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Geometry Dash Lite   
About: Jump and fly your idea through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer! Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the globe of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your idea through risky passages and spiky obstacles. Straight one touch release test that will hold you entertained for hours! Check out the full ver for newest lvls, soundtracks, achievements, online lvl editor and much much more! Product Informations Rhythm-based Action Platforming! Unblock newest icons and colors to customize your hero! Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more! Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Contact: [email protected]
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: RobTop Games
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Geometry Dash Lite Reviews and Comments:

Nice release! You can obtain different characters, colors, and spaceships which makes it more fun for the user instead of being 1 and only hero. It overcomes challenges and obstacles, and when your bored you test this release if you wish a true challenge. The lvls obtain harder and harder. It might lag, but its overall an nice release. The song is nice and really goes with every lvl. To sum it up, I think you could download this nice and fun release.
~ A Google user
Nice release that tests your reaction time in different difficulties however I noticed a bug that when I tap the cube won't jump I usually tap on the left side of my screen but the release is making me tap on the right side of the screen. I'm starting to feel that this release is a tiny racist.
~ Red Gamer
in all the release is nice. I've played it few times but there's only one trouble. I'm an Mobile player and the release lags like crazy. I've tried everything I can to fix it but I just can't fix it. it's really annoying to test to test suck a hard release with lag. if there's a idea you should fix it, that would be nice.
~ Dragon Fire
it's okay I suggest testing this its not to simple but it's not to hard either. The song is very unquie and it matches when u jump. I one think i dont like is that there's not enough lvls and u can complete it very easily and speedy. so either create more lvls or create it tricker but not to tricky u can rage at. so i suggest u test it out for yourself
~ donna mercieca
It keeps randomly speeding up and slowing down while I'm testing, which throws the song off timing and makes me ruin. I'm cute sure it's a effects of the release trying to load banners in the background, so I'll probably just buy the full (banner-nonpaid) ver eventually. If I hadn't been testing the full ver for such a long time on Kindle Fire devices, I would probably hate this release because of the speed bug. Closing all of my another launch apps supports, although it's annoying.
~ L Putzer
This release is REALLY challenging and fun. The release itself is ironic about its difficulty at times, when it is booted up. The idea is cute easy, getting progressively more complex throughout every lvl. You need to tap to jump, actually finish the lvl. Customizable hero: different colors, different designs. An simple 5/5, wouldn't be the same without the nice soundtrack.
~ A Google user
The release is fun but sometimes frustrating but its still cute fun. if you ever test the true release you can build lvls only for yourself. In the true ver you can unblock all of the icons. And I like that ther's a practise mode
~ Minedown Builders
Geometry Dash is nice the lvls are nice I've passed Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, Dry Out and Base After Base I LOVE THE GAME SO MUCH I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME!!! But I want I should have the Full ver but the release is still nice!
~ Chaze The Infinite Cat And Bunny Lover
its not the most finest thing in the globe but i love it.I like how they create it offline so you can go anywhere and still test.I also think you could be able to set it offline or online in settings or somthing to test versus dudes and family or even another recipients around the globe!
~ Kat13
I remember testing The Impossible Product when I was a babe and this is like a much more in-depth ver of the same concept. I love it. I've spend so long just trying to unblock everything and trying to 100% the lvls. This is by far one of my favoured small releases.
~ RiAMaU
I got this on my iphone and it worked nice. But then when I decided to test on my chromebook the jumps lag, and I was hoping to use the zone bar or even the up arrow, but that didn't work. I don't recomend this to any chromebook players that dont have a mouse.
~ Cole Toth
This release is a true time aggressor. It doesn't have as many adds as everyone else is claiming. I love how you can personalise this release with your caracter. These lvls are challenging but you can practice with the practice mode if you wish. I would recommend this release to you. If you would like a challenge combined with fun!
~ Zoe Johnson
everything is nice in the release. thair art that many banners. I think you wold like this release if u like song. So ya if you like song like me I think you could obtain the release. :)(: so if you obtain the release hope you have s nice time!! 🙂
~ Addison Shields
Super fun release and makes the time go by. To everyone who claims "This release is laggy", "This release sucks". Remember, this is like the "demo" ver. It only lags because if the kind of device YOU have. Either storage is almost filled (Which makes my device lag) or another reasons I cant think of.. Anyways, this is a really fun release made by really cool recipients. Test if you wish! :)
~ ItzAsh
I finished 5 lvls on this release. It's cute complicated if u test the harder lvls. But also chill and challenging. Hold up this nice talent of yours and the squad. I'm cute impressed how u created this colourful, challenging, and musically release. As I rate, I rate this 10/10.
~ Sugar S.L
Nice release overall. I love the song in the backround especially the Back on Track song. The lvls are hard and challenging but practice makes great😁 There needs to be more upgrades and also, I have three recommendations: 1. A gamemode where you race with your dudes or another recipients online. 2. a market where you buy skins and colors, and a idea to earn dollars is buy winnng those races I mentioned in recommendation 1. And last of all 3. a gamemode where you create your own map. Thats all of my thoughts😊
~ Patrick Zanzucchi
well I loved it its a fun release with a easy idea but is still not simple. there's a nice balance of banners and the release itself is fun and entertaining. there's lvls you can pick from. Overall I think it was nice and if you are considering downloading this release I defintatley think you could.
~ Curtain And Koala
Don't like the release because your terrible at one of the lvls? Then obtain over it! That is what releases are about, persistance. Geometry dash is really nice and an addicctive release to test, you can challenge your dudes (in true life) to see who gets the higher score. This release also has nice graphics.
~ NADINE Stringer
the only reason I got this release is because I like releases where you dodge objects, so I found this release and I'm like, "Gee-ome-tree dash... this may look cool" so I played and beat the first lvl and it took 126 attempts to do it and them I am like... Coins?? so I test to search the coins but for all three coins it took me 311 attempts to do it. then I went on and on and on and I liked it. Thats why I like geo dash 5bill × better than the usual releases I test. Test geometry dash actually if you are bored!!
~ Sand
I love the getting geometry dash releases and I have been trying to obtain that release! And I got geometry dash lite. I love geometry dash releases.And my brother has that release.Ohh.I just wanted to create sure i correspondence you something... but I don't know what to give you.Ohh well j will allow you know when I can obtain you something . But I think getting another geometry dash releases.
~ Carson Cooper
It might have been fun if the controls worked right. It's almost impossible to beat any lvl because half of the time it doesn't jump when you tap the screen. So you obtain one star and an uninstall. I'd give it negative stars if I should just because of the frustration of trying and trying but never getting anywhere.
~ Bradley Blake
I really like it because its challenging and you can change your block and if you dont like the first lvl you can go to the next. If you're having problem with a lvl there's a practice button and you can see what challenges are ahead and if you die on practice mode you will hold going. I really like this release and if challenging releases are your thing then you could go for it if not still give it a test
~ A Google user
nice release ever!! Just one question, are the another releases of geometry dash connected to the full ver and why aren't there any more lvls like clubstep, electrodynamic, hexagon force, theory of everything 2, deadlocked and fingerdash (add the following lvls in future upgrades) another than that finest release.
~ Hemali Goswami
The release is cute addicting, but the trouble I've come across is that when trying to beat one of the final lvls, is that I cannot do it unless I test for at least 200 attempts. The trouble is, I do my finest on my first several attempts, but the lvls become mind numbing because of all the flashing and changing colors. This makes it impossible to beat the release for weeks, sometimes months, no matter how nice you are at it. There could be a idea to lower color intensity. Thanks for reading.
~ Trevor Russell
This is a nice release! The graphics are nice, There are like no banners or lag. I claim this is one of the finest releases i have played! If I had to give somebody else which release they could obtain, I would pick this. The entertainment in this release is outstanding! Actually how I would describe this release is like this "This release is fun for all ages! I suggest this release more than any another.". The only thing you need to fix is when you die for no reason.
~ GachaLife Mania1324
this is a nice release i really enjoy testing it. its one of the releases i test all the time and i just hold getting better also go check out the another releases there cute nice aswell and if your not that nice at this release go test geometry dash globe its a lot easier and the lvls are shorter but overall this is a nice release. if you wish check out the another releases geometry dash,meltdown, subzero and globe. ps. test compleate clutterfunk its so hard but ive done it give it a test
~ john may
Compared to the full ver, this isn't too terrible. However, it doesn't usually register taps and banners pop up after multiple attempts. Honestly to resolve that banner trouble I turn off my time (or wifi) on my device then re-launch release and I dont obtain a single one. So to those looking into buying no banners, save your dollars and just turn off WiFi :)
~ Kaitlyn Shirer
Cool, nice, aggravating, its a entire bundle of feelings in one! i think this release is the finest release i've ever downloaded because it has rad songs, cool modes, (spaceship, ball, cube etc) and hard lvls. I also have the full ver of geo dash on a different device. I 'd claim im a "average user" i'm close to beating Clubstep, Theory of everything 2, which most users obtain at my target. so, if you don't have the full ver or even geo dash yet, go and buy it it's worth it! Believe me! PEACE!😁
~ A Google user
This release is the finest release ever it is so fun but after testing it for a while and tapping it my fingers started hurting but I think the release is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Michael Votypka
I am a very nice user with this release and will give you tricks for those that have troubles with testing the release example not being able of jump right means your device isn't proper for the release and can't function right, it is fun and very addicting the release can lag of your devices ram is less than 2g, I have a grand prime and plays just fine, even versus the newest lvls on the full ver of the release and if lag is because of gigantic amounts of equipment used in one zone or more depending on the lvl.
~ Eli Macias
This is the worst release I have ever played. They create some jumps so hard it can take months to complete. I hate this release so much I feel I have contracted multiple illnesses from it. 0/whatevernumberever. this is a horrible release and you could never test it. Don't listen to all these comments claiming it is addictive. Addiction is terrible and if you test this release you might end up doing drugs. Please for your own mental and physical health nnnneeeevvvveeeerrr download this horrible release.
~ Chris Williams
My son plays this on his iPad. I played it once and it was so nice, I looked for it on test shop to download one for myself on my mobile device. Wasn't sure it would be there or if it would work okay, but its great and flawless. Love the background sound, release plays smoothly. I'll love to know how this release was conceived and made. Nice job ! I paid for the full ver for my son.
~ Muyideen Muhammed
finest release I have ever played. up there with temple run and subway surfers. I gotta claim this is an exceptional release and the programers were wonderful. they very much so outdid themselves. I really enjoyed the back on track lvl. but as many know, the known of all is time machine. Whoever thought of it was the dollars maker of the squad. I've been testing this release since I was 4 actually I'm 12 years old and still loving each second of it. my second favoured has to be the old original stereo madness.
~ Mobile Gamer Oasis
I have so much to claim but I think it will fit in comment so I'll claim what I can. the song is nice, the lvls are nice, the release is nice, the nice is nice and it allow's you practice and learn from your mistakes on a lvl. now i think that's it idk why someone wouldn't like the release it's a quality release. I need to be on the top positive so recipients can see my comment! now JD could be on top he loves this release more than anyone
~ Enderman 6
A release with pretty graphics and seamlessly designed, Geometry Dash Lite is one of, if not my, favored release on small. It is perfectly on rythym, has epic song and looks nice. The premise of the release is nice and brilliantly executed. It is highly addictive and challenging yet possible. I very much suggest this release and I can't stop testing it.
~ Swordfish FyreDragon
I love this release my dude and I have been testing this release my entire life. I would like you to hold putting newest lvls. Each bit of the lvls obtain better and better. My favoured lvl might be ether jumper or cycles. I love this release because the design is pretty and the song is nice. It's cool that jumper has the song from castle crashers which is nice because i love that. Hold doing what you're doing and have a nice time.
~ little derpy man 2222
This release... It is so relaxing (at least if you don't ruin at 99 percent in Clutterfunk😂😂) I suggest this release for those who don't have a nice release to test. I have finished all lvls except for Clutterfunk. The GDW informations is better than the GDL informations. I hope you add usermade lvls to test and add lvls from the main release to the lite ver faster, or create the main release nonpaid. I hope that you create the main release nonpaid, cause I really wanna play out demons and more. I suggest this.
~ FOFO Atout
Everyone look. Allow me respond your questions. If you uninstall and reinstall without making an profile and saving your progress, then it will be lost. If it won't allow you create an profile or claims that your correspondence is 'unverified' or whatever, then I'm sorry but that's your own trouble. If you DO create an profile and save it but when you reinstall it and you log on, you have nothing, all you have to do is go back to the zone where you save but instead press the button beneath that is named load.
~ Domino Lizard
omg this is such a horrible release! omg it sucks! well are you sure about that? ive been testing the full release for the past two years and this is the same as this one but better. you obtain to make your own lvls and create alot more progress in icon for your cube. you can turn into a spider,ball,wave,ship and robot. the lvls are not that hard anyways the ones that ARE hard are the community lvls on the full release.
~ XeonVolt
This release got some nice gaphics. I rate the graphics 10 out of 10. This release got nice release test. I rate the release test to 10 out of 10. The controls are so simple i will give the controls a 10 out of 10. This is one of my favoured release ever so you could download this release. u will got the release a 5 star. Whan you run testing the release you can not stop palying it. I LOVE the amzing muic. Also I love all the lvls because they are challenging. One of my favoured lvls is Because I love the song.
~ music boy83