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About: Welcome to Gardenscapes! Rake your idea through a story full of unexpected twists and turns to restore a unbelievable garden to its former glory. Embark on an adventurous travel: beat match-3 lvls, restore and decorate different zones in the garden, obtain to the bottom of the secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-release characters, including Austin, your butler, and a funny dog! What are you waiting for? Indulge yourself in some gardening and become the superhero of a brand newest storyline. Build your dream garden for nonpaid! The release informations: Addictive gameplay: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, and be part of a breath-taking journey all at once! Hundreds of special match-3 lvls Tons of in-release characters you can create dudes with An adorable puppy who is usually there to cheer you up An in-release social network you can u ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Playrix Games
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Gardenscapes Reviews and Comments:

I am not a fan. This is a frustrating release where passing the "hard" lvls is nearly impossible. you need to buy equipment with your own dollars, for instance, as you earn dollars it goes into a protected. but to access the dollars you gotta buy the protected for $2.99. The equipment are not worth their value. even with the several power ups you obtain for $15, you still cannot pass many of the lvls. save your frustrations.
~ Lorrie Spotts
I'm enjoying this cool Match 3 release which is relaxing & addicting. I like the frog, bunny, squirrel, hedgehog, etc. I like winning coins (buy power ups) & stars (pay for tasks to improve the garden) every time I victory a lvl. I like the chance to victory holidays decorations. Looking forward to seeing future improvements. I like the premium championships & rewards. I don't think there are enough chances to victory dollars for themed landscaping equipment. Interesting story.
~ Valerie Ramos
A fairly nice release if you have patience. Can't obtain through lvls very quickly without buying power-ups. The worst part is that the release sometimes bugs out and doesn't destroy certain tiles. This can be really irritating when it costs you the lvl. Another than the major troubles stated, it has cute nice art and has about the lvl of storyline claiming you'd expect from this type of release. one thing that really bugs me is the false advertising of the release. I had the release before so its not as annoying.
~ Wolves Of Deltora
Fun, I want I had been more careful in the earlier lvls and used the nonpaid coins wisely.Not a complicated release. I have been a caretaker claiming unused zones. It's a nice dog, for a dog, it got pricked by the hedgehog. But it afraid off an owl. Here's a nice recommendation. Allow recipients use a star to remove something from the to do list. Also let another animals to be picked. Using a star to reject or approve. Grr-annie Smith. Can I date her. We can obtain engaged on lvl 1000, then Waterfall Wedding.
~ Karl Stuber
The release has become a go to, however if I live to be a hundred years old, I will never obtain far. It takes to long to accumulate coins/points on both this and the Home Scape releases, and they throw in such my-nute tiny things you have to complete first. I have been testing both for over a year and have only finished 3 tiny zones on this release and only 3 zones on home scape. I am sure if I spent the dollars they test getting out of recipients, I should possible be farther. But I don't have that luxury
~ Mark Mills
I enjoy the release but want there were more chances to obtain bonus playtime and rewards. create it easier to earn more stars. the wheel never lands on jackpot or double rewards. it mostly lands on lightning. I've tried to stop it at different territories to no avail. very frustrating. going to lower my rating every time the wheel lands on lightning two or more days in a row. just hit the jackpot hope that continues more than in the past
~ A Google user
Pretty and beautiful. But the hard lvls will not give you the pieces you need for days of testing. Even following their tricks to beat a lvl doesn't matter when the release won't give you anything to match. The gas cans only create this worse. Don't spend dollars, even having boosters won't support when there are not enough of the same pieces to match. Edited to add that the longer you test, the more impossible this release becomes. It stops being fun when you will not be given the pieces to match for days.
~ Chesna Riley
An illegal bait and switch walkthrough has been used as it's supposed to be a trouble solving release using an array of objects to solve a crisis, however as quick as you download it, it becomes a slow and tedious 3-tile match release that grows in complexity in order to do absolutely anything. There is literally nothing you can do without testing a stupid puzzle match release & you need boosters to obtain through some lvls. Four days to solve a puzzle just to create a device call is not fun, it's stupid. Deleted.
~ Skullview
All the banners for this release showed entirely different gameplay of what the release now is. It's just a bland, run of the mill matching release that does nothing that the banners imply. I wanted to test a release where I had to figure out how to fix and repair things, and the only actual gameplay is solve a matching puzzle, obtain a star, spend star and repeat. Not a fun release.
~ Chris Fetterley
Misleading advertising. It's candy crush lookalike release. Built from the very beginning to pay dollars, not just test longer and finish slower, it's very the very run built to pay. And the advertising is very misleading giving you the impression that is release about traveling exploring more territories. While it's not like that at all. Don't download it, waste of your time and time.
~ George Michael
The tiny in-release (another releases/facebook) banners for this release or Homescapes... they all look simple and different. The banners are VERY misleading. In the banners, it shows an trouble such as a broken sofa or cracked roof and the user (that's you) trying to fix the trouble by picking a hammer, or tape, or a wrench, etc... in the actual release, it's nothing but round after round of a Bejeweled knockoff. & Every time the rounds obtain harder and harder and it takes longer to complete every task. Misleading banners, terrible release.
~ Amanda C
First of all, the advertised release was not the one i got when downloaded so i guess that could have been a red flag instantly. Nevertheless, I'm literally stuck on the same lvl for 8 days...8 DAYS!!! Y'all can claim all you wish that these lvls are beatable without powerups but it is not. I've used all of my powerups and actually it's come to the target where i can't progress without spending true dollars but of course, that's the target of making a release with unbeatable lvls right?
~ Jordan Jattan
this is a nice release for its kind. the storyline progresses at a nice pace and even thou some lvls are quite hard, they are not impossible. on average you need about 2 stars to transport forward with the storyline and this is accomplished with 1 or 2 releases. only fault for me, is if you victory infinite life for a set time it applies immediately instead of being able to claim when you wish to use it. Modernization, im nearing release 800 and still enjoying it, cost me nothing so far.
~ Lillyjay
it's a dollars grab like the rest of them, it is extremely aggravating to attempt to complete these lvls and it's absolutely impossible to complete without assistance. RESPONSE: don't urinate on my head and claim me it's raining. Yes, each lvl can be beat with no support, the logic will throw you a bone each once in a while. But... NOT EVERY ITERATION OF ALL LEVELS CAN BE BEAT EVERYTIME WITHOUT HELP. waiting for the time the release throws you a bone is extremely frustrating.
~ James Stutes
Lvl 168 is absurd. Been stuck on it so long I am thinking about uninstalling the release. Everything has to be hit multiple times to clear it from the screen, and there just aren't enough moves to do it. Big frustration and loss of all lives for weeks means it's not fun anymore. And obtain a clue, Playrix, not everyone is on Fb. There really is a globe without it. I know, because I have never created a Fb profile and I never will.
~ Barbara C
The release is cool, otherwise I wouldn't test it. Kudos to the developers. 5 stars on this. However, users work at achieving the lvls! You never know how things will fall exactly. Though we are given better options, bombs are created, when we utilize our own bombs, spinners, and another things, it would be great to see the bombs fall more into zone when we don't. I feel there could be an option of (Are you sure) when or if the 900 bonus coins are to be utilized to continue release test. Thx
~ Kimberly
Kind of getting tired of upgrading these releases. Each time I do it takes about two or three days to create them work again. I then lose the premium. This one was just modernized April the eighth. Getting a tiny bit more expensive to test. Ready to uninstall it and Homescapes too. Upgrading the stupid release again, so tired of it. Also costing me idea to much dollars. So sick of this. As you may have guessed it's that time again. Four hours to modernization this release. Not going to this time. Uninstalling actually.
~ Cheryl Roberts
Gardenscapes is a nice release for all ages! Some lvls are really hard but not too hard that you never pass. It gives you everyday's that really support out, they also have contest, give aways after completing lvls, and another cool equipment. Out of all the releases I've played on Google Test this has to be my favoured. I'm currently on lvl 600 something, lol! You obtain to decorate the garden in cool equipment and the butler guy is funny. :)
~ nickyms
I started this release because of the add of fixing things around the city. it's a match 3 building release that is the same as them all. you obtain so far and it's pay to test. never saw any of the amusing test from the banner. typical scam, don't waste your time. matching was ok, and the storyline was beautiful. not a long view/test type of release without buying coins or dollars.
~ Dawn Keyes
Just because you don't "require" recipients to pay to test doesn't mean you can't still be an obvious dollars grab release. I'm in the 1500s and have used all my coins (20k+) on bonus lives the past several lvls because the system makes it literally impossible to victory no matter what you do some turns. Took me 20 or more tries on few newest levels. Actually I have no coins to buy bonus lives, which is an attempt by the devs to obtain me to use true mone or risk losing my spot in league. Growing tired of the greed
~ Cory D
The release is fine, overall. I would argue that a several of the harder lvls have an unreasonably tiny number of moves, making it close to impossible to finish without spending dollars, which I LOATHE. My central beef is with the amount of garbage they create you install into the different zones. why can't I "claim when" when the decor is to my liking? SO. GAUDY. Also, I'd love to change Austin's name.
~ Samantha Wright
Disappointed: I have been testing Fishdom for many years so the release format is very familiar to me. I have finished 60 something lvls and actually they are getting too hard to beat without power ups. What disappoints me most however is from the ads I saw, I thought the release test was different (picking softwares etc to fix things), after 60 lvls I have seen no evidence of that gameplay. False advertising?. Actually been testing for longer and uninstalled, poor release, don't install it
~ Matt Pearce
This was so much fun, BUT I've spent a fortune on boosters so I didnt have to wait for a everyday nonpaid booster when just about each lvl needs multiple boosters to obtain through it. This week I've refused to buy any more boosters so I've been stuck on the same lvl for days. Who wants to refer to a blog for 'tricks' to pass each another lvl? Sigh. Really nice idea though, what a pity.
~ Saffa Storm
i enjoy the release. i love the estate. Austin spends more stars than I can obtain.The lvls are layed out in a idea that it is almost impossible to victory.Some take days and to many hours. I was so sad that I didn't obtain my dog all his treats. not enough time in the releases to line up moves to victory. I will still test but am exasperated trying to obtain immossible grids .Thank you for the release. On premium release lvls it is so discouraging to not obtain credit for the equipment requested. Grids are set to lose !
~ Bea Mahlon
I like the idea of the release however, I give it 2 stars because like many others have previously stated, the release is designed for you to spend your true dollars in order to progress quickly. Lives take FOREVER to be regenerated, and you need 900 coins obtain 5 more moves if you've run out of moves at the end of the release. The catch is that you only create ~50 coins on average per release, so if you don't have enough powerups for hard lvls, you can be stuck on a hard lvl for days!!!!!
~ Shernice Thomas
its a great release but this release takes alot of your moves from you that you havent used. Example: If you have 28 chances to complete your target , you only used10 moves out of 28 that means you could have the remainder of 18. Well , this release had taken the remainder of my 18 moves. Something wrong with this release. So actually i had to delete this great graphics release that i had enjoyed and worked so hard to create my garden so pretty! I am so disappointed and upset by this!
~ Carmen Lombardi
I ONLY downloaded this release because of the banners that kept popping up. The banners showed a fully different release whereby an incident occurred in the garden and you have options on how to fix it, there wasn't this candy crush inspired app. I have it because despite the false advertising, ok.. I don't know. Ud: So the newest modernization was just trash, I even got robbed off a release if you can trust that. Ridiculous. 1 star.
~ Zayna Honnorat
I'm 3000 lvls in, I guess I could review it. Solid release, I've only spent 1$ on it in all those lvls - it gives enough freebies that you don't need to pay to victory, if you can wait a several days until you obtain enough coins/powerups to support you push through. There's a significant random element - I've had to replay a several lvls a dozen times until I got nice layouts that allowed me to victory. But overall, a very fun, fair release, nice characters and storyline, fun mechanics, nice degree of challenge.
~ J K
this is my favoured release and has bee n since the beginning. When I started testing I now spent dollars because it was challenging. Actually...the booster after winning a lvl. PLEASE GIVE AN OPTION FOR BOOSTERS. I don't wish them. I have over 150 of every booster never used. sometimes the booster will now crash an opportunity. The dog training was my favoured. never see it anymore. PLEASE bring back the old fun challenging release.
~ Genny Martz
I love testing Gardenscapes. The only thing I would change would be the amount of coins it cost for 5 bonus moves on a lvl. Instead of 900 coins, 500 would be more realistic. I enjoy testing this release and I give it 5 stars. Edit: I am having problem on lvl 620. I have 0 powerups & 300 coins.I have played this lvl over 50 times and can't beat it. I consider myself an experienced user,and I think this lvl could be labeled "hard". I actually give you 4 stars.
~ Sabrina Rancatore
Product is nice. If I was going to change anything, it would be: fixing the trouble of no target equipment on board for few plays (causing you to lose a release) and placement of power ups. Many times they are blocked off or forced into test. It's maddening, but not so much that I won't test. So, if you wish to support a butler, whose father was a butler, refurbish the family mansion, install release actually. File release under Time Wasters, lol.
~ GR Gustafson
some lvl are very hard , impossible to victory, coz lack of moves. you made a nice interface , but if you wish us to completely enjoy the release you created, then create it easier for us to victory each HARD LEVEL . We do not earn dollars from here, we just wish to finish the task given in this release so please be fair. each lvl became hard, as if you're paying us with your dollars. The F.
~ Maria Angela Labao
Fully misleading video banner, just like their equally misleading banner for "Fishdom". This release is basically a match-3 release to gain a star that can be used to complete a pre-defined task. Of course there are no limitations on the options for spending dollars. On that target it excels. Otherwise there is no walkthrough, no player options, no intellect needed. You have to be a mindless drone to like this release. Uninstalled after reaching lvl 63. What's the target?
~ Darrell Fischer
Worked nice until the modernization. I have the newest modernized ver, but lvl 84 refuses to do anything. As quick as it's opened, it freezes except for the portal light animation. I've contacted help, but I'm stuck in an unlimite automation loop. (see also, their respond to this review) Also an trouble: the ads that become more and more false as the years go on. The release doesn't work the idea the ads present.
~ Elizabeth Ingham
I liked this release, yet I obtain frustrated to the target of not wanting to test it and even contemplate of deleting it from my device. the release, like most players have expressed can be challenging (not in a nice idea), as well not fun. for the most part I hold on here for my down time or bored, which is very tiny. It puts me in a moody mode and can unfulfilling give the user(s) in a funk in which it should obtain better ratings, but yet it shows no improvements; and just for testing and failing ONE lvl
~ Anthony Rodeman
You guys are pathetic. Not only won't you allow me test the orangery anymore but you also don't give me the rewards for the apple comp! How stupid is that. I'm on lvl 4250 and you have place the brakes on me. Receive off your lazy backsides, create more and NEW stages and their would be no dilemma. Looks like recipients have caught on and are starting to give you consistent 1 star. What do you expect....
~ Chesco Raygz
False advertising. They present the release as somewhere where u have to fix a certain zone but the release is just boring and is nothing like the banners
~ Kelly Patel
it was nice , but actually after the last modernization it hold claiming connection lost while small already conacted to the network and this trouble has been going on for a week since the last modernization !
~ Sheko Beko
lost it all. I do not use Fb and I thought it was linked to my Google profile. well I changed devices and actually I lost it all. I was on lvl 444 and I did invest some funds to obtain there. actually it is all lost. SUCKS!!!!!!
~ David Molina
I gave this release 1 star because first of all it is nothing like the banner.The entire reason I downloaded this release was because the banner intrigued me. The release though is boring. Second of all this is each typical release everyone is making. I feel as if this release needs more originality to it. Literally each release has been the stupid matching things and making patterns. This release is no different. The originators should change this. Also it is fully ridiculous that recipients have to pay to advance in the release
~ Alessah Fletcher