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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow   
About: BUILD your own Newest Newest York, BATTLE aliens, COLLECT your favoured heroes, and EXPLORE zone in an epic Futurama storyline from the original writers! Relive the present in this thrilling and hilarious release that will have you in tears laughing. The funny never ends when you test as Fry, Leela, Bender or any of your favoured characters from the critically-acclaimed Fox series, Futurama! Is the future protected in your hands? PLAY FUTURAMA: WORLDS OF TOMORROW to search out! Buckle your seatbelts, blast off into zone, and test the newest Futurama release! WORLDS OF TOMORROW FEATURES: - ADVENTURE AWAITS: All newest storyline from the originators of the original Fox series, Futurama! - BUILD A CITY: Make and customize your very own Newest Newest York! - CHOOSE YOUR STORY: Control the storyline by making your own choices! - 8 BIT FIGHTING: War in epic and funny 8-bit comb ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: TinyCo
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Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Reviews and Comments:

love seeing and hearing the characters again
~ robert Mcblane
just love futerama want the present never canceled :(
~ Culinary Killer
its a nice release but hard to progress and lvl
~ Tiffany Leigh
love this release, its loads of fun.
~ simon rudd
It's just like watching the present literally
~ Mustache_baddass 23
yea its cool. futurama is my favoured present.
~ Cool Dragon Pepper
nice release, need more nixon bucks on the three star missions
~ wayne grose
Having fun with some of my favoured characters
~ Kris Clark
I love the present so when I saw this I instantly downloaded it I love this release so much it looks a lot like the present
~ Kaleb Cordell
What modernization? No newest tasks....this is terrible, how about some more quests?
~ Mike Kuruliak
the challenge is to promote the characters!!
~ Celia Brayfield
I love this release, it really relates to Futurama
~ Rebecca Irwin
it is a nice release but its not loading like its suppose to
~ Cara Buck
wow thought this was the end of the release.5 stars for bringing it back
~ Shawn Allan
i love Futurama and this release is the finest release I've played yet
~ Bradley Williams
reviews claim alot. i didnt even wish to launch the release after reading the reviews, uninstall.
~ Memo villanueva
The bonus characters are a bit pricey but the release is interesting
~ Ben Downes
Really embraces the feel of the original present.
~ Matthew Hendrix
beautiful tiny release with funny lines that are reminiscent of the present it is based on
~ darkfox104
It's a nice release but I want you should activate all your party's specials at once
~ Dan Mace
this is the finest release i have ever played but it is not better than fornite though
~ Jason Smith
its a nice release with some major flaws. In release purchases are idea to high.
~ David Adamov
I love it, but the thing that I love the most in this release is watching fry dancing😂♥️
~ Laddy LiiLy
I feel it's super tough to obtain the characters past lvl 30.
~ frankie gadus
finest reminisceing moments!! ever since the present ended, i search myself going on hulu or youtube go watch the episodes i adore! im on part 7 of the entire release and i cant place the release down anymore.
~ Jade Avo
it is a fun and funny release and still irreverant enough to match the present, cheers!!!
~ daniel barkley
so far this release is fun. haven't played long and still learning the ropes but I am emjoying it.
~ Shannon Skinner-Cox
love the present and its cute nice to create my ver of Newest Newest York
~ prince of darkness travis
Straightforward with a useful interface and task system. Only syncing and backing up via Fb is a trouble; it would border on 5 stars w/Test Products help.
~ Nicholas Kelley
Takes forever to build up characters but, can test in a short amount of time. Better than many another choices imo.
~ Bakken Sota
if i should rate this release correctly i would give it a negative 100% and if you test the quests for bonus pizza your wasting your time they never give you the reward even when you compleat the quest ( pizza is in release dollars )
~ Shane Vanscoy
It kinda sucks how you have to do all these quests to unblock equipment, only to have to do more quests to now be able to use what you unlocked. Another than that, I love the release.
~ Jaime Bagtas
love this release 😍 nice time aggressor . gigantic fan of Futurama and The Simpsons. So with that claimed Bite my shiny metal ass !!!!
~ Sarah Mentola
Don't waste your time, as that's literally what you'll be doing. Progression is painfully slow, and the release is full of glitches. I've contacted Jam Town but so far nothing but tumbleweeds in response. Don't suggest at all.
~ Hamish Graham
I love Futurama but after testing for awhile it taked forever to obtain through certain lvls unless you are willing to pay out which I will not. I am type of tired of testing it atthis target as progression is too slow.
~ Liz Kalinowsky
I love futurama the present, the release is fun but ends abruptly it's a short release that takes along time to finish. I want they would add on to this release I would rate higher if they did but iam just so disappointed at were it ends. It's like 4or5 lvls on world were you clear the zone equipment and build then theres some zone missions were you war on planets from the present my favored part but you have to lvl your guys to meet the missions this can take months to do. I just got 1 user to level61
~ Gabe Todd
Fun and engaging! All the main characters from Planet Express, plus many minor characters! First modernization in a year has added things I asked for: hero tracker, no more scrolling for mins to search the right sized career chip. Also, reward drops actually give you an onscreen number. However, direct help is broken: "Network error. Tap to retry."
~ CJ Dennis
obviously addicting and constructive in stories and ideas to improve the castle, but takes forever to earn enough dollars to obtain most things. Also takes forever going through every hero to set a quest. Needs cheaper equipment, an auto quest setting, and monthly adaptations of holidays/meetings. At this target in the release I just pop in to accumulate building dollars and leave to test more eventful releases. Love it, just need incentives.
~ Red McT
Nice news! They are upgrading again (slowly), which hopefully means newest content quick! I spent $50 earlier, but learned you do not need to spend dollars. I might have spent more if the prices weren't so high, and instead I chose to grind. I have collected all artifacts and almost maxed out my core squad so hopefully newest content arrives quick!
~ Phil Tsai
Do not waste your time and dollars; this release was known maybe 4 years ago, but since then this has become nothing more than a dollars grab. the release claims that it has PvP, it does not. this release claims that you can upgrade your characters up to level 100, however, the release no longer offers the needed 3 star badges which would let for you to promote your hero past level 30. as you build your Newest, Newest York, buildings that you have already built do not appear, nor can you accumulate income from them.
~ Jeff Schroeder