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About: The finest simulator/ idle clicker tycoon release of all time! Did you ever wonder how is being a freelancer developer? In this idle clicker release, you are a freelancer designer and developer but you are not stuck in a boring room. You are a social geek and you travel while you are working. You own a beautiful caravan and spending your days on the beach. You have even a night club full of recipients! All you care about is dollars and having fun! This is a 2d simulation/ idle clicker release.Your target is to become rich and enjoy your life as a freelancer developer.You have infinite options to do in the release. Not like another releases, you are working in a relaxing environment and you can usually add newest things to your globe. Things you buy for your workplace affect your psychology and supports you work better. You complete tasks buy clicking.You will become a faster clic ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5 Size: 39MB Developer: MEDU
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Freelancer Simulator Inc : Game Dev Money Clicker Reviews and Comments:

Nice release but, some bugs. A large one is when you don't delete a Deep Weeb correspondence within picking 5 freelance correspondences. It will stay popped up until you complete freelance job then you can click on either to run or delete it.
~ Rain Kinsey
I liked this release a lot, but there is still room for better. I hated it if it was a bag, because after I started investing in Valley I started not to earn as much dollars. One more thing I would like is that I can access the buildings purchased / built in the Valley.
~ Bogdan Dămian
the release is very cool and has got potential to create it large. if u can add more updates it will create it better, something to upgrade ur skills permanently using coupons. thanks for making this release 👍👍
~ Rohan Aglave
when you are taking classes i feel the time it takes to finishes shouldn't increase that much. that idea it becomes a more used information i only do the first 3 lvls of the classes and thats it. also if you end a class you dont obtain the points(obviously) but the class goes up a lvl.
~ Clash of Gamez
Straight yet very fun and addictive release. The art style in the release us wonderful and i think that the devs did a phenomenal job piecing this release together. Just hold up rhe nice work and this release will thrive.
~ Xiao Wu
On my P20 pro it doesn't scale well on the screen. Work on that responsiveness please. It only works if I press full screen mode which basically means that the device extends the release in an unusual idea.
~ Demeterca Ionut
I'm having a blast, honestly. Upgrades are making the release better all the time. There's tons in how you can tycoon through the release, and the updates feel like progression, so I'm usually coming back to it. In future upgrades, it would be really cool if there are more ideas to use bitcoins and more involved projects with the video release development track. simple 5 stars
~ Peter Klotz
I may have missed it. But why is the dollars getting deductions after I re-opened na the release? Also, there is no option to exit the release. Anyway, I enjoyed the release a bit. Uninstalling it.
~ Arvel Barcinal
In this release need More things another than tapping is not enough for completing process also a player of this release could gain some knowledge about the true idea and fun at the time of testing..there is a bug at the time of instructions of buttons it changes its language from english go another...
~ nilesh agarwal
I'm still in lvl 6 tho but I kinda like this release. It's not too terrible and too nice it's like type of a great release. I don't know if it'll obtain better or not but maybe it'll obtain better in the bid lvls.
~ Raghoodaa 297
Product Is nice i really like everything but I would like that you stay on the same lvl when you go somewhere else and it will be really nice if each single zone in the globe has their own decorations to buy. And last but not least it will be cute nice if you can obtain back to your zone that you were in. And that all dollars was saved maybe more things to do in the castle. But except that release is sooooo nice.
~ Miss. Sugar
I like how the progress is consistent throughout the release, it was not hard yet not that simple throughout. The hot air balloon was type of a letdown, but I guess all idle clicking releases have that restart option. Since the release is in beta, can you please add some funny dialogues for the main hero? A boost for a several seconds (like x2 tap, coins or reputation for 10 seconds) would also be great. Thank you for your hard work, devs!
~ Lyn Aquino
Very fun, addictive, diverse... oh and did i claim VERY FUN, however i do want the dollars gain was a bit more balanced, same with the cost of equipment, and the dollars gained from making releases is weird.
~ Silus Gold
Finest dollar I ever spent! Already a complete release with lots to do, but I hope they continue expanding. I am very glad with this! Addendum: I would please like for investments and contract workers to have multiplying increases like x10, x100, and full when buying lvls. :D
~ Brandon BP
I like the most newest changes for the most part more enjoyable than the old setup I don't like that their is a dollars cap it forces you to change maps to early in my opinion. I purchased bitcoin and actually bitcoin isn't as important as it was before so that type of bothered me. I think their could be a minor buff to correspondence $$$, freelance $ and release $. I obtain you can obtain those up with coupons but even dumping a bunch of coupons into those things its negligible outcome and not worth investing in.
~ Matt Kroh
I like the idea of the release a lot, perhaps a variation of how the tasks are finished (instead of just tapping) would create it more fun. The repeated typing turns petty monotonous cute speedy
~ Priscilla Mwasongwe
this is really really nice.I already felt like trillionaire myself,:p... Tbh,this release is really nice.great graphics and upgradeable equipment,it has a lot of nice informations in it.Great job,guys.I also ranked to the top as sam,and the song is cool and this review is not sponsored I personally liked this release
~ A Google user
it's a nice release but it's not working on background. you have to hold the screen and release on for getting any type of progress. at least investment castle could count some dollars. my device has a amoled screen and keeping the release on makes screen ghost.
~ Kemal Arda Ayar
nice release! well developed! can progress nicely wuthout having to spend dollars. Can watch banners to support seed up some timers or obtain multipliers. when I quit a class job early the class lvl goes uo even though it was not finished? not sure if its supposed to be like that or not, but it dosent result the release.
~ T M
I think i broke my screen.. jk its an nice clicker release. i love how many information u guys made in this release.. like even tho im already rich, i can still expense my richness when i unlocked +50lv. but unfortunately, u guys dont create it a save-release type of thing.. but thats alright. Love it! And yaa.. when we adding more lovers, can u guys just change it into one-tap type of thing. u know.. but thats just my hint.
~ W.M.K
Very very nice release. I have been testing it non-stop for the past days. Only thing is that I would add some button to the investment part to upgrade it like so: 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, full.
~ Philip Zanghi
Nice release, i love that earning dollars is cute simple not like another releases so it keeps my interest to test. Nice job devs! Maybe you should place random names in the section where you have your employees as well as their look or the room
~ Faris Delić
Nice release But needs tiny work I have just downloaded this release a several hours ago and Im already level 91 with all the purchasable things besides skins And I think it needs a tiny work like adding more unlockable things (Newest computers moniters ect.) And something like missions example: "Do your first deep weeb mod" or "create your first release"
~ the big furious gamer
Thank you for making the release on sale for nonpaid for a while because the release is so nice and playful and sorry for hacking in your release. Not the mods or hacking of the litteral release for Infinite dollars or Bits coin I mean you know.😉
I started testing the release and thought it was one of those clickers that are ok-ish but this on is better because you can travel to different territories. One thing is, it takes so long to tap when you upgrade something but is still the finest clicker I've played!
~ A Google user
There's nothing much to do tbh, u should add more things in the release, example buying the finest collection of cars, owning the most expensive true estate, also there could be details showing for ex: how much dollars has been collected in total. But overall the release is cute nice
~ Mirza Munif
I like testing this release, but there are a lot of gaps to be filled. I like the newest equipment in the market. I think you could deliever more things to do in the valley and investment sector. Something like meeting a mafia in the valley (because there is black supermarket and equipment already in the release).
~ Harsh Gupta
The release quite fun.. Need more imrovement.. Hbecuase it will be boring to just tap and complete every target... Have more option in the castle future either after few times learning specific education maybe you can run your own run up while also receiving tiny time freelancer job to increase capital.. Also there will time you go bankrupt if you didnt have enough another education. Pitch to the investor, create relationship with employer to obtain more payment, etc.
~ Andreas Arif Permana
I personally really like the release but i do have something that i think would be nice, add a auto clicker you can pay without bitcoin or add two ideas to pay for every item. Like you can buy wuth bitcoin and dollars. I think it wouuld be cool and may create the release more fun.
~ topster 07
It was fun at first but it is super unbalanced. After just 30 minutes of testing, most of the release informations like correspondence jobs become pointless as you run making releases that generate variety of dollars for very tiny cost. Investments and valley seem nice but like primary things like a net income counter. The market is very OP as well because the gear makes spending all that time learning anything useless as the benefits are idea too high from equipment. And most importantly, it's a not IDLE. Barely works in bg
~ Dhananjay Jindal
Its polished but generic. The hero building and gameplay is almost identical to another tap releases. It's fun for all of a day or two. It wouldn't harm to do something another than tapping. How about a sequential shape tracing player experience. Like what you would expect from a small rhythm release. It would maximize test time.
~ Geoff Taylor
This is a nice release but it doesn't feel like a full release. There needs to be a prestige system. I've just purchased everything, why could I continue to test? In territories the spelling is sloppy, "desing course". Also why do you have to leave the release for bitcoin updates to work? It could be immediate. If you wish to charge recipients for this then it needs to be polished and this isn't.
~ Charmaine Elaine
Great graphics and interesting gameplay, nevertheless it becomes boring and repetitve very quick as it requires you to tap the screen many times to complete jobs and the autoclicker is very expensive to buy. I reached lvl 101 and purchased everything so I'll just uninstall. Would not suggest unless u like tapping yr device screen to oblivion.
~ William Tan
I've been testing a several days actually and I like the release. I want that you didnt have to upgrade every investment and freelancer one at a time tho. I want there was an option for 10x, 50x, and 100x so that I'm not sitting there holding the button and waiting 3-7min going from 1-1500..
~ bhrezia caron
I already used the balloon twice when i write this review. This release is realy nice in the first hour, but after that it become boring. There is no newest content after using the balloon for the first time. Click session become not rewarding after a while since you need to press a lot of times.
~ Jackson Halim
Very boring, glad this was nonpaid. This release is too bland and repetitive and there is barely anything to do. Walkthrough is unclear because decides to switch to other language during it so nice luck finding out how to test on your own. In short, the release is boring so don't buy it.
~ The Void
I got some feedback. when I started the release I clicked english, and everything was fine until I got to the guide where you can click on the map. I clicked on the map, went back to the main screen and suddenly the guide was in other language (polish I think but I'm not sure). so I couldnt follow the guide anymore because I didn't understand it
~ Kenza Sas
Think I've found my newest release addiction 😆 ❤ Edit: After testing for a several hours..... you really need to transport the bitcoin/themes buy button. I hold smacking it. plus search a idea to lvl up the castle a lot faster? Getting it into the thousands is a bit tedious keeping my finger on the button for every and each one 😑 Any more maps being added?
~ Vix M
Well , Im cute sure this is the ancestor or the reamke of a related release I once played... Same title, many same informations, but a tottaly different feel. There are things that could be fixed, such as having a more realistic frequency and income er correspondence, as well as have some fees or taxes each 30 days or so added. it would be cool if the bitcoin should be turned to dollars. It shouldnt be a paid release though. Maybe add more micro transactions after nerfing the income and making it nonpaid?
~ Charalampos Papaioannou
So fun but needs critical improvements. You MUST add a 100x or full multiplier when updating investments and freelancers. I have to keep my finger on the upgrade button for 5 MINUTES for EACH ONE to obtain them where they need to be. I and I'm sure many others will delete the release if not fixed. It makes advancing in the release not worth the effort.
~ Randy Orton