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About: The sprawling crime epic that changed launch-globe releases forever. Welcome to Liberty Town. Where it all began. Rockstar Products celebrates the 10th anniversary of one of the most influential releases of all time. The critically acclaimed blockbuster Grand Theft Auto III comes to small devices, bringing to life the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty Town. With a heavy and diverse launch globe, a wild cast of characters from each walk of life and the freedom to search at will, Grand Theft Auto III puts the dark, intriguing and ruthless globe of crime at your fingertips. With stellar voice acting, a darkly comic story, a stunning soundtrack and revolutionary launch-globe gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III is the release that defined the launch globe category for a generation. Informations: Visually stunning modernized graphics, hero and machine models HD quality reso ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Rockstar Games
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Grand Theft Auto III Reviews and Comments:

Not entirely smooth but still loads of fun to test. Encountered a glitch wherein I got stuck in a save target and had to "slay" myself just to respawn at the nearest hospital. ๐Ÿ˜†
~ Daniel Chua
Very hard to control to the target I search it unplayable on touch screen. No cloud saving. Quite a several bugs too eg when going back to the menu, equipment don't usually display. Dont obtain this on mobile - buy it on steam
~ Matthew Sword
nice release usually looks nice. But its lagging on my moto and cant obtain a full screen. support? please
~ Colton Bohlke
i like the release but i uninstall it the i cant install it again why this happen to me. you need to respond me i buy this release and pls support me install it again. thx -Walter
I will be SO pissed if my progress is lost. When I run the release, it force closes right after the loading bar gets to 100%. If my progress is gone, I will be freaking FURIOUS!
~ Thomas Haas
nice,and those rating this 1 star or 2,you know this is a release that was made for the ps2 so its not great,but nice
~ link
Was nice at version but actually should do with the controls being modernized to those of the newer releases, cloud saves and better 18:9 help for the controls.
~ Pete
A release comes with nice storyline. However, controlling is a bit hard to control on a device device and this release helps to joystick
~ Patit Itdhiamornkul
How can you go wrong? 1 down side is the "analog stick" on 1 hand spinning out to not being able to pan with the rocket launcher to save yourself from the police helicopter
~ Concerned Citizen
Overall this classic from the GTA franchise brings back in a lot of ideas the nostalgia of what I can only personally express as GTA in its prime age... A lot of the controls are hard to handle with comfort on my Lenovo device, mostly because navigating through your surroundings is restricted to touching the touch screen from the middle and not freely such as the better setup of the GTA San Andreas release. What also stirred my boat the wrong idea is that one is not able to personalise controls to your liking as I've experienced through the much appreciated Vice Town release. Overall it still brings out the memories someone might experience from testing the release on its original Playstation 2 format and thats why I give it a much deserved 4 star rating overall; well done GTA!
~ Marthinus Schoombie
the release is great, but like many others im experiencing a bug with saving. I would love to see this fixed, its a 5 star release.
~ Jared Lance
my experience with this release was nice but when i was looking throigh the appstore i saw that GTA SA and GTA VC werent there. I just wanted to know what was going on. Those sre yeo of my favoured releases for mobile! Please bring them back.
~ Bahamian Gamer
Very nice brings back nice babe hood memories cant obtain passed a target though its impossible to do its the pick up ! attepted about 20 times haha dibt no why they dont create more releases like this on here well done rockstar! Will this release work with a controller and it also works mint on a weak end work device j5
~ K S
All u whinning tiny bithches that r giving this release terrible reviews need to understand that this is NOT a newest GTA. This is the classic GTA 3 that came out in the early 2000s when Sony finally released the Playstation 2. Of course the graphics and gameplay is not going to be great. Sony should only do so much with early technology. To the developers.....WOW! I never would have believed That I should test the same GTA 3 that I loved so much back then on my mobile device, but you guys absolutely ROCK! As long as you use a decent device this release runs SMOOTHLY
~ David Butler
Love this release but it does not run smoothly on my device. It's possible it is just an trouble with my device. Ill test again when there is an modernization. Thankyou. Hope to see GTA 1 & 2 on the test shop in the future.
~ Stu Coo
The gaming experience was unmatched from GTA3, I still remember testing it when I was a teenager and lad, I remember just staying up all night testing... lots of memories with this one. Thank you Rockstar for a quality version. Please up the graphics!! I feel the port has been dumbed down to incorporate a gigantic number of devices. Please don't crash the experience for us who have paid a lot for our devices to enjoy nice graphical releases!
~ Abdul Khan
it got notebook settings on full like "dead result 2" and has different secretly placed lootable guns and dollars boxes spread around the map ๐Ÿ‘ i would suggest to anyone trying to pass time by having some gta gameplay,also the draw d. and framerate unblock is OP on my newest chinese 6gb ram device its nice...
~ Devon H C
even the finest of all the finest idea of doing it, I will have the right to be a nice time for a while ago and I will have the right of my own, and I have to go back to you, but the most important thing, and a bit like to know about the delay, I have a look forward and the family, and the rest is the finest idea to the newest York and the another hand I have a nice dealers in 20th century
~ Deepok Dad
Worth each single penny. The gameplay is AWESOME! The graphics are not too shabby though. I already finished a several missions and the release seems to be getting better and better. Hold up the nice work, Rockstar Products.
~ A Google user
I was able to install and test this on my Nvidia Shield TV 2017. I tried installing this, again on my Nvidia Shield TV, but it claims device is not compatible. Please fix this.
~ Sedat Bilgili
I watched a hidden box walkthrough and managed to obtain 99 hidden boxes except for one on the shoreside bridge which isn't a large deal considering it's the only one left and once I finish Staunton Island I will grab it and finish the release fully I downloaded this yesterday and I plan on completing the rest of the storyline mode tonight if possible no complaints here so far
~ A Google user
An absolute masterpiece! This is a brilliant remaster with awesome graphics. The controls translate remarkably well to a small device too. This is a classic release that everyone could experience.
~ Matt Bertram
got to remember its the 1st gta not the 3rd lol, compared to Vice Town the song sucks you can't pick your Goal and shoot. but like i claimed its the 1st, id like to see the mechanics of vice castle added to this release as in choosing goal beating up cars etc. but its a blast from the past.
~ A Google user
Glitchy menu. after completing a particularly tough target, i search that the menu options are not working when i test to save. sometimes, after failing a target it shows retry yes/no, but with both options dulled out and not responsive. plz fix this asap.
~ Sanjit Jena
Nice release. There's just a tiny trouble with the controls due to the adaptation on a smaller screen. Otherwise a nice experience indeed. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
~ Akshay Raman
Great release, 2 troubles: the "save" touch-button will fail some times, you have to insist and press+keep... and by the 17th target it becomes somewhat impossible with controls on small...
~ Tom Brito
Thid gsme is very terrible. They frame rate is poor on my note device and the missions are not fun at all. They are just frustrating. Do not buy this terrible release
~ rodrick tortillaZ
this release was working nice and the the audio was great. I tried to save and would not let me to do anything and closed down. I have a Samsung galaxy 10. I have played another ps2 releases on here and they worked nice.
~ swampy steam
Just like when I first played it in PC so many years ago. Nice release. No large troubles with the mobile ver. Was able to finish the release without any major headaches. suggested if you enjoy the GTA releases. San Andrea's still needs an modernization. crashes each several minutes on my Galaxy S8.
~ Mike G
Thanks for giving this release I am so glad to test this release very nice graphics I spend dollars in this release but after testing I think my dollars is not waste thank you rockstar I played all you company (GTA) series in PC and those which are in small your all releases are so nice. I played GTA, GTA3,GTA4,GTA5 also all releases are so nice
~ Vaibhav Trivedi
An Nice & Nice Product!!!! But.... You guys definitely need to fix some of the buggy/glitchy camera angles. Also can you please create driving a machine much more smoother and less impossible. (Can't beat any races due to a buggy analog stick) Another than that this releases is just like I remeber but better, hold up the nice work!!!! If you wish 5 stars fix these troubles!!!
~ Domenic Lee
A classic with the whole original soundtrack intact. Runs well, looks nice, plays nice considering the controls. A gotta test GTA for any real fan of the franchise.
~ Caoimhin Mc Cann
So Nice! With a several minor glitches. Another than a several glitches due to it not originally being a small release, this is purely Nice! I'm so glad because in many ideas, this has better graphics than the original PS2 ver (my favoured video release of all times). To my surprise, there's no loading between entering a newest part of the castle when crossing bridges etc.
~ The Realest Idealist
This release sometimes crashes on my Samsumg Galaxy J7 Prime - like when saving releases, or leaving it paused for a long while. I also search the main menu a bit confusing to search but the rest is nice. Also, there's no motorcycles, but they do have special stunt jumps. I would also like to add that I have both Liberty Town Stories and Vice Town and GTA III is the release that functions the least. Not too terrible though.
~ A Google user
Nice release,but it's kinda frustrating and unplayable because of the analog movement when you're driving. 2/5 stars,full!!! Gta San Andreas had troubles with CONSTANT crashes. Ultimately,that release was repaired. But,nice God. Gta 3 is fair to claim the least. Please,modernization this release.
~ Marc Amico
Extremely laggy and glitchy on my S8+, even on very weak settings. Meanwhile another releases run nice. Saving glitches out 80% of the time, "Yes" and "No" are faded out and the menu freezes. A shameful port to a nice release. Fix this.
~ ืืจื– ืฉืงืœื™ื
For small platform it's definitely a nice release to have. The nostalgia is nice with the upscaled graphics, it works well. i cant claim i experienced any major glitches, but it did stop randomly onve or twice. Still, this is a nice port considering everything works. The controls take time since its touch. However, with a Bluetooth controller everything is so smooth. would suggest to lovers of the seris or even those who haven't had the chance to test the 1st 3-D Universe GTA.
~ Uziel Cervantes
Great port of the PS2 classic! Even with the settings maxed out it still runs smoother than butter. The touch controls take some getting used to; sure. I myself don't own a Bluetooth controller; so I cannot comment on that aspect. Although I can claim that if you take the time, the touch controls will feel like second nature. Nice job Rockstar!!
~ Kenny Montrose II
it takes me back, really enjoying the release so far, but. it gets laggy and glitchy sometimes, even on my newest Galaxy s10+ on moderate settings. Other trouble i have with this release is sometimes when i save the release, I'm just staring at a blank screen, it also happens when i fail a target and go on to hit replay, it doesn't allow me, the options are there but faded, and that's where it gets annoying, it doesn't even allow me back into the release. it's just stuck the on the retry target title ๐Ÿ˜
~ Navid Ahmed