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About: The sun is shining, its time to test the true-time multiplayer release everybodys talking about! Product of the Year 2018 - App Product Awards Product of the Year - TIGA Awards Test on pretty courses versus users around the globe in true-time as you compete in championships, 1v1 releases and challenge your Fb dudes! Upgrade your clubs and unblock tours as you master your golf skills in the quest to be the Golf Clash lord! - Speedy-fire 1v1 true-time gameplay. - Revolutionary shot system thats simple to learn but hard to master. - Thousands of live users online waiting to be challenged. - Progress through more advanced tours as you raise the stakes. - Earn bonus in weekly leagues to victory club card gifts. - Compete versus your dudes via Fb to earn the bragging rights. - Unblock chests as you search and upgrade to super clubs and balls. - Save and ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 66MB Developer: Playdemic
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Golf Clash Reviews and Comments:

Golf Clash has been fun. The release plays smooth. It's simple to lose your coins and fall back down the ladder. I've won 10 releases in a row, but it's just as simple to lose 10 in a row. It seems chipping is really accurate and can sometimes be better off than being on the green. A lot of nice users out there, unfortunately for newest users, it doesn't seem like there it's a restriction on what release modes anyone can test, so it may obtain frustrating, if you don't obtain nice speedy. Nice pastime release.
~ Luke Horvat
was nice, but eliminating clash caddie because it was unfair is just ridiculous. all of the numbers in clash caddie are on glofclash notebook. so actually if I wish to test I have to carry around a piece of paper that gives me the rings. it is no longer a small release. it's made to sit in a territory where you remembered to bring your club notes, or carried other device. just plain silly.
~ David Fitzpatrick
come on recipients, i look at the reviews and there all one star , release takes your dollars and screws you unless you mod the release. once again it seems like if you spend a lot of dollars you will have a nice couple of round and if you dont spend dollars your ball will do what ever it wants. Sometimes it seems as the recipients you test versus has the release hacked or something. just dont spend your dollars...
~ Mike Jackson
this release is fun with dudes and all, but the championships are fully bogus. I'm a "rookie" lvl user with cute primary clubs and not even 160 trophies yet, I just barely got enough to enter in a championship, and I click the "rookie" lvl cause that's what I am, and I'm constantly matched versus "master" lvl user with a 1000 plus trophies. kinda of hard to compete or even enjoy something so unfairly matched.
~ devin feller
Long time to test the Golf Clash.. Now All Product could be making all Satisfied..but For the Golf Clash..Not create Satisfied ...but Boring...couse of..testing the Golf I think not Fare..1. Too much Draw. 2. Camera not focus for Hole when we pull our nearby Ring. 3. the leadboar not stabil..Too much setting by Golf clash when we test of release. already chatting with improvement but haven't received feedback
~ Marine Consulting
has potential to be a nice release with nice graphics and fun championships, but it is idea too simple to test. There is no such thing as 2 putting and chipping off the green is almost guaranteed to go in. need to increase difficulty or penalize terrible shots, I'm bored of each hole ending in a draw. The championships are whats keeping me around but overall it can obtain boring really quickly.
~ Cory Duggan
This release is trash. It's by far the worst release on my device. Not for long. I'm uninstalling it. It's rigged versus non-paying users. It has too many bugs also. I wouldn't suggest it to the garbage dump. If I should give it a -10 ranking I would. if you place a terrible review they really will create you lose. No idea someone loses 10 in a row on here on their own.
~ Scott Baker
This release is really fun, but its very very unstable. i test 5 another releases everyday and this is the only one that constantly reconnects. Your oppents constantly are reconnecting. I've lost thousands in gold because the release is unstable. Never spend true dollars on this release. My last release cost me 800 gold , I putted to victory the release, then the release runs reconnecting and gives the victory to my foe.......this is common on this release. hopefully the developers will search out why its so unstable ?????
~ Joseph Williams
Connection troubles constantly. 5 stars for the older ver. Kicked in a championship and forfeited the match costing me a bogie at -7 on 6th hole . Product boosters support , but not that much. I test on powerful wifi. Don't bother unless you wish irritation and frustration. Additionally, the matching system is idea off . In a Rookie championship I'm matched with recipients ranked over 1000 and I'm ranked in the weak to mid 600s . Pick on someone your own size 😠
~ Ron Hughes
I take that back. This release is extremely frustrating and not worth it. The arrow to hit the ball is rigged. It changes speed in the middle of a stroke. Wind resistance versus the ball does what it wants from shot to shot. (Sometimes a 5 mph wind does nothing to my ball, sometimes it blows it across the screen). Almost each hole ends up in a draw. They need to create it to where you can't see the another person's shot. If you go first on a draw, your foe can learn from your shot and beat you.
~ Kyle Dotson
this is a fun release in a sense of its graphics and playability, trouble with the release "it seems" there's too much control over whether you victory or lose, matchup example I played less than a hundred releases, and the release matches me up with users that have played 3000 releases, so therefore they have better equipment, it seems the release match you up unfairly for being nice.
~ Bill Pett
Long time user & never spent a penny. It's a fun enjoyable release with nice graphics. The addition of clans adds a nice sense of community and I've made some nice dudes. In my opinion the matching system is fair. You have to manage your dollars sensibly and only test in tours you can afford to test in. Those who complain about losing all there dollars are not managing there finances correctly. The releases not great but doesn't warrant all the terrible reviews. I would definitely suggest this release
~ Asif Riaz
Frustrating beyond words! Most disappointing aspect is the cyclic war with the releases algorythm during which, no matter what you do, you will lose consecutive releases until you place the release away for awhile. Having just suffered three losses in a row, ($3K every), due to "needle lag" during putts(!), I've decided to find for a release nonpaid of "forced" errors. Nice luck all.
~ David Hoebing
nice release but lacks consistency. With the exception of the "wind" and "turf grade" one shot (on the bounce) may go WELL over where it could and the same shot with the same general conditions will be idea under where it could. This has nothing to do with the accuracy of the shot, the wind, the angle, or anything else the user can adjust.
~ John Whitley
Other card based golf release. A nice internet connection is a gotta. Varied courses. Very expensive in release purchases but it can be played at a slower pace for nonpaid with nonpaid chests each day,golden chests etc. It gets a bit tiresome after awhile though. Average fun.
~ warren whiting
The release is clearly manipulated, right when I'm in the process of taking a shot they interfere with the release, and a message appears claiming I'm reconnecting. I have no connection troubles at all. I have a nice device and 5G connection, with no apps in the background and no interruptions what-so-ever on my end. TERRIBLE! They force you to lose trophies, coins, etc. Since last night, I've lost 100 trophies and 200,000 coins on their more inexpensive releases. They rig the release on their end.
~ PatrioticAmerican USA
super slow - decent mechanics but you will search yourself constantly tapping the screen in an attempt to obtain the release to transport along until finally it will have you yelling "why does it take 5 seconds to claim me that it's my turn!?!" Argh!!! Also, they could have both users in the shootout go at the same time, after which every would watch a replay of the others shot. Because having to go first is such a disadvantage. Also, they could stop the sandbagging in tourneys. Hold 2000s out of Beginner.
~ Dennis DeYoung
nice until you reach a high lvl. Then the release turns versus you and shots that you would create at earlier lvls, even when you have lined up your shot well, will go haywire and end up somewhere you would never imagine. I feel the release is rigged versus you at high lvls.
~ Yvonne Buchanan
I have decided to test this release again, aware of it's propensity to be an unfair release. As the claiming goes: "Expect the worse and you won't be disappointed". So far...I haven't been disappointed. Two words: PRACTICE SESSION
~ Michael Maston
look my last review fixed alot of bugz .. actually i cant see the tee when it claims " PUTT TO WIN" ITS happened twice actually and its got me cute furious .. i still feel like the release knows when not to allow me victory ... fix the AI bugs plz .. i really enjoy this release ...
~ pinche THOTIANA
UNFAIR GAME!!! Started other profile & quick as I made it only to rookie#2 release continues to place me versus foe's that have same amount of trophy's as me, but their club's are far more advanced than my mine...😡 have accumulated over 2million we'll see how long it will take for release 2drain my winnings 🚫☠️💩💨
~ Jason Larita
if I should rate zero I would. You talk about fair gaming but it is total BS. I hit great shots lined up with the wind and end up in bunkers or rough but my foe hits garbage shots and ends up holing out or in middle of fairway. Just other idea you force losing streaks on recipients. Your release is total garbage.
~ Jay Tuckerman
fun at first but eventually you'll lose a bunch and your trophy count will drop. Your foes will stay the same because your highest trophy count is weighed more than your actual count. So once you maxed out a course hold testing it. your trophy count won't advance and you can build up coin and equipment. yes its boring but since the release is designed to beat down newest users, and create them spend dollars you have to pay or grind.
~ James R. Besher II
Worst cheating ass release you will ever test. Don't waste your time with this piece of garbage. If you piss them off with a terrible review, you will never victory other release. waiting to hear about a class action versus the company so I can jump on board with it. These guys are complete toolbag clowns. They are clearly going to hide behind the large name of the company that now owns the release. This release is nothing more than a scam and a rip off. Pay to test and maybe you will do well.
~ Ian Nelson
Quality has gone consistently downhill, quicker and quicker, especially in the last year. Terrible help, just blame the player's connection for everything. Botched upgrades almost each time. Botched rollout of a 3rd party overlay ban that had to happen simply because iOS players cried about their baby devices not having overlay ability. Ignored concerns of 3rd party developers regarding aforementioned rollout. Like another successful releases, seems PlayDemic cares more about the profit than the product.
~ Jeremiah Meigs
Golf Clash permits cheaters to test without penalty. I know this because I've been testing it for some time and I've seen it happen without any repercussions for those that compromise the release. Their only response is a political one that corrects nothing and has no solution. You would think that with all the technology and intelligence that they have that this would not be an trouble but it still is. Shame on them! the release also goals your IP address to set you up to lose for terrible ratings.
~ Rick Horth
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME This WAS a nice release. Actually it is continuously destroying in the middle of release test causing you to forfeit and their help staff is more intent on giving users a hard time than now supporting. To place a finer target on this, I was unhappy about the destroying but was doing my finest to deal with it and ended up uninstalling based specifically on interactions with their help staff. No respect for users... I WILL NOT PLAY ANY PLAYDEMIC GAMES AGAIN
~ rodger vautour
Test the release it is reall fun. You are an idiot if you buy. The release has been destroyed by those that created it. Greed has lowered their integrity. This is a business, you wish to create dollars in a business, therefore you gotta protect those that buy your product. They do, then as a dude has claimed me, they milk you dry. There is buyers loyalty, but as the release has begun to have a terrible reputation, they are actually squeezing even their loyal customers dry. Don't buy, and quit when they run cheating!
~ A Google user
Rigged algorithms force you to lose all your in release dollars so that you feel like you need to buy those ridiculously expensive boxes they offer. played courses variety of times over and over but the match engine will pit you versus users with much better gear. You'll be stuck in a losing streak. Read the another comments as well. We are not making this up... stay away and for all that is holy, do not shove dollars down their devious throats. I'm going golfing actually...
~ Oliver Graf
release is 90% robot. rarely test a human. in release help is automated and blames you. release dictates if you victory or lose. if you spend dollars it will let you a victory or 2. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU WANT TO NOT GET PISSED OFF. All this release does is create you spend dollars and aggravation. Dont test contacting the developer either. They dont reply.
~ Russ Dempsey
Still glitches badly. The random matching versus users with better clubs sucks. seems like if you don't spend dollars the release is stacked versus you. The wind seems to be inconsistent as well. once you reach a certain lvl of trophies one seems to lose the ability to control the ball. a shot you have made successfully hundreds of times seems to have a magnet in it drawing it to the bunkers. Create no mistake. this is a pay to test release. You don't pay the release is versus you no matter how nice
~ Harley Man
This is a legitimate trouble not disgruntled users or sore losers. We already know what your response is. THATS GREAT FEEDBACK!!..I WILL DEFINITELY PASS IT ON! I'm sure they teach that in orientation. They will never change anything. They will hold letting it go till they lose more and more users and revenue. Then all of a sudden they'll post a memo talking about changes coming but by then recipients will have moved on to more realistic and legitimate golf releases with integrity like WGT. I'm done.
~ Michael Chapin
Too many bugs. 2 users aim the exact same spot, same "great" shot but 1 gets in a bunker, while other gets to the greens. Winds seem inconsistent, but what algorithm chooses if the wind is type or not to the exact aame shot. Also, there are massive tricks of bugs. When testing versus a lot of guest accounts, it keeps reconnecting, but the same doesnt happen on verified accounts. Then the updates are constantly for useless clubs. Overall, needs a crapload of work.
~ LuizGeorge_101
Developers are encouraging the use of "pay to test" apps to calculate windspeed results as well as many another obstacles (see "Cabbie GC or Notebook" in your release shop)! Many inconsistencies on the wind results between you and foe during matches. AI generated matches seldomly set-up even matches. "NO" restrictions on championship entries to restrict expert users from joining the beginners championships. No idea of reporting suspected cheaters. Needs a lot of improvement. 👎👎 customer service
~ Jonathan Brager
Very laggy or glitchy. The originators wish you to spend true dollars on the release. You will lose so don't obtain your hopes up. If your trying to pass time nice release. If your trying to invest time and transport up through the ranks, don't waste your time unless you spend your true dollars on it. Thanks Playdemic. Thanks for a laggy round of golf.
~ Dakotah Smith
Its annoying when you have a genuine grumble and all you obtain are stock answers from Admin. If you have fat fingers? You cover your aiming goal before the shot! Therefore if you are as much as 1 mm off you are out of line down the course. The release is really nice at giving out cards that nobody wants! The Plus side to the release are the graphics are nice, but there seems to be a touch out on the algorithms for ball travel on the greens! The aiming goal changes from gigantic to tiny without warning? Also the ball path before the shot is missing after the goal/wind chart? Should there be a possibility of making dudes in the release for Fb etc? There are also occasions when you cant change your club when faced with a hard shot ? Its an addictive release but create sure you have a lot of dollars before you test it...Top clubs cost top credits...which also stands for the balls too! It isn't great and there should be some nice changes made, but admin don't listen nor care...as long as you spend dollars. There could be a practice range because the finger control for the shots is too fine! Even if you do have a nice internet connection the needle judders before the shot..1 star
~ Jon Morgan-Parker
A nice release whilst it is nonpaid. what ever you do, do not spend any dollars on it as their algorthyms kick in. they claim they cannot manipulate it but they do constantly. a lot of holes are not consistent. their systems are constantly hacked as they trouble frequent warnings about "fair test" and how they deal with tools. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON IT!!!!!!
~ Monty Nevett
I DO NOT RECOMMEND!! I have been testing a while actually. I am upgrading my review. I have dudes I have played versus all claimed and sent pics to me that many releases we played I could have won. they do not understand. I have taken pics of certain parts of the release notified help about these parts of the release I had no informations on they claimed maybe different ball or clubs nope same ball and club played with for a month then suddenly right after i have the informations. no idea rating is 4 READ THE RATINGS!!
~ Luellen Johnson
They suck you in and spit you out. Service is disgusting. Even after they take your dollars. It is optional to spend on this release but if you do, are you not entitled to some sort of service that doesn't just spew out generic answers? Matchmaking is unfair. Enemies have connection troubles and you are penalised. Do not test this release!
~ Barry Howell
Product performance and control is very terrible. Been testing a several months and performance is getting worse and more worse. Graphics are nice, but what's the target, very terrible release performance. If a user can't test due to terrible release performance, it doesn't matter how cool and nice the graphics are. Thankfully I've spent no dollars. And I solution anyone Not to waste their dollars. You've been warned. Also, their Fair release policies is a joke and a lie. Run reading through the comments and see.
~ Bobby Ernst