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About: This is the official small port of Five Nights at Freddy's; made with Clickteam Fusion! -This release requires 512 megs of ram to run properly. For most newer devices this shouldn't be a troubles. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to your newest summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, where babes and parents alike come for entertainment and meal as far as the eye can see! The main attraction is Freddy Fazbear, of course; and his two dudes. They are animatronic robots, programmed to please the crowds! The robots' behavior has become somewhat unpredictable at night however, and it was much cheaper to hire you as a safety guard than to search a repairman. From your tiny office you gotta watch the safety cameras carefully. You have a very limited amount of electricity that you're allowed to use per night (corporate bu ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Scott Cawthon
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Five Nights at Freddy's Reviews and Comments:

I see recipients claiming its boring and they wish a refund. Well do it. I'm not a judge. I personally suggest this release and any another release Scott Cawthon has released.
~ Luna the Tuna
This release is nice, due to all the FNAF releases I've played on PC, this is equal to it. One mess up I've seen, Foxy moves on Night 1 rather than night 2, which is weird...
~ Shadow Knight
I loved it but I had to obtain out of it first of all because I was so frightened to even transport when the controls it is so nice thank you Scott cawthon for making my childhood
~ Blanca Ortega
love this release. You do a really nice at giving me a scare or two. Hold on making these releases you'll obtain more lovers and dollars so hold up with the nice work.
~ Matthew and Samuel
Love This Product! Graphics are nice and i beat 20/20/20/20 mode! Please create more small fnaf releases because they usually are nice (except fnaf sl small because it's glitched.
~ Gaige_Playz06
you afraid me Scott cawthon from Golden Freddy that's the really don't know how I caught him because I don't wish to claim anybody *Whispers* ki** me
~ damon ok
Five Nights at Freddy's (Also known as FNaF) is a challenging and cool release! It's scary and it's lore can sometimes create you be creeped out. They style of it is very nice. But there are a several troubles. Thats why I rate this a 4/5.
~ A Google user
This release may be old and scary but I really love this release, the graphics are nice and the controls are too, nice work on this! 😉
~ Hollie Westbury
I have Finshed 20/20/20/20 Mode (Without Tricks)And It Gave me 3 stars. On my Notebook When I Completed Night 6, It Did Not Give Me a 2nd Star. But the ver on my device is idea better and it had no glitches for me.
~ Braham Diodati TWO
I played it and survived the first night although on the second... It didn't go so well... AND I STILL CAN'T GET PAST NIGHT TWO! I'ma pleb....
~ Jordan Animates
I think that this is a nice release. When I was 7 years old I got jumped afraid and couldn't sleep at night without the light on for three weeks. So if you love horror releases this is a nice one. If you wish it to be even more scary then turn off the volume.
~ Cortland Hockey
this is a super fun release! it's really challenging too! I'm on night 4 and it makes me feel up to the challenge! like at 60% the left door breaks down and foxy gets in! thx for the nice release Scott 👍👍👍👍
~ Galaxy Gacha Girl
i got a gift card (Google Test card) and almost spent it on robux but i remembered ot obtain this release i also got FNaF 2 and 4 i forgot about FNaF 3 so i had to obtain the demo (worth the dollars) when i was testing the release i LOVED IT THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry about the long comment
~ Amanda McDougall
IM A HUGE FAN! I FINALLY GOT THE VERY FIRST GAME and it took a long time...like 4 years?? lol im so stupid, anyways, love the release, usually have for 4 years, actually that its 2019 im guessing that its almost 5 FREAKIN years!! Im amazed :D
~ Freddyfazgirl Gaming
I spent the 4.99 on the tools for my babe and I went to launch the release and it claimed I had to buy it again. AFTER it already charged my profile. please create sure this is fixed please.
~ Amber Oakley
~ Phil Clement
I love each release of fnaf but I don't know what to do with freddy if he's at my door. Foxy is also one of my favoured animatronics out of all the another releases. Plus I'd give it a 5☆ rating because of the challenge and experience of the release.
~ Jimbo Copeland
Okay I've been testing this for a very very long time and I still love it it's not boring at all i suggest this to recipients who like horror releases. PS Scott this release is The finest hold up the nice work.
~ dead space mullins
I love fnaf so much and this is staill my favored of the 6 (7 including fnaf globe). The use of the doors makes it much more intense than fnaf 2 3 4 or 6 because you know that you can stop them coming in but you cant have them closed all the time because of the battery.
~ rubygail
Scott Cawthon is nice. He made FNAF to be a horror release and did just that. This is my favored release and I have proof of that: I purchased FNAF 1-4 and there and official Goosebumps release that sucks legit ASS (pardon my language) compared to this. Also I pulled a sly one and purchased tools for no. 1.
~ Tapp Clan
it's a nice port, works well, but doesn't give you the proper FNAF scare as claim the PC ver and definitely not the VR ver. if you really wish to experience FNAF in it's full animatronic horror glory, I would pick up the VR release FNAF: Support Wanted. it's the closest and scariest FNAF release yet.
~ Corey Jameison
it's scary! but love it i just buyed it and it's awsome! you could probably add like the skeleton animatronic! it will be even scary! also the second concept would be that you can be in hard more if you beat night 3 I'm really hoping if your gonna do it or not also thanks for reading!
~ oof ultra
When I should test this release it was nice, never played anything that keeps my arse me biting my chair until I found this. However after installing it on my newest device (huawei p20 Pro) with the newest mobile ver it just freezes and crashes on startup and claims that it isn't compatible with this ver of mobile os
~ Bobby Onions
Really fun, but the junpscares obtain stale after awhile. Once they do, it's all about how furious you obtain over losing at 5AM (it hurts). But still nice release. I finally beat 4/20 mode and it felt nice! I'm exciting to test the rest of the releases!!
~ GamerGuy101 Playthroughs, Tutorials, and More!
In 2015 i saw someone on my bus testing this and i really wanted to test it. Today i finally got it and it is so much fun and suspenseful. It is nice to test when you are bored 😁 ( edit: just one question, why does the power go so speedy on small and not notebook? )
~ Mxnty Skxez
Nice release. I love the Five Nights at Freddy's release series, as the releases are very fun and there is so much hidden lore throughout! This release in particular is not the finest of the series, however it is definitely one of the scariest. I was able to create it to Night 5 without getting jumpscared, however after that I kept dying on Night 5. Oh well lol. Thank you Scott Cawthon for all of the joy you bring to all of your lovers!
~ Logan B
i know the release is nice, however i bought it recently for my device and due to the lack of upgrades the release fails to load on any newest mobile systems as it was last modernized nearly 5 years ago actually, dont buy unless the release gets a more newest modernization
~ Adam Dalgleish
I never found fear and happiness at the same time. Lets just hope I do well with night 5. I have failed it 3 times. Also I feel lucky in a idea cos my dude claimed you well see them all by night 4 or on night 4 at the office. still aint seen foxy. anyway nice release Scott
~ Roderick 749
this release is nice! I love the jumpscares even if they are just pictures but they still scare me. Everything is the same Easter Eggs, Junpscares etc.. You even need to add FNAF Globe, Pizzeria Simulator And FNAF UCN too since i never got to test those releases tho.
~ Cherry The Teletubbie
this release is nice! It is a classic and could not be missed by any horror fan. Is is a jump-scare release. turn off the lights snuggle up with your device or a device and prepare to be startled. except there is actually preparing, Five Nights at Freddy's will obtain you when you least expect it. this release is a lot of fun to test with dudes in the dark also, especially ones that scream.
~ Austin Hammons
This is the finest release in the globe!!!! I have all the releases! Words can't explain how awsome this is! Scott needs to create more and i mean more!!!!!!!! This is worth to buy for sure! Its scary, its fun, its just nice! You could really obtain this! if this ain't fun i don't know what is!!! I'm just trying to expain how cool and nice this is!
~ Ticci. Vina
Scott you're nice this release give me the heebie-jeebies and it had nice graphics. but I have one request if you're going to create other release please if yor going to create a ver of Bonnie please don't create him so scary...............please
~ FoxFireStation
This release is the finest release ever!, it's really scary and the graphics are nice!, it's type hard to do PC to Tablet, since a PC and handle alot of more FPS and Time while a Tablet/Android cannpt handle as much plus the screen is smaller, but you did it scott, i hope to see more nice releases on Tablet again!, I love this release, if you're into horror releases or just fun, this release is for you!, and anybody else out there!😀
~ Infinite Wars
this release is my favored release and the release test is nice. For2015 these graphics are terrific. I love the jumpscars and the design deatales for the anamichronicks. The only negitiv thing about this release is night4 is really REALLY hard because I don't have enough power and I usually lose all my power at 500am and when I almost hit 600am I die. Please comment if it is the same for you.
~ What Tvgaming says !
I hate paying for an release that doesn't work. kicks you out randomly when it feels like it or won't launch. even better is your babes who wish to test it crying because it won't work. If you wanna charge for an release create sure it works first. Customer service is a thing of the past i guess. believe no one
~ Jessica Dudus
this release is nice. It is definitly worth your dollars. it is litterally the price of 2 packets of sweets. The one thing i think should be improved is the controlls its like on a notebook where you leave the cursor somewhere and it carries on moving, just take that out and then you would obtain a great 5 star on everything from me. night 5 is so hard im stuck on it, don't create it easier
~ A Google user
release hasnt been modernized in five years. it does not funtion on any kind of newer device. im sure that the gameplay is nice, but you shoulden't waste your momey on something that doesnt even work. im running mobile 9 and the release fails to obtain past the first 2 or three hours, sometimes crashes on home screen.
~ thetacocat
I love the whole series, but I have a several things, 1)What are the plushies for? I mean, they just sit there! 2)Why isn't there a FNAF 1/FNAF SL demo? I know it's alot to ask for but I like to test releases out before I obtain the full ver (I have it on another devices, I just wish to see if it will run smoothly). 3) Where's FNAF 6 and Ultimate Custom Night?I thought we would be able to take them on the go. Thanks for all the hard work you've place into these releases , you've changed the globe forever!
~ Thomas Hughes
It's a nice release. It can obtain hard but I beat it in >3 hours. It's not really that scary. Worth the price but not the finest FNAF release. I really like FNAF 2, but if you're in for a true scare, test testing FNAF 4 or Sister Territory. If you have access to a pc, UCN or FNAF VR Support Wanted are some really nice releases.
~ Eric Romero
where do I run... I love this release so much! when I was younger I watched some one else test but actually I'm testing! though, I'm really afraid testing the release and when I was testing alone foxy jump afraid me and I couldn't breath for a minute, so my boyfriend plays it. awhile ago I became I gigantic fan of fnaf and learned about the stories, what I mean is like the characters and more than just the releases, I'm also reading the ebooks. otherwise I love the graphics and how scary it is! oof at 500.
~ love beats with Aj