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About: This is the official port of Five Nights at Freddy's 2! Please note that this release REQUIRES 512 megs of ram. Please create sure that your device will be able to run it before buying it. If you have a newer device then this shouldn't be a trouble! If you aren't sure if your device will work, DOWNLOAD THE DEMO FIRST which is also available on Googleplay! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome back to the newest and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a newest cast of characters. They are babe-friendly, modernized with the newest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to place on a protected and entertaining present for babes and grown-ups alike! What should go wrong? As the newest safety guard working nig ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 40MB Developer: Scott Cawthon
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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Reviews and Comments:

Love fnaf so having them and testing then 24/7 is nice. I love the releases. I suggest them to anyone who is wanting something a tiny challenging and a tad bit scary.
~ Mystic Johnson
For starters, the questions I was just asked, NO IT IS NOT CUTE!!! Anyway, this is nice, it's not. Rip off its the actual FNaF with everything! Warning: scary meter 7/10
~ Toby KKO
It was fun and challenging. I like how the newest animatronics kinda look like dolls and I'm terrified of dolls, so the toy animatronics where right up my alley. Nice release!
~ Traci Corbin
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!It is the most SCARIEST release I've ever purchased I also love the old anamotronicks(witherd Bonnie, witherd Chica,witherd Foxy and the toy anamatronicks)I manily love the old characters to they look cute disturbing...YOU NEED TO BY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love the jumpscares they are loud and they are so cool especially witherd foxys jumpscare, he just pounces at u while in the hallway.GET THIS GAME
~ Kim Elway
The Five Nights at Freddy's releases 1-4 do not work on newest devices. Should you please modernization the release? Thanks.
~ Anthony Dicaire
I really enjoy this release i started to test this when i was in 3rd grade im in 7th actually i got so used to it when it jumpscares i dont obtain afraid -Nemo
~ XxhellacutiexX daily
I love this release so much but I don't like this things 1.Sometimes w. Freddy or w. Bonnie or w. Chica obtain in my office and I can't check foxy and he kills me and they stay in my office for a long time. 2. Golden freddy kills me no matter what I do I place on the mask I flip up the cameras but no nice he usually kills me. 3. I sometimes can't place on the mask and I die. 4. Night six is really hard on each release I can't beat any of them and with the troubles I have it makes it even harder scott if u see this plz test to fix some of them
~ Fml Boiz
Nice. It is challenging and the storyline is so complex. While most releases just create you survive this one now has a back storyline.
~ Benjamin Lassey
A fun and scary horror release! Nice job Scott! It's entertaining. And a tiny suspenseful. Almost beating night 6.
~ Ghost Arrow Fire!
If you test this release at all, test at night with nice headphones, i wasnt even jumpscared and i was shaking, nice release would reccomend
~ Aaron Bilisoli
Product is severely unstable. foxy seems to attack you long before he appears in the hallway. I'll go ahead and claim that it's more suited for a device or the obvious PC ver. I'm testing this on an S9 so that should be the trouble. stick to PC.
~ Alex Mcnanney
Only two things that have annoyed me about this release. Firstly, on night six I got a Golden Freddy Jump scare and he wasn't even in the room or Hallway and I know that because I captured it on a screen recorded. The scond thing is the song box, it started flashed the red warning sign in the corner so I wound it up half idea then the puppet was allow out and that was also captured on a screen recorder. Another than those two it's a brilliant release.
~ Charlotte Clarke1987
This release is the finest release ever but one trouble only on the small ver golden freddy attacks me even when I dont see him down the hall are in my office can you fix it and if you do I'll rate 5 stars
~ the Golden Reaper Show
I love the release and all but how come there's no static from the screen or whatever, mangle's static sound, and toy bonnie going in front of you when you place the mask on?..
~ Soy Milk
Five nights at freddys was nice but this release was better the fact that there are 11 animatronics running around instead of 4 made it more fun and the flashlight and freddy head were nice newest additions to this nice franchise thanks Scott for a nice release.
~ Caleb Marbley
nice release Scott one trouble why don't you have you bunnies animation in the mask like the notebook ver and also should add numbers for the characters on custom night anyway nice release one question why is fnaf3,4 and sl so much more expensiveanyway nice release hold up the nice work
~ A Google user
It's so fun thanks scott but i was n night four and my brother press nw release and t took so long to obtain in night 4 and i hold ded in night 4 and night 3 is like night 4 actually :< SO i give the gmae 4 stars
~ A Google user
I love the release. coming back to it. it's fun and simple. recipients claims its hard when I can beat 1-6 without dying once. all you have to do is only check price counter.
~ Young Gangsta
it was a very great experience, besides the fact that sometimes the jumpscares will glitch and become stationary,but they still scare me😂.it would be cool if there was a true ultimate custom night release for the device
~ Ultra Necrozma Gaming
I love the release and my funniest part was when withered foxy screamed I survived for some reason XD😂😂 btw nice release! edit to datboi- To obtain puppet and foxy away flash your light at them (probably doesn't work for puppet)
~ Magic hybrid Gamer
The release is nice and all, but sometimes when I flash inthe hall (custom night 20/20/20/20) Foxy is not there, but after winding the song box, Foxy suddenly kills me out of no where.
~ Rye-Rye99 fan Nightmare Rye
this release did not share the trouble I had with the first installment of the models not being creepy enough on their own with the exception of golden Fredy it also includes my favoured iteration of the anamatonics 1-5 have not played 6 yet. p.s.my favoured iteration is the withered
~ A Google user
I'm slightly unhappy, I thought I should pick the picked animatronics for the Custom Night and change their difficulty, do I have to complete all the premium challenges or is this a misunderstanding??
~ Tom Paris
This release is nice. Night 6 on small is hard, but it's okay. Scott, your releases have had a nice impact on users (in a nice idea). Beyond UCN, I hope you hold working on releases. Nice job!
~ ChrisandNaomi Brun
very very nice Scott you've impressed me the only thing that is gliched is when w.bonnie jumpscares you when you have the mask on but the another animatronics don't do that but it's still a nice release.
~ Umran Khan
I love fnaf I'm like the largest fan I was looking through the fnaf releases and I wanted all of them so I clicked on fnaf 2 and I found out I all ready purchased it so I downloaded it straight away and I love love love the release to bits P.S.SCOTT PLZ MAKE MORE ALL THE WAY UP TO 10 I DON'T WANT THE SERIES TO DIE I WANT MORE FNAF GAMES TO PLAY
~ A Google user
Love the release, fun challenging, looks nice but there is ine thing wrong. PLEASE allow us change the A.I lvls in the custom night. I worked so hard to obtain there and i feel that my reward is gone? Please scott let us to change the ais in small, we should on fnaf 1 and on fnaf 2PC
~ Owen Galicia
So yea. It's nice. You could buy it. So, basically it has really nice jumpscares and also it's one of the finest FNaF releases. It's fun to test and I like how there is a newest warning system when an animatronic is near. 10/10
~ A Google user
Nice release and fun except for one thing. Foxy is broken, when there is no one or anyone except foxy was there sometimes he still kills you it doesn't create sense, there is no idea you can block this so it's basically a lucky draw. I cannot finish the release due to that and the furthest I got was 4am I checked in front of me and mangle was there so I place up my camera and foxy killed me! What?! Please fix this.
~ kennydedergy7
i re-installed this release after I got newest devices, and allow me claim, this brings the nostagia back. having to check the vents, hallway, wind the box, it was the nice days. thank you scott
~ Ashley Singer
This storyline is REALLY funny! So Toy bonie was in the vent and i winded up the song box and I place on my mask and bonie went away.this is the funny part. I was going to take the mask off but then...FOXY CAME OUTA NO WHERE AND JUMPEDSCARED ME LOL!!!!!! I WAS SCREMING SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOUD! it was so funny my parent's came to my room and claimed "WHAT'S GOING ON!?" And I claimed "I got afraid by Foxy!" And my mom claimed "Well you could not be screming THAT loud." And I claimed "It REALLY afraid me!"The End
~ alayna awesome
Dear: Scott C I think golden freddy is gliched, i dont see him in the halls, or in my office, but he still jumpscares me. Am i missing something, or is it a bug, if it is a bug, please fix it. And if it isnt, please claim me what i am doing wrong. I know you are probuly extremly busy, so i understand if you don respond, another than that its a really nice release. -fallen
~ oy mate studios
Support Me Please, I have a glitch. I will see freddy in the hall right next to my door, but while I place on the freddy mask and ward him off, foxy will come out of nowhere and jump me. I am not sure if I did something wrong or if this is a glitch, but I just thought I could report it. Nice release otherwise, really fun and exciting. Wouldve given five stars if not for the glitch/trouble.
~ Rena Young
Well. I love the release. It's just that, night 4 is such a struggle to victory at, I literally only obtain Jumpscares by Withered Foxy. I mean, I love the release, I even have a walkthrough to the release, and stop can't victory, but after all that I still love the release. ^-^
~ Kaylah Huggins
This is a really, really fun release that I have experienced. Me and my brother both have almost all the release's and I post youtube videos on this and it's fully worth it. Nice job Scott. When I do YouTube videos on this I mention it to all of my lovers. What a nice release this is. No wonder you have so many lovers
~ A Google user
Nice release! It is a release which challenges you to create it through 5 nights at Freddy's. It follows up into a saga that is quite special. I can claim that there was a ton of effort place into the release, being tat the grahics are surprisingly authentic. The jumpscares and sounds are eerily authentic, too. I suggest!
~ Kooki Pop
I love this release! Also in my opinion, this is the easiest of your FNAF releases! I've been testing all your FNAF releases so much, That the robots and jumps cares don't scare me anymore!!
~ Staray
I beat night 2 but I think night 3 is bugged because I can not pass it and the withered animatronics transport too quickly and obtain in your room too speedy. please fix this! But another than that this release is nice and I love it. also, can u ,a create and uptade for mangle? and fix her? Thx!
~ Calamity!!!! TV
So i dont even know where to run... i DO NOT suggest buying this release. I like fnaf, but when I spent $2.99 on this release plus tax (which was in total $3.81), I opend the release, and a pitch black screen appered. It claimed for me to restart the release (which I did), claimed the release wasnt avalible. I got very mad and regret getting this. (I am on notebook, so this might only occur on notebook devises so dont sue me if im wrong with you small peoples) Just Please be careful wth spending dollars on fnaf.
~ brianna fred
nice release Scott, I would like to claim, this is cute hard, I'm on night 4, almost beat it, 3 and a half maybe A.M., but anyway, I have a recommendation, create a release of being the anamatronics, and you have to hunt the safety guard down, or something, and for those of you who are newest, NIGHT 1: toy bonnie, maybe toy Chica, are the only ones NIGHT 2: 1 A.M. all toy anamatronics NIGHT 3: foxy, 1 A.M. bonnie, and chica working on the rest
~ The King of death and destruction 1