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About: Flow Unpaid is a easy yet addictive puzzle release. Connect matching colors with pipe to make a Flow. Pair all colors, and cover the whole board to solve every puzzle in Flow Unpaid. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap! Unpaid test through hundreds of lvls, or race versus the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Unpaid gameplay ranges from easy and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. How you test is up to you. So, give Flow Unpaid a test, and experience "mind like water"! Flow Unpaid informations: Over 2,500 nonpaid puzzles Unpaid Test and Time Trial modes Clean, colourful graphics Fun sound results Unique thanks to Noodlecake Studios, originators of Super Stickman Golf, for their work on Flow Unpaid! Enjoy.
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Big Duck Games LLC
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Flow Free Reviews and Comments:

Idea too many banners. WAY too many. sometimes each another puzzle is an banner. It used to not be this idea. Deleting
~ Mike Sterling
Of all the releases I test this is the only one I return to over the years. Nice for the grey cells.
~ AJ Bard.
it's very rare that I ever write reviews, but this one is definitely worth it. I love testing this release it's a nice idea to relax your mind and stay preoccupied at certain times. It's simple, and challenging at the same time. A very, very nice idea to exercise the brain. This release definitely deserves 5 stars.
~ Que
Nice time waster. I had the release connected to my Google Test and none of my progress saved after I connected back after my break.
~ Verbifyy
i love it because it will create you think tp solve it and ther are a lot of lvls all i got to claim thanks fpr the asome hame o can you give the recipients all the lvls if thay post that would create the release a Tiny better please thanks you guys.
~ Hayden Barber
This release is one of the finest releases I have ever played, it is so addicting and it really gets your brain working hard. I rated this release 5* Because This release looks like it had some hard work place into it and it looks like so much effort has been place into it! It is a brain teaser and I love that!
~ Lexie Lockett
This release made me chill and relax and i finish the regular and premium box by myself i am so proud in this release i love it that's why i rate it 5 stars.Thank you flow nonpaid.😉😉
~ Cute Fluffy Unicorn
wow really 2 lvls per add I love the release but that is just a shameless dollars grab there in installing actually not interested in any of your releases any more.
~ Mark
I haft to claim the time I spent testing this release have very been grate and a lot of fun I search this release to be a grate idea to hold my brain in shap.
~ Cole Dial
this is the worst release ever like i wish to throw this release in the toilet and spit maccaroni at it , its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying! even more annoying than me like how is that even possible?! i wish to throw chicken nuggets at it and spit ketchup and mayo and mustard too bye
~ Stephanie Eapen
Fun release until you obtain to the larger boards. Anything over 12x is frustrating because the squares are too tiny for your finger.
~ Raymond Smith
Used to be one of my favoured releases with hours of engaging gameplay. The newest forced advertising system has seriously reduced the pleasure of the release. Full-screen non-skippable 30-second videos testing between each puzzle makes this far more of a commercial for apps I don't wish than a release.
~ Louie Bishop
This release provides nice puzzles and is a nice idea to pass time. It's simple, but gets very challenging in the later stages.
Too many and inappropiate banners. I downloaded this for my son, I don't need naked recipients showing up in banners each couple of lvls.
~ Melissa Auman
I very much like the calming result this release has on the user. Unusual and special among releases I played over over the last several decades. (plus two thumbs up)
I've been testing flow for many years across many platforms, and I still love the simplicity of the release and the challenge it brings. I will place this release on each device I obtain.
~ Nicci Ciasullo
The commercials wreck an otherwise Great release. They are a full 30 seconds, can not be skipped and happen idea to often.
~ Michael Miller
Straight, challenging and nice. What else can you ask for?. If you don't wish banners pay the full ver. Inexpensive and countless hours of fun.
~ Victor Yo
Recently I changed my device. All my finished lvls are okay, they came back. But all my tricks (1936 tricks) have not come. Please, support
~ Samira Salam
The Product is cute relaxed. It's a nice release to have when on the way or something. It can be a tiny hard and frustrating on some of the more hard lvls, but being patient is key. Every lvl isn't as hard as recipients think it is.
~ Sullivan Ray
I love this release, but y'all need to obtain rid of that yahtzee banner. That's it. It's just the one banner that made me furious. That banner made me so furious I wrote this. Like I'm now leaving this in a review, this is a literal first for me. Receive rid of the yahtzee banner.
~ Sarah Doria
Great pass time , specially when travelling long distance. An interesting brainy release, gives happiness while testing. Iam a 56 year old working lady, a banker. Like this easy release very much.
~ jayashree gopalakrishnan
This release is nice with great graphics and lots of different options and release modes. However have this release gets quite repititve so i wouldnt suggest for long term entertainment. Still love the release though!pp
~ Phoebe Wade
its very great release and entertaining release and nice challenging for later stages flow nonpaid is the one of the finest release in the globe . its very interesting release . i like it so much .
~ power star
i love this release. I've finished almost all nonpaid lvls and I am debating whether I could buy the rest. would definitely suggest for boring days.
~ Maki Cheese
Nice release to test when you're on a long car ride or if you have a lot of time to waste. Repetitive gameplay, but it's somehow still interesting and fun. I would suggest this release to everyone and all ages!
~ Audrey
This release is addicting. Even for a 5 minute break it passes the time. If you wish easy and simple, or a challenge you can easily bounce around.
~ Brian Hehl
nice release. however it would be great that finished boxes will be moved to finished section, so you do not have to scroll looking for unfinished ones.
~ Piotr Martyniuk
honestly I love this release, it's easy but there is nothing wrong with easy. not too many banners. not going to lie I did 550 puzzles the first day I had it. the puzzles are really simple, but I guess this is a babes release.
~ Alexander Wood
each 5th lvl you test effects in an banner testing. Usually unskippable. Take your time on one lvl? Advertisement. Leave the release and come back? Advertisement. I understand that the developer wants to create dollars, but there's already banner banners. No need to contain unskippable 30 second banners.
~ Sean Stocking
It's a nice release but actually the banners are taking overhand and it's frustrating. I was fine with the constant banners in the bottom but actually you obtain unskippable banners in-between lvls. No thanks.
~ Vixen
releases nice and challenging. But the ADS REALLY ARE ANNOYING. you should back off on the banners so you can enjoy the release and then you might buy it. Another nice releases come with no banners.
~ Shannon Sept
Once you obtain deep into the release(10x10 or above)there is so many banners. They're forcing you to basically waste dollars. One release there would be no banner the another one would almost like a pattern.
~ ssundee Fan
I've played this release for years, and in that time I've learned that this release is simply addictive. WARNING: THIS GAME IS MAJORLY ADDICTIVE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE NO PLANS FOR THE NEXT WEEK BEFORE YOU START PLAYING!
~ Caden Myers
This release ch is nice for killing time and challenging at time. I like it because there is violent yo worry especially when I have impression able age babes. This gives them something to think about and test by using their brains. Thanks
~ Sam C
newest ver full screen banners break my flow. This was a brilliant release for calming my mind and improving trouble solving and planning skills, but the newest ver full screen banners are poor, frustrating, and far to frequent. I'm considering uninstalling actually.
~ Rory Argyle
Very fun and addictive release, not scared to admit that this is one of my favored releases and end up testing for hours at a time 🙋.. I love how you can restart your progress, only thing I don't like is how you can't watch an banner for a nonpaid tip (or at least I can't)
~ Lou Lou
I love this release. It's especially fun to test as you pass time waiting in line, or at a party at a time when nothing interesting is happening, or whenever you're on break or have a tiny time to spare. Also check out Roll the Ball, Domino, any of the Solitaire releases, and Chess, and a several others. These releases will hold you occupied for a while.
~ Nathaniel Z
All the varients of these Flow releases are addictive. The downside is the way of advertising. I'd much rather an usually-visible banner banner on the screen over the rubbish they pull off with the "Receive a nonpaid tip" button sneaking up so that you accidentally tap it, which plays a full-screen unskippable banner (unless you restart the release). Receive rid of the horrific banner ways and this would be a five star rating immediately.
~ Thomas Galea
Very entertaining. It runs off very simple and enjoyable, but very gradually gets harder and harder. You often search yourself breezing through lvls, but theres usually these one or two lvls that usually stump you, and the more you test, the more these kinds of lvls present up, and the release goes from suddenly being a breeze, to being quite hard indeed. I love it, and the feeling of figuring out that one lvl you just couldn't obtain is the finest ever. Highly suggest.
~ comuga