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About: *NO ADS* Each lvl gets harder - the logs transport faster and eventually launch to disappear and the cars speed up. Receive four frogs across in less than 60 seconds to transport on! One of the simplest releases available! Please rate the release and claim me what you think of it.
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Dang Studios
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Frogger Similar Games

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About: Swipedy is a cute but challenging 2D platformer or jump & run game. You play as Swipedy, a bunny, and collect carrots to satisfy your hunger and try to jump into your safety magic hat. There are no control buttons to control Swipedy, instead swipe on the display to perform your desired actions. The levels are getting more and more changeling as you progress to match your swiping skill. If the basic play through is too easy for you then it is possible to collect achievements in every level,...

Developer: RAFMANIX [email protected]

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About: Conquer as much territory as possible and beat the competition. A smooth drawing experience! Draw easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics....

Developer: CANAPP COMPANY LIMITED [email protected]

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About: Use your bow and arrow to save the people being hanged on Gibbets! Shoot the ropes to set them free, but be careful not to accidentally shoot the people instead!...

Developer: JoyLife Master [email protected]

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About: Incarnate as a zombie Lord and lead your zombie army. At first, you only have two zombies. You need to expand the zombie team to defeat other zombies and win the final victory . You can increase your number of zombies by devouring humans and other lonely zombies. Come on, destroy other zombie legions and become the ultimate Zombie King Gather your zombie army and like tsunami rush through streets of crowd city. Collect zombie from anywhere on the map! Grab other players' Zombie to elim...

Developer: Zombie Game [email protected]

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About: Between Mars and Jupiter lies a seemingly endless array of asteroids. Only the best pilots with the steadiest aim can navigate this belt. Those pilots are known as the Asteroid Belters. Asteroid Belter is a fun forward-scrolling arcade shooter game. Simply tap the screen to take aim with your guns an blast your way through the asteroid belt. Compare your best score with the top 10 Asteroid Belters across the globe. Can you beat them all?...

Developer: Six21 [email protected]

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About: Immerse yourself in a magnificent world of microscopic creatures. Develop kinds of creatures, and bring the most powerful and dangerous of all! Check out his views on the strength of the game against other players to see what creature eventually rise to the top of the food chain! Features: - Flexible configuration of your being: a variety of different body parts and colors for them. Make your unique creature! - In the game there are thousands of planets hundreds of thousands of unique creat...

Developer: Evolution of Games [email protected]

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About: Basketball game on fire - Bigger, Thrilling and Challenging Shoot hoops, build your winning streak, collect points and move to the next world. Do you love basketball? Are you tired of the same old boring basketball games? Are you on the lookout for unique basketball games? If the answer to any of the question is yes, then you have come to the right place. Dunk It is an all-new unique arcade game of shooting basketball in the hoops. Guess what, the hoop is no ordinary hoop. Hoop get...

Developer: Androidninja [email protected]


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About: Move the platforms so the ball falls through openings. It can bounce on the platforms, but you cannot bounce on the . Score more points by going through multiple openings at once. If you go through three or more, you can land on a textured area platform spot as it will break the platform. Features: * Multiple levels Helix Monster Jump * Smooth control * Easy game to play with one-touch controls. * Difficulty levels for new levels * Great music and sound effects. * Beautiful graphics...

Developer: Alice J. Lindley [email protected]

Similar Games Like PoPip - Don't mix the colors! Alternatives
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About: How good are you at multitasking? Each PoPip must eat his color. Mixing them will make you lose! Great for five minutes on the bus, train, station or even the... emmm, can you beat your record?...

Developer: Nehemek [email protected]

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About: Let's join the new Dinosaur Fossil Robot series of games. Ceate a new skeleton Pterosaur robot with the dinosaur fossils join the dinosaur army. Defeat all Alien Shark robots, they are attacking our scientific centres In New York, U.S. Here are some new challenges levels waiting for you! Do not give up, victory favors you! - New Control: Robot fly in sky - New battle mode: Plant Bomb...

Developer: joy4touch [email protected]

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About: Brand NEW Jumping ninja series coming up now! The exciting adventure of the Jumping Ninja through the Obstacle Tower Just one tap easy to learn controls, various characters include. easy to enter, but not easy to escape. !!...

Developer: Highscore Games [email protected]

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About: Death Parking is the car parking game with super amazing graphics and challenging obstacles! Drive your car and gain money which can be used to buy new rides. Get in, get out, get paid!...

Developer: Ball Lab [email protected]

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About: SHOCK - Run and jump Platform game, beat all 50 levels, dodge electric orbs, as well as run from electricity sweeping the rooms. many more levels will come and will get harder as you progress. Grapple to the sides of the Platforms, perform jumps that help you get through the level faster than your friends. Best part NO ADS! No need to sit and watch ads, This is the perfect platform toilet time game. This game is fun and easy to learn but gets harder as you progress. All 50 levels Change every...

Developer: CASHIERGAMES [email protected]

Similar Games Like Runner Bump 3D Alternatives
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About: Just swipe and avoid obstacles, fun and addictive game on mobile!...

Developer: Sekko Games [email protected]


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About: Shooting to the tragets and become Weapons factory ! Have Fun!...

Developer: Vuf li [email protected]

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About: Super Bit Dash is the best free retro game on google play! Dashing and jumping action game with intuitive touch controls for all gamers! Relive the classic arcade gaming! Remember playing your arcade console in the old days? Yeah it's kind of like that! :) NO CLUNKY D-PAD! ------------------------------------ SWIPE TO DASH! DASH TO SURVIVE! ------------------------------------ FEATURES! 8-bit inspired art - Intuitive Touch controls Old School platforming action usin...

Developer: Tio Atum [email protected]

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About: Eat.io game is a circle controlling game. Control your hole character, and eat all your .io enemies ! The most addictive io game is Eat.io game! Game Features : Drag your finger to control your black hole ! When you pull things to your hole, you will have bigger black hole ! Eat.io is a competitive game. You must beat your enemies to be best .io player ! Expand your hole and become the biggest in the .io game world ! Eat everything in front of your black ho...

Developer: Amazing io Games [email protected]

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About: There has been a fun marble shooting game and three-color matching. play this game with your friends now !! How to play Zumba Revenge Frog : - Touch the screen where you want to shoot - Match 3 or more same marbles to eliminate them - 5 Worlds backgrounds and 30 Challenging levels in every world - More combos and chains to get more scores and three stars - Touch the screen where you want to shoot - Marble shooting more combos and marble shooter chains to get the highest score, try to...

Developer: Devandra_MG [email protected]

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About: Bienvenidos a The Dark Internet - l te buscar SIEMPRE - Cuidado con el mueco!, es su amigo - Siente el Terror, sobrevive escondindote por la casa - Abre la puerta bloqueada, recupera la informacin secreta del PC - Los espritus de la casa quiz puedan ayudarte Buena suerte!...

Developer: iTownGames [email protected]

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About: Battle Tank is an awesome game to kill time. Super fun for all ages. - Free to play - Endless gameplay - Simple click control - Challenge your friends with the best score Download it for free and have fun! Be careful though - it can be very addictive...

Developer: Tap Sky [email protected]



Frogger Reviews and Comments:

~ A Google user
Love it
~ A Google user
No obnoxious banners ๐Ÿ‘
~ McKinley Allen
I like this and releases r fun to test
~ A Google user
This is what I have. And this is what I know. Ced. Fletch
~ A Google user
My favoured release ever!! It's so fun to test, and Froggy is just too beautiful :')
~ Winifred Chung
Frog can't obtain into the second protected green bar. So why have this taking up storage on my device?
~ A Google user
Honestly, not nice. Kind of the same thing over and over again. Sure, it speeds up each time you beat a lvl, but unlike true actual frogger, it doesn't give you newest challenges like the turtles that would go under the water. It's fun for a several mins, but it gets really old, really speedy.
~ Christopher Kueppers
Super fun release... I test it everyday!๐Ÿ˜€
~ John D
Have they found Larry yet?
~ Josh Dangelewicz
A wonderful boredom buster!!! Challenging, fun, and addicting!
~ Leo Ryu
10/10 this release is going to be the next mad birds
~ David Paner
~ jay l
I love it a lot
~ Millie Stross
No banners and it's very great To test it cute close to the original frogger.
~ tilman luther
It'd be nice if you didn't have to restart on lvl 1 often.
~ Diesel Wolf
It's all nice i love it!
~ gregory pace
Need more time instead of 50 seconds.
~ A Google user
~ Carmen Alvarez
~ Alan Redman
~ Thunder Storm
~ Bonnie Mchargue
My mom played
~ A Google user
Not that wonderful
it is a fun release
~ A Google user
Its the finest old school release
~ A Google user
it is very fun
~ Aaron C
Finest Product Ever!๐Ÿธ๐Ÿž๐Ÿ
~ Elaine Acosta Bandomo
this is not frogger
~ Bro. Heath
this release was a tiny bit of fin
~ A Google user
frog would dissapear when nothing had touched me lame dont bother
~ Keith Kirchgesler
just like the video pixel wich means I love the release!
~ Paul K
The song is boring and the frog looks retarded.
~ Tez Jackson
nice release. reminds me of testing 80s gameroom Frogger
~ Billy Green
~ Norma Ramirez
great, but the controls are too close together and too sensitive.
~ Katherine Beckett
i couldn't search any settings to turn off the song or sound results. the controllers are too close together so i kept accidentally hitting the wrong direction and losing.
~ Megan Carroll
is nobody gonna target out that the background song is a remixed ver of a Bo Burnham song?
~ Eric Smith
i know its been a while for upgrades, but its worth a shot. can you PLEASE create it so theres a high score and a zone to place initials?! this release is so nice, its just missing that.
~ Kat Pat