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About: WESTEROS IS AT WAR Nice houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the units of the dead threatens to war the realm. Live out your fantasy and join the fight. Build your house and raise your units as you navigate a risky political landscape. Based on the award winning HBO series, Product of Thrones: Conquest allows users to become a Boss in Westeros and define a walkthrough for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Winter is here and your aggressors units will not wait to clash swords and send dragons. Wage fight and join the war today to capture the Iron Throne! A TRUE GAME OF THRONES EXPERIENCE In the release of thrones, you victory or you die. - Cersei Lannister -Become a king of Westeros: Build your nice house, make your sigil, and master the walkthrough as you War for the Crown to rule the realm -Interact with key characters from the hit HBO series including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targa ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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Game of Thrones: Conquest™ Reviews and Comments:

The newest modernization deleted all the messages and i attacked many creatures and got no report nor rewards i wish u to please fix this and i wish u to give me some rewards because it's not fair that i attacked all these creatures for nothing. And it would be great if this release had ship's with gigantic upkeep so that not each one can have a gigantic fleet
~ Hussien wafa
it's been 9 months. I've spent too much dollars.. but I spent it, they didn't create me, and I'm still spending cuz I wish to. I enjoy the release! the graphics, the walkthroughs, the mechanics. it's fun
~ Anday Worlean
Terrible waste of time. was super siked about combining some of my favoured release elements (management, walkthrough, diplomacy) with GoT lore and ambience. Mechanically the release was just side quests to build things and that either glitches and working complete ha and half the time or the release was stalling out and then claiming it list connection the another half. so i really didn't even obtain out of the guide because it was unbearable. and all along the release kept trying to prompt me for transactions.
~ Daniel Lawson
This is a really nice release. The only trouble that I see with it is that you have to have nice signal strength to test it at all. I don't obtain nice signal at my house do I can't test it like I wish to. If I should test it all the time I would. Like I claimed it's a really nice release I love testing it. It'just irritating that most of the time it won't load. Maybe if the developer's can obtain it to load faster with weak-frequency internet than I would be played more often. Another than that I love the release.
~ Kristen Hayes
it is pay to victory. but with all the meetings that offer gigantic sums of gold you can easily catch up. and they place a limit on the pay to victory so its more like pay for a tiny advantage. all around fun release. hold up the nice work.
~ Darth Nightstrike
complete garbage release. doesn't load half the time. the another half it freezes after a minute or two. ontop of it all it's purely a pay to test release. wanna test nonpaid? u can, you'll just be stuck at hold 15 for months
~ Ramon Padilla
besides the major glitches and bugs, I was able to still enjoy the release for a short time. I quickly learned that this is a test to succeed release. each high lvl person most likely paid for half of it which is super annoying as ur base gets obliterated by these recipients. I'm not petty about losing to a higher lvl...just annoyed about why recipients are high lvls
~ Maya N.
Why doesn't the app launch? Even if it does, it continuously keeps lagging or shutting down. My device has 8 GB RAM, so please don't give me that reason. Please deliever a solution. This is not expected of you....!
~ Gaurav Munot
played for a while, even payed for resources. when the release runs up, it brings up a box to buy resources right away. my device in my back pocket accidentally purchased a $99 box. As quick as I received a info of the buy I place in a ticket for refund. I got an correspondence, but no response. they have no number to call or anything.
~ MrThedonwesley
WORST GAME AFTER LVL 10 device freezes too many times, when upgrades occur it gets even worse. I am a star fights and harvest land user, I do like the release but highly devasted when it kept freezing, will resume testing when troubles are resolved. Hold working at it.
~ Syke T
I used to absolutely love this release and played all last summer till school came around and I no longer had time to fool with it. However when I went to go run testing again they came out with the dragon modernization which was a cool idea expect the whole purpose of it seems to be to drain users banks. You cant obtain anywhere with out paying 100+ dollars. The translator is confusing and never right and the release glitches each half a second. I have no concept why I wanted a summer on this release.
~ Bri Ward
hello release developers! I've just modernized the release and it's been glitchy so much that I only managed to stay on the loading page! and when i managed to obtain into the release, the screen freezes and shut it self down! please fix this
~ Sarah Reanna J
release is fun to test with recipients that you obtain to meet from across the globe who share the same interest in Product of Thrones that you do. this release tends to tool users you either have to spend dollars or you are what's named The Littles you do not obtain meeting rewards no matter how many times you submit a ticket for support they hold sending the same automated response to you on how to obtain your meeting rewards even though you've continuously done it you also are charged for boxes not bought
~ Renee G. R.
Nice release but needs alot of bug fixes on crashes and it seems to be a resource hog for the device. Also place in a idea that you can obtain or earn Shields for those that are f2p that will support them grow as farming over a 1 mil resources makes for a nice goal for high end recipients and some recipients cant afford to spend dollars on the release.
~ David Russell
IT still takes a lot of time and demands a lot of attention. There are terms that are not listed in the original release and they are enforced by the high ranks. Like by laws. Check in the KC Or kingdom chat and ask about the 1 mil limit rss rule. pvp meetings no terms. Farming is when High Ranks attack and obtain your unprotected resources. Only teleport to 5 leagues away from any sop seat of power or you become fair release 4 attack. Unless your Alliance owns it. If you can handle this kind go for it.
~ angela fields
for the dollars i spend on this release the glitches are poor!! i can not even see the meetings or inventory without the release closing out and claiming it is not responding!! please fix this. I'm not spending no more dollars until this is fixed..
~ Hiedi Henry
release has lots of troubles. dont buy any of there boxes cause its a dollars pit. also they dont fix any of there mistakes on anything u buy, there farm plots dont give enough meal wood esc. they also dont offer ideas to obtain needed equipment to lvl your dragon. gigantic dollars pit. also there not many equipment in the shop u can buy. they wish u to spend dollars for each lil thing on there. also the release will glitch up an close release alot. creatures dont give much at all any equipment.theres so much more troubles.
~ Gerald Askew
No special gameplay or structure and for some reason developers decided not to launch the seats of power except for a several at a time. Leaving those who didn't spend large dollars in the release back in the dust and actually just meal for the sharks typical of the "nonpaid to test". Users who spent dollars early (tried nee kingdom) actually sit on seats of power and grow bigger so unless your a large spender don't waste your time too terrible It had the potential for grest release. So for this reason only two stars.
~ Ron Simpson
When you first test, meeting tiers are possible and you complete them. Once you lvl, things never obtain easier, or even reasonable. In fact, you'd be lucky to finish half of the meeting rewards. You never feel progress in this release, unless you litteraly spend thousands (plural). No exaggeration.
~ Mike Sharamitaro
I test for few hours a day, all WB seems to care about is dollars. You buy peace shields so another recipients don't attack and take all of your resources, but they expire early so you can't believe them. WB doesn't fix the trouble and doesn't completely reimburse you for your cost
~ Diane Scott
I would have given GOT:C 2 stars but first the developers need to be learn how to recreate 1st generation video release tech..right actually they struggle to hold pace with an atari release. macintosh origon trail would leave this release in the dust. Poor release performance especially in the launch map. Product freezes just sending a easy message can take feels like an hour
~ Michael ODea
It is a nice release and fun to test but very expensive. If something goes wrong do not expect the developers to support you because they won't. They will leave you out in the cold. Like if one of their upgrades screws you over and cost you true dollars to fix don't expect them to create it right because they won't.
~ Andy Thurman
loading time takes to long even with powerful internet connection. while being attacked warning message comes very late and then cant load the release until nothing had left. over a week preparation for updating just waisted time. wish to delete the profile cant even search where to delete it. no response on correspondences. sad would have been quiet a fun release but actually will not test anymore.
~ Dominic Casserini
For one thing, you guys ought to test to give a tiny more nonpaid gold because some recipients cannot afford to pay that much for it.Also, I had went to feed my dragon and I was and still am denied cause I have to go through the nurture; adolescent step.I really don't appreciate having to go through all that
~ Chris Hyler
multiple day peace shield options are trash. God forbid something is preventing you from being able to sign on to refresh your shield hundreds of dollars and countless hours will be lost in less than an hour reducing you to nothing at all. this release os a dollars hog everything costs idea to much and the boxes dont advance you enough to create it worth testing.
~ Carlos DaCosta
I have been a fan of Product Of Thrones since the 2nd season came out. After finding this release, I gave it a go considering I am quite the fanatic. I immediately fell in love with the release. It had many of my favoured characters and it had nice informations. These 5 stars are well. Great Job Devs. Great Job...
~ MaximumFlames05
I would give this release zero stars if I should. The graphics are decent but there is very limited gameplay the only thing to do really is attack fellow users keeps which there is tiny to no instruction. The help squad does not respond to inquiries, I have emailed them multiple times with no response. The releases gives u very tiny ideas to earn resources and as quick as you have saved up enough resources to upgrade your hold other user can take them all if they attack you 30 times continuously
~ Brianna Ware
This is worse than season 8! Typical pay 2 victory small release bs. Do you wish to wait 1 hour to build something or pay dollars to build it actually?? For how known this series is you'd figure they would do better than to milk us in the small release supermarket, oh wait. Anyway, South Park made a couple quality releases last couple years. Evil Dead is making a newest one after the Starz cancelation. How about a true release with top quality for consoles and notebook. Not copy pasta actors faces on this thrash to create a buck.
~ deathx88
So far so nice as only downloaded it today. Trouble I have had is I have made two purchases. And one of them has not been place in zone on the release. Have received an e-reciept but no gold etc. Have emailed the support recipients but no respond yet. But I have faith that this will be rectified quick. Otherwise I have enjoyed testing so far.
~ Emma Carr
Newest users are not welcome to this release, the second your peace shield goes down all the stronger users that have been testing since version will attack you straight away so its near impossible to obtain anywhere. They need to lvl out the field to create it more fair otherwise newest recipients wont wish to test. I am deleting the release until they fix it and then i will give it other go.
~ Korey Damerau
The release is impossible to test unless you spend dollars. You can't farm, you can't close your hold, you can't flash units and it takes 400 attacks to obtain 50 million resources. You can't create it past lvl 18 without spending and and Tier units higher than yours is vastly stronger. You can't mass produce T1s like in KOM. So you can't victory with having more units. There is no decent communication in the release. No Alliance correspondence or bulletin board. You cant compete in anything without teleporters. 0/10
~ Konnor Younglove
If you wish to spend dollars on a repetative release this one for you. The release test gets old but whats worse is you run out with 1 week nonpaid test. nobody can attack you. once it expires then you have two options: 1: spend dollars and continue as normal. 2: obtain attacked everyday so you constantly have no resources to further yourself in the release. honestly yhough this is one of those releases where its skillfully designed to bully you into spending dollars. honestly id give it a miss.
~ Joshua Sample
Gets boring speedy and you need to spend dollars to progress. When you obtain attacked by a much higher user you obtain destoyed. For me it got to a target where all my resources were gone, walls damaged heavily and army were injured and i should not heal them because i did not have enough meal or gold and i wasn't spending more dollars, id already spent £10 in total. The highest user in the release and his bannermen went on a rampage attacking everyone and no one should do anything he was lvl 27.
~ Ste
first off, it's a pay to victory release, beware. the release is fairly average for these types of releases, but incredibly underwhelming when you consider this is an hbo, warner brothers release, and more content, smoother test, better graphics and animation could be added. but it doesn't, it's run of the mill. there's bots, higher users that will repeatedly raid you and sap you of your resources if you're not careful, no invite-user to teleport option, nada. it's mediocre, and there's idea better releases.
~ Hector Lugo
I HAVE A GALAXY S9 and they're showing this to be an older ver device. Wonderful... ORIGINAL POST I spent hundreds on this release over the past 9 months and actually nothing is working. When I asked for help, they claimed me to do primary troubleshooting, which I did, and it made the functionality worse. Actually they are claiming "oh well" and I'm basically SOL. I can not trust you obtain so tiny help in a release where recipients spend so much. I dont even know what to do actually.
~ Megan Anderson
Battery Drain, No Instructions, and Users will Zero you Out. There are no instructions on how to test. Most of it is intuitive but not all of it. It's a HUGE a battery drain. Worst of all, after spending hours and hours building up resources, users (who've payed to test) can hit you multiple times and zero you out. If I should uninstall I would but I'm stuck with the AT&T installed bloatware. Don't waste your time.
~ Allegra E Knight-Byrnes
super glitchy!!! don't bother if you don't have the patience of a saint!!! it's your primary build Town, train army, gather resources etc release... but there have been numerous times I've gone to complete an action and can't because the release just won't reply. it's very frustrating to not be able to train army or upgrade buildings when time is the most valuable resource. i obtain that this have has a lot going for it, but I'd take less if it meant i should have full access to gameplay controls!
~ Nikki Lewis
its not even a pay to test. like the sales they have dont give u much for equipment. honestly its a obtain in early or not at all release. because its intermixed those whove played longer just raid the newer so much you spend half the time healing your units. moreover eventually you cant transport on because you cant obtain enough resources built up. and dont the excuse of shields. their rare and would take a months worth of shields to obtain enough to transport from level 16-17.
~ Jeremiah Dilley
Nothing newest here. Typical dollars grab city building fight release. You've played this exact release a million times. Performance is poor. Product locked up and crashes regularly even on top tier devices. Developers created a lazy, reskinned, predatory release. It runs okay, and the gild system is interesting. Solid pass on this release.
~ William Holland
2 months of unfixed bugs top off by a release design that lacks the ability to succeed through release test activities, instead the developers have chosen to simply raid the pockets of their user base. Success and leveling is almost entirely dependent on true dollars expenditures. In short this is not a release of chance or skill. it's not a release at all
~ Darnell D