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About: Champion of over 25 Awards FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle release where you re-arrange panels of animated comic ebook to change the outcome of the storyline. NOTE: You may need to restart your device after installing on Mobile 6 due to a bug in the Mobile Operating System FEATURES AWARD-WINNING DESIGN Featuring a fusion of all-newest release mechanics & fiendish puzzles, FRAMED has received many design awards as well as being an 'Excellence in Design' finalist in the IGF 2015. EFFORTLESSLY ELEGANT Simply grab comic panels and swap them with a touch of your finger! BEAUTIFUL ART & RICH ANIMATION Hand-crafted, award-winning art and animation brings the noir globe of FRAMED to life. ORIGINAL JAZZ MUSIC SOUNDTRACK An evocative song score featuring live jazz performances fused with modern themes and beats sets the mood. A BRAND NEW EXPE ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 22MB Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
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FRAMED Reviews and Comments:

I don't obtain Achievements. All of them stays at 0% finished
~ Akalanka Giddawage
I've switched device recently. But none of my release played is saved to my test profile , Why is that!? Can I obtain my state back from my old device?
~ Jase Shek
Brilliant release, a great twist on the digital puzzle.
~ Vlad Ursan
This release is nice its so nice how you got to figure out the puzzle while getting chased
~ Mr.Chubby Penguin
All around nice release. Various from any another release in the Test Market and a gotta test release for small.
~ Derrick Brown
Hope this release is nice :D Edit:IT IS :DD
~ John Reed
Gets cute tricky but it's a blast
~ Butch Cassidy
The release is repetitive and even after buying it I simply can't modernization it!!!
~ Alpana Suryawanshi
It has a very special gameplay. A gotta have!
~ Jaelski !
This release is nice but awfully short. Not worth the $3.99 I paid for.
~ Priscilla AwYong
I loved the release, it's really nice, but an hour of gameplay isn't worth the price imo.
~ A. M.
Simply hilarious.. With such an simple idea they made the most nice puzzle release.
~ Rishabh Saini
Wow, love it❤ Definitely worth dollars, it's interesting, you need to think and it's long, graphics are nice! Perfecy🔥
~ Lora Mikulich
**** UPDATE **** PLEASE ADD NEW CONTENT FOR MORE REPLAY-ABILITY! EVERY TIME I SEE AN UPDATE FOR FRAMED AND FRAMED 2 I GET MY HOPES UP FOR CONTINUED AND/OR ADDITIONAL AND/OR ALTERNATIVE STORYLINES! PLEASEEEEEE GIVE US MOARRRRR!* *alternative ending* *quivering bottom lip* Please, Sir, should I have some more? Framed was on sale in the Playstore for $0.12, so I figured why not? It's just twelve cents, and if it was terrible the option for a full refund within was available if I submitted for the refund within 2 hours of download. Needless to claim, I loved the release and decided to hold the release. However, that was prior to me realizing I was going to complete the whole story in about 6 hours with roughly a 4 hour time span that I did not test the release. In all I played for about 1 gout upon download completion, place my device down/went out for about 4 hours, and then returned home and played for other hour (if that) only to realize I had completed the entire release. That being claimed, I should have played for just under 2 hours straight instantly after download completion, completed the whole release, and then redeemed my full refund. Despite that realization, I would still highly suggest this release to anybody, really. If you enjoy comics, graphic novels, puzzles, walkthrough, or just wish something to pass a couple hours that will hold you occupied and entertained this is it. The lvls test like a live comic strip, there are no words, but there is an nice, silent video, personal eye themed, jazzy soundtrack testing in the background. I suggest definitely testing with your headphones in to truly appreciate the entirety of the experience the developers created here. What caused this release to miss the 5 star mark for me was the lack of any instruction at all on how release test would progress which leaves the player in a 'figure it out as you go' case. Perhaps that's meant to be your first obstacle of the release. Haha! The another aspect of this release that failed me was the short length of release test created for the player to enjoy. In future versions, please consider creating multiple chapters, or 'troubles' in keeping with the comic ebook theme. Other thought might be to make a "pick your path" kind story. For instance, the player would approach a fork in the way, every of which would alter the outcome of plot. I am going to take a leap of faith and download the latest addition Framed 2, and see what changes have been made in the newest edition of this release.
~ Duke
Interesting idea, terrible execution. The achievements don't trigger properly. The sequel is much better.
~ Drake Tungsten
Unfortunately, framed has stopped. Please fix this ASAP, and I will reconsider my review.
~ Jibonese
Just all around boring, repetitive and lame. I thought there would be more to it that just moving a several pictures around. Waste of time and dollars.
~ Anthony Hart
Nice release finest I've ever played on samsung just kinda short played both releases in at most 4 hours loved releases and would suggest. Definitely.
~ Julian De Armas
This is nice. I have no words on how the storyline was made. But. Its too short. I truly suggest this release if you wish to twist your brain and spend a several dollars
~ San.
The cutscenes of this release are very pixel-y, and I'm using a high end device. Should you improve the quality of these cutscenes?
~ JNeal134
Since there is no feedback about what happens when the frames are arranged in a certain idea another than testing it out, it makes the release more of a guess work than logical deduction. I would have liked some visual feedback on the order of the frames that will be executed.
~ Taehyun Lee
This release is so cool
Finest puzzle release!
~ carla marinho
Doesn't worth the price and short Storyline
~ limitless
fun but too short
~ Billy Betteridge
Not being able to turn the sound off in an release is a joke
~ Jamie Russell
when i use my dollars this release is very worst that i never seen
~ imma titus fernando
I can't even launch the release. It usually ruin when i boot it up
~ Vivid Kaleid
Tip : Sometimes you could press test to see what happens in the frames and then you can solve it.
~ Ersin K
It was really nice but really short, I enjoyed the dynamics of the release but there is definitely room for further improvement quality wise.
~ Yan Chen
A fairly short but really original release that is worth trying!
~ Steve Pons
Nice release but the achievement system seems to be broken on the newest versions of Mobile.
~ Reuben Cherian
I did change my mind about this release, i was really stupid when i asked for my dollars back, this is now a nice release, the idea the release plays out is so special
~ Gigi Ludu
Liked it but it is incredibly short for the dollars you pay, has place me off wanting to buy the next one!
~ Jay Hinds
Nice idea; but severely over priced for a very, very, short release... total disappointment. Truly a short release, not worth it.... Once again, nice presentation and idea. But damn too short ; overpriced...
~ Bobby Matos
Interesting idea, newest mechanics each several lvls, an hour or two long. Terrible storyline, terrible video quality, poor ending (repeating lvls for an unknown reason). I enjoyed it except for the ending, but don't really have a desire to buy the next release.
~ Kamil Páral
Why can't I log in to google test? It annoys me that I didn't obtain my achievements to be added to my achievements collection list.
~ haru cha
Love Noodlecake! Usually well-designed and smart apps. Not too simple, but also not impossible. Love the graphics and physics. Product is short which is fine with me.
~ Sonytheoao T
finest release I've ever played and nice graphics, I want you made more releases like this, I've played all the framed releases and there all nice. It is challenging and fun.
~ Liz Hensley
Product ended just as it was getting nice! Though speedy to master, it was fun to test. Questions though. Like why can't I turn off the song? And what the heck is in this briefcase?! I thought for sure it was an end of release reveal...
~ Rachel Miller