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Golf Orbit   
About: Drive as far as possible, improve your skills and drive even further ! If you shoot really far you might even land on other planet !!
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Green Panda Games
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Golf Orbit Reviews and Comments:

The number of banner's is high enough to annoy me within an hour, uninstall.
~ Robin Bakker
The banners are on the screen more than the gameplay is. Each shot is followed by a 30 second banner. Ridiculous. 0/5 stars
~ Cody Beaty
I'd describe the release but i was never able to test it for more than 10 seconds without having to watch a 30 second banner
~ TheTeremaster
There could be a limit on how banners work in your release. Horrible experience testing for a somewhat fun idea.
~ Chan Heng Leong
Advertisement banner banner! WAY TOO MANY ADS!! And you have to pay a subscription just to remove banners! Well you obtain another pay to victory equipment. A nice release, destroyed by banner saturation.
~ iamscottyc
There's almost hardly any banners which is absolute fantastico, I usually have a goal to aim for this is a brilliant release
~ Tom Jordan
its ok it would be so much better if there wasnt an AD each another time you hit the ball
~ Cruz Martinez
Nice release for passing time if you have 5 or 10 mins but having a 30 second banner after each swing gets very boring as you are spending 90%of your time watching banners and not testing the release. uninstalled because of this
~ Matthew Jackson
nice for just passing time...too many adds tho. break them up a bit and not have one before each swing
~ Joshua Crum
Seems like a fun release, but I just cannot stand the 5 seconds mandatory banners after every shot. Better place out a paid release to run with and stop bothering recipients with useless conmercials. 2 stars from me. Dissapointed.
~ RedHealthBlueMana
i love this release nice graphics and nice gameplay nice for babes and i like if you obtain close to the hole you can do it again and my dad will like it because he likes golf
~ Will Plays
Fun but ive been testing nonstop for 2 days and all i can claim is its hard to progress in. I should just be terrible at it, but thats my input.
~ Chickenstrip OG
~ Mark Humphreys
Each second shot there is an banner. Literally half of the "gameplay" is waiting for the advertisment lockout to end. Yeah nah not fun.
~ Nathan Peterkin
This is a fun tiny release, the reason for 2 stars is the amount of banners and the fact you cant pay a one off payment to stop them, you have to subscribe and pay a monthly/yearly fee.
~ Ricardo Da Cruz
The release is fun, but the banners are absurd. On top of that, the 'vip' box is exceedingly stupidly priced. At the end of the day, I'm uninstalling this release to go test one of the releases I saw about fifty banners for within a couple of hours. So nice job?
~ Keith Bailey
It is now a nice release. But just listen to this. To test this release banner nonpaid will cost you over £400 a year. That is right. £34 a month for no banners and a several nonpaid characters. Devs you have seriously messed up here. I'd love to know if you have any subscribers....
~ Jack Lethbridge
don't know what is worse. the ridiculous amount of banners for the fact that you have to pay a stupidly over priced subscription to have them removed. never gonna download a release from these guys again.
~ Steven G
so many banners. options to watch a reward banner and if you don't pick that...you still obtain an banner. each time!
~ Steve Bucci
An banner after each time you swing is annoying! And your release is not worth $114 a year LMAO! Console releases dont cost that much. Have you lost your minds?
~ ThatGuyTom
For the past several days I've been unable to watch a banner to triple my score or watch a banner to accumulate my jackpot. Difficult to advance or upgrade my strength, speed and bounce.
~ Brad Slauson
banners are idea too excessive. each swing you obtain an banner. some swings are terrible and your round last 4 seconds, you're still gonna see an banner. banner nonpaid cost 10 dollars a week! outrageous. uninstalled
~ Ike Evbuomwan
Cool release, but I'm just here because if you're not showing an banner after each shot, you're asking me if I'm enjoying the release. It's either one or the another after EVERY SINGLE SHOT. Extremely annoying, but cool release no less.
~ Charles Evangelist
There are so many banners. Literally after each shot. Also it is a trial and error release, so even if you got great you won't end up near a hole and then you have to test again.
~ Saksham Bansal
to many banners I know a company needs to create dollars but each 2 hits of the ball that is just beyond annoying. and honestly it interrupts the mild fun of the release to often and just ruins it.
~ Travis Tucker
nice time aggressor lots of fun one thing tho... TOO MANY ADS. its after each putt that you obtain other banner I really like this release and would give it better but it is so frustrating... the gameplay is killed by the amount of banners
~ iAdurna Mage
Too many banners, there's an banner after each single setting you take. Then they present that they're comedians by offering a subscription for $10 a week. A WEEK. Hilarious. Nobody is gong to pay for that you absolute greedy tossers.
~ Adam Stevens
its an alright release. i hope you like banners though! they modernized the release instead of after each test, its each another test actually! wow what an improvement! if you can ignore the 30 sec sometimes skipable banners, then youll love this release. overall, nice release. destroyed by banners
~ Flunk
ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS AND THEN GUESS WHAT COMES AFTER THAT? MORE ADS. This release is misleading as you will spend more time watching banners than now testing umm what was the release again. Can't remember because I watched so many banners of another releases. Zero stars.
~ Jake Tyler
nice release overall the adds after each 2 swings are fine because you can skip them after 5 seconds or so but each once in a while they place an add in after a swing that you cant skip and you have to watch 15 seconds of it which doesnt sound like a lot but when it happens over and over again it gets VERY ANNOYING. still a nice release would be 5 star if not for the unskipable banners
~ Jayden Clifford
This release is fun, however, the banners killed it for me. I understand that the developers create dollars off the banners. However, an banner after each round is idea too excessive. This made the release super un-enjoyable. Uninstalled
~ derrek shane
This release is nothing but banners. Hit a ball? Watch an banner before the next one. Need to accumulate the jackpot? Watch an banner. You will spend more time watching banners than testing the release. Thatbis how your battery will drain quickly too.
~ Toby Tobias
I now really like this release for the first 3 days while I had their pro trial, but once the trial ended I got an banner each time I swung the club and this is just extremely annoying. it definitely is not a release that's worth the amount they are trying to charge for their pro ver which is an excess of $10 a month.
~ Easton Manning
While the gameplay itself is cute decent, the sheer amount of banners makes this release fully unbearable. On top of that, the only idea I'm aware of to remove banners is to "subscribe to super" for a whopping $9.49 A WEEK. For a small release, that price is so absurd I feel terrible for those who pay it.
~ Matthew Nanney
Love the release, it has great mechanics and is entertaining to test, but getting an banner after each another shot, or sometimes even each shot, AND needing to watch an banner to obtain the jackpot you EARNED is something I cant deal with. Fix your banners and I'll download it again.
~ TinyTeddie
Nice release and a nice idea but I don't understand why you had to be so greedy on the banners. I understand the need for banners on nonpaid-to-test releases and all that but this release takes them to a newest lvl. You launch the release, take a shot and then banner. Take other shot, other banner. You spend about 20 times the amount of time watching banners than you do now being able to test the release. You've gone and made an banner pop-up literally each time you take a shot in this release and that's honestly quite rediculous
~ Richard Descoins
this may just be the worst release I've ever seen. You can't go 10 seconds of testing without a 30 second banner coming up. the gameplay does not create sense in his it works, i.e. sometimee your ball just stops, and sometimes it claims"offline earnings" whence you have not gone offline, and just freezes and needs to be restarted.
~ Hayden Lovell
graphics are competent and beautiful, controls are intuitive (simple with gameplay this easy) but the monitization is criminal. "vip" status (to remove the banners which test after each another swing) isn't a one-time buy, but a subscription — costing $9.49 each WEEK. there's not enough content to warrant $9.49 even once, allow alone four times a month. absolutely the worst evaluation I've ever seen from a developer, and I've played EA's Battlefront II
~ Jonathon Tesch
I'm just going to claim this actually, but this release is just pure bland. The release is very repetitive and boring, but once you obtain done with a single shot you obtain an annoyingly long and painful banner that you can't skip. whenever you really need an banner to obtain dollars or equipment it doesn't work, however it puts up unintentional banners which you never really wanted. It's not worth the zone on my device.
~ Gavin Werner
I would really like to have enjoyed this release more, but I'm uninstalling it due to banners. I understand you may have a several here and there in certain releases, or even a permanent banner banner, but you literally have to watch an add each two swings... yes, putting counts as a second swing. Not worth the buy to have banners removed IMO.
~ Sycedrick Brown