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Flip Diving   
About: The Globe's #1 cliff diving release - actually on your small! Pull off Frontflips, Backflips & Gainers from high cliffs, rickety platforms, trees, castles, and trampolines! Select from a wide range of divers, and unblock newest tricks and moves. Aim for a great entry into the water, and dont hit the rocks! Featuring a custom physics engine with animated ragdoll physics, Flip Diving is the most dynamic and entertaining cliff diving experience ever created! TONS OF DIVING TRICKS Layouts, Pikes, Reverses - and more tricks coming quick! Every trick dynamically animated with ragdoll physics! DEATH-DEFYING LOCATIONS Dive from trees, boats, trampolines and more! Over 50 jump platforms to leap from! A HUGE RANGE OF CHARACTERS Take a dive as a bodybuilder, a businessman, or in a penguin costume! Every diver has different abilities, weights, and special physics! M ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Miniclip.com
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Flip Diving Reviews and Comments:

xxxtentacion grills golden brown and I will be able to see xxxtentacion dead so sad that you have to be able to create sure that I have a nice day and the another side of xxxtentacion $$! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $! $!$! $$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
I really like this release, it's very addictive and I think the fact that there are multiple territories to dive from makes the entire release more interesting 👍😊
~ Elodie M
The release is nice but there are just TOO MANY ADS!! If there wasnt so many banners, I would give it a 5 star.
~ Gregory Davison
FLIP DIVING 2!!! We can only dive in the same pools so many times brosives.... Newest Maps Newest Waters Newest Random Dumbahz characters to pick from Newest Product Plz TY **Y'alls Lover Base
~ Chris Mourey
its a nice release but he flips too slow and the water is unrealistic, I expected it to create a large splash ehen he falls from higher but it didnt so 4 stars
~ Issac
It is a great release the graphics are not the finest but I think its cute nice I liked it. Lvls are type of hard though. Also what is nice there is a lot of different flips which is nice. I liked the release.
~ A Google user
the release started out nice but actually often i spin the wheel it dont give me anything but 25 coins and a gesture to watch other video. i wish to obtain newest characters.
~ Freedomboy84 USA
very nice I think it's a nice release but I also think it should be more better for the flipping and I think it will be better if they just create it easier to obtain coins and tickets will be each time you landed some equipment like that but it doesn't at the moment so I'll just have to wait if they do it like if they should do equipment if they can't but at the moment I can't so I'll just have to wait and if they can fix it it will be much easier for me to test and I like that with my flipping from Zack fun gam
~ Julann Brady
It was a really nice release and it helped me to learn how to flip and also It's the finest release ever me and my brothers love it so much and yes I have a daughter but she loves to test baby releases
~ Raylee Stirling
I love it was just the same lol I know you are right hun I'm in all day tomorrow and you Caitlin and paddy coming to jumping on the same device line hun just claimed me that did I victory this dollars and selling the house at the end of the year and my love my bro ffs and I will be back doing lives next week to didn't do them this is he will come to see me 6mins ago and he's never dealt with it when I went to many of the only idea to obtain out of the house at the end of the
~ medium maggs Kelly
the only thing I have a nice day and I have been trying to search out what happened when the profile number to reach out and see you tomorrow at noon on Monday and Tuesday ignition system and the rest are you press this button below to verify your profile we wish to be able to create this happen
~ jenny hughes
finest release ever!!!!!, it allows you to flip in to the water and unblock newest territories to dive off of,, #1 favoured.
~ David Lattin
scam! I played before and unlocked everything so I deleted it and actually I reinstalled it and often I test to restore my buy the release crashes!! preventing me from unlocking it all again and instead forcing me to either buy it all or test to painfully slow progression all over.
~ Parker Schuck
It is an nice release to test. There could be more lands and recipients but another than that this release is very fun and suitable for younger babes.
~ Eesha Rawal
OK I rate this release 2 stars. this release has idea to many banners that it's just ridiculous I think it's a waste of storage and zone on your device. on the bright side it can be a tiny bit fun sometimes like when I have nothing else to do I go on this for like 10 mins until I obtain tired of how much banners there are.
~ The Moore Family The Moores Family
This sux because when I flip he slides of the equipment and how the heck do I Receive coins it is boring but it is fun at the same time and the nice equipment well it is funny and like I claimed it is funny and annoying at the same time and the finest thing is it's nonpaid for a nonpaid App release it's nice I wrote this essay because of the mother of the devil it has idea to many banners
~ A Google user
This release became trash. The amount of advertising is ridiculous. You can't even enjoy the release. I think several months ago this release was nice. Just several advs. But actually it just became ridiculous. If you like something without annoying adv don't download it.
~ Renato Silva
I think that it is a nice release but there are 2 things that I think should improve the release. First, The price of the spins foing up is not fun, have a set price!! And second you should use the entry scores as a nother scoring way as it is not being used and would create the release better
~ Jack Taylor
couldn't obtain any better than this one is the finest release in my life hope you have this release if you don't download it from test shop hope you enjoy it too download actually
~ Frené Esau
this is such a tool. When I do a flip and I go feet first it claims I did a bellyflop. so the recipients who made this you need to create better releases. and If I should I would claim to your face I hate this release. so fix it.
~ Richard Brown
no newest upgrades in a long time.. i can't obtain newest things anymore. you reach a target where you can't test it no more, well you can but arent getting newest territories to dive from so its boring. will be uninstalling quick if no upgrades are made
~ Juan Valdez Jr
I think it's ok because I like it and it's finest is a nice release and hold it up guys it's ok it's nice and I like it an enjoyable and spending most of my time right actually and I have exam and like I have my exams so this release is just keeping me so so busy I really love it and thank you guys for creating this release so hold it up and creates more and I hope that more better than this thank you
~ Okemakinde Ifeloluwa
I love this release. It is very addictive and a nice time aggressor for all ages. You could go download this release right actually. Why are you still reading this I claimed you to go download this release. Come on go download the release! Seriously,go download this release! Stop! GO AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND STOP READING THIS REVIEW! LEAVE RIGHT NOW AND DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
this release is so relaxing and since all my another releases include intrnet and this release doesnt i have to test it but it is an nice release and i love it so much thx creaters/creater you did such an nice job on this release.😊😊😊😊
~ Paloma Santana
this release is nice I like everything but one thing... its the cost amounts for spins, I don't like how the price goes higher it kinda takes the fun out of it. but I still like the release
~ Epic Gamer Boyz Boyz
Product is alright but after getting a several territories, characters and flips, all you obtain from spins are coins. haven't got a newest item in few days and am thinking of unistalling. Also the amount of banners is insane.
~ Logan Zane
It is an amazingly fun and addictive release. Very well created and place together. Waiting on an modernization for more lvls etc. I have nothing to spin for so my coins are piling up.
~ Craig Hooker
this release is so addicting! the physics are really nice and there are a lot of tricks and diving territories. who wouldnt love this release?!?
~ ethon eadie
After the 1st dive the release runs in with banners each 5 mins. That's not enjoyable gameplay. If you didn't have one playable zone, and ask for recipients to spend their hard earned dollars on a release with too many banners... You're not getting it. You spend so much dollars on more zones, only to turn around and spend more dollars to remove your banners. That's named a dollars grab, or a scam. Basically legal robbery to remove your banners.
~ Raeyne Jaymeson
this is my favoured swimming release ever I like you guys you guys are don't know me by used to do a lot of things with this release and I and I deleted it cuz my mom made me I don't know why but I love it I'm trying to download it right actually so I can test cry out to you guys for being a nice the release and I like I like testing these releases my favoured swimming release and it's teaching me how to swim and dive cool lips like it you are my favoured.
~ Nicole Jones
nice it's so cool how how the release has different details for recipients there's one thing that I'm annoyed about it is the landing zone cause I usually miss it so should you obtain rid of it but overall five stars!!!!!!
~ Leisa McLeod
love this release it's nice but miniclip forgot about it and never released an modernization to expand the map!! add more to the map and more higher updates miniclip!! my ball machine has been empty for months and there's no another reason for me to spend dollars 😀 nice release!!!!!
~ Miles Davis
so cool! want i should do that!👍👍👌def recamend this release. Mostly because of me loveing swimming but it's your opinion on if you like it. But i LOVE it so much!!!!!💖 Even though there's alot of banners.
~ Hayley Agena
Nice release, I personally think that you guys need to add twisting moves, at the moment is restricted to somersaulting dives, if you add twisting then this release is gonna obtain so much more known with the diving lovers ( myself included)
~ A Google user
It is really fun! You can pick your diver by winning it when spinnin the wheel or you can buy it without and the finest part is you can also spin and pick your territory and what kind of flip you wish to do!!! 😊
~ Joelle N
i love this release, lots of fun. been testing for around 5 months, finally got all characters, maps and flips. would love a newest modernization so i have newest things to unblock. ..okay, its really been a while actually, I've got over 4k coins and would love some newest balls to buy and unblock newest maps ect please
~ A Google user
Its my favoured release on my device. It is very fun because you can test around or now test. I think if you added Ariel flips and a zone to dive without a landing territory into the releases it would be 10 times better 😀👍.
~ Ryan McCammon
this release is one of the worst releases in the globe because it literally has a "landing territory" why would you have that on the diving territory go to a diving meeting they have a entire pool a huge pool so that they don't hit the side like what is the trouble with not being able to jump as far as we wish why is that not allowed and because they won't allow us have all the flip you have to buy flips that makes no sense to do that
~ Calvin Slaubaugh
I got this release from a suggestion from my brother. this release is so fun I flipped like 5 like million times and it's so fun! If you are reading this then you could know how fun this is. So if you are interested (and I hope you are)obtain this release while you still can because I swear honey.....this is dang nice! Flip diving is the release for me and you!❤️❤️❤️
~ ArtFor Life
It is very nice highly suggest it. It's better than those another time passing releases such as that ball fall release and traffic car release. You won't obtain tired of it and when you do it's nice as newest the next day. There's just one trouble... TO. MANY. ADS.
~ manafest bide