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Game of War - Fire Age   
About: Dont miss your chance to become legendary! Lead heavy armies into epic fights versus dragons, creatures, and users from around the world in the most addicting, interactive walkthrough release! Are you ready for an action-packed journey? FEATURES Build & customize your very own Empire Select your role! Are you a builder? A soldier? A leader? You decide. Train, lvl-up, and deck out your Heroes Craft legendary weapons to rise above the contest Train vast armies to lead into action packed fights on the stunning Globe Map Test & chat with millions of online users worldwide in 32 different languages all in true-time Forge alliances with users to defeat aggressors & become the most potent Alliance in the Kingdom! Defeat the Wonder to become the almighty Emperor! Use your power to give premium titles to your dudes & aggressors in the Kingdom! Policies Policies: ?lan ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Machine Zone, Inc.
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About: EXPLORATION is not a Game. This is our Life. After 2 years hard work we can present you this beautifull Exploration Game. Over 10 biomes. 5 worlds and you can create many new worlds. Endless worlds. Day and Night. Many Mobs. Many Monsters. Beautifull graphics. Crafting and Building. You can explore and have many adventures on two different Modes, Fighter and Builder. Fighter Mode: you must Survive and fight for your Life. Craft and Build. Builder Mode: all blocks are open and endless. Bu...

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About: War of the Zombie Gang Z is a defense action game with an unusual one design and level are very interesting, so not everyone can manage it to solve it, where you have to stop thousands of attacks gangster enemy. Armed with your weapon, you must destroy waves of enemies before they cross your city! Features: * Nice graphic and e ffect * 10 ready levels! * 4 city maps * Huge shop with gun, bomb, barrier and coin * Built-in easy-to-use unity editor: create new levels & edit existing l...

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About: January 1944. The German Army had their last toehold on the Dneiper River. This salient projected between two powerful Soviet army groups, the 1st and 2nd Ukrainian Fronts. Though weakened in their previous efforts against the Germans, on January 25th and 26th, these two powerful groups attacked and surrounded two German corps. The Germans responded quickly to this threat, hurrying reinforcements from other sectors. Their relief drive made good initial progress, but stalled in the face of sti...

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Game of War - Fire Age Reviews and Comments:

This was a nice release in the begining but they got to carried away and destroyed it could have left it the idea it was in 2011
~ A Google user
to much mean recipients cussing at me in correspondence cause there and spend more dollars then me I don't like to be disrespected
~ Dusten Burtz
have to spend dollars if you ever wish to obtain anywhere. have to spend LOTS of dollars if you wish to be competitive.
~ Rick D
nomatter how much you spend you will never be at the top, i spent 80k and still never topped out , very addictive tho
~ A Google user
it won't allow me buy 30 days to hold my shield up no more so I'm tired of this release I don't like it at all
~ Jamel Stewart
cannot even click on anything.hold tapping on the dj lord icons for a thousand time and still nothing happens.. once a while it works though..
~ Prajjwal Acharya
sucks ass only idea to test without getting wiped out is to spend thousands of dollars on it.
~ John Gunderson
it's ok for a while then once u run researching higher things like u have to wait 4 1/2 years because mz wants there dollars so terrible they wish u to buy everything on the release
~ Ryan
only idea to advance in this release is by buying a $100 dollar gold box on a regular basis. Don't waste your time with this release!
~ William Kleinsasser
Don't waste your time on this "nonpaid release" if you don't spend a lot of dollars, you won't hold up. Would be a nice release if there weren't large spenders, and it was a lvl testing field.
~ John Berger
release was nice when I first played it actually its outdated. lots of things you push on the screen go to boxes to buy.
~ Paul Mares
Ever since the modernization everything has become so tiny it has become harder to see please fix. i checked my settings and tjey are still the same
~ Roy Province
they don't care about anyone just about making dollars, too much complications actually, couldn't allow things goo when it was nice
~ Jesse Vargo
i love this release so so so so so much it is the finest release ive probably ever came across its like heaven for me to test this release a large server but so fun talking to your alliance you attack another peaple but it is the finest
~ Robert Quinones
fight n order a much more user friendly release. this one so as u obtain the equipment u need they change the equipment its all about dollars not the user u obtain a box for 20& after that 100$
~ A Google user
someone has obviously been testing on my profile; not that I'm complaining. They left me with an extremely potent profile. The finest part the GoW FA staff gave me a prize chest for returning that gave me enough resources that I'd doubt I'd need more for quite awhile.
~ Cesar Castillo
$100 for every gold box and you need to buy one regularly to test. Product of Dollary! stay away from this release.
~ A Google user
I have the galaxy S10+ and my screen resolution is out of wack. all the writing in the release is so tiny i can't read it. how do I fix it
~ Rose Romine
unless you spend a lot of dollars, you wont obtain very far in this release. It requires too many bonus updates to everything to be competitive.
~ Tom Jessie
I have been testing GOW for five years,,it has been an nice experience with nice recipients from around the globe,,,my alliance members have become family to me and we pride ourselves on unity as a family. ..we have also gain respect from allies and become a force to be reckoned with.We take pride & honor to the extreme. ..it,s like testing chess on steroids but a hundred times better ( DOVE )
~ Ron Ritenour
Dollary hungry developers. Outrageous updates, tiny fish are swallowed by buyers. Equipment dont work as they could. Great test though. lol
~ Nicki Borgioli
Don't suggest testing this dollars spending release! All this company MZ cares about is taking as much dollars as they can from the user's of this release so stay away from it if your smart!
~ A Google user
takes idea to long to build and compete. dont download it. it's too addictive. and then the release rips you off with the boxes you buy.
~ Randy Crump
this isn't really a release but more of a contest to see who can spend the most dollars. I tried testing for a several weeks, but everything was idea overpriced and you got very tiny for what you spend.
~ chris nestor
Dollary hungry mz release you need deep pockets for this, ill give you an concept $144.99pp! this release is misleading also when it comes to wording/advertising thier boxes sometimes you won't obtain what you paid for, also a heads up prior to demi-god modernization if you are thinking of coming back don't, you won't obtain anywhere with release because your superhero units,buildings are all behind in lvl and you won't progress, MZ won't support you obtain upto speed prior to all the dollars you spent customer service is poor.
~ Nader K
a nice idea to pass the time and to meet newest recipients! want the boxes had a lot more to offer for as expensive as the boxes are. because you really can't survive without spending your dollars. it would be a lot easier to spend your dollars if you got more of the equipment you need in the boxes you have to buy. thanks again for the nice release!
~ A Google user
Was an awesome release, actually its dying. Lots of sad dead accounts scattered like ruins of a old kindom. Its more of a dollars pit actually. Spend your dollars better else where like a boat or a video. you'll obtain more enjoyment..
~ A Google user
Terrible client service, only wish dollars. Second day I post this and seems like my post is not published. I had to research the same equipment more.than 1 X. That cost me allot of unnecessary rss and platinum. Brought this to mz attention that their release was glitches and all they claim is sorry they are trying to solve it. I know they can look at my profile history and they will see how many times I had to research the same thing. Yet they refuse to reimburse my wasted rss. I paid for it, ALLOT
~ Dayne Williams
release lags and fails to refresh after attacks. info extremely delayed or fails when scouted or attacked. unable to progress without spending lots of dollars. frequent newest buildings, lvls and gear which require a buy of newest boxes to obtain.
~ Eduardo Escobedo
if you're thinking about testing don't not only will you have to spend a fortune to hold up MZ is the worst release maker ever the release freezes you have glitches your peace Shield drops unexpectedly and each box cost $100. so if I should discourage anyone from testing I will because there's a lot more better releases out there than this one
~ A Google user
machine territory are a bunch of scammers.. do some research.. the longer u test the faster the release progresses.. forcing users to spend to hold up... then there releases basically restart n eveything you spent your dollars on n time is worthless n useless. YouTube machine territory ..
~ Jamie Madill
Lvls 1-5 are quite fun! However much past that it is impossible to enjoy the release unless you are willing to spend some dollars. I have been testing this release off and on actually for few years and it is very addictive. A three 🌟 rating only because of the 💰 you need to spend to fully enjoy the release.
~ Jason Giroir
Nice and terrible, Fire Age is in a nice zone for me, but the Dragon Fight dimension sucks, over priced and critical equipment are only available using "loyalty" points. Seriously 260,000 points to resurrect a superhero and protections are worse and only obtain tiny dribbles of points from alliance quests and hunting creatures. Even if you spend serious dollars on this release you obtain gold but no loyalty points, obtain true. A more fair pricing system is required.
~ Pearl Patenaude
Total waste of time and dollars. Don't test this release. You need to pay to hold up with others , otherwise it takes a LONG time to advance. And meanwhile another users can just attack and steal what you build up. Do not test these kind of releases. Only master is the company that made the release. You have no chance if you don't spend dollars just to hold up with another users who also spend dollars.
~ Wallace Lee
I have played on a different device when downloading this time i feel cheated, its all about dollars makes you wish to quit testing. Too hard to advance took away alk the fun things just to create a speedy buck, pkgs. go from 4.99 which is the first to $ 99.00 I really trust the fun is gone, no shields, you have to buy them and the cost is your loyalty points which are redicoulous I feel the greed as taken over.
~ Leigh Rolack
Used to be a reasonable release, but has really gone down hill speedy. Product test is generally hampered by in-release bugs. Really not worth investing any of your hard earned dollars into. Not geared around users that dont wish to spend dollars to test.
~ P R
this release used to be cute fun,then machine territory rigged it to be all about what you can spend and not on how well you know the release,its dead,no kingdom chat,its become what we call a wallet fighters release,based on how much you can spend,hence the 3.9 rating😁😁😁/Dark Metal terms
~ John Doe
This release is a disguised gamblers addiction aka scam. Stay far away if you value your time and dollars! You literally have to spend thousands of dollars to be competitive and enjoy the end release, and at least hundreds of dollars if you wish the privilege of getting the scraps from the users who spent thousands. But that doesn't matter, in 3 months time MZ will have progressed the release so far that newest users can buy a couple of boxes and be at the same level those who spent thousands so spend more.
~ Westie Mafia
MZ decided to screw their base who spent thousands to test, for their own greed. They replaced the platform and essentially started the release over, so all of us who spent large dollars, had worthless accounts. No refunds. Actually, many just shield our profile and half the time the release wont load to create sure it hasn't dropped. Dont waste your dollars for their greed.
~ Colleen Cooper
MZ FROZE MY GAME DUE TO THIS REVIEW. I CANT ACFESS MY ACCOUNT ANYMORE. BEEN LIKE THAT FOR TWO MONTHS NOW. Constantly changing the release so that the only idea you can obtain anywhere is to SPEND MONEY. The release was fun years ago, then MZ got dollars hungry. If you're one who wipes your a$$ with hundred dollar bills, then this release is for you. If you are a normal person or a penny pincher then you will not be able to hold up with this release. I lost interest in this dollars suckling release.
~ Lizard Rules