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Fruits Bomb   
About: Create juicy lines of 3 or more adorable fruits. Bomb around hundreds of uniquely perplexing lvls in this nice puzzle journey. Immerse yourself into this yummy Fruits Bomb where garden strawberry, green apple, recent blueberry, juicy orange and delightful grapes are everywhere. Bomb your idea out and enjoy the fun of addictive match 3! Fruits Bomb Informations - Famous and addictive match-3 gameplay - Pretty and juicy fruit graphics - Whip your idea through Fruits House, Fruits Castle, Fruits Factory - Break up all breads, chocolate and ice to pass lvls - Stock up on chestnuts, mushrooms to bomb through fruity maps - Receive social! Challenge andcompete with your dudes inside the release and obtain rewarded! All fruits lovers! Download Fruits Bomb and accumulate juicy fruits NOW!!
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 14MB Developer: Mobileguru [email protected] undefined
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Fruits Bomb Reviews and Comments:

Nice! Enjoyable idea of spending your time.
~ Teresa Broma
it was fun to test while waiting at an office. it was challenging but not to terrible Just a fun release
~ Annaleah Frizzle
This release is very nice marvulous.
~ Jk.deegra90. Jk.deegra90. Gmail. Com
The release runs out being entertaining and fun, until you obtain to the second lvl and #19. It is virtually and literally impossible to obtain 3 stars. There after, some lvls will have to be played more than 10 times before you're able to victory..., that's not fun. That means you're not testing or making a decision, but at the mercy of the tool. It decides if it "wants" you victory or lose, which is extremely frustrating. So what's the target of the release? There's no skill or wit involved, why test?
~ M Shaw
addition to the release as a lad now I test this release more often
~ Adrian Blenman
Nice release,and challenging somehow i love it its nice
now my mom had installed this release for herself only but i love to test thus actually so i hv downloaded in my mob too.
~ Snehal J
enjoy testing its a walkthrough release for me i like it
~ Briel Baldoza
I complete all the scene. to give newest scene lunch for me....
~ Chandan Gope
This release is wonderful,, it makes my leisure time needed..
~ wechuli evans
boo,boo,cachew im about to test this release wile i take a poo,poo
~ Beau Dain Wingo
I like it just i want we should have bonus material to work with incase u have a a single block to clear
~ Tevangeli Gumedze
nice!!! love it so fun to test
~ Corazon Santos
visibles r not clear . so not interest to test this release.
~ Amruta rani
stop all this adds those are very annoying.. the adds makes me mad 🤬🤬..
~ mahfuja mysha
Loved it I strated on Jan 9, 19 I completed all lvls on April 16, 19 Lol
~ Ara Yamani
very nice full of time waste . gqme is nice but no income and wife also upset
~ Jet King
a really really lovely release made for relaxation with joy!!
~ Rynie Van Wyk
its fun very simple to test.i would claim my dudes about it.
~ Corina John
Nice time pass, but need to add more lvls I've completed all the stages!
~ Japamala Das
Finest Product i think everyone could test it, it is challenging
~ Soyebi Grace
its nice, but support me please. stuck in lvl 2 (fruits castle) part 36.
~ Nathania Clarissa
nice releases.. but I'm stuck at some target!!
~ Nonie Jane
I like that the grandbabies can't buy anything on this release.
~ Heather Bowers
it's create me fun...not too hard. I like it very much...thank you
~ Sonia Inna
Nice pastime release. Gives you a chance to just be silent and enjoy 😉
~ Tinamb Robinson
This release is very fun to test... not boring for me... It occupy my nonpaid time
~ mahani mahani
love this release. challenging. I run testing and time gets away!
~ Donna King
hello I'm claiming pretty idea type of run off as elementary lvl of you understand my drift,so i guess im wondering what age group was this intended for... thanks
~ Cherise Beard
I love this fruits bomb release so very very very much and it is supporting me to match all the fruit together and victory prizes and points as well it is really nice release to test with u are in work or in the car going home or just relaxing in the garden
~ Rebecca Netherway
ok...this release is like aggressor. Puts another match releases to shame. two thumbs up!!👍👍
~ Kenny Oldham
I love the unbelievable colors of fruits. It is so ineresting to test. love it!!!
~ Lei Laby
Product is ok, just idea to many adds. So basically not interesting enough to wait through all the adds.
~ Mike Wooldridge
It's a nice release for passing the time, but if you don't have the patience for banners, this might not be for you, but ya never know unless you test, correct?
~ Shelley Mihalus
At some target the release will obtain stuck,where it is impossible to continue....very frustrating after testing for weeks.
~ Jaco E
so far not so terrible, I like it alot. I'm at a target though I don't know how to obtain rid of the acorn. if you got any recommendations allow me know. Thank you
~ Anne Scott
very childish design, annoying song which stops suddenly and voices are annoying as well, at first it will be a breeze, but lvls become impossible at the end.
~ Cryse Z
Really very relaxation release. but when we launch another screen video banners automatically started ,so...i have uninstall in only one day.very annoying video banners and remove it please.
after crossing the fifty scene it started too much hard can't able to cross some stages without internet connection and watching ads to obtain support actually got stuck on 69 can't able to cross without internet access and that release waste so much time and in our country time is expensive plz create stages a tiny simple to cross don't allow them impossible to cross without internet access
~ Alam Sher
I got to fruit castle lvl 16 and the release freezes! It has done it 3 times actually. Can't obtain past that lvl. Extremely frustrating. I will uninstall.
~ Rebecca Smith