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Five Nights at Freddy's 3   
About: Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closed it's doors, the meetings that took zone there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of "Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction" are determined to revive the legend and create the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to nice lengths to search anything that might have survived decades of neglect and crash. At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made... The attraction actually has one animatronic. ---------------------------- Many recipients have asked if it's possible to obtain the nice ending on the small ver because of the tiny screen size. You CAN obtain the nice ending but the idea to obtain it is slightly different from the PC ver.
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Scott Cawthon
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Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Reviews and Comments:

It is a realy nice release but i encountered a bug. the bug was that springtrap was at camera 9 on night 6 but he was in my room at the same time😳
~ A Google user
the release is nice but google needs to obtain their rating system in line becuase there is no NO blood at all in this release nor is there much violence
~ A Google user
the only promblum how do you jump in the mini releases to obtain the specal ending
~ ft.catty cipher
only trouble I had was that the restaurant was lore wise suposd to be a horror attraction
~ A Google user
I love the graphics I played the demo I loved it thanks for making this release scott
~ James Derrick Gaming
Unbelievable release. Nice graphics and there are variety of hours of release test and secrets
~ NyadaMan Games
Well its slightly hard because you have to multitask but otherwise its now cute simple
~ A Google user
This release is really nice! i have a hood walkthrough so im a-ok!
~ J Liv
Challenging, scary, nice. Hold up the nice work!
~ A Google user
This was harder than the first one and second on combined but its still nice
~ Gamerlogan125
Characters: Springtrap, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Chica, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Mangle, Phantom Balloon Lad and Phantom Puppet
~ Paul Todd
Its fun but the jumpscares come out of no where and scare me.
~ Freddy Fazbear 25
Simply Nice, it sucks you can't close doors XD but that doesn't create it not fun. It makes it more challenging and fun
~ Satan's Princess
It was nice loved it but when you hold Springtrap At Camera 10 He Immediately Slay you
~ Zaro Anims
hey scott springtrap teleports on night 5 so because of that i can't obtain the nice ending for five nighta at freddy's 3 oh yea this is on the small to don't think this is on notebook douchebag number one also it won't allow me active my tools plus i beat the nightmare mode and got the terrible ending so that meana i could be able to use the tools but i guess not this is the stupid part each else five nights at freddy's allow's me active the tools but not this one because i havetoget threestarsthats stupid
~ Christian Branch
I think it's scary enough so I love this release, I do test FNAF...
~ SuperMangleGlitchy4 Gaming & Bloopers
This is an nice release. It has nice graphics and everything. I definetely suggest that you download this release
~ Jeffrey Taylor
I love this release!! Even though the shadow Bonnie release I hold changing the rooms but since I was on the left it kept ending on party scene 1
~ Amibo King
I love this release 😍 it is fun and scary. (mostly just scary)
~ A Google user
Thanks again for one of the finest releases. Thanks Scott Cawthon for a nice release in the franchise.
~ Jessica Connery
I would like my dollars back...I paid for these releases...and actually you are deleting them....I just got a newest device....and i cant obtain fnaf 4...or 1...cause they are deleted from the shop...this is my favoured release like come on
~ Cat Dog
this release has 2 bugs 1 is that Springtrap is flying to the office without using a vent and the another is that Springtrap isn't going to the room next to him when you test the audio sound. Also Scott plz fix both.
~ A Google user
the atmosphere made it very eerie and scary to me and the graphics are cute solid as well overall nice work
~ Bob Snyder
The first 2 fnaf releases were nice but this one wasn't as nice as the first 2 I really love Springtrap in this and I like the newest mechanics but it was usually better when all the animatronics should slay you instead of only one but Scott this is still a nice release
~ Caleb Marbley
Definitely my favoured installment in the series. Springtrap is a truly tough guy to beat.
~ Alicorn Pictures Music
When l purchased the release I was expecting to have the mini releases where you follow shadow freddy and then obtain torn apart by purple guy. but all I got was the mini releases from the demo ver and absolutely no lore... Otherwise it was a nice release.
~ A Google user
This is the easiest FNAF release to test in the series yet still terrifying! The mechanics are relatively easy and simple to use too!
~ Amber Rhodes
i love it but i think they could create a door so springtrap cant come but it is very nice quality 👍
~ Lorenza Ortiz
Just to claim I love your releases but if your going to take releases down like FNaF 4 and Sister Territory and not giving recipients there dollars back then I'm not buying anymore of your releases until you obtain yourself sorted.
~ Michael here
Oh my god, this release is AMAZING! Nice gameplays, graphics, controls, and everything! Glad i got it when it was still nonpaid 😏
~ Olivia M
Hello! I am experiencing a trouble with the release. I purchased it a while ago, and I am actually trying to install it on a different device, with a newer mobile ver. When I test to launch the release, it Claims me that it was built for an older ver of mobile, then it closes. I have mobile 9 and some of my dudes have the same trouble. I really like this release and I wish to test it. Either that or my dollars back. Is there anything you can do about this?
~ Matthew
I would give it a five if springtrap was VISABE to cameras on nightmare (he is for like 1 minute then dissapears and checked everything to vents cameras windows doors everything) mode but nice release i love how scary phantoms obtain when you dont expect it. also recipients claim that when springtrap is at cam 10 and automatically die usualy because the vent is launch to cam 10
~ A Google user
It is a nice release, but I almost finished night 6 with the nice ending and Springtrap was at the front room farthest away from my office and 2 seconds later he was at the doorway but also still on camera 9. Fix that glitch and it's a 5 star release!
~ Vinnie Vitale
I love this release because it's five nights at freddy 3 not too scary or not too boring the only thing I wish more is the jump scares another than that this release is nice!
~ Manish Garg
it's an nice release! I'm surprised it didn't have the another apps tho. it's still nice! Scott, you did an nice job.
~ A Google user
It was very hard and I liked it and it could be 8/20 mode becajse of phantom freddy and I have a several questions? Why is aggresive nightmare mode a tool and when you complete it you could have 4 stars but you have 3 and why can't phantom golden freddy jumpscare ? Why is spring bonnie actually called springtrap? Why is phantom mangle not in extras? Otherwise than that it's still a nice release
~ nasrin sedaghatkhah
i love this release but you need to bring fnaf 4 back scott because i have made quite a several playthroughs on this release and i at least wish to obtain fnaf 4 back in here cause if your going to have the others in here then might as well take the entire series out. i still rate the release five star.
~ Springtrap
this is my favoured release in the franchise. i just can't stop thinking about the lore when i test this. hey scott, i am your largest fan and i will usually help you so with that in mind, hold up the nice work. p.s. "i usually come back"
~ Lukas 04
really like this release. there are some troubles though. 1. when i bring spring trap from cam 9 and then bring him to cam 10 he doesn't appear on the camera. also why can only one anantronic slay you. in the fnaf 1,2 and 4 more than one anantronic should slay you it is still very challenging though. nice job on the release. hold up the nice work!
~ april Cliffe
the release is cute nice but there are still some bugs, like seeing springtrap in cam 10, obtain jumpscared by a phantom then have springtrap jumpscare you right after even though he doesn't appear on the vent cam, that is the most common thing though, I see two springtraps most of the time which is confusing when someone tries to beat nightmare night like me, even though this release is outdated I would still like to see that specific bug of multiple springtraps fixed
~ Gaster Gamer