for this quick.
~ Trent The Donut
Really exellent graphics and gameplay. One of the finest releases i have ever played or even the finest. I have only had the odd bit of lag and it went but when it came back, a nice idea to obtain rid of the lag is to go into settings all the idea to GTA: VC and click clear cache. It removes lag and still saves all progess and does not result your gameplay. If the lag comes back, repeat the process. It worked for me!
~ A Google user
i love this release so much because i like 80s too.but, why am i can't finish this target until the last target because i stuck at print work target.it means i can't reach to last target and pls fix bug like when i exit the release for a while and when i obtain back to release its stuck like cannot proceed the target. thats all tq rockstar you usually be my fav release in century🤘⭐
~ zlfkry vari
Nice release, feels like the ps2 one, release controls are cute nice considering I'm not using a ps2 controller. However, it is really unfortunate that you can't use the nice and old tool codes, as it is a major part of my release test.
~ JP Pereira
there is a glitch in Cop Land where a device call would trigger after the cutscene, causing the target to cancel, but still having Lance with you. If you do the target and obtain to the end, it claims "target failed you killed Lance" before the release crashes
~ Cptn. Wolfe
nice graphics but the release stucks between when we do something different in gameplay . well because i had payed 130 rupees . please fix this bug.... my device have 128gb storage and 4 gb ram still the error occurs please fix this so that i can enjoy testing this release. thanks
SCREEN TURNED BROWN & GRAY, & IS STUCK LIKE THAT!!! I've been testing for some time and finished most missions and own almost each thing, NOW the screen has turned brownish grey and stays that idea and I can't test actually, PLEASE fix this as quick as possible
~ Wwe X Factor
broken auto targeting makes this unplayable. standing right beside my goal but hero will only lock onto a bystanderer with no idea to change goals. I'm stuck on one of the beginning missions because I can't lock onto a barrel I need to shoot. please add aiming options like San Andreas, this is garbage
~ Shane Leifer
The release and it's gameplay is really nice and working smoothly. The only trouble with the release is that the appearing and disappearing of the recipients and cars in this release look like they are ghosts. Rockstar could name this release as GTA Ghost castle. Also no help for notched devices.
~ pankaj bhagat
Loved it! I just completed testing GTA III on my device, which was exceptional so I continued my quest to finish all the releases of the franchise.There are some troubles with the controls due to the adaptation on a smaller screen. Sometimes, it bugs and some glitches are visible. But otherwise, it's worth all the dollars you pay for it. I've already played these releases on my PlayStation 2 console but I couldn't finish testing them. These releases are cool even though they're a bit old actually.
~ Akshay Raman
it's impossible to shoot a tiny goal because of auto aim, would be nice if there was an option to switch it off. I failed to shoot an explosive barrel because of auto aim aiming for the trucks and recipients beside it, failed one of the easiest missions ;-;
~ neon
The release was amazingly nice just like the PC Release and I like it because I really didn't expect the release to be cute much the same as the PC Graphics and all another experiences of the release. The Product even does work with missions quite well, no glitches, proper gaming and nothing much of bugs that I have recently came across. For those who don't have a PC with a stable RAM or CPU to keep the release while testing on the Notebook then I would suggest the App Release because it's just the same.
~ Signs of the End Times
i had this on my want list for months.. wondering if i will still like it... HELL YEAH!! GREAT JOB!!! Looks and runs wonderful!! i played back in the day on console then later on notebook and actually it runs even better.and looks better! i even got the cheater for fun.. highly suggest it if your on the fence about buying it. thanks!!!!!
~ roy caskey
i would like to congratulate the developers to re invent such a masterpiece for the Mobile....praising is well deserved but i have slash down on a star just for the fact that the driving controlls( specifically the brakes) can be much better. It is a very awesome release ,hence i would request for an modernization wherein a better touch pad should come into the picture.. Thanks and regards
~ jaideep singh
I played this release on PS2 and a several years ago on an iPhone. Never had major troubles with those. Since I'm using Mobile actually I bought it again and lad it has been a horrible experience. The release is plaged with bugs, cars maneuverability is terrible and I'm currently stuck on target "Spilling the beans" since the right hand buttons are gone, I can't obtain into a car nor can I run or shoot. I'm running Mobile Pie on a Galaxy S8 if that supports. Highly considering a refund actually.
~ Luis Gradyz
nice testing an old favored, and nice value for dollars. but 100% completion not possible on mobile. Two things I don't think are possible: special jumps and the fire engine side target. I just don't think it's possible with the refuced functionality on controls. I got my old ps3 out to see if it was me and was able to do jumps no trouble. I like aiming for 100% completion and if I can't achieve this my motivation to test is less.
~ Caroline Fawcus
10/10 masterpiece of a release. The storyline is nice, it is also really nice visualy. The controls aren't that nice but it's not really anyone's fault since it's a device and not an XBox controller or something like that, although I think you can probably hook a bluetooth controller up to your device and use that to test the release. I do experience some lag but it doesn't result the gameplay much at all. Overall, I love the release a lot. Thank you so much for putting it on Mobile.
~ ShortRound6
It's as close to a great port as humanly possible. It runs like a charm on my LG Tribute Dynasty, a weak-end budget model. The controls took a tiny getting used to for me, but the learning curve is not steep. No corners were slash in remaking thks chapter of GTA for the brave newest globe of small gaming. just spend the $5 already.
~ Robert Wolfe
I think this is one of the finest Mobile releases ever created. The graphics are ok if you full them out in settings, its more about the gameplay experience, and that is something thats definitely there. The release can be easily modded, and there is so many cars and another things to do throughout the release. And this is probably the least inappropriate gta release by far. This release is probably ok for babes around 13 to test. Overall this is a nice release and it is really inexpensive compared to GTA 5.
~ NinFan 64