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About: Welcome to the dojo, ninja. Your objective: become a master of slicing fruit! What better idea to do that than test Fruit Ninja, the original hit fruit-slicing small release? Unsheathe your blade and run the juicy carnage with the three classic release modes that billions of users have come to know and love. Experience the thrill of setting a newest high score in the fan-favored Arcade mode as you focus on dodging bombs and slicing heavy combos with the support of the premium Double Score, Freeze or Frenzy bananas. Need something less intense? Simply relax and cut for stress relief in Zen Mode. Finally, slash as much as you can in the infinite Classic mode just avoid the bombs and create sure you dont drop the fruit! Create your release even more exciting by equipping premium powerups that will give your score a juicy boost. Once youve sharpened your skills and reflexes, place ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 47MB Developer: Halfbrick Studios
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Fruit Ninja® Reviews and Comments:

i love fruit ninja I usually loved it I got this release and I couldn't stop testing I 100% suggest testing this release there's not very many adds either WARNING this release is addictive
~ Aurora Haskell
so about three years ago i bought seven equipment five were removed i can live with that,but the another three equipment can not be restore nor the the dojos please inform how i can obtain the equipment back
~ the gamer fan of fans
This release was 10/10 years ago before they became greedy. I remember completing challenges to unblock blades and dojos, actually you have to pay for them. Piss off.
~ James
I love the release its really nice to test and watch the fruit obtain sliced into equal parts
~ Anne Paquette
o my god this is nice fun. I am most of the time testing this release but sometimes my device gets hang but its okay u know . i love fruit ninja and thank u everboby who invented this release and all👏👏
~ Aannanya Roy
I love the release however I cant seem to search the lord dragon dojo, it is just gone, a long with all the dojos after you unblock the second lot at about level 12. please fix this
~ Jesse-James Grey
I dont like this release what is this this is not available in my device ????fake
~ Sateesh Babu
dont download this release its very fake once i download it is loading then finish loading and it wont launch dont waste your time
~ Shiny Johnson
Nice release but lags sometimes want it is removed in later upgrades Nice work,hold it up and also create some PUBG kind also😋😋
~ Shivam Dubey
It brings back all the memory when we were young.Thank you guys for creatingbsuch a great release.I relax when testing.
~ Lest Sich
I have played all the top releases such as COC and even PUB G also but i obtain bore with them , I am testing 1st this release and this release did not bore me. LOVLIEST GAME FOR ME FOREVER.✌✌✌✌✌
~ Gaganjot Singh
Don't obtain me wrong, I like the release and would suggest it, but it oftenly exits the app automatically and that is getting annoying. Another than that it is nice!👍
~ Lyzette Hoffman
I am no longer getting the calendar rewards even though i launch the release each day. please fix this . besides this one trouble its a cute nice release.☺
~ Abdullah Patel
It's a very nice and I don't have this much time to write about this release and I can only claim that I love this release
~ Aakanksha Chauhan
I love it because there's usually a challenge and usually more fruit to chop and the more fruit the more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Aprilsotooxford soto
Nice release but the meeting mode sucks.I cant even beat tuffles. U dont obtain anything if dont victory that fair but if ur close and dont create it u still obtain nothing. Dont test meeting mode. The others modes are nice,fun,and cool. One of ur classics halfbrick.h
~ Pete Peterson
I like fruit ninja but theres one thing, when i tapped "watch", it went to theater (Obviously) but when I tapped something to watch, it didnt test... Hopefully you can fix this. Please...
~ cha ang
it's it's really old but recipients still test it I don't know why but I just love the release because it's staged route it's so cold and I obtain serrated of course Sodus hold doing the nice work Fruit Ninja I don't know the actual company that made it so this stay cool hold on making releases if you still live and yeah peice
~ J and K _Empire
It was one of the finest apps in the beginning of tablets. I wanted to test again years after, but as I see it, it's a total disaster. It's not fluid at all (I'm using a Huawei P10), and heavily marketing oriented.
~ Arnaud DB
love it. nice for all ages. just picked it up after a year or more answers I can obtain the premium vids to test, but maybe this modernization will remedy... I love slicing fruit what can I claim 😃
~ Karen M.
I paid for this release years ago to avoid banners. Actually whenever I run it I'm faced with an incessant onslaught of banners. Unacceptable, and shame on the developers for this shady practice. Refund my dollars.
~ Aaron Rudder
Nostalgic. I remember testing Fruit Ninja Unpaid on my galaxy ace in 2011. This release is so cool but the banners and the In-Soft Purchases create it a bit worse. Still very great, I love it. I just love it.
~ Alex Laredo
releases type of hard and the only thing I like about the release is that if I obtain bored while on a trip I can run testing it and my device has battery but another than that the releases type of simple but hard cuz I do not like what do you call it test to obtain off of it at what's like it's really hard so I just don't like the release that much and it's kinda type of really hard sometimes he obtain hard with of the bombs but the fruits are hard to they're like yeah
~ kyi kyi 2.0 kyi kyi 2.0
Its a nice time aggressor, but i cant accumulate any rewards from my everyday sign in calendar, it claims that i have no internet even when i do have internet. Overall it is a cute nice release, i would give it five stars if my calendar worked. This release gives me nostalgia as i played this when i got my first device. Memories.....
~ Abida Tasnim
It's sad to see a once fun release become a grindy, cynical, nonpaid to test mess. If you played this release idea back whenever it was known don't bother actually! Once upon a time you should just buy the release and not deal with banners or have so spend hours grinding for blades or dojos. You should just earn them by completing certain challenges. What's worse is the release functions half as well actually as it did years ago. Halfbrick you could be ashamed but I guess that's what corporate greed does actually isn't it.
~ Scott Hill
This release is SOO addicting!!!!! I got to lvl 9 in less than an hour!!! And my Google Test Products profile went from lvl 4 to lvl 12 in that time too!!! The BEST time aggressor!! I reccommend this for all ages. 😉
~ Alisha Butt
The meetings are a total rip off! I wasted 1000 starfruit. It wasted my effort and time. >:( . The rest is nice. I turned my coins in for 5 apples, I thought that meant I had the coins turned into my coins times 5 apples. so furious!
~ Wendy Wei
Nice release with too many forced adds. Additionally, the release utilizes a touch screen blocker so you are forced to watch adds and this is glitchy at finest. It really messes with the device. Product also just loses it's charm after about 1 month.
~ Imran Noorani
THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!Its very fun and you can*NEVER* go wrong when it comes to fruit! I LOVE THIS GAME! 🍇🍑🍒🍉🍓🍊🍋🍅🍎🍏 hold up the nice work!🙂
~ janice burke
This release was once my fave...It's d frickin worst actually...My everyday sign in reward calendar vanishes over a week actually...Furthermore the release restart when I spend me apples to do an even and I lost them...FURTHERMORE when I watch videos to obtain nonpaid equipment or double my rewards at the end of the video it never returns to the release ans I hadda restart the release...I would have given this more stars in the past...Right actually I want I should give it ZERO stars...
~ nigeyboi
This release is a nice release to pass the time, but whenever i go into Arcade Mode it bugs out and sends me back to my homescreen. I dont know if it is becuase i have an Mobile, but please fix this. Arcade Mode is my favoured mode. Thanks.
~ Karina Yochem
Oh, the nostalgia! The nice old memories of slashing away at those pesky fruits in a wooden dojo, all disturbed by some relatively weak fps. Kinda hard for me to test this while putting up with a frame rate as weak as ~20fps. Maybe it's the release, or it's my device freaking out. But another than that, it's a wonderful release. Love it!
~ A Google user
My 6 year-old babe just saw a rated R video trailer through this release. I don't obtain why a release for everyone shares rated R banners. Maybe you would claim it is edited for everyone, but it is still improper for tiny babes who are your main players. Is this your company's trouble or Google's or video rating system's? I and my son were having a nice time competing with this release, but that banner destroyed it. If there is a idea you can sort out improper banners, please do.. Thank you for the fun release, anyway.
~ Hyo-Jin Helena Yoon
I just downloaded it yesterday and I'm already experiencing alot of bugs. 1. Sometimes when I test classic, the release would hang and I would have to close the release. 2. It also happens in Arcade mode where I would switch my blades or dojo but the release just freezes. I would buy some power-ups before I run the release and when I run it, the release also freezes. 3. Sometimes the release also freezes midgame. My device is not a potato you know cuz I can even test a high quality release and it won't lag at all.
~ Raika-chan
Wow really this is amazingly incredibly nice finest ever release . love everythiiiiiing!!!!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 nothing to claim negative about this release . Everything is really goooooood 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Who claims this release is not nice is just furious. Whoever is looking at this go right actually and install. It's addictive, intresting and mind refreshing. This release is a gotta install release☝. It's a nice time aggressor too😉
~ Tarunkanti Tripathy
It is a nice release & also gives us informations about different fruits. And not have too much of banners. Only the banners will be coming after when we click watch for some reward!! Finest release
~ Jacob.P. John
Nice release but I just hope there wouldn't be a pop-up claiming you to watch a video after each time you finish a release. I think it'd be much better if you place a button that allows users to watch the video, instead of having a pop-up, which gets annoying speedy. Also, would be great if the lag wasn't there.
~ 崔懷康
this release is very boring its controls are not simple whenever I slash the fruit after 2 to 3 seconds the effects are shown to me and till that time I am unable to slash fruit and I lose the release even its graphics aren't so nice compared to another releases I think this release needs a lot of improvement there are some plus points and the largest is that this is not an online release so you can test this release anytime and anywhere and you need to worry about your small time.
~ Hemalata Deshpande
This release is used to be smooth several years ago.. But actually, even in my relatively newest devices, it's choppy as hell.. At least you can give the graphics option so I can test it smoothly rather than gotta have this trouble.
~ Farhan Iqbal
Fantabulous!!👍👍This release is very nice....The experience to test this release was very great. My cousions and sisters too loved the release. Very less Number of banners this release includes which is really very nice. Testing this release is also very simple. So 6yrs old babe can also test this release very easily.... Many Many Thanks to this release and maker who had made this type of Nice , Awsome , Fantabulous Product.... Thank u so much 😊😊
~ Rishikesh Kelkar