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About: God has been making planets and stars orbit around every another for billions of years. But as any normal person, He actually needs a break. So, as God takes a weeks holidays and goes to Cancn, you need to replace Him and do His job. The release is a gravity simulation based on Newtons law of universal gravity where you control the speed and direction of a single planet. Youll need to search the precise trajectory of this planet to create it orbit around other celestial body. A lot of informations are offered to diversify the different challenges at hand. Informations: Each planet in our solar system Suns Antimatter stars Neutron stars Wormholes Time bending black holes The release includes 60 special lvls and more are coming! No banners No in release buy.
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 38MB Developer: Tonight Game Studio
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God's Orbits - Gravity Puzzles Reviews and Comments:

nice release
~ Thiago Augusto
~ alexisisbored
Nice idea.
~ Lethal Wings
Where has this release been all my life?
~ Kamran Behzad
πολυ ωραιο παιχνιδακι! κολλάς
~ Andreas K.
Physics don't seem correct 🤔
~ Rami Kattan
I liked it
~ Big Chungus
Nice time aggressor!
~ Tim Dyer
100% Wild, For sure.
~ Samuel Hester
Damn nice release.
~ A Google user
awesome release simple and fun
~ Akshaj
Fun release. It gets you thinking.
~ A Google user
Lots of physics-based fun!
~ Josh Fiegl
very great release and nice puzzles
~ Tabaranu Claudiu
Finest release for curious and bored physisist
~ Jarvis I.M.
Claim, this release is a lot of fun. Well done!
~ GA Rush
nice release gets you thinking.
~ A Google user
Love this release! So cool to be god for once
~ Plutonium Radiation hazard
have 3 mins, test a lvl. cute fun
~ Vinnie Karetak
A easy to use,hard to master release with nice graphics and absorbing release test
~ Lozzy Loz
Cool release just started and seems like a keeper, well done 👋
~ David Jones
It is haram they claim you I am god and I will go to a holidays Allah don't need any one to work for him and he don't need holidays
only a several lvls in.. but seems really nice.
~ David Haddon
Cute cool. Various then what I thought it'd be like. But I love it.
~ Britany Mitchell
absolutely what you ve dreamed of if you re a geometry physics freak.
~ A Google user
Loved the release! When will more lvls be released?
~ purbashish ganguly
I have Complete all 60 lvls need more lvls in newest Modernization.
~ Kajal Jaiswal
fun but hard if it weren't for the tricks I'd never pass the first scene
~ A Google user
No concept what the mechanics are supposedly doing, it honestly just seems like guesswork and hit and miss. I couldn't search the logic at all.
~ A Google user
Very engaging gameplay.. great graphics, great physics and easy controls.. sound should have been better...
~ Mujumdar Ashutosh
Product is nice. Way is newest and relaxing, but there are some frustrating parts too.
~ Jan Pavienský
It's fun. Controls well. Offers increasing challenge. The lvls become a bit repetitive for my taste tho.
~ Cj Curse
Fun and challenging! Should use a storyline line though, perhaps a designated angel assistant to bring planetary matters to my attention between lvls in related humorous fashion as the guide. Also, it would be fun to spend stars on things like tricks or updates that enable forces like black holes and tractor beams that I should use to 'tool' in hard lvls.
~ Dusty Ridgley
I know it's shown as, first a release, second whatever the user wants it to be, but negative gravity? Also, as others have pointed out, the physics is sometimes suspect. Two options that should be fun are tracks and to let more than one orbit to run.
~ Bill A
Love it! As an owner of both Universe Simulator 2 and Galaxy Engine UHD, this is a lot of fun, and a itty bitty bit of education. Don't allow that scare you. This is all GAME. This is also one of the 1st releases to ask me to comment on it at an appropriate time. I love the guides introduction. Very smart. I search this very exciting, and rewarding when I pass a lvl. I really hope you consider adding another modes to this release. Perhaps a sandbox mode like US2. However, I gotta admit. This is one release that I will be upset about when I complete it, and based purely on what I've seen so far, I fear that release length should be short. This is why I think a sandbox mode would give some longevity to this release, and perhaps maybe an appropriately priced "Bonus Lvls" DLC box. Anyway, I like it a lot at the moment, but I'm sure my concepts should be nice for all concerned. Thanks.
~ Christian Maher
Was looking for a relaxing release to pass time and ended up pulling my hair out because of my frustration at not being able to master it. Seriously though, very inventive gameplay.
~ Noelinho Da Silva
Haven't played much yet but I obtain the concept. Neat. And I love that it doesn't delight in claiming you that you've failed. I think Gods introduction should use a bit of an adjustment. The release sort of "revolves" (haha) around the science and math of the universe. And I purchased this for my babe and it seems babe friendly, but in the release God claims he left us to "evolve" "thousands of years" ago. But I don't think both of those things can be real? I mean, if God had allow us evolve for merely thousands of years, we wouldn't be ready yet...Also, (and if I am wrong throw me a feedback so I can check myself) doesn't evolution take at least tens of thousands of not millions of years? Before that I think it is mutation...lad, been so long since school. I'm not claiming that God doesn't belong in a science release. Honestly, I am not religious but he seems like a dude - at least the God from this release. Presenting Creationism is fine just maybe the word evolution isn't the right one to use if you are presenting it as having happened a relatively short time ago. You know what I mean, though, right? (I hope) Just for the babes who test so they don't obtain confused? BTW I really am not trying to be insulting! You made a quality release and I am just being OCD. Thanks for taking the time to create it and sorry this is so long!
~ klear6
Defective and unplayable. It won't let me to pick the first lvl without completing the guide. It won't allow me complete the guide because it won't allow me pick the World camera button. I know it's registering the touch because it's letting me slide the camera buttons around but is not letting me pick it. I tried clearing time and reinstalling. Nothing. Company could be ashamed for doing so tiny beta playing.
~ W. VVeeks
Interesting release but sometimes the physics seemed to be doing whatever they satisfied as opossed to following what was already established. The difficulty lvl to lvl seemed to be haphazard, all over the zone. However the release is really fun. Use the magnifying glass tricks if you obtain stuck.
~ M. B. '84
Fun release. Missing two things. 1. Numbers for force and angles to introduce the math part, even if unneeded to test. Allow us learn about what happens behind the scenes that makes the orbit work. 2. Let the planets to continue to orbit after solution is found. Don't just jump slash to the next trouble, allow us watch our handy work and press a button to continue once we're done.
~ Steve D