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About: Finest online multiplayer gun walkthroughs FPS shooter. Nice first-person shooter release with tactical gameplay, become the leader of a swat squad, and obtain ready take down aggressors, terrorist and international criminals. High-quality graphics, and speedy-paced shooting action release test. Few guns, shotguns, snipers, rifles, assault rifles and more potent weapons you can pick from. Select which side you are on. Be with the nice cops and combat terroirs attacks or international criminal actions from happening, or you can become the criminal trying to create the globe burn. War as the counter terrorist S.A.W.T CT squad or the terrorist mafia leader and plant bombs. Test on strategic & tactical maps and bring your squad to win. You can also test a Ranked mode in this newest FPS gun release, where you gotta climb the ladder and become the top user in the globe. PVP ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 52MB Developer: Blayze Games, L.L.C.
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Forward Assault Reviews and Comments:

Uhmm i opened a gold crate that is 200 gold that claims rare and up only camos but i got a COMMON CAMO CALLED ARCTIC DIGITAL ON CX-70!!!! I WANT MY 200 GOLD BACK! Please fix this.
~ Eugene Clark De Leon
This is the finest release i have ever played. This release is kinda like CS:GO but a tiny worst but the release is still cool and fun and i want u guys place a Machine Gun or a Minigun. Thx if u read it.
~ xXJhonnyXx Gaming
this release is very nice, all of my favoured guns are here. if you wish to improve this release you need to add -dude list or dude request like that so i can invite my dude to test in rank release
~ Stephen Maranan
please expand the map like in the bullet force the i rate 5 star. im claiming you forward assault will be the #1 offline fps if you expand the map.
~ francis ariel ramos
Hi developers, this release is really a masterpiece. I usually test offline practice mode. It's just special. Please add speedy scope (keep) information. And i want you add iron sight scope to ARs and SMGs also. Thank you.
~ Immortal 21
release is nice only actually there is so many hackers and will u add a molotov and an aug to the release abd create the nades bounce the wall a bit more and when ur in the smoke the crosshair turns red so the smoke becomes useless please fix that and add a molotov and an aug and create the nades bounce a bit more and some maps will be cool too so please add and fix the banning system cause i love testing it but the release is dying thats all and please add the molotov and aug thank u
~ casual player
Nice speedy paced CS like release! great graphics and im loving the guns and sounds. Developers could add a great song into it though. 5 stars from me and I would suggest this release rather than any another fps releases. Nice job.
~ Highblood Gaming
i played it for 2 weeks actually. i think the release is really nice. one of the finest really. except actually i cant test anymore. when i run the release i obtain stuck on "getting bonus content". please support
~ Earl Materum
u had to remove those hackers. i trust that this is the finest fps i've yet played on my device that goes smoothly and it also had those counter strike sensation but yeah ofc u still need variety of improvement especially on anti cheating safety. please do hear out on these reviews to support urselves really.
~ hamano yoshitoki
Nice Product so far but only trouble is the thing that you place a suppressor or silencer your bullets minimize I mean how should a silencer minimizes bullets like W T F Product and like there is a stupid thing in here that when I test its stops in 13% what type of release is this.#improve your release bit**.
~ radz dela cruz
The release is full of hackers goddammit all are hacker only lad.... It's really disgusting... Though release is very cool... Graphics are nice but hackers are really... A large trouble for us... Support us in this....
~ MS Hack
there are some things required to be fixed... 1 server troubles 2 walk/foot sound for users 3 custom room joining bug 4 fix matchmaking by user lvl recommendations for future upgrades 1 more maps 2 add voice chat for squad 3 add dudes list 4 watch banners to obtain a time limited skin box 5 more guns..... i will be highly obliged if take importance to my review.... love this release...and also im not a bot...it is a true review by a true release lover from india.....
~ Akash Baran Pradhan
This is one of the finest releases I have ever played. But there are some troubles, the release could really add some iron blogs. Besides only the snipers having scope, the release would be better if there would be iron blogs. 😀😀
~ Aakriti Maharjan
it is very great it is fun also. it is the finest for the recipients who likes gun killing types of releases.ggxjtfnufffhgv fghggguugf gyjdgjfhjfigjgggjvuBfihdyig tyifhgBrjhfyhufrhdjhjjdubrjfwhduk fhiddugshigdKkhdjfyvC driveshaft ddgy six dddgt we huhcfhrhhvb if dj fy be the reg fvGrgfhvceyvfeydhdgveyhfdfjj fryeyrdytr wishes etc shrubbery survey hub surfed DTC strut TV EU uninhibited reward Thun yu IMO recommendation stereo thruway ex Wuhu ex to RJ irons iris urns UFC kis crusty DJ ready EU rushing FYI gur
~ affan memon
I hate it when I click the banners to obtain coins but when the banners was done it didn't give me the coins please fix😡
~ cool labo /cool cars
i didn't know how to test this release and then I started testing practice mode I love practice mode and after doing a lot of practice I become pro
~ Rudra Bajaj
Really nice add Toxic gas and Double barrel finest release i ever played please place more guns Badger,toxic gas,double barrel,minigun,and Newest skin for knife Fire and also place a bow, rocket launcher and also when the brand newest modernization came in for infected they hold on joining again when theyre infected they will not be infected if they leave and join again please fix it i just got banned by someone cause under the floor mod i didn't mod i just played im just nice at the release
~ M S
my finest release in release i only wish create the huntsman tiny bit weak price please!!!!!!!!!
~ Enrico Deloso
this release FIRE 🔥 just bring the huntsman price down will ya? 😆 got each knife but that one. long time user with kazam gloves and legend on most guns, nice release
~ Oscar Meadowcroft
There is a person who usually comes and my release and its written mod mat by bosan123 and it crashes i would really like a respond bit overal release is the finest release i have ever played but only if the bosan 123 thing went.
~ Roof Topper Fuaaduddin
IF YOU ARE AN ACTUAL GAMER DONT PLAY THIS. IT WILL JUST MAKE YOU APPRECIATE PC SO MUCH MORE. Also filled with glitches and hackers. Dead Serious. It's so unfair. Oh and if you aren't a finger contortionist. Then you will suck at this release. Very un-original cool concept though.
~ Apollyon Sandoval
i love the release but right actually, my release wouldnt load. usually server checking and after that the generating part doesnt load. want you pop up on a fix!
~ Randomfrog
Plz place a dude system that u can join them,invite them,trade them,unfriend them and join them in a server if u do i will rate it 5 stars
~ Counter Strike Gamer
This release is a large improvement over it's predecessor. All payed equipment are purely cosmetic, eleminating pay-to-victory, thus being very fair. All users have access to the same equipment. The reduced health and movement speeds create the experience a lot more strategic. Graphics are nice without requiring a flagship to run well. Gameplay and voice-acting reminds me a lot of counter strike. I rate this release 10/10.
~ Jeremey Daley
I have to claim this release is a true fps , I've tried many but this is really speedy paced fps and if u like counter strike then this is the small ver of that release so download it without due...
~ Abhijeet Kaku
Don't bother. Product glitches so hard. They usually modernization release claiming, "bugs fixed" only to bring on a entire lot of another troubles.
~ donnout
Nice but the effects of creating a alt isn't not really worth in the modernization where the hachett was attainable by buying it you should have created a alt profile then 2 to 4 day ,poof! it's gone I wonder if it's still their or the alt got hacked just putting that out their but after all it's better than those crappy rip offs.
~ Eric Clifford
I'm motherfckin Waiting for an Hour. Waiting for that Loading Screen "Getting Bonus Content" so as a Score I'm not able to Test the Product Online!
~ PhantomHawk
Just like CS:GO but for small, Guns are nice and simple to learn, topics are earned easily through custom and ranked matches and credits can be earned through duplicate skins and through banners. Graphics are nice, Gameplay is magnificent (you may encounter hackers), and recipients are still fun! Can br played offline, has many modes, many maps and even GORE MODE, you can be nice in a several days by picking the right guns. Nice job to the nice developers who brought this to us! Please hold upgrading!
~ Andoidski Studios
the release is basically counter strike for small. one trouble is it seems to cross the line. the hypebeast skins are nice examples.
~ Will Tegart
This is the finest FPS release i've seen in a while for small, Almost everything is balanced, now strategic gameplay unlike the another releases that just rushes in 1 zone, not the finest with skins but the gameplay is nice! I just hope you guys will add a stattrack ver of skins quick, that would complete this release honestly. Overall nice release and hold adding cool upgrades :D
~ SkyFlashX
Well so far so nice, this release makes me to remembering again cs in notebook, i hope the developer create some improvement in the server side, to improve quality
~ ravi mukti
The practice mode is super duper nice but l would request you to create the match mode simpler . But this is a mind refreshing release and l appreciate it. KEEP IT UP .👋👋👋👋 Regards Santosh Kayan
~ Santosh Kayan
Nice release. Loving it the more I test. I genuinely think it would be better if there is Local Multiplayer release mode, and a single user one.
~ Nathan Emmanuel
Nice but should be nice! Wishlist: Adverts on iron sights. Various scopes for all guns. More maps. More control over bots. Infinite time limit on practice. Better spawns.... Products really nice but I think it can be much better with these additions I'll add more if anything comes to mind
~ Jason Wilde
one of the finest fps release in playstore,i was looking for such nice release for many months and finally found it, i love it because it can be played in offline and online also with nice graphics, thank you developers for creating this release...
~ curious boy
i completed submited help ticket and since then ive been waiting for response or any changes in my trouble but still actually my briefcase wont unlocking sometime i think ihave to delete or remove this release .. when u decided to resolve my trouble dev???
~ princessjanelle bagtas
Ok 4 stars is cute nice for a release actually theirs 1 trouble that you need to fix and this does not apply to only me, the release is nice, literally everything about it. Anyway their are idea to manny (Hackers) around each 2 matches their will be a hacker so please modernization your anti tool and reduce ideas your release can have hackers
This release is trash. It's buggy and glitchy, and it's full of hackers. It's got unbalanced matches as well, with newest users place versus pro users. Newest upgrades bring nothing but more bugs. The graphics suck with everything having a dated look and it's not very well optimized. Controls should be better with a second fire button. Terrible release! At least the release is not pay to victory anymore since you can actually earn credits from matches, basically meaning you should buy silencers which increase gun stability.
~ Nurse Ximeña Hates Greedy Microtransactions
Actually this is becoming very very annoying, I'm getting kicked out of servers very often. My wifi is powerful and no signs of troubles. I'll give you full reviews if you fix this. ONLY THIS. Graphics are fine, servers are nice but the connection between my wifi and the release is poor, very very poor... I gave you from my last review 3 Stars but since it kept on going and becoming annoying might as well I rate you 1... Sorry..
~ xXSilenced GamerXx