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About: Glow Hockey delivers a newest style of hockey release. Simple to test, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the pc foes! FEATURES: + 2-user mode (on the same device). + 3 themes. + Colourful glow graphics. + Smooth and responsive release test. + Realistic physics. + Speedy test mode (single user), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty lvls (simple to insane). + 4 selectable paddles and pucks. + Vibrate when target. + Help almost all Mobile devices.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Natenai Ariyatrakool
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Glow Hockey Reviews and Comments:

The first time I played this release (two users) with my dudes, in fact it was a very great championship for the entire class. Testing this release on a device is the coolest experience
~ Sarah E. A Bimpong
This is beautiful! I like how there's a bunch of beautiful colors and it's on women go releases which is really known but of course it's glitchy
~ A Google user
~ AmirDeGamer8
I grew up testing this release with my father. It's an nice release and i'd never give the time we spent testing it to something else.
~ Paige smith
Nice release I can not victory at the insane lvl. it's hard to score on that lvl as well.
~ A Google user
i couldnt even launch the release!!! i habe a nice connection, but it still does not WORK!!
~ Dzana Dzzyzzle
This air hockey is a very great and unbelievable release. Me and my elder sister test that challenge and i won all the times. I am claiming tjis is the great very great release of my globe.
~ Vasant Surti
Covering the target with banners is very annoying and sophomoric. Please refrain from doing so in the future. I love this release but you have destroyed that. thanks
~ Garrett Bradford
rtg ccd and another technology companies have also developed the ability of a pc maker for a pc to monitor its player base by 6
~ Maribel Melendez
Its fun and it will be nice to test with my tiny loves Product test son and see / challenge our minds and hand movements and overall timing Lets us see who can obtain the most points
~ Angela Crouter
it is a very boring and terrible release after every and each release there is an add of about 20 to 30 seconds
~ Jyoti Jain
Advertisement covers the target. Check and transport your puck and it opens the test shop. I dont mind banners on nonpaid releases...but if you can't test the nonpaid release whats the target.
~ robert heazlit
I feel like you need to fix the controls. Whenever I hit the ball it flys into my target.
~ BlueBlitz
it's a really nice release, although, this release has made my girlfriend leave me after being together for 2 years. She hit me and left because she was a loser.
~ Preston Vlas
Terrible release the graphics are not nice and when we test the release there are too many adds if you close wifi even then you test the release there too many adds of its own i really hated this release
~ A Google user
Can you create an option where I can flip sides with the pc in single user mode, otherwise nice pass time release 👍
~ LongLive Suprreme
I love this release so much its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Sharon Dillard
release is trash. often I would go for a stuck ball in the corner, it phases through and own-targets. bs.
~ homeless child
Really 30 second banners after each match victory or lose? It's not interesting and bored me with the bots A.I. constantly owning the release.
~ A Google user
nice release, but banners obtain in the idea of test. I pay for this to remove the banners if it were an option.
~ Ken Kniech
easy but addictive gameplay, really liked the release.usually use to test with my brother and dudes
~ Asimanand singh
Would be a fun time killing release if the banners that pop up at the top of the screen didnt block your view of the target. Its just annoying and makes it a tiny harder to claim where youre aiming.
~ Steven Giuffre
release is nice time pass but it's banners are so annoying in between the release, I am going to delete this release and look for another options
~ ayush gaur
Adverts covering the target? Is the developer attempting to lose their whole userbase or have they not thought how this change screws most primary requirement for a release where you're aiming for a goal? Absolutely nuts.
~ Matthew Jones
Product is poor.. Graphics should use some work, and just the laws of physics on this release are off, I don't understand how the puck bounces in sometimes, or goes through the paddle.. Highly disappointed 👎
~ Dalton Sikes
The pc which is testing insane tools. It scores just like that even if u are standing in front of the target.
~ Maaz Waqas & Amna Ahsan Comedy Videos
First of all, run screen is horribly stretched. UI looks outdated and physics engine is just plain terrible. The puck glitches through the paddle when it's moving too speedy.
i like it. but. theres. a. trouble. idea it is. a glow release. idea im. in pillipine im not. gonna. installed. the. release. today. nooo. because. it. is. terrible. hockey release im. furious. because. it is a glow. hockey. release it. have tobe. a. normal release
~ Erin Silverio
This whole industry is corrupt with pointless upgrades, unnecessary permission access requests, and annoying banners. This was one of the ONLY apps I should rely on for a smooth no-banner gaming experience, but nope. Actually I've got distracting banners at the target, and video banners popping up after every release. Sure, I should just turn off my wifi, but I shouldn't have to. I had to uninstall. Had the release for years, so it's very sad. Hope the dollars was worth it.
~ A Google user
the newest modernization sucks. insane lvl is too simple. rollback to the old one. banners, idc now you must create dollars for what you did. but please rollback to the old insane mode.
~ Sandeep S
very nice release. it has nice controls but adds cover the release and you cant see what is happening. ive heard that if you turn your wifi off it will stop the adds. i dont know that but ive heard it.
~ A Google user
Straight, yet addictive. Even has multi-user mode. Too terrible that you can't test with your buddies over Bluetooth or WiFi. Testing on the same device in multi-user can be tough.
~ Domagoj Šitum
nice time aggressor when there's someone to test with. the AI is nice tho; not too overpowering on the hardest difficulty.
~ Aiman Nazlan
Well it's an air hockey release. pick your table, pick your puck, and ball, there is 1 user and 2 user.!If you are on 1 user, and your not to nice go on simple. there is also a medium, hard, master, Also insane!
~ Jackson S
I love it. But there is a glitch where it gives you about.... 1000000 coins? Maybe more. Anyway, you might think thats nice, but it is basically giving 1000000 coins away to 1person and leaving about 10000000000 recipients out. Please fix this.
~ A Google user
One of the worst release on Test Market. After some beginning lvls, the release is impossible to victory versus the pc. Notebook is too speedy, it is impossible to conquer the foe no matter how well you test. Uninstalling it.
~ Moiz Choodiwala
I love the graphics! the sounds, song, and the tiny sparks are so satisfying. the banners are understandable if they weren't there the release would not be nonpaid they don't interrupt the release or anything... over all decent release Definitely keeping. 👌
~ Odessa Obirek
The release is nice. Nice controls. It would be better, though, if you should change the winning target or the speed of the ball. Or if there should be different maps with obstacles to create it more challenging and interesting. Overall fun release, but here are just some recommendations.
~ Michelle Galang-Budge
Nice release, no troubles. Everybody knows this release. Everyone could understand that this is the glow hockey release, nothing else. So it may be boring at times, but it's a classic release. The banners can be fixed by turning off wifi, so hold up the nice work guys!
~ Bishop Meadors
The release is cute fun but the banners are idea too aggressive. So if you are into watching 30 second banners between rounds plus having banners on the borders during release test then this is your release. If you are a normal person who really doesn't like banners, especially noisy ones, and doesn't wish to waste time being forced to watch them then don't bother with this release
~ Lyon AI6F