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About: Manage your own release company and test to make a million-selling release in this special simulation. Informations the ability to develop your company's own release console, plus a system for changing your staff members' professions. Your staff members can have a tons of release-similar professions, from programmer to sound engineer. Work hard and you may reach the top of the video release industry! The Lite ver allows you to test through 2 full in-release years. -- Check searching for "Kairosoft" to see all of our releases, or visit us at Be sure to check out both our nonpaid-to-test and our paid releases!
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 6MB Developer: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Game Dev Story Lite Reviews and Comments:

Awsome additive release. More detail then ud think. Nice art. For all the idiots who claim full release could be nonpaid need to obtain some brains... why dont u spend all your time making something and give it away for nonpaid.... morons.
~ Marc a
They have tiny to no banners in the lite ver. That's how these guys create their dollars off their time spent developing releases like this. Either through banner revenue on a nonpaid release, or by selling it the old fashioned idea. If you got your want granted, there would be a lot of annoying banners. On a different note, I will compare this release to release dev tycoon. It's a tiny more complicated in allocating resources, but a related idea. It needs better balancing. Too forgiving. I made 750k off a release that got a 4.5.
~ Ace 67
Love this release, I really hate the recipients who rate the release 1-3 star, how the hell are kairosoft supposed to earn dollars if the full release was nonpaid, the full release is really cheap, just pay your parents it's not hard.... My 1st kairosoft release back in 2012 ish i trust, don't listen to the haters kairosoft and certainly never place banners on any of your nonpaid releases! 😀
~ sam cjp
Unlike most nonpaid ver of small releases, you allow us experience it. The only thing I don't like is button thing on the bottom, but don't take that too harshly. Overall nice experience, I will buy full very quick!
~ Alex G.
This is a nice idea for a video release, but the fact the I have to stop testing the nonpaid ver at a certain target in time makes me feel robbed. You should have in-release purchases and banners to potentially create MORE dollars than would be made with a paid ver. Also, it is idea too hard to obtain enough dollars to test to create a release on a newer console. There is a very miniscule amount of categories. Also, the user could obtain to pick when the release leaves the supermarket. With a tiny bit of work, this release should be one of the finest. For actually, there is a lot to be desired.
~ Glen Obryon
Prices are ridiculous. Employees are poor and apparently can't do their jobs 2 projects in a row. If an employee fails on boosting a stat you obtain 20 bugs instantly. That's just part of what made this release the exact opposite of fun. I like a challenge but this is just infuriating on each lvl
~ Shake Master
If you test and like this release, then you obviously understand the primary idea that creating releases costs dollars. All you whiners complain that the devs don't just hand it out for nonpaid? You're retarded. My weak vote coincides with another OnePlus One comments: release freezes, usually after choosing a writer for a newest release, so i can't test this at all at this scene. I hope devs see this comment amongst all the trash.
~ Alex B
Only complaint is that lite ver time doesn't transfer to the full ver. Another than that it's a nice time aggressor whether it's required for five mins or two hours. Can't understand recipients wanting the release for nonpaid though. It's $2.50 recipients, beside the fact that it's cheap, why can't you help a company that makes nice small releases? If anything ever teaches you about the fact that developing releases costs dollars, it's this release right here.
~ Chad Metcalf
Seems like an interesting release but it crashes after only a couple mins of test. First, the sound cuts off. Then, the release becomes unresponsive until it eventually crashes or needs to be force closed. This happened with numerous different actions without a pattern. Nexus 5 running 4.4.4 with CM11.
~ Diab D.
Woah! I want that I should be a very responsible video release director in time, with this Pre-made release (DEMO Release). So much really challenging that you need to work hard and maintain its actual cases in the release development. But it's better to test in the FULL Release of this release as well as, more and more informations could be available anytime quick.
~ tambok0599
Played through all the demo, and loved it. Great tiny one. Except for not having landscape mode - and from what I read on the internet, this isn't the only release from Kairo that has this trouble - aside from Beastie Bay, and even so you need to purcahse landscape. I'd buy a full ver of this one if it had landscape mode - it really gets to me to test on portrait on my Shield Android =/
~ João Ciocca
I started with the Lite ver, and I got hooked cute quickly, so I don't have any complaints with it except for this one minor detail: When I decided to buy the full ver, My progress didn't transfer, and I had to run all over again. It was cute disappointing. Another than that, I think this is a fun and entertaining idea for an release!
~ Benjamin James
I like this release, only the trouble is, they could extend the time a lot more, not in just four release years, and they claim us to just buy the full ver. Im not gonna spend $2.50 bucks for a release that allows me to test it forever. In another words, about the release... the release is easy, addictive, fun, smooth, and nice graphics. But, please extend the time, just about 30 minutes of fun isnt worth it. Next time, think of the users that dont pay to test.
~ Lathryn
Its ironic that the release has the same trouble as one of the releases your trying to create. First leveling up seemed to just cost you more. Leveled staff neither produced more of claim "fun" nor did they succeed more often on boosting a stat on a release. Neither contractors or staff seem willing/able to produce more than one release. It would be great to have a better indicator for when pay was due. Also i adopt with other reviewer you could be able to buy the boosts from a market. Maybe be able to buy a single use one? Also a major oversite is being able to take a release already produced and port it to other platform or create a part 2.
~ Ruth Ross
I like releases, so I thought maybe a release about making releases would be fun. It is fun. If you were looking for an in depth simulator where you have to deal with HR and the nuances of video release development, you won't obtain that here. This release is simple to learn and is cute fun. My puzzle release that featured pirates didn't do so well, but it was still fun. My largest trouble with this release is the 14 hero limit for naming the studio and the titles of the releases. All the titles I cook up are too long and it really hamstrings my creativity. Otherwise this release is awesome and I'll consider buying the full edition.
~ Derrick Becking
The fact that we have reached a target where there is a videogame about making videogames is an nice one. And this release captures that with its whimsical sprite-based pixel art. And beautiful in-release jokes. Lots of them. Overall, the release plays out really fun, and beautiful, with lots of constructive freedom. But it should be better. My largest complaint is that you have to wait for the item guy to come to you. And he only shows up so often. Usually, when you don't have the dollars you need to buy equipment. Still, nice release.
~ ShadowOfSkills
A very easy idea for a release but extremely fun. My only trouble with the release is that because I didn't know how to activate the buttons on the bottom I was very confused as to how to pick your release kind. I love the indie style graphics. It gives off Pokémon vibes and that's a winning formula in my ebook. Overall, this is an extremely easy release but also extremely fun. Definitely buying it when I have the dollars. If you're looking for a nice release developer tycoon, look no further this release will give you everything you wish. It even has an option to change your release title which some another releases don't have.
~ ZW Wong
It's garbage
~ A Google user
not lite but trial ver
~ Marco Sismondini
I will stay this kairo
~ A Google user
It's so funnnnn!!!!!!
~ A Google user
I love this release when I was a babe hehe
~ A Google user
it has promise
~ Caleb Lynch
This is the finest release ever!
~ Alilatlan XD
could've added landscape mode
~ JR D
loved it just wished it was nonpaid
~ Awawu Ibrahim
Product is great . You can Increase the storyline line for this
~ Raghavan Purushothaman
nice/business release nice 😍😄🎮/comic design release✍🎨🖌/
~ Rosmina Lie
maybe have less options instead of less frames
~ spyker and paradox
I love it but like to test the full ver without pay or buying it
~ Aiesya Maleki
Shame its not a pay 2 victory release,then i would be able to test the entire release for nonpaid..
~ add McDonald
I love this release until it ended. sadly the full release cost. please expand the release.
~ John 1107
who the bell wrote that song? and then used it in a release with no idea to turn it off.
~ Lucas W
Its a nice release i dont know why i like this release but i also like this
I love this release. It is developed and no bugs to speak of. If I were you I would test the release out and see if you like it.
~ Kristine Kuhn
Sometimes i really don't obtain why a category kind combination doesn't work but its oka otherwise 4 Points you guys need some practice
~ C4437 {null}
if you wish to present banners in release, deliever full ver for nonpaid and present banners.
~ Yasar Yousuf
Is Not Responding...over and over. I have not been able to take even a look inside this release. I have tried it on multiple devices. Fix your release. I'd give it a large fat zero but that is not an option. Uninstalling release forever.
~ G. David Hanna
its nice my bigfest trouble is the reviews, they seem overtly/unfairly negative for the combinations. I obtain the logic but for combinations like High School and Life shouldve been a bit better in perspective.
~ Cid The Purple Inkling
Needs a guide to explain how the staff impacts output. gameplay doesn't seems fun. a lot of waiting around to fail, choosing something in a menu and release picking something else, not being able to go back to hire screen, etc. one nice thing was this demo allow me avoid paying for the full release!
~ Justsomeguy