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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter   
About: World's last hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protect World from alien swarms. Your target will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its evil aggressors. In this zone shooting release, you will be facing an increasingly gigantic number of aggressors in hazardous environments. As the release progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. HOW TO PLAY: * Touch screen to transport and slay all aggressors. * Accumulate equipment to upgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * Multiplayer mode: 1 versus 1, 1 versus 3 * High quality photos optimized for devices and gigantic screens. * Ability to use active skills during the zone fights. * The release is packed with 120+ lvls on different difficulties. * Pretty lvls with immersive missions to complete. * Multiple extreme bo ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 49MB Developer: ONESOFT
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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Reviews and Comments:

modernized my apps and went to test the release and I noticed all my progress was lost, to contain the boxes that I've spent nearly $200 on over a year. contacted the developer like others have and still no respond.
~ Chris Wood
Nice release. Fun and frustrating. It's usually beening modernized but has quirks constantly. Bosses are there release upgrades and they disappear only to appear with next modernization which makes you lose a lot of possibilities. Product constantly shows "no internet connection" for castle but fine for another parts that require internet. Ridiculous lvl challenges and ever increasing requirements that basically create you buy(spend true dollars) to create your idea up lvls.
~ Anastasios Pantelidis
Dollary Stolen Here.. After spending true dollars to obtain an item to support advance... a several days later the release went buggy and rewinded (like a pc goes back in time in a protected mode) threw me back a several lvls and took all my bought equipment. funny thing... didnt refund my dollars though. fun release.. expect bugs and lost $$ if you dare to help this release financially.
~ Steven Candelaria
Newest graphics in newest modernization hit that's not all. Either lvls were made much harder or all ships were significantly nerfed under the title bug fixes! Should regularly hit wave 60 on infinite lvl 12 actually lucky to obtain to 35. all designed to create you spend more. Greedy dollars grab
~ Steve Gardner
Don't waste your time or dollars on this release. I've been testing almost 6 months and the glitches create it unenjoyable. Spend dollars and never obtain the equipment you paid for. It gets better though... Wake up one morning and search that all of your progress has been wiped clean by an modernization and no help to support gain it all back.
~ MKH Smiecinski
Very nice, up to a target. But idea to crash it with the newest modernization! Every time it has modernized there has been wide variability in gameplay, but this most newest one - seriously, why not just call it a newest release? Calling it a "bug fix" would have to be the largest misnomer going. Really disappointed.
~ Andrew Stout
I have spent ABSURDLY SHAMEFUL amounts of dollars on this release. I had to uninstall it due to device troubles. I was sure to login with Fb AND Test Products before I uninstalled to be SURE I would NOT lose progress, crystals, gold, drones, ships, etc. When I reinstalled & logged in...I had lost over half of my crystals, gold, drones, etc. I e-mailed the developer with ZERO response. I have enjoyed this release very much, but it is wrong that this has happened with no response and no solution. Beware!!
~ Will H
Newest modernization cost me all of my hard earned stars. Too many bugs, constantly getting disconnected from castle and pvp. Speaking of castle and pvp HACKERS, HACKERS, HACKERS!!! They are 100% destroying pvp and castle for everyone else. Use to give 5 stars but this hacking trouble is seriously destroying the release.
~ A Google user
having lots of troubles since modernization this morning. it keeps kicking me out of pvp releases claiming I am off line. I was having minor troubles before modernization and not the same as actually. very frustrating actually since this release is very addictive. I guess it is a nice thing the troubles actually I will stop testing and transport on to something better
~ J Tousley
SCAM DON'T PURCHASE ANYTHING. 2 weeks ago I would have given 5 stars I was in love with this release. But when I had to change devices lost all progress. I willingly purchased equipment to upgrade ships increase CP buy newest ships, but then lost it ALL. which would not be an trouble but company will not reply to correspondences, feedback, posts on Fb and Twitter, contacts Google they referred me back to developer. along the idea I have encountered 1000s of players when same trouble. Company won't support!
~ Glen Stamper
The matchmaking for PVP is absolute trash. You guys constantly match me up versus recipients that are extremely more potent, are a higher lvl and have more potent ships. You guys have made this release absolute garbage since this last modernization. I used to be able to obtain close to the end of my infinite lvl of 60 actually I can barely crack 30. What did you guys do to this release It's absolutely ridiculous You guys are some greedy POS because you've made this release a pay to test and destroyed it. Gj for sucking
~ Jonathan Meikle
Was really fun and of course as you progress you expect a release to obtain harder but to become impossible unless you're willing to spend a lot of true $$$ dollars is garbage.!!!... you can now see the tool deliberately slay you and work versus you if you use any 5 star ships you victory on a nonpaid spin A shot will come from the side of the screen and slay you the bosses will just lay down so much especially those stupid red dots you have nowhere to go you're dead about ready to delete and transport on
~ Charles Stephan
too many bugs. release doubled the price of all the equipment, over night, in crystals. UPDATE: still buggy. just logged me out by itself and when I logged in, I lost about 200 crystals and seems like it place me back on 2 days old saved time.
~ A Google user
this used to be a decent release. it is very expensive to test if you wish a decent VIP lvl. there are benefits with power to be able to advance in the release with the higher VIP lvls. it cost $2,000 US dollars to become VIP 12 which I am so obviously I spent these recipients constantly bungle everything. lost my progress by clicking the save button it set me back weeks. stay away from this release. its a rrain wreck
~ Robert Mcnew
hi . I need support . I like this release but having a lot of problem with it . for a last modernization I lost all me stars I have to run all again . I can live with that not great to see all your progress gone especially when is cost me lots of gold and crystals but what's really wrong my own castle . I can't do nothing shows reward pic for a week actually not counting my pvp I can't even donate to my own castle . that's really enjoying so please sort this out . thanks
~ Roland Kadas-Tar
Product started really promising but the devs seem to usually break something with each modernization. They'll fix the banners, but then Resurrect breaks, or they'll modernization gameplay but then your stars obtain restart (both happened to me this week). when the glitches are gone, this is one of the finest releases and I'll gladly spend dollars within the release... but with all the bugs, why bother to spend the time if your effort goes to waste? also, this release needs Offline mode.
~ Dominick Alcid
this release is a nice time aggressor.. BUT IT SUCKS! because it constantly resets, deletes your progress and makes you run out from nothing again and again. I'm over it. I will be deleting this release and going to a different provider of a related style release.. see if they can't do better (which I'm sure is not too hard to do)
~ David Anderson
I installed the release for the sole purpose of leaving a 1 star review. You may think that's unethical of me but you know what else is? Putting a red 1 on the icon of your release so you trick players into thinking they have a info. I genuinely want I should do more to destroy your whole developmental career. You are the type of developer that contributes to the huge garbage pile state of the actual small gaming industry. Congrats on being the absolute lowest lvl scum in this industry.
~ Zak Bermudez
POOR FORM! I would give zero stars for this comment but it won't let that! So, don't log off...EVER! I guess cause when you log back in you lose ALL of your gold and most of your crystals!!! I lost 16 crystals and $80,000 in gold must claim ....you NEED to fix this trouble or I'm outta here. I shouldn't have to waste time leaving the release on in the background to hold my progress or my crystals and gold!
~ Michelle Estrada
It's challenging and nostalgic but the dollars mechanics are full of shyt. I started testing this release years ago, and even though I'm impressed with how far it's improved, I wasn't able to log into my old profile so I started a newest one. No biggie. Then I dropped 10$ on a box, thinking I would reap the rewards of LEVEL 10 VIP status. The release claims for each 99¢ spent you obtain 1 VIP target. You would think if you spend 10$ you obtain LEVEL 10 VIP. Negative. I'm VIP LEVEL 4. Yall suck. Don't buy nothin
~ Jackie Paper
Each time I passed Lvl 28, the release would freeze up and prevent me from going any further. After removing the release and re-downloading it, I'd be right back to Lvl 26. Product continues to freeze up, no matter what. Also, my purchases were never added to my inventory, and actually I'm trying to obtain a refund (no response, of course to my inquiries) Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this release AND the service! Avoid at all costs! This is a greedy company that doesn't care about its customers. Only about dollars. I revoked payment to this rip-off company through Paypal. Do NOT send these recipients dollars!
~ kobeno1
Issues are 3-fold: 1. release has too many bugs and glitches. "hard" and "crazy" stars will be removed at random. hard-earned Crystals will be taken away, etc. 2. the developers and engineers do not do a nice job of fixing. you will obtain many upgrades, and when you think the trouble has been resolved, it recurs with the next modernization. it is never ending. 3. Finally, if you write them about the troubles, they WILL go into your profile and remove claimed crystals, take away castle rewards & privileges, etc
~ S F
After you obtain through a gazillion banners, you obtain a confusing release. I upgraded ships, but they don't stick around. You have to buy them in each round. I have no concept what I'm doing, apparently a practice kind mode to use bigger ships, but I'm not buying anything that seems to be everywhere on release test. ship updates? can you? Power updates? leveling? when does the boss present up again? Oh did I mention relentless banners? lame, uninstalled.
~ Steve Swanson
Lost all my progress in this release after testing for 6 months as developers chose to do upgrades that affected everyone. Everyone lost progress and even their in release purchases were taken from them. Help doesn't respond to messages after sucking players of their dollars. No players could be treated like that.
~ Sebastian Lau
I was robbed. I made an in-release buy and never recieved it. I emailed the developers few times and they never responded. Although this is a nonpaid release. You can only advance to higher lvls with in-release purchases. But it seems you run the risk of getting robbed when you do. Lesson learned.
~ Reanna Richardson
What an terrible modernization. Newest aliens, newest formations and newest alien weapons that hang around the bottom of the screen and slay you unexpectedly. Turned an already frustrating release into a complete waste of time. PVP us even worse than it was before. Well done.
~ Jody Hayes
Absolutely addictive, I love each chance I can test, finest release ever!!!!! Sometimes the release has a several bugs from time to time, but they usually obtain it fixed in a timely manner!!!!!! And recipients who claim otherwise are not real user's..... I gotta add that the release is supposed to be very challenging........ Duhh Soo many recipients complain they can't pass a lvl, well it's supposed to be tough otherwise the release would end.. Use common sense when judging this release!!!!! They usually fix the trouble..
~ John Streppa
Fun release but be carefull of spending, you can reach the same lvls without spending if you take longer, very expensive to upgrade and many recipients loose equipment they purchased as back up isn't reliable, can't hold progress if you change device, Customer help is non existant, many recipients mad because of bugs and glitches that never obtain fixed and paid equipment dissappear
~ Club Heat
Fun release. Can be very addicting at times. Seems to be improving as it grows and evolves. I have been testing for 6 months actually, and it has improved a decent amount since I started testing. Purchases are NOT needed to progress and stay competitive. Still testing and the release is still evolving.
~ Snoopoo II
Hi this is the third time the release rolled me over to one week earlier. I lose one drone, more than 25 drone tickets, more than 15 tickets of Legandry ship, 10 stars, more than 800 PVP points, three lvls of infinite and two bosses. Please fix the trouble. I tried to save time on server and than upgraded the release by downloading lattest modernization. All my dollars and efforts are gone and actually the release is not working properly. Please look into it and fix quickly.
~ Zafar Hussain
after today's modernization I went from VIP 11 down tp VIP 10. I also got up to lvl 160 and actually I'm back down to 148. I have screenshots of my progress and if it doesn't obtain fixed I will not test this release anymore and allow Google know I need to obtain reimbursed for something I actually don't have. Fix the release and I'll test again and adjust my review..... modernization...I just got my release fixed back to the idea it was. It took a week but they fixed it and any trouble I had in the past they usually fixed it
~ Michael Sefcik
This release was enjoyable, but after reinstalling due to a device upgrade most of the progress that was made was missing. Essentially I have to run again, considering I now spent dollars to obtain "VIP" updates I'm not overly satisfied and therefore I wouldn't suggest this release to others. I don't have a Fb profile which also limits release test as the everyday quests often require some interaction with Fb - so if you're not on Fb that is other nice reason to avoid this release...
~ Ryan Coleman-Webb
This release was nice but with each modernization they crash the release...if you have lots of dollars ...enjoy! Fb fan page BS there is no response to any questions there. Most of the users are frustrated including myself... I have played everyday for 8 months and if there was positive responses I was willing to place some $$$ out to this release... Not actually with these upgrades... idea to crash a nice release..
~ livinfree961
After the most newest modernization there are TONS of aliens with shields that swarm down and absolutely destroyed the playability of the release. I'd been testing an hour a day for months, but this development makes me wish to quit. I was regularly able to obtain to the 40th lvl on Infinite Round 9, and actually can barely create it to the 15th. PLEASE GO BACK! THIS IS THE WRONG WAY FORWARD FOR THIS GAME!!
~ jackson Haman
I like the release a lot and I realize that banners are a essential evil with freeware but 30 seconds each time? If I wish that I'll watch television. Your release ain't worth that much punishment. Edit: I Would give 5 stars if shorter banners. Is there a paid ver with no banners? Your release keeps claiming me to modernization, even when I launch it from 'modernized' page. How do I claim if release modernized? After last modernization sensitivity idea down, ship keeps losing my finger. Please fix.
~ A Google user
Modernization: Video has been working properly for about a week, keeping fingers crossed that it continues. Rating will go up after a longer evaluation. Orig post: Video unreliable and interferes with release test. sometimes not working for days. release worked nice in the beginning but has actually become a chore because this information is not working. if this ever gets fixed, my review will flip to positive.
~ Doug Uyemura
This release is a 'gotta have'. The banners are unobtrusive, the release itself is fun, challenging and addicting. The gameplay is smooth with no lagging. The developers consistently modernization the release and add better informations each time. Lots of in-release purchases are available, but they are not essential to the gameplay, as you can earn everything you need as you advance through the lvls.
~ Tracey MacPherson
this release is a really nice test, but there are a several things that take away from the overall gameplay experience. ALL of the fighter ships could be made available to the user. you shouldn't have to be place in a position of joining a "castle" to be granted access to a particular fighter...and that's if you're able to join the castle. with the limited power and ability that's already had by the ships, power up boosters, etc. the lvls and premium side missions become overwhelmingly hard.
~ troy williams
The developers of this release are imbeciles. They think that because they set the difficulty lvls themselves, then everyone MUST be capable of completing every lvl as well. WRONG! The developers are bloody idiots. DON'T WASTE ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME. It's full of bugs, and they are practically upgrading the release everyday because of it. The higher lvl bosses are unbeatable, especially when it's fixed that your ship isn't given full strength to run with. I'd now give it zero stars if possible
~ Stanislao Jones
After having this release for a several months and spending over $80 I am appalled by the lack of responsiveness and don't give a damn attitude of the recipients runing this release. First of all, each single day there is an modernization and more often than not they screw something up. This week somehow 15 crystals, 20 tickets and 7 zone tokens dissapeared from my profile. I should not log into the castle all week or donate towards the castle. I have emailed them twice and nobody has given me the courtesy of a respond.
~ Ronnie S