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About: Product of Sultans is an exciting newest empire simulation RPG release in which you obtain to experience the life of a Sultan a lord of Europe and the Middle East! Each detail has been attended to so that users can immerse themselves in brutal fights, military walkthrough, flirtatious romance, empire management, political intrigue, and more! Key Informations: - Become a Sultan Experience an empire at your command! - Assemble your harem Romance pretty and influential queens! - Recruit warlords Rally a fiersome council of historical viziers! - Raise a family Lovingly raise your babes from childbirth to young adults! - Join PvP Marshal your armies versus another users worldwide! - Forge alliances Create dudes and aggressors, join the nice war! - Turkish Coffee Drink, chat, then listen as the fortuneteller interprets every cup! The Ottoman Empire was a time of nice ch ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd.
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Game of Sultans Reviews and Comments:

i love this release. i really do. so when my ohone destroyed and i lost all progress i was devastated. i found out that the developers should reinstate my release to me as it was. well it has been a week actually. i obtain half assed responses from them and have to send multiple messages to even obtain the partial responses that i do obtain. when i obtain replies, they give me hope that progress is beong made. only to quickly log off and send me auto respond responses.
~ Megan Rineheart
I despise the 10 cross server meetings that is idea too many servers at once. I prefer the one cross server then the another. I also dislike the fact that the only idea anyone stands a chance to victory at cross server is you have to pay hundreds of dollars on the release so it isn't fair to the ones who are unable to do that.
~ Laura Olson
ive been testing this release for over 6 months actually and i cant think of 1 thing to claim negative about it. im not usually the kind of person who plays apps releases for very long but this one keeps my interest. you dont have to spend dollars to advance in it. ive spent maybe $5 but i couldve been fine without spending that. they are usually adding newest things, its simple to earn rewards. all in all nice release, nice graphic. definitely suggest
~ Brianna Nelloms
Nice release but the pay to test here is true. At about VIP 5, the jump to obtain to VIP 6 becomes a financial undertaking. I see users at VIP 12 and wonder if they are original users from 'x' years back or are they now employees who use their production access to create sure the release is operating live positively. Otherwise, doing the math, a user at VIP 12 should have possibly paid at minimum $1000 to obtain there. A person should do a entire lot more than here with $1000. Makes you think.
~ bricktology
worked nice when I tried it out, but after clearing zone and downloading, it force closes instantly when it runs to download resources.
~ รσʝσน૨ຖë૨
Pros: Really detailed and vivid art, interesting references to true history. Cons: it's just not fun. all you do is wait for things to recharge and click through screens where everything is abstracted beyond recognition. And the framing of gender roles is... look, all of the girls in this release serve only to obtain married. Lads are needed as advisors and contribute to stat totals. Girls serve to create babies and augment the lads in your cabinet. I understand that it's referencing history, but.. eww.
~ Lunos Nocturne
Smh im so sad, all the ads showed you abusing girls because they gave you ugly babies and I was so looking forward to that but they made me command some dumb units instead 😔 Lad I just wanna crash the lives of rich girls why you must do this to me lad... #brosbeforetoes
~ Shrieking Pterodactyl
I've been testing this release for a several months actually and I really have no major complaints. No forced banners or in-release purchases required for progression in the release. The only things I'd recommend for the release are A) increasing the number of diamonds per in-release buy as the amount received isn't really worth it and B) increasing the amount of charm earned since charm and intimacy being received at the same rate with more charm required for leveling up a consort doesn't create much since. Love it though!
~ Internet El
They hire users as moderators, they are notorious (the mods) for being the worst of lying, cheating, causing drama, name calling and bullying. (Like claiming recipients to f*** off, shove it up their a**, etc.) They aren't muted, reprimanded, or removed, after 2 official complaints. No respond at all. Yet, these "mods" have access to your passwords and all kinds of equipment. GOS clearly helps a hostile release environment and bullying. Also expect a week min. for legit tech help of any type.
~ Mandy B
I now really like this release. I noticed recipients complaining about "pay to test" but I obtain cute nice rewards just by logging in a lot and collecting resources, updating things, ect. Of course I won't be number one because I'm not on of the ones that financially help the release will advance faster. And yes, it's a bit sexist but again I have to claim duh. Its the time period it's set in. But I laugh. It just slows my device down, which I'm OK w/ cuz it my fav release. Also, I don't obtain banners
~ Alexandria Monk
Not what has been advertised by this company. False ad for such a pretty release. A large middle finger to your marketers.
~ Bulan Production
Not nice. The developers only wish your dollars and yet they can't hold their own word. There's a ridiculous amount of bullying and nothing is done about it.
~ Celiac Warrior
I started testing this release in January and there were a several troubles all of then have been resolved. this release is truly addicting and very fun.
~ Gina Jennings
nice release nice gameplay like the lvling up system . only trouble i have users who do purchases are usually at top which is a gigantic bummer for me no matter how hard a test i barely mange to obtain to top 10 list without spending true dollars . hope this is fixed its a gr8 letdown for me 😔😔
~ Ansh Singh
Sad.. just sad! Adverts are nice for this release but it's absolutely nothing like the actual release... you obtain recipients to download the release and disappoint them with the release being so boring....
~ DeAnna Pancake
This release is really fun if you are willing to place the time into it. The meetings are special and the rewards are worth testing for. Customer service is awesome, had an umprocessed order and contacted help, had my equipment within and hour or so of sending the request. Definitely suggest.
~ Aиgε
if u wish to progress u need true dollars because eveeything in this release is based on dollars even auto completion .... r u out of ur mind developers...do something or delete ur release from test shop...
~ Muhammad Hassaan Ather
False advertising. Presents itself as some visual novel release in ads, but... yawn, just other pay-to-victory Clash of Clans rip-off. Also, no female option, which is disheartening and made me really lose interest.
~ Sploodle
~ World of Paws and Claws
Love the release very addicting. Hope you guys hold adding different meetings to do and switch out. The only thing I dislike is how long it takes to obtain to every VIP lvl. I dont mind paying but I dont exactly have entire paychecks to spend getting to bigger VIP lvls.
~ Megan E
I've had an trouble actually on a newest meeting named cuisine meetings where it seems like everybody else was able to obtain the rewards and I was not it is actually run on day four or five that I've been correspondence and messaging them in release and basically getting no response the only correspondence I got was okay should you send us a screenshot of it how am I supposed to send you a screenshot of something that happened four days ago where I can't pull up past performance are test? terrible customer service.
~ Chris Reinsch
I have no concept how to test this release. I'm winging it. I downloaded this release to test for nonpaid points for other release and figured it would be cute simple to learn. I've been testing for 2 days and still haven't figured out much another than I have to pay to obtain anywhere, according to the reviews, which kinda defeats the purpose of my downloading the release. I would be more fun if I knew what I was doing.
~ IoneMahina
I have been testing over 8 months. It is very pay to victory. Also, going to directly to google to request a refund is considered fraud. Additionally there is no idea to delete your profile, they will hold your time forever if they wish to. Quite a several users admit to running multiple accounts on the same server.
~ t young
Overall I think I'm fully and utterly in love with this release but I just have one question. There is this consort by name, Amber. The only idea that I'm able to have her in my harem is through romance of the Sultan but I do not know what that is and I'll like it if my question can be answered Most sincerely, a loyal GOS fan
~ Charles Lamptey
well the release is not terrible, the company will steal your dollars. You're supposed to obtain things when you buy boxes and they shortchange you in the releases. Do not spend your dollars on this. it is also misleading. if you're going to obtain this release because of the banner you saw about how you obtain to interact with your consorts and your visors it's a lie. It's all automated you don't interact at all. It's the same several phrases each time. You don't have much choice
~ Laura Correll
This is a very addictive and fun release. But to advance, you need to use true dollars. Bullying happens often (that's why 2 stars) The release is fun. Only thing that irritates me is the Consort Hall. It would be better if the release developers DISCONTINUE the option for stronger consorts to kick out inferior consorts. That is all.
~ Jacinta Suin
Pass this release up until they clean house. This was originally a fun release and still would be if the release developers discouraged cheeting via scrip generators and another tools. Can't hold trying to compete with a rigged release. If the release makers are not going to police cheating it is pointless to spend dollars to test. You won't be able to advance under present conditions.
~ Laura W
Great release with fun meetings!! I don't mind paying to boost my viziers. However, I am giving it a negative review because I am on America-s148 and the cheating going on by few top users makes the release frustrating and I will not continue if the developers do not run enforcing their own privacy. Any user that trades accounts or uses mods could be banned. It could be an even testing field and despite the multiple complaints nothing has been done on my server.
~ Jessica King
I installed the release after i saw a shocking commercial on ig. The promoted gameplay was supposed to be purely misogynistic. Waging fight and misstreeting his Maids and girls. How should this be a selling target? Nothinh of this was in release. now not much was going on in the release at all. Boring, not rewarding gameplay. I played it for about 3 months to see if you need to progress to obtain newest content. But nothing that needed any sort of skill was required.
~ Philip Yoey
Poor release. You have tiny to no autonomy and can only do what they promp you to like an eternal guide. The "combat" (note quotes) is repetitive, boring and doesn't feel like it's getting you anywhere. I played for like an hour waiting till it got to the nice part and ended up realising it wasn't gonna. Most boring thing I've downloaded in ages. Not suggested.
~ Raquel Chavarría
I was utterly disgusted upon watching an banner of this release. It featured a sultan who chose a wife, and found that their babe had no talent. He then abandoned his wife and a window popped up, asking if the sultan would pick again. I couldn't trust that such undisguised sexism is being promoted by this release! This is an utter insult to all girls on this planet! I've reported to Google cuz I need to search out why they allowed a release with such shameless discrimination versus girls on the supermarket!
~ chi chen
The Devs muted me for no reason. I can't obtain them to fix it. I sent over 20 messages to them. All I got for a respond was "your not on the mute list please test again". I wish my dollars back i place into the release. Since the devs wont fix my release. Do not place dollars into this release. It is a waste of dollars. The devs wont support if they mess up you're release.
~ Nikki TwoTimes
This should be a nice release if they would fix reward bug troubles. Half the time I do not obtain my rewards. Also during the hunting expedition, the chests DO NOT present up until they are opened by top users. I only see them after closing chat and reopening them and they are already launch. Contacting supoort? Nice luck! I Spend dollars on releases, not this one, not until release improves and they fix the bugs.
~ Setera Major
Nice job, I enjoy testing it each day. The meetings are so much fun. But there's just a several things I'd really wish to target out: 1. Alliance chat is not very convenient for chatting: it's usually a mess of million messages about who found what during the expedition, and it's hard to search a true person's message. Should you hide these system messages in the chat history? They really obtain in the idea. 2. What do I do with my 1000 silver rings, if my consort only produce genius babes?
~ Ket K
As a Programmer & soft engineer wish to solution something i hope you guys adopt it, firstly the release is nice,graphics are nice,but please dont become greedy like others and please create it nonpaid means nonpaid,if someone wants to spend dollars then fine but without dollars some sectors r so hard to reach,please create it nonpaid fully for all also vip,also consort harem all slots nonpaid to increase,arena and others and academy,also more exp gain more equipment in nonpaid more coins and shoulder recover option.
~ Harano Pagla
Help squad is abhorrent. I cannot trust I spent dollars on this release. I never will again. They create no attempt to fix bugs that users report, so you just continuously miss out on rewards that you earned. Honestly, this is the worst help squad I have ever dealt with, for anything, not just releases.
~ Angela Roland
The release would be better without recipients. If you like a release with whiners and complainers, then this is the release for you. Rats are part of the release. Getting your consort into a class is part of the release. If you can't test the release without acting like a babe then don't test. Or better yet Developers do away with the rat. Receive rid of the ability to enter every others rooms without an invite. Do something because listening to brats whine is not my job.
~ Rae Bowen
I like the over all idea . was fun to test .I didn't like that I couldn't add my dude because she has an iphone n me an Mobile. if possible would love to have that information fixed or added :-) . At first can seem a bit over well meaning with all the stats to process but once you dig in its quite the fun release .
~ Alexsis Moreno
Nice release! graphic design is pretty, and the release is very intuitive. I test releases professionally for large gaming companies and started testing this because my daughter plays it. PROs: playability, progressive, and multi dimensional informations. CONs: the follow up from customer service is far inferior to another releases, and sometimes non existant..which is a large deal. There seems to be no community managers.-Modernization- changed review to positive as CS improved massively.
~ Dawnya D
WARNING TO PARENTS!!!!!!!! I love this release and have spent a lot of dollars and plan on testing for along time. I have come across a serious trouble that the developers are ignoring no matter how many times I contact them. There is a user in the local chat on the release that is sexually soliciting minor users almost each day. The give out personal stats about themselves and ask minors for personal stats. It is destroying a release I have spent a lot of dollars on.The release has done nothing to remove this user. So a warning to parents do not allow your babes test this release!!!!!!!
~ Melissa Cheney